VPN Unlimited Review 2019: Does It Leak Your IP?

VPN Unlimited
VPN Unlimited
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$2.78 Per Month

VPN Unlimited has been in the market since 2013. It is sometimes called KeepSolid VPN Unlimited due to its parent company.

It operates from the New York.

Of course, if you are online privacy enthusiast, you will be already rolling your eyes.

But hold on.

This in-depth VPN Unlimited review will highlight some of its features that will pique your interest.

Is VPN Unlimited one of the best VPN providers?

Probably not.

Still, it deserves a fair look.

Here, you can find out more VPN reviews to see how other VPNs rank in the market.

Let’s delve in.


  • Well-Designed Apps
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Lifetime Subscription Available
  • 7-day Free Trial
  • 400+ Servers in 70+ Countries
  • Prompt Customer Support
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Works with Netflix
  • Attractive Add-ons
  • No Logging Policy
  • Slow Speed
  • Limited number of Servers

 Strong Points of VPN Unlimited

Following are some things that I really liked about this provider.

Powerful Protocol and Encryption

As I discussed earlier, a VPN works by using protocols and encryption to protect your data. However, these protocols and encryptions vary in terms of strength. I inquired VPN Unlimited while reviewing the service about which protocols they offer.

Fortunately, Keep Solid VPN Unlimited offers OpenVPN protocol for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux devices. This is a positive aspect about the provider, as OpenVPN is the strongest protocol currently available. Its open-source nature and compatibility with different encryption algorithms make it a powerful defense against various threats.

OpenVPN protocol supports Blowfish 128-bit encryption and AES-128 and 256-bit encryption. Similarly, it also offers IPsec, IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocol, which is compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS. However, IPsec protocol only supports AES 128 encryption.

For this reason, readers should prefer the OpenVPN protocol.

KeepSolid Wise Technology

The provider offers KeepSolid Wise technology that offers an additional boost to your privacy and security.

It utilizes TCP 443 port and OpenVPN protocol to make your data traffic undetectable. It transforms your VPN traffic into a normal internet traffic, making it difficult for anyone to identify that it is routed through a VPN.

You can use KeepSolid Wise protocol on your desired devices like Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS 9 or later stress-free.

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Free VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited offers a 7-day free trial for all new users. This a fantastic feature I discovered while writing this VPN Unlimited review. You can use the service and all its features on different devices for seven days. I reckon this is sufficient time to test the VPN service and find out its pros and cons.

Therefore, free VPN Unlimited is a refreshing option in the VPN industry, as not many providers such a feature.

Additional Features

In addition to basic VPN service, VPN Unlimited offers some attractive add-ons. These include:

  • Personal Static IP: through this feature, you can get your own dedicated IP address of a particular region.
  • Personal VPN Server: The service offers selection servers that you control. It is best for bypassing internet censorship and achieving high levels of protection.
  • Additional Devices: if you want to run your VPN account on more than five devices, then this add-on is helpful. You can use up to 15 devices through this add-on.

Torrenting Support

VPN Unlimited supports torrents but just on four different servers. The provider also mentions that in some cases, it cuts down the speed of torrenting.

So before writing this VPN Unlimited review, I asked their support agent if they allow torrents.

As it happens, VPN Unlimited does indeed let users download torrents.


Works with Netflix

Just a few years ago, everyone and their aunts were using a VPN to unlock Netflix’s geo-locked shows.

This did not sit well with different distributors that only licensed shows to Netflix in particular regions.

Hence, they pressured the streaming giant to go after VPN services.

Due to this reason, Netflix invested heavily in an anti-VPN firewall.

It detects VPNs and stops them from opening Netflix’s video library.

Fortunately, VPN Unlimited unblocks Netflix with little effort.

After downloading and installing VPN Unlimited app, you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

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Decent Server Spread

The VPN provider is exceptional at providing servers in major location all around the world. At the time of writing this review, the VPN service offers over 400+ servers spread across more than 70 different countries. A majority of the servers are located in the United States, followed by Canada and United Kingdom.

The server shows that the service has grown over the years and added more locations to its list. When compared to other services, like Ivacy VPN, VPN Unlimited does not boast a huge server list.

However, the numbers are sufficient to ensure that users do not cram up on the same server, battling for the same bandwidth.


Good Customer Support

The brand offers customer support through email ticketing system, FAQ section, and knowledge base section.

Most surprisingly, VPN Unlimited has a 24/7 Live Chat feature that is extremely efficient.


Their email ticketing system is also highly responsive. I inquired on two different occasions and got a prompt response within few minutes on our email. This is a sign of a premium VPN provider. In addition, the knowledge base it quite dense and there numerous articles and guides on different topics.

Similarly, it offers manuals for configuring the service on different operating systems. It also contains systematic guides for different devices, such as routers and streaming devices (Roku and Apple TV).

No DNS and WebRTC leak

Good VPNs protect your anonymity on the net at all costs. Bad ones leak your IP without you even realizing.

Which one is VPN Unlimited?

Following IP leak test gives the answer.


No DNS or WebRTC leak was detected by IPleak.net during the test.

This should be enough to satisfy anyone still asking, “Is VPN Unlimited safe?

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 Areas if Improvement

Following are some things I did not find appealing about VPN Unlimited.

Low Speed

This part of VPN Unlimited review should interest the gamers, streaming lovers and anyone who likes their internet to be fast.

VPN Unlimited’s speed test demonstrated below had disappointing results.

Before VPN Unlimited:


After VPN Unlimited:


Although VPN Unlimited download speed decreased drastically, the ping worries me the most as a gamer.

Privacy Policy: Does VPN Unlimited Keeps Logs

The privacy policy of the service has nothing obscure about it. However, the privacy policy mentioned unstructured, so you will have to read through the entire content to find what information is collected and how is it used.

VPN Unlimited clearly states that it does not record any internet activities of its users and has no logging policy. This is a good sign, as your privacy is secure at all times. The provider records the total amount of web traffic for each session.

However, the provider states that it will give away customer information if required by the law. Since they are in the United States, this policy is much more troubling.


Jurisdiction: The United States

The United States of America is a country where online privacy goes to die.

Powerful spy agencies are running amok in the country and the privacy laws are being degraded as we speak.

It doesn’t just end here.

USA is at the center of the Five Eyes alliance.

A group of countries that violate the privacy of their own citizens and share their personal information.

So VPN Unlimited sitting pretty in the Big Apple should definitely worry its users.

Compatibility with Different Platforms

One of the pros that I identified in this VPN Unlimited review was its overall compatibility. The provider can be used on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Linux. In addition, VPN Unlimited also offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With that, you can also configure this VPN on devices like Kodi and Firestick. However, VPN Unlimited Kodi and Firestick service require some technical knowledge.




The brand offers a sleek and easy to use software for Windows PC. I was pleased with the layout, design, and navigation of VPN Unlimited app for PC. All the actions were one click away. Right from the onset, you can enter your account details, select the server you want to use, and have encrypted VPN connection.

The Windows client also lets you sign up from the app itself. Alternatively, you can also signup using a Google account or Facebook account. Similarly, you can also check the server load before connecting to a server. This is a neat feature available on the service for PC.



Just the like the VPN client for Windows, the service software for Mac is also very well built and has all the features. It is neatly designed and allows any user to quickly come to grips with a VPN software. In addition, you can access different options and the app comes with built-in DNS leak protection. This way your IP address is not leaked to outsiders and your privacy is preserved at all times.



You can download VPN Unlimited Android free on Google Play. The app is lightweight and has an admirable design. We have not come across many VPN services that provide beautiful apps with appropriate font size and background color.

However, during my initial testing, I came across annoying popup marketing messages, promoting brand other features.

Thankfully, VPN Unlimited resolved this issue by removing the pop-up ads and now the app experience is much better.



The VPN Unlimited app for iPhone follows similar aesthetics as the Android app. The built quality of the app is top notch and offers unprecedented features. As I mentioned earlier in this VPN Unlimited review, its apps are very stylish and easy to use. The app for iPhone is one of the best VPN apps you can use today.

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Chrome Extension


In the wide list of apps offered by VPN Unlimited, there are browser extensions too. For this review, I tested the service for Chrome. The browser extension offers numerous servers and helps you in securing your browser’s privacy. The extension does not bombard your browser with unnecessary advertisements and popups, which was a pleasing sight to see. However, I did encounter some issues of IP leakage on the Chrome browser extension. This is something the provider should look into it.

The extension does not bombard your browser with unnecessary advertisements and popups, which was a pleasing sight to see.

VPN Unlimited for Firestick

Amazon Fire devices have revolutionized online streaming in more than one ways. It lets you stream wide variety of content.

However, these sleek devices too suffer from geo-restrictions.

To get past them, you need a VPN like VPN Unlimited.

Here is how you can do to install the app on Fire TV Stick:

  • Update your Fire TV Stick device to the latest version
  • Go to Device>Developer options and turn on all features
  • From main menu>Apps> Utilities>Install downloader application
  • After installing, open downloader and write https://tinyurl.com/vpnu42
  • The process of downloading and installation will start, finish the process by pressing Done
  • After installation, press Done for popup notification
  • From Settings>Launch VPN Unlimited>Applications>Manage Installed Applications
  • Provide your VPN Unlimited login credentials and start enjoying online anonymity instantly

VPN Unlimited Pricing & Plans

VPN Unlimited is an affordable VPN service that offers great features bundled up in unimaginable prices. I have tested many services, but this VPN Unlimited review proves that it really is a reasonable VPN provider.

It offers four different pricing plans to choose from. However, one of the striking differences among the pricing plan is the ‘lifetime offer‘.


VPN Unlimited price for a month is $9.99. Furthermore, you will have to pay $5.00 every month to use yearly pricing plan.

Through yearly pricing plan, you can avail discounts up to 50% respectively.

What’s more, VPN Unlimited categorizes the 3 years plan as ‘best value’. It provides online security for 3 years for $99.99. This makes it $2.78 a month.

VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription Review

You can pay one time and have a VPN Unlimited subscription until infinity.

However, it does beg the question, if another firm acquires the company, will your subscription still hold? In many cases, lifetime subscription usually accounts for a 5-year plan. Will VPN Unlimited’s lifetime subscription expire after five years?

There are some technicalities I found to be confusing. Still, through lifetime pricing plan, you can avail discounts up to 70% hassle-free.

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Payment Methods

VPN Unlimited offers an impressive list of online payment methods to users, which includes:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin
  • Gift Cards
  • iTunes and Google play in-app-purchase


Money Back Policy

Another benefit offered by VPN Unlimited is that it offers a 7-day money back guarantee. This gives you a week to test if the service is good enough for you.

VPN Unlimited Compared to Other VPN Providers

This is the section of VPN Unlimited review where I put the provider side by side with other VPN services to see how it performs on different attributes.

VPN Unlimited vs. PIA VPN

VPN Provider

VPN Unlimited


Annual Price
(Per Month)






Number of Servers



Tunneling Protocols

OpenVPN and L2TP

OpenVPN, SOCKS5 Proxy, L2TP and PPTP

Unblocks Netflix




Visit Provider

Visit Provider

VPN Unlimited vs. Hotspot Shield

VPN Provider

VPN Unlimited

Hotspot Shield

Annual Price
(Per Month)






Number of Servers



Tunneling Protocols

OpenVPN and L2TP

OpenVPN and L2TP

Unblocks Netflix




Visit Provider

Visit Provider

VPN Unlimited vs. ExpressVPN

VPN Provider

VPN Unlimited


Annual Price
(Per Month)






Number of Servers



Tunneling Protocols

OpenVPN and L2TP


Unblocks Netflix




Visit Provider

Visit Provider

VPN Unlimited vs. NordVPN

VPN Provider

VPN Unlimited


Annual Price
(Per Month)






Number of Servers



Tunneling Protocols

OpenVPN and L2TP


Unblocks Netflix




Visit Provider

Visit Provider

Alternatives of VPN Unlimited

If for some reason you did not find VPN Unlimited appealing, give a quick look to the following reviews.

VPN Unlimited Trustpilot Review

On Trustpilot, there are numerous reviews of VPN Unlimited. Surprisingly, all these reviews unequivocally praise the provider.

A user commends the efficiency of the VPN on PC and iOS in his VPN Unlimited review. Further, he also provides some recommendations.


Another reviewer made use of VPN Unlimited free trial and liked the experience.


VPN Unlimited Twitter Review

One way to win the heart of customers is by providing them with quality customer care. This also spreads a positive word of mouth regarding a VPN.

Take this tweet about VPN Unlimited for example.

There are other mentions of this VPN on twitter. Many people recommend it for unblocking geo-restrictions games in the USA.

VPN Unlimited Reddit Review

When it comes to social media forums, reddit is that one hip boy that doesn’t like mainstream stuff. Instead, it is always in search of something different.

In turn, redditors always keep an eye out for the best VPN providers. VPN Unlimited has some interesting reviews on the site.

Some people are skeptical about its logging policy.

Meanwhile, a thread from 5 months ago reveals that users faced issues accessing Netflix with the VPN. However, the VPN Unlimited Netflix service worked seamlessly in my tests.

Final Verdict

To wrap up this VPN Unlimited review, I would recommend the VPN service to all user. It is a neat little VPN service that offers tons of features at unimaginable low prices. When compared to its competitors, the brand matches the best services from the industry.

One of the best aspects of VPN Unlimited was the quality of its software and apps. They were top-notch and shadowed established VPN providers. From simple navigation to how they are designed, the apps were a remarkable sight. Moreover, to top things of, the overall performance is impressive as well.

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