X-VPN Review USA 2024 – Is It Better Than Its Competitor?

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X-VPN is a simple-to-use VPN that works well for unblocking Netflix. The VPN features a sizable server network with more than 8,000 servers and quick local connections. However, X-VPN is confidential about its unique VPN protocols, and the service cannot be used to circumvent censorship.

X-VPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN service that claims to be “The most powerful VPN.” The service employs a “freemium” strategy. X-VPN says that it has a free version available on mobile devices and PCs. However, after installing its app we got to know that you need to upgrade to its premium version to use its free 500 MBs.

Unfortunately, according to X-VPN Review USA it offers no kill switch and has pop-up ads on its free version. Additionally, the company is ambiguous regarding its money-back guarantee and protocols. After having installation problems and reading contradictory information on the website, their bold claim really intrigued us.

X-VPN feels underpowered when putting it next to some other best VPNs in USA. However, we wish to evaluate X-VPN fairly. We’ll check how fast and how secure X-VPN is in USA? or Does X-VPN work with Netflix? Read the whole review to know whether we can count on it.

Key Finding – X-VPN Review USA

To thoroughly test X-VPN for pros and cons in USA, we used our rating criteria based on these factors:

  • Pricing – We found it way too overpriced, with a basic plan starting from $6.13/mo which is for a limited period of time.
  • Servers – It offers a huge collection of server networks with 8000+ servers spread over 225 locations.
  • Security –  X-VPN uses OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, X (AES-256 bit,) and PPTP (128-bit). There are 8 other protocols available but X VPN keeps them hidden.
  • Speed – we recorded a 50 Mbps average speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • Streaming – It worked fine in unblocking US, UK, and Japan Netflix libraries. However, X VPN could not be able to unblock other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, HBO max, and others.
  • Installation & Apps – Easy to install apps with simple UI
  • Device Compatibility – It was found to be working with iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. It also has apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.
  • Bypassing Censorship – X VPN could not be able to bypass the great China Firewall because they don’t offer VPN obfuscation features.
  • Customer Support – No live chat support is available 24/7. They are only available between Mon-Fri.

Pros and Cons of X VPN


  • Works with streaming services
  • Huge servers network
  • Free version for mobile users
  • Good and stable download speeds


  • Doesn’t reveal its protocols
  • Does not support torrenting
  • Overpriced
  • DNS and WebRTC leak issues
  • Trouble with connections
  • Kill switch malfunctions often
  • Difficult installation process
  • Logs user’s data
  • Does not work in China

Plans & Pricing– How Much Does X-VPN Cost in USA?

As for pricing, X-VPN is way too expensive in USA. Even at its lowest monthly price, you could purchase practically any other VPN on the market, many of them considerably better than X-VPN. Don’t believe us, check out the pricing plans below:


We find these X VPN subscription plans quite overpriced in comparison with the top VPN services in USA.

As you can see, the prices are way too high. For way cheaper, you can get even better features in USA if you go for ExpressVPN. But the good thing is that it offers free trials. For iOS and Android devices, you can try it out for a week. On Windows & Mac, you get 500 MB of free data.

Payment Method & Refund Option

Just in case you want to quit using this VPN service in USA, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can simply ask for a refund by contacting live chat support. The customer support representative might inquire as to the cause of your cancellation, but they will still give a refund.

You may also test out X VPN’s 7-day free trial option, but in order to activate it, you will need to provide your payment information. Once the trial time is over, the trial will automatically renew.

As for payment methods, you can purchase X-VPN through either of the following:

  • PayPal
  • VISA, MasterCard, OneCard
  • Gift Cards
  • Advcash (Epese, Payeer, EPAY)
  • CoinPayments (Bitcoin etc).


The good thing is that X VPN offers many options for making easy payments.

Servers & IP Addresses

X VPN claims to have 8000 servers across 50+ countries. And this is one of the VPN providers in our VPN review journey offering such a huge server collection along with dedicated IP address options. However, it offers more servers than its rival ExpressVPN, which has 3000+ servers in 105 countries plus it has the best speed which is something missed by the X VPN provider.

Let’s move on to see the server location offered by X VPN:

Server Location Countries
Africa Egypt & South Africa
Asia Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Central and South America Argentina, Brazil, Colombia & Mexico
Europe Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldavia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine & United Kingdom
Middle East Bahrein, Israel, United Arab Emirates
North America Canada & United States
Oceania Australia, New Zealand

Some of these servers are specified for streaming. These servers can be identified by the letter that follows their initials. For instance, “GB-video-B” is reputed to be a reliable server for accessing BBC iPlayer. “US-Video-A” should unblock Amazon Prime Video’s American edition. Netflix-optimized servers have an “N” and appear as follows:


Pick a video server of that streaming platform you want to unblock

Moreover, X-VPN does not provide dedicated IP addresses. You can only connect to shared IPs. This is ideal in some way for privacy because sharing an IP address makes it more difficult to identify the connection.

However, one drawback of shared IPs is that websites are more likely to identify the IP address as belonging to a VPN server. For instance, Netflix may become suspicious and flag the IP address if all five people simultaneously try to access Netflix from the same VPN server.

Note: You can try NordVPN if you’re interested in obtaining a unique IP address in USA.

Does X-VPN leak IP, DNS, or WebRTC in USA?

While jotting down this X-VPN review USA we realized that, although X-VPN came short on features, it performed exceptionally well in my leak test. We connected X-VPN’s Finland server and tested for leaks, and it passed without any issues. Here are the test results:

IP Leak Test:

First, we tested for IP leaks while connected to the Finland server of X-VPN. As you can see from the screenshot below, only an IP address from Finland is displayed, and my original IP address is nowhere to be seen.


DNS Leak Test:

Next, we checked for DNS leaks while still connected to the same Finland server location. Again, it managed to show no sign of DNS leaks whatsoever. Just check out the screenshot below.


WebRTC Leak Test:

We also checked for WebRTC leaks, and X-VPN passed the test without any issues at all. Even after conducting multiple tests, X-VPN proved to be legitimately leakproof.


Virus Test:

Last but not least, we scanned the X-VPN Windows file from Virus Total to see if it contained anything malicious. Sadly, the file we tested contained 3 Trojan viruses that could clearly damage your computer. Here are the test results:


As soon as you download this file, it could start collecting your data, monitoring your activities, and whatnot. We would definitely advise avoiding their windows app to be safe.

Security, Privacy, & Logging – Is X VPN Safe in USA?

Like other VPN services, X VPN claims itself as the most private and secure VPN service in USA. It employs AES-256 encryption and self-developed, closely-sourced VPN technologies. But according to our tests, X-VPN stores some logs, and the protocols lack well-known security protocols like SSL and TLS handshakes.

Moreover, X-VPN is not a private service. We have also discovered troubling linkages to China. However, the good thing is, they don’t collect usage logs. If you go through their privacy policy, you’ll see that they don’t log how you use their service.

We do not store your original IP address which means we can not share it to anyone no matter what happened.


Even if the government asks the company to share users’ information, they will have nothing to give them. But as we said, they do collect connection logs. Here’s all the information that they collect and for which purpose:


Logging policy of the X VPN.

A powerful VPN protocol and strong encryption ensure that your data is secure when it is stored with a provider. The majority of services make use of OpenVPN, which is widely regarded as the best protocol available. But X-VPN is very secretive about revealing its protocols and opts to employ its own, independently developed protocols such as Protocol A, Protocol B, Protocol C, and so on.


It’s amusing how they use these names instead of properly mentioning protocols’ names. Moreover, they have given 4 out of 5 stars to security when they are still using PPTP protocols which offers the worst kind of security.

The last one is a bit critical and is exactly why we think some other secure VPNs offer better anonymity than X-VPN in USA. Even if they claim to delete all collected IPs after 5 minutes, it is still a concerning issue from a privacy standpoint.

As for encryption, X-VPN uses 256-bit encryption, which is the highest encryption level in the VPN industry. It is the same algorithm adopted by the US government to secure their data. So, it would be impossible for anyone to decrypt your internet traffic when this encryption is turned on.

While we were impressed that they use 256-bit encryption, their choice of protocols really confused me. Although they claim to use 9 protocols, they don’t use any standard protocols widely used and trusted. Instead, their list of offered protocols is just hidden behind random letters.


But in their defense, X-VPN claims that their proprietary protocol is highly effective in unblocking heavily restricted/censored networks. However, we’ll look into that in a bit.

Application Control

Application control is basically a split tunneling feature offered by X-VPN in USA. While it’s great that they offer this kind of advanced feature, it doesn’t actually work. Not only did we notice frequent pop-up warnings showing up, but we also encountered connection issues.

Even worse was that their Application control feature didn’t even work on my secondary testing computer. It just prompted me to an error message stating, Application control doesn’t work on this device.


X-VPN Kill Switch

Aside from split tunneling, X-VPN also offers a Kill Switch in USA. However, it’s only available on Android and iOS apps. At the moment, there is no VPN kill switch feature for desktop apps. Again disappointing. But in functionality, it works as you would expect, so nothing worthwhile there.


Jurisdiction – Where is X-VPN Located?

X-VPN operates from Hong Kong, a safe country in terms of online privacy, and does not fall under 5, 9, or 14 eyes countries. Right from the start, this is something any however, latencies increase dramatically when you connect from a greater distance, and upload speeds are startlingly sluggish everywhere. If VPNs are making your connection slower, check out our list of the fastest VPN providers or compare ExpressVPN and NordVPN in our side-by-side comparison.

Operating from Hong Kong means that X-VPN is not legally obligated to collect user logs. That’s something we see from more well-known VPNs like ExpressVPN. Overall, really impressed by X-VPN so far.

Speed & Performance – How Fast is X VPN in USA?

The speeds of X-VPN are quite inconsistent. It delivers the best download speed and streaming-quality speed with some servers in the United States. On the other hand, we experienced slow and unstable connection speeds on its Asia-Pacific servers.

However, latencies increase dramatically when you connect from a greater distance, and upload speeds are startlingly sluggish everywhere. If VPNs are making your connection slower, explore our list of the best fastest VPN providers, because swift and reliable options can transform your online experience. Comparing the speed of ExpressVPN vs NordVPN allows users to make an informed decision about the best VPN for streaming and torrenting based on their specific needs and preferences. Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN are reputable providers with robust features, including fast speeds and reliable performance.

The city in which X-servers VPNs are situated isn’t always disclosed you can only select the country location in some places, like Egypt (without mentioning its exact city location)

Server Location Download Speed Upload Speed Pings
Unprotected 30 Mbps 6.14 Mbps 20 ms
Australia- Melbourne 27.67 Mbps 5.09 Mbps 37 ms
US- Seattle, Washington 29.56 Mbps 4.25 Mbps 25 ms
Egypt 15.25 Mbps 2.17 Mbps 324 ms
Mexico 28.92 Mbps 4.84 Mbps 82 ms
Vienna, Austria 12.25 Mbps 2.61 Mbps 354 ms
Total Average 67.32 Mbps 12.55 Mbps  421 ms

However, during our speed test in USA, X-VPN delivers pretty decent speeds. We played around with many of its servers and were quite impressed by the overall speeds delivered on my 35 Mbps test connection. First, here’s a screenshot of my default internet speeds without X-VPN connected:


We experienced decent speed using X VPN nearby servers.

Canada Server:When connected to X-VPN’s Canadian server, we received around 22 Mbps of downloading speed and 28.4 Mbps of uploading speed. So far, really impressed by its speeds.xvpn-speed-ca-server-in-USAUS Server:With the US server of X-VPN, we managed to get slightly reduced speeds. On average, the US servers managed to put out around 25.4 Mbps download speed which was still quite unexpected.

We got such a good speed when connected to the X VPN US server.

UK Server:Lastly, we also checked the speeds with the UK servers, and again, the results were quite impressive. On average, the UK server managed to output around 24.9 Mbps of download speed and 28.4 Mbps of upload speed. Overall, X-VPN certainly impressed us with its speed.

The speed result of the X VPN UK server has really impressed us.

Streaming – Does X-VPN work with Netflix in USA?

“X-VPN stands out as one of the finest VPNs for streaming, effortlessly unblocking Netflix content from various countries including the US, UK, Japan, and Brazil. This feat is particularly impressive considering the challenges most VPNs face with Netflix. Despite some minor streaming quality issues, X-VPN ensures seamless access to Netflix shows in the USA.”


You won’t get trouble unblocking US Netflix with an X VPN dedicated server for Netflix streaming.

 Other VOD Streaming services

Aside from Netflix, X-VPN we tried to unblock BBC iPlayer in USA. We connected to its UK video streaming server and accessed BBC iPlayer. Sadly it didn’t unblock and continuously showed us the geo-restriction error in USA.


X VPN could not unblock BBC iPlayer in USA even after several attempts.

Note: Get the best VPN for BBC iPlayer in USA and enjoy every latest and famous show without having to worry about geo-restrictions.

Is X VPN Good for Torrenting in USA?

No, X VPN is really a bad option for Torrenters in USA. The biggest concern is the company’s plagiarized logging policies. And even if you connect to any servers you will experience slow download and upload times that are simply not enough for torrenting activities.

When we asked their customer representative about P2P servers, they didn’t give us clear answers. They say to use “ultimate line servers” for p2p activity. So we connected to their Germany Frankfurt server downloading a torrent file.

With the 3 Mbps of speed rate, it took us 10 hours to download one movie file. For more efficient torrenting experiences, consider exploring alternatives with these recommended best VPN for torrenting.

X-VPN follows DMCA guidelines and condones the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. X-VPN also openly makes it clear in its DMCA policy that it will comply with copyright owners in any infringement cases. So, if you want to torrent with X-VPN, make sure you download or share any copyrighted material.


Installation Apps and Easy to Use in USA

We found the installation and payment very simple and quick. However, this is based on your device and operating system that which VPN software you want to download. But we downloaded the X VPN Windows app with just one click.

During our testing of the X VPN Windows app in USA, we discovered that selecting and connecting to a server was simple. You may either manually choose a server based on your physical location or your chosen activity type, or you can let the program choose the quickest server for you.

There is also a dedicated servers list for gaming and streaming purposes.


Choose your preferred gaming-optimized server for a better experience.

Compatibility – Which Devices Can I Use X-VPN With in USA?

During this X-VPN review USA, we also checked its compatibility, and we found that X-VPN is pretty good. In fact, X-VPN is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Chrome
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Linux
  • Router


X VPN offers dedicated apps for each device.

As for gaming consoles and smart TVs, Since X-VPN is compatible with Routers, it can be configured to work with gaming consoles and even streaming devices such as PS4, Xbox, and Apple TV.

X-VPN can be run on up to 5 different devices at the same time. You’ll be required to change your password after you have exceeded the limitations, and you will be logged out of all your devices automatically.

X-VPN for Windows

On Windows, X-VPN is outdated and its “free” version is unclear. You have the option of downloading X-VPN straight from its website or via the Microsoft store.

No matter which version you install, you cannot connect to any VPN server until you pay for the premium. Even if the free version worked for you, a 500MB one-time data cap is insufficient to cover even the most fundamental tasks.

As for user experience, its Windows app interface looks great and is also quite easy to use in USA. You can easily scroll through and select whichever server you like with just a single click. All of its options like split tunneling and protocols are in plain sight, which we think any newbie VPN user can appreciate.


X VPN app for macOS

In addition to the Windows app, X-VPN also offers a stand-alone app for Macs as well. It is also similarly designed and quite modern looking. The Mac app also boasts the same features and options that you can find in its Windows counterpart. Overall, both their Windows and Mac OS apps offer 500 free MBs of data at the start.


X VPN for iOS

X VPN is free on the iOS app and it looks quite minimalistic. The one-click connectivity and server selection make it super easy to use their iOS app. You’re also definitely going to love all the built-in options. As for the iTunes rating, X-VPN has a 4.7-star rating.


The X VPN iOS app is the only device that does not have a split tunneling feature in USA. Also, its kill switch is restricted to the premium version. However, if you use its free version you might face frequent internet disconnection and can not be able to access the private browser feature. Moreover, the paid version also does support the VPN tethering feature for gamers.

X VPN for Android

As for their mobile Android app, it looks very minimalistic, and it has a free version as well. Yet in terms of features, it is very well equipped. Not only do you get an option to choose protocols, but you also get an option to enable or disable the built-in Kill Switch (on the premium version). We also love the fact that the Android app also comes with a built-in speed testing tool which is always a handy thing. As for the Playstore rating, X-VPN has a 4.5-star rating.


You can use its Android app for free without any data limits. However, you will be disconnected without any warning limit on your data usage. This puts your personal information at risk as the kill switch feature is only available on Android’s paid version, allowing your internet connection to continue unprotected in USA.

Bypassing Censorship – Does X VPN works in China?

Well, no. Despite offering so many servers, it still doesn’t work in China. We tried unblocking several Chinese websites like Bilibili, and none of them worked. Despite changing several of X-VPN’s proprietary protocols, we still didn’t manage to bypass the Great Firewall. So, if you want to access Chinese content, we highly suggest checking out the other best VPNs for China, which offer actual servers in Beijing and Shanghai.

Moreover, China cannot be accessed over any of X-protocol’s VPNs or servers. Additionally, it doesn’t allow any censorship-bypassing servers or protocols that use obfuscation. We doubt that X-VPN operates in any prohibited areas.

Every protocol was put to the test on various servers located close to China, yet X-VPN consistently failed to establish a connection.

We wanted to know is X VPN good to use in China, we contacted X-support, and we were informed that the service is unavailable in China.

Due to the lack of VPN obfuscation features in X-VPN, we believe that it will not work either in other restricted countries such as Iran, the UAE, and Russia.

Customer Support – Live Chat Support in USA

The X-VPN help page on the website is quite well-organized. There you will find many installation guides and related FAQs. Unfortunately, not all of the questions are satisfactorily answered. Another drawback is that the website’s information is unreliable and conflicting, such as its money refund policy.

Customer Support Available in X VPN
Live chat support Yes (but not available 24/7)
Email chat support Yes (Mon- Friday)
Email support via online ticket No
Tutorial Videos No
Online Resources No
FAQs Yes

To check its response time and the quality of its reply we used its live chat support. This is how they replied to our query:


You can clearly see they did not give us a proper answer.

X-VPN Review Reddit

However, if you are looking for the answer to whether is X-VPN trustworthy on Reddit? Check out our honest reviews on this XVPN Reddit blog.

However, considering its privacy policy and misleading information we wouldn’t recommend you use X VPN instead use ExpressVPN, it has the best live chat support available 24/7 and a reliable 30-day refund policy in USA.

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FAQ – X-VPN Review USA

Yes, X VPN can make your speed slow in USA. During our speed testing, when we connected to its long-distance server we experienced a slower speed connection than using its local and nearby servers.

X VPN is located in Hong Kong. However, the country is not a part of FVEY but this VPN provider still logs users’ data and has a weak privacy policy.

Yes, X VPN is free to use in USA on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It’s completely free on Android and iOS. However, you can use 500 MB  of free data on its Windows and Mac apps.

Yes, X VPN hides your location in USA. It encrypts your online communications, location, data, and other private information.

Do We Recommend X-VPN in USA?

So concluding this X-VPN review USA, Yes, we do recommend X-VPN in USA. X-VPN is one of those VPNs that are very underrated despite offering decent features. We like that it offers 8,000+ servers, decent apps, and powerful encryption. We also love the fact that it works with streaming services like Netflix and even torrenting. Overall, it’s a pretty decent service. However, not completely flawless to deserve a 5-star rating.

The fact that it costs a lot, doesn’t work in China and offers some features that either don’t work or are confusing is exactly why we think it doesn’t offer the best bang for your buck. Sure it’s a good VPN service. However, there are other options out there that offer more features and still cost way less.

While we do recommend using X-VPN, I’ve given it a 3.2-star rating in this X-VPN review USA. So, if you want to go for X-VPN, that’s well and good, but if you want to try something else, check out our unbiased VPN reviews in USA.

Alternatives to X-VPN in USA

To check out VPNs other than X-VPN, you might like our list of X-VPN alternatives.

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