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VPN Unlimited Review 2022

VPN Unlimited is a US based service available at $2.78/mo price. It delivers 400+ servers in 70+ locations worldwide suitable for Netflix and torrenting. It has slow speed and currently offers only 7 days refund policy.

Based inUS [UNSAFE]
Servers500+ (80+ Locations)
LogsNo Logs
Multi Login5 Devices
Refund7 Days

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Review, It has been around in the VPN market since 2013. It operates from New York, the US, a part of 5-eyes country and strict data retention laws.

It has a limited number of servers, i.e., 500+, and is available in 80 locations. It does allow torrenting but only on its 5 servers, but was easily able to unblock US Netflix.

VPN Unlimited is completely safe to use because it offers strong and powerful encryption and features like Kill Switch, KeepSolid Wise Technology, Personal Static IP, and more.

It supports all major platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and others, but you will need to manually install it on FireStick or Kodi. If you want dedicated apps for these devices, you should get ExpressVPN.

When tested for speed, it was disappointing to say the least. There’s no denying that the price is affordable at $2.75/mo and offers a lifetime subscription, but I gave it a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars in this KeepSolid VPN Unlimited review.

VPN Unlimited Review – My Rating Criteria

I reviewed VPN Unlimited through 9 factors that I have listed below:


Jurisdiction – Where is VPN Unlimited Based?

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited review, it is based in the United States, which is a part of 5 eyes country. This means that the company is bound to share users’ information to US authorities if asked upon.

The United States of America is a country where online privacy goes to die. Powerful spy agencies are running amok in the country and the privacy laws are being degraded as we speak. It doesn’t just end here. The USA is at the center of the five eyes alliance.

You may perceive five eyes alliance as a group of countries that violates the privacy of their own citizens and share their personal information.

Security – Is VPN Unlimited Safe?

Yes, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is completely safe to use. It offers the highest available encryption i.e. 256-bit and will let you connect to any of the VPN protocols. This VPN offers protocols like OpenVPN, IPsec, IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocol, which is compatible with all platforms.

This is a positive aspect about the provider, as OpenVPN is the strongest protocol currently available. Its open-source nature and compatibility with different encryption algorithms make it a powerful defense against various threats.

OpenVPN protocol supports Blowfish 128-bit encryption and AES-128 and 256-bit encryption. However, IPsec protocol only supports AES 128 encryption.

For this reason, readers should prefer the OpenVPN protocol.


VPN Unlimited KeepSolid Wise Technology

The provider offers KeepSolid Wise technology that offers an additional boost to your privacy and security. It utilizes TCP 443 port and OpenVPN protocol to make your data traffic undetectable. It transforms your VPN traffic into normal internet traffic, making it difficult for anyone to identify that it is routed through a VPN.

You can use KeepSolid Wise protocol on your desired devices like Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS 9 or later stress-free.


VPN Unlimited Kill Switch Feature

VPN Unlimited reviewed in detail, I was delighted to find its Internet Kill Switch feature. You may explore the said anonymity benefit on its Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices respectively. Thus, you can secure your original IP address even if your VPN connection suddenly stops for any reason.


Other Features

In addition to basic VPN service, VPN Unlimited offers some attractive add-ons. These include:

  • Personal Static IP: Through this feature, you can get your own dedicated IP address of a particular region.
  • Personal VPN Server: The service offers selection servers that you control. It is best for bypassing internet censorship and achieving high levels of protection.
  • Additional Devices: If you want to run your VPN account on more than five (5) devices, then this add-on is helpful. You can use up to 15 devices through this add-on.
  • Private Browser: VPN Unlimited also offers a secure browser extension that keeps your data protected from ISPs, online hackers and others. You can experience this feature on your Android and iOS devices too.
  • Transfer Photos and Videos via Wi-Fi: With this free app, you can transfer all types of photos and videos between your iOS and Mac devices through Wi-Fi.

Does VPN Unlimited keep logs?

VPN Unlimited does NOT keep any kind of logs when it comes to logging policy. The privacy policy of the service has nothing obscure about it.

The privacy policy seems unstructured though, so you will have to read through the entire content to find what information is collected and how is it used. VPN Unlimited clearly states that it does not record any internet activities of its users and has no-logging policy. This is a good sign, as your privacy is secure at all times. Still, the provider records the total amount of web traffic for each session.

However, this is applicable only to those users who use their extras such as personal servers. They require this data to enforce the traffic limits that some of their personal servers might have it. Furthermore, it is available to be viewed in the user account only.

Moreover, the provider states that it will give away customer information if required by the law. Since they are in the United States, this policy is much more troubling.

Abides by GDPR

Being an experienced player in the industry, VPN Unlimited takes pride in complying with GDPR guidelines. They have officially mentioned on their site that they are ready to cooperate with their European users in true letter and spirit.

No Clear Intentions towards Transparency

When I reviewed VPN Unlimited thoroughly, I did not find any information about its transparency report. According to the recently published “VPN Trust” report by AV-Test, a German organization that performs independent reviews about antiviruses and security products including VPNs, VPN Unlimited does not update their yearly transparency report on a regular basis.


Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS, & WebRTC?

VPN Unlimited was able to pass all the leak tests with flying colors. I connected to their Illinois, Chicago server to test for IP, DNS, and WebRTC. Here is the snapshot for each result specifically:

IP Leak Test

I tested for any IP leaks by connecting to its US server. It easily passed the leak test as it can be seen in the image below:


DNS Leak Test

I connected to the same US server and the results were also the same. It did not leak any DNS as it can be seen in the below image:


WebRTC Leak Test

Lastly, I checked for WebRTC to see if it is leaking any. It did not leak any WebRTC as it is proved in the picture below:


This should be enough to satisfy anyone still asking, “Is VPN Unlimited safe?

Virus Test

I tested its Windows setup file through VirusTotal to see if it exposed any malware or not. To my surprise, it did not expose any virus during the testing.


Servers – Is it P2P Compatible?

Yes, VPN Unlimited is P2P compatible but on limited servers. Overall, this VPN service offers over 400 servers across more than 70 different locations. The VPN provider is exceptional at providing servers in major locations all around the world.

A majority of the servers are located in the United States, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. The server shows that the service has grown over the years and added more locations to its list.

When compared to other services like ExpressVPN, VPN Unlimited does not boast a huge server list. However, the numbers are sufficient to ensure that users do not cram up on the same server, battling for the same bandwidth.

VPN Unlimited does not work in China. It doesn’t have any servers in China, but only in Hong Kong. When connected to the Hong Kong server, it would not unblock Chinese content.


Does VPN Unlimited Allow Torrenting?

Yes, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited allows torrenting on its 5 servers only. These servers include Canada-Ontario, France, Luxembourg, California, and US-California 1.

On the other hand, the service is based in the US. Therefore, you should contemplate the consequences of performing torrenting activities in the US. There is no harm in exploring VPN services that are based in countries other than eyes territories. Through these VPNs for torrenting, you can download and watch any media stuff securely.

Speed – How fast is KeepSolid VPN?

VPN Unlimited’s speed test had disappointing results. I tested for speed by connecting to 2 different servers i.e. Belgium (Brussels) and Canada-West (British-Columbia Vancouver).

My internet connection before connecting to KeepSolid VPN was around 30 Mbps. Here are the test results I conducted for each server.

When connected to Belgium server:


Internet connection: 11.23 Mbps

Speed declined by 63%

When connected to Canada-West server:


Internet connection: 9.20 Mbps

Speed declined by 70%

Although VPN Unlimited download speed decreased drastically, the ping worries me the most as a gamer. If speed doesn’t satisfy you, then check our fastest VPN services article to determine how VPN Unlimited’s speeds stand against them.

Streaming – Does VPN Unlimited work with Netflix?

VPN Unlimited was able to unblock US Netflix when I tested on its California, San Francisco server. You can connect to the best Netflix server by clicking on the optimal option on the app and scroll down to select ‘Netflix‘ under the streaming option.

As I connected to my Netflix account on Incognito mode, I was able to watch Avengers: Endgame without any hassle.


I also was able to unblock Hulu and BBC iPlayer. These two streaming services were also available in the streaming section of the app. Just select any of the streaming services and start watching your favorite content.


Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices

One of the pros that I identified in this VPN Unlimited review was its overall compatibility. The provider can be used on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Apple TV, and Linux. In addition, VPN Unlimited also offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With that, you can also configure this VPN on devices like Kodi and FireStick, but it doesn’t offer dedicated apps for these platforms.


VPN Unlimited for Windows

The VPN offers a sleek and easy to use software for Windows PC. I was pleased with the layout, design, and navigation of VPN Unlimited app for PC. All the actions were one click away. Right from the onset, you can enter your account details, select the server you want to use, and have encrypted VPN connection.

The Windows client also lets you sign up from the app itself. Alternatively, you can also signup using a Google account or Facebook account. Similarly, you can also check the server load before connecting to a server. This is a neat feature available on the service for PC.


VPN Unlimited for Mac

Just like the VPN client for Windows, the VPN software for Mac also has a great interface and contains all the features. It is neatly designed and allows any user to quickly come to grips with a VPN software. In addition, you can access different options and the app comes with built-in DNS leak protection.

This way your IP address is not leaked to outsiders and your privacy is preserved at all times.


VPN Unlimited for Android

You can download VPN Unlimited Android free on Google Play. The app is lightweight and has an admirable design. We have not come across many VPN services that provide beautiful apps with appropriate font size and background color.

However, during my initial testing, I came across annoying popup marketing messages, promoting brand other features. Thankfully, VPN Unlimited resolved this issue by removing the pop-up ads and now the app experience is much better. As for ratings, VPN Unlimited has a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store.


VPN Unlimited for iOS

The VPN Unlimited app for iPhone follows similar aesthetics as the Android app. The built quality of the app is top-notch and offers unprecedented features. As I mentioned earlier in this KeepSolid VPN Unlimited review, its apps are very stylish and easy to use. The app for iPhone is one of the best VPN apps you can use today. As for ratings, VPN Unlimited has a 4.5-star rating on iTunes store.


Pricing – How much is VPN Unlimited?

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is an affordable VPN service. It offers 7-days free trial and 4 different pricing plans to choose from. These are:

One of the unique features of the pricing plan is its ‘Lifetime Offer‘. Not many VPNs offer a lifetime subscription and that’s why it stands out among other VPN services.


All of these plans mentioned above are used on 5 devices simultaneously. If you want to use it on 10 devices, the prices would then increase accordingly. You can also get a Personal IP/ Dedicated IP for $14.99/mo, which is slightly expensive.

The best price VPN Unlimited has to offer is its 3-year plan which costs $2.78/mo. Even though it claims to offer a 75% discount, when compared with the industry’s best, the price is still too high.

Moreover, if you want to grab awesome discounts, check out our handpicked list of VPN deals right now!

Payment Methods

VPN Unlimited offers an impressive list of online payment methods to users, which includes:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin
  • Gift Cards
  • iTunes and Google play in-app-purchase

Refund Policy

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers a limited 7-day money-back guarantee. This refund policy is not industry standard, but you should never forget that it also offers a free trial as well.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit Reviews & Support

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has a Trustpilot rating of 4.3/5.0 stars with a total of 480 reviews. As you can see in the overall rating, 79% of the reviews are 5-star ratings.


VPN Unlimited Reddit Reviews

Let’s have a look at some of the recent Reddit reviews for VPN Unlimited. Here, a user was asking if KeepSolid VPN works best with torrenting. Yes, it works perfectly well with torrenting but only on its 5 servers.


Another Reddit user wanted to know how VPN Unlimited works with Popcorn Time. This user has a Mac app for this VPN service but when connected with Popcorn Time app, it doesn’t work. In order to work with Popcorn Time, you need to update to the latest version and only then this software would work.


Customer Support is Efficient

The service offers customer support through the email ticketing system, FAQ section, and knowledgebase section. Most importantly, VPN Unlimited has a 24/7 Live Chat feature that is extremely efficient.


Their email ticketing system is also highly responsive. I inquired on two different occasions and got a prompt response within a few minutes on our email. This is a sign of a premium VPN provider.

In addition, the knowledge base is quite dense and there are numerous articles and guides on different topics. Similarly, it offers manuals for configuring the service on different operating systems. It also contains systematic guides for different devices, such as routers and streaming devices (Roku and Apple TV).

Comparison between ExpressVPN and VPN Unlimited

If you want to know about the salient features of ExpressVPN and VPN Unlimited, have a look at the below-described comparison table:

FeaturesExpressVPNVPN Unlimited
Price $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan)$2.78/mo
Servers3,000+ in 94 Countries400+ in 70 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesAll Devices
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsUnited States
Logging PolicyZero LogRecords Web Traffic
Customer SupportLive & Email Support & Contact Us24/7 Live Chat Feature
Trustpilot Score4.64.3
WebsiteExpressVPNVPN Unlimited

Alternatives to VPN Unlimited

Let us see some alternatives to VPN Unlimited if you don’t approve with the features of this VPN provider. Here is the list:

VPN Unlimited Review – Do I Recommend VPN Unlimited?

Yes, I do recommend using VPN Unlimited. It seemed to work very well with US Netflix, but it allows torrenting on its 5 servers only. But the most important aspect is its jurisdiction. KeepSolid VPN is based in the US, which has strict data retention laws.

It is available for all devices except for FireStick and Kodi. If you want a service provider that works great on these platforms, you must opt for ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

This VPN does offer a lifetime subscription and is quite affordable too, but it has disappointing speed results and limited server count.

In this VPN Unlimited review, I rated it a 3.5-star service provider due to its mediocre performance. If you want a VPN with better performance, you can look at our other VPN reviews.

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