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VPNArea Review [Price, Security, & Streaming]

VPNArea is a Bulgarian online privacy service that supports both Netflix and torrenting. However, due to a few issues, the service has received 3.4 stars rating overall.

We have found VPNArea to be a really intriguing VPN service. We first learned about VPNArea in 2011, and have seen it expand significantly since then. At the time of jotting down this VPNArea review, we were pretty impressed to see that the VPN offers DNS leak prevention, AES 256-bit encryption, no-logs policy, and a Kill Switch, among other features.

The types of features you only anticipate from the best VPN providers!

Although there are many positive aspects of this VPN service, you can’t ignore the fact that it only offers servers in 55 countries. Compared to Surfshark which offers [server count id=’99788′]+ servers, the price of VPNArea is significantly high with its lowest price being $3.21/mo.

We found various issues in VPNArea’s apps as well. Although the VPN works with all popular devices, we found its apps to be somewhat buggy. Again, if you choose a high-end VPN service like ExpressVPN, you won’t have to be bothered by this.

Our Verdict – VPNArea Review

To thoroughly test VPNArea for pros and cons, we used our 9-step rating criteria in this VPNArea Review:

  1. Streaming – Per our tests, VPNArea performed below par regarding streaming. That’s because it didn’t unblock HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ for us. However, we did access US Netflix. That’s why we rated it 3.0/5.
  2. Security & Privacy – VPNArea offers reliable security features, such as a kill switch, no-logs policy, AES 256-bit encryption, and more. Because of that, we rate it 4/5.
  3. Speed – This VPN offers average speeds to users. In our tests on its local servers, we got an average speed of 57.21 Mbps on our 100 Mbps connection. Based on its speed, we rate it 3.5/5.
  4. Servers Locations – VPNArea offers servers in 55 countries and 100+ locations. This is a pretty decent server network with P2P compatibility. Therefore, we rate it 3.5/5.
  5. Ease of Use – You get dedicated apps for all popular operating systems, but they tend to be slow and glitchy. That’s why we have given it a rating of 2.2/5.
  6. Customer Support – Its customer support is superb. The representatives available on its live chat come up with informative answers within a few minutes. So, it gets a rating of 3.5/5.
  7. Price & Value – It’s a bit on the pricier end if you compare it to premium VPNs that are cheaper and offer better service overall. That’s why it gets rated 2.5/5.

Key Features – VPNArea Review

Unlimited bandwidth
No-logging policy
Supports torrenting
24/7 live chat support
6 simultaneous connections
IP/DNS leak protection
Above-average speeds
Apps available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

  • Speeds are reliable for an average VPN
  • Doesn’t log any data
  • Optimized servers for torrenting
  • Unblocks US Netflix
  • Offers servers in 55 countries
  • Apps are glitchy and confusing
  • VPN has not been audited independently
  • Refund period is short

Pricing – How Much Does VPNArea Cost?

VPNArea is not the most affordable VPN out there. In fact, their most affordable plan costs way more than Surfshark. What’s even more disappointing is the fact that there’s no VPNArea free trial available. At present, they offer three subscription plans. Here’s the list of the current VPNArea price plans:

Subscription PlansPrices
1 Month$9.90
12 Months$4.13/mo
24 Months$3.21/mo

All plans support 6 simultaneous connections. In addition, all its subscription plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Aside from standard subscription plans, VPNArea also offers dedicated IP packages. The price of VPNArea dedicated IP varies between $20 – $40 per year, depending on which country you pick. As for the list of online payments, VPNArea accepts Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, and more.

Streaming – Is VPNArea Good for Streaming?

VPNArea is a reliable choice if you need a VPN for streaming Netflix since it provides multiple Netflix streaming hubs that can be accessed round-the-clock.

Aside from Netflix, VPNArea also worked with BBC iPlayer. However, we encountered a few connectivity issues while streaming Peaky Blinders with the UK server.


We did face a few lags while streaming this popular show.

As for other streaming platforms, VPNArea couldn’t unblock Prime Video, Disney+, or even Hulu for us. So, if you want to access these platforms, you need the best VPNs for Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and more. Per our tests, the only VPN we highly recommend for streaming is ExpressVPN.

Netflix – Is VPNArea good for Netflix?

VPNArea offers 5 dedicated servers for accessing Netflix that are labeled in the app as ‘NFLX.’  So, we tried streaming “Steve Jobs” on US Netflix after connecting to its USA-0-NFLX server and encountered no issues.


We could stream TV shows and movies in HD with VPNArea.

In short, VPNArea works impressively with Netflix, considering that most VPNs nowadays are easily blocked by the streaming platform.

VPNArea Review – Servers and Locations

VPNArea doesn’t offer an extensive server network like other providers. It offers an uncountable number of servers in 55 countries at the moment. And the good part is that it allows P2P activities on all these servers.

In fact, they offer plenty of optimized servers for P2P with no bandwidth caps. You can check out its official website, which has an entire list of servers and protocols it supports. VPNArea offers the most servers in the following countries:

CountryLocations Count
United States10
United Kingdom2

Connecting to any of these servers is pretty straightforward. Here is how VPNArea works: Click on the server you prefer and tap the big blue ‘Connect’ button. Using our Windows PC, we launched our VPNArea app and connected to its server within a few minutes.


You can also skim through multiple tabs for the right server.

VPNArea Review – Privacy and Security

A VPN’s security primarily depends on the encryption method and protocols it offers. VPNArea uses 256-bit military-grade encryption along with OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. In addition, VPNArea keeps no logs whatsoever. Let’s look at this VPN’s security features by conducting a detailed VPNArea security review:

Is VPNArea encrypted?

VPNArea currently uses the AES-256-CBC encryption that’s partnered with HMAC SHA-256 authentication. It also uses the RSA 4096 handshake. This VPN further uses the perfect forward secrecy feature with RSA and DH-4096 system. Besides that, VPNArea offers the following protocols: OpenVPN, Stealth VPN, Stunnel, IKEv2, and Double VPN. 

VPNArea jurisdiction

As we mentioned earlier in this VPNArea review, VPNArea is registered in Bulgaria, according to its official site. However, it’s the entire infrastructure is physically present in Switzerland. Both of these locations are safe and don’t actually fall under the jurisdiction of 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes alliances.

So if you’re worried about your data getting into the hand of law enforcement or surveillance agencies, VPNArea has you covered.

VPNArea logging policy

VPNArea doesn’t log any data of its users. According to their privacy policy, VPNArea claims that they don’t collect the following information:

We do not monitor, record or store logs for any single customer’s VPN activity. We do not monitor, record or store any login dates, timestamps, incoming and outgoing IP addresses, bandwidth statistics or any other identifiable data of any VPN users using our VPN servers. We do not log or track any DNS requests sent to our DNS servers.

VPNArea – Speed and Performance

To test how fast VPNarea was, we performed the speed test using speedtest.net and our base speed of 100 Mbps from within Chicago, United States. The test results didn’t impress me all that much.

We connected to 1 server location per continent to check how the VPN performed. The results that we got are presented in the table below. Please note that the speeds we got depended on how far we were from the VPN location.

Server LocationDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPings
United States62.12 Mbps44.17 Mbps142ms
Australia45.62 Mbps21.52 Mbps200ms
Canada58.97 Mbps47 Mbps162ms
United Kingdom50.85 Mbps 31.48 Mbps212ms
Germany 49.72 Mbps 37.12 Mbps230ms
Brazil 52.65 Mbps 30.90 Mbps192ms
Italy 62.16 Mbps 22.37 Mbps186ms
Singapore 49.39 Mbps 26.15 Mbps211ms

Looking at the speeds above, you can clearly see that VPNArea isn’t one of the fastest VPNs in the market. The best speeds we received were by using a US server, which wasn’t surprising since we’re already within the United States. Moreover, our base speed dropped by 40-50% on most servers, and a few performed worse.

Furthermore, the pings were relatively high on most servers. This ensured that the VPN shouldn’t be used for gaming. Instead, if you’re an online gamer, you should look for the best gaming VPN.

While testing, we also found some servers that just won’t connect. These were located in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Overall, VPNarea certainly needs to improve its speed. If you’re a speed freak like us, you might be better off with ExpressVPN.

VPNArea Compatible Devices

VPNArea is compatible with all popular operating systems and devices, including iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. We personally tried out all the apps and found them to be slightly glitchy. Despite lagging a bit, the apps worked fine.

Windows App

The Windows app of this VPN is known as VPNArea Chameleon. This app is compatible with Windows 7-11, Windows Vista, and even Windows XP. Overall, when we talk about its user experience, the app might need a bit of tweaking.

Mac App

VPNArea offers a dedicated app for Mac, just like most VPNs. Similar to Windows, the macOS app worked; however, it did need a bit of an update.

iOS App

Users owning iOS devices will have to install the provider by opting for OpenVPN Connect. Don’t know what OpenVPN Connect is? Well, it’s a highly user-friendly open-source program that lets users configure and run it with minimal configuration.

Android App

Likewise, the VPNArea Android app is user-friendly and easy to operate. In addition, the provider has now launched updated apps with more features than the previous versions. The new app is feature-rich and offers everything you can find in the Windows client of VPNArea, which is quite lovely to see.

VPNArea Customer Support

VPNArea offers multiple customer support options to users: live chat, ticketing, email, and knowledgebase. While the knowledgebase is only available to subscribers, it includes FAQs, installation, and troubleshooting guides. Most of these articles are detailed, but a few require screenshots and videos.

Its 24/7 live chat support is pretty responsive. This might be because they don’t have a lot of customers. The support team quickly responded within minutes, no matter what we asked them.


They were quick to answer all our questions.

Moreover, you can also contact them through email or sign in to your account and use its ticketing system. Please note that VPNArea doesn’t offer phone support or a community forum unless there’s a legal matter.

How Do I Download VPNArea?

Here’s how to download and set up VPNArea on your Windows device:

  1. Purchase a VPNArea account by visiting its sign-up page.
  2. Download and install its dedicated app for Windows.
  3. Connect to one of its servers, and you’re good to go!

Comparison between ExpressVPN & VPNArea

If you want to know the major differences between these two VPNs, have a look at this table:

Price $6.67/mo (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan)$3.21/mo
Servers3000+ in 94 CountriesServers in 55 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, macOS, Linux,
Android, iOS
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsBulgaria
Logging PolicyZero LogsZero Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, & Email SupportLive Chat, FAQs & Email
Trustpilot Score4.73.9

Alternatives of VPNArea

If you do not want to get VPNArea for any reason, we’ve got you covered in this regard too. You can read the following reviews of some VPNArea alternatives to see if you can find anything you like:

FAQs – VPNArea Review

VPNArea keeps you safe online. Its desktop client uses OpenVPN, that’s the most secure protocol. You can further connect to the VPN using Double Hop – a privacy-focused feature that we barely find in a VPN provider this small. Moreover, its VPN connections are further encryption by AES 256-bit encryption.

VPNArea efficiently unblocks Netflix. It offers a vast range of dedicated servers for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. However, our tests concluded that only its Netflix-optimized servers work at unblocking the streaming service.

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to use VPNArea. It offers many features that keep you secure, doesn’t collect your data, and encrypts your connection using AES 256-bit.


So, is VPNArea a good VPN? After conducting this VPNArea review, we can conclude that VPNArea is a good VPN service. After all, it’s leak-proof, compatible with Netflix and other streaming services, doesn’t store logs, and has positive Trustpilot ratings.

However, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that this VPN offers a small number of servers and is generally slow. To top it all off, it is incredibly pricey in comparison to other VPNs.

Although the service is reliable, you might get a better bang for your buck with premium VPNs like Surfshark and ExpressVPN. The former is budget-friendly, but ExpressVPN offers better service overall. So, based on the above VPNArea review 2023, we have no hesitation in giving it a 3.4/5.0 stars rating overall.

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9 Responses to VPNArea Review [Price, Security, & Streaming]

  1. John Crighton says:

    VPN area was one of the best out there, but with one major flaw. They are one of the few companies that do not use their own dns servers. They previously used cloudflare which does keep logs for a short period of time but now they have switched to GOOGLE resolvers. This can be verified on a site like dnsleaktest.com. Does anybody trust the worlds biggest data collection company with all their search requests. In addition their “custom dns servers” in their client interface does not work. Contacting their support department yielded no help as they try to blame the problem on you.

    • Abdul Rehman says:

      Hey John, you’re absolutely right. This is exactly why I’ve given it a 3.4-star rating as opposed to a 5-star rating. VPNArea still needs to improve in a lot of ways.

  2. User says:

    A lot of things should be kept in mind when using a VPN service. Well, for simple use site to site access are used where the purpose is simply visiting a website that doesn’t give the permission. For business purposes, remote access is required. Best VPNs are ExpressVPN, Proton VPN, etc.

  3. SirVivianStanshall says:

    I just switched to VPNArea a few days from PureVPN (who’s servers are getting slower by the day) and so far am impressed – the Kill switch *does* work, I have not had a single DNS leak (according to the extended test at DNSLeakTest which I do every single time I connect to any VPN) and I have had a stable and very fast connection (1.8MBps) to the current server I’m on for over 18 hours. I haven’t tested the customer service yet to be fair but haven’t needed to.
    Each to their own I guess but I’ve not had any reason to not like them so far – they leave PureVPN for dead IMHO.

  4. Dimedrol says:

    VPN Area – Poor Client support, “7 Day Money back” is a waste of time. They do not reply to your emails or requests. No option to cancel in members area.
    Now for service: Very poor members area, they use native OpenVPN app for iOS. They do not support socks5 proxy, they do not support Openelec VPN.

  5. Dan Lokemoen says:

    How can you call this a review? You got all of this information from VPNArea’s website without even trying their service. Let me clue you in. P2P is a crapshoot that simply doesn’t work on many servers. Kill Switch doesn’t work, Anti-DNS Leak doesn’t work, and personally I got disconnected about every twenty minutes. Their “24/7” service hasn’t gotten back to my support requests made sixteen hours ago. It took me two hours to decide that VPNArea’s services were essentially worthless to me.

  6. VPNRanks says:

    Thank you for your valuable feedback 🙂

  7. Marcus Chinola says:

    never seen a vpn with so many servers with speed for myself only. reason to go to VPNArea was that my previous big name providers were overselling and speed was a joke. wherever i travel always works and always fast, *THUMBS UP*

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