SaferWeb Review


  • 32+ servers located in 26+ countries
  • PPTP, OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols offered
  • 3 Simultaneous Connections
  • Multiplatform support including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.
  • Military Grade 256-Bit Data Encryption
  • 24/7 Live Online Support and Email Support
  • Zero Activity Log Policy
  • Free Trial Available
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Fewer protocols offered
  • Slow Server Connectivity
  • Long Waiting Times for Live Chat


What is SaferWeb?

SaferWeb VPN is a product of UK-based privacy protection firm “Pseudio Ltd. Inc”. The company is relatively new in VPN industry and offers a wide range of servers dotted across main regions of the globe. SaferWeb aims to protect users’ online privacy with cutting-edge security essentials, around the clock customer support, Teir-1 network infrastructure and cross-platform availability, making it a top-of-the-line VPN provider. In our SaferWeb review for 2016, we will cover the key aspects of the provider to ascertain its place amongst the competition.

Pricing and Plans

SaferWeb VPN offers simple pricing plans, including a Monthly, an Annual, and a 2-year plan. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, support all available tunneling protocols in addition to all other service features.

saferweb pricing plan

2 Year Package

The 2-year plan is offered for a really wallet friendly $4.99/month and is the most cost-effective package among the three. Billed once every two years, the 2-year plan saves $12 to a subscriber if compared with the annual package. In comparison to the monthly package, it saves $30.

The yearly subscription is an ideal security & privacy bundle for netizens who are highly conscious public WI-FI threats, cybercrime, ISP tracking, government surveillance and data breaches. It is an all-round package that secures & encrypts 3 devices at the same time, while offering connectivity to over 35 servers around the world.

Annual Package

The annual plan costs $5.99/ month and offers 35+ different servers, desktop mobile apps and more. Subscribers get 3 simultaneous connections with the Super Premium plan, allowing one account over three different devices at the same time. The package includes all the bits & bolts offered by the provider and is a great choice for a group of users usually families, college students etc.

Monthly Package

The monthly plan is priced at $7.49 USD per month but does not offer the same benefits as the annual package does.


Server Locations

Being a new contender in the VPN industry, SaferWeb VPN has an edge over its competitor by offering a range of VPN servers located in the major regions around the world. Prime regions covered by SaferWeb VPN include Dublin, London, Sydney, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Burges, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Tokyo.

saferweb server location map worldwide

Subscribers can select servers from over 30 different locations in 24 countries. Unrestricted speed, unlimited server switching, in-house developed desktop & mobile apps, robust data encryption, an absolute Zero Logs policy and the option to monitor server loads in real time make SaferWeb VPN a top privacy choice.

saferweb server load map

A Preview of the Global Server Status Page on SaferWeb VPN’s Website

Supercharged Servers

Super Premium account users get an additional benefit, not only in terms of more server choices but also in terms of server performance. SaferWeb offers supercharged locations which offer faster speeds and performance in certain locations. This is achieved by limiting the number of users on these servers, which turn provides supercharged account holders to avail more bandwidth.

Supercharged servers are an ideal choice for users looking to download files through P2P & Torrent services, stream live events & shows. Using the 10 Giga Bit/Second backbone, SaferWeb VPN’s cutting edge servers have delighted us during speed testing and torrent download tests.

SaferWeb VPN Performance

To test the performance of SaferWeb VPN, we conducted speed tests on multiple servers using the PPTP protocol on the flash based Ookla Broadband Speed Test.

Speed results without VPN, using a 10 MBPS connection intentionally throttled by our network team:

saferweb speed test

saferweb vpn server's upload and download speed test

We specifically tested servers that had more server load than others, primarily European and US servers known for their streaming speeds and Torrent capabilities. The maximum bandwidth that we lost was 58.6% on the Amsterdam server and although it was a lot the interesting fact was that bandwidth was very stable.

The best speed was recorded on the Stockholm server which allows Torrent downloads, VoIP services, P2P engines, and, high-speed live streaming. A loss of 29.5% bandwidth, but great streaming on YouTube and really good speed for Torrent downloads.



Support is an important aspect to consider prior to a VPN subscription. SaferWeb VPN offers multiple support channels including 24/7 live chat, technical support, knowledge base section, ticketing system and Frequently Asked Questions section.  We tested each channel to evaluate the service quality of SaferWeb VPN support.

24/7 Live Chat Technical Support

SaferWeb VPN offers 24/7 live chat technical support to provide users instant problem resolution. In order to assess its responsiveness, we conducted a simple test by inquiring about the installation of SaferWeb VPN on iOS through live chat support.

Unfortunately, the service was not up to the mark, with a delayed response by SaferWeb VPN CSR. However, we were able to setup SaferWeb VPN on iOS device with the help of setup instructions found in the knowledge base section eventually.

24/7 Live Chat Technical Support screen shot of saferweb

Knowledge Base Section

The knowledge base section of SaferWeb VPN provides detailed information on the issue regarding installation, billing and accounts, troubleshooting, illustrated tutorials and general inquiries. The FAQ section gives essential information about VPN that a subscriber should know, including tipis & tricks to boost your online privacy & bandwidth.

Email Ticketing System

The email ticketing system offered by SaferWeb VPN gives a comprehensive solution for complex issues through email. It aims to provide expert technical assistance while allowing subscribers to explain their problems in detail with evidence, response times may vary depending on question. We tested the email ticketing system of SaferWeb VPN for this review and are still waiting for a response from SaferWeb VPN.

Screenshot of our Query to SaferWeb Ticketing

Screenshot of our Query to SaferWeb Ticketing

Payment Methods

SaferWeb VPN offers a decent mix of payment methods for its subscribers, few and easy to use. All leading Credit Cards are accepted in addition to PayPal for anonymous payments. Currently following payment methods are being offered by SaferWeb:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Amex
  • Delta
  • Visa Electron
  • PayPal

payment methods of saferweb



SaferWeb VPN is compatible with all leading platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Linux. An advantage of SaferWeb is its compatibility with multiple devices including Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromebook, Amazon Fire, Google Nexus, Surface, and Blackberry. Moreover, SaferWeb is also compatible with routers if they are VPN supported. The SaferWeb app is not available for free download, and can only be downloaded after subscription.

saferweb support platforms are iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Linux.

Windows Client

We tested SaferWeb’s windows client review, and were pleased with the brilliant easy-to-use interface. With SaferWeb VPN connecting, disconnecting, changing between servers are a click away. Follow these simple steps in order to start using SaferWeb VPN.

  1. Download the SaferWeb VPN from the download page
  2. Open the downloaded folder and install the SaferWeb.exe
  3. Proceed with the installation wizard
  4. Upon successful installation of the SaferWeb enter your credentials to login.
  5. SaferWeb should be ready to protect your privacy. Enjoy!

SaferWeb’s windows client review

SaferWeb VPN Android App

SaferWeb’s android app also comes with the same easy-to-use interface (like its other counterparts) that provides simplest of options to deliver one-click privacy and connectivity. SaferWeb offers a premium Android privacy solution against various cyber threats affecting your devices over public Wi-Fi networks.

The SaferVPN android app offers:

  • Robust privacy & anonymity
  • Access to all servers

saferweb android app review

Tutorials Provided

SaferWeb VPN offers comprehensive tutorials and guides for easy installation across various platforms & devices. Currently, tutorials are available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10), Mac Osx, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Linux, Android, Amazon Fire, Google Nexus, gaming consoles (Playstation and Xbox), Apple TV, Chromebook, blackberry and routers. Tutorials can be found in the knowledgebase section.

Protocols and Encryption

SaferWeb VPN offers leading tunneling protocols that protect the identity and online activity of a subscriber. Currently, the VPN offers the following protocols:

  • IKeV2 which comes with 256-bit data encryption keys and ensures strong online protection with blazing fast speeds.
  • PPTP comes with 128-bit encryption keys for high-speed streaming, downloading and unblocking of media, but does not offer robust security.
  • OpenVPN comes with 128-bit encryption, but next to almost no security.

Logs and Privacy Policy

The alarming part of most VPN providers is their privacy policy. Many providers brag about zero logs policy in reality they keep detailed records of users. SaferWeb VPN beats the competitors with its strictly zero activity log policy. None of users’ online browsing activity is recorded by SaferWeb VPN. The data it does collect for service delivery purpose includes:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of service provided
  • Payment history
  • Payment amount

SaferWeb VPN collects the above information for service delivery & quality assurance purposes only. Subscribers can find the privacy policy of SaferWeb at the bottom of their main web page. Below is a snapshot of SaferWeb VPN privacy policy:

Logs and Privacy Policy of safer web vpn

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

SaferWeb VPN offers a 30-days money back guarantee so subscribers can get an opportunity to test and evaluate SaferWeb in real time. If the service doesn’t fall within the desired criteria, users’ can get refunds immediately. Subscribers can find the refund policy information within the terms and service section. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee of saferweb vpn

SaferWeb Virus Removal

Seeing SaferWeb ads in your browser are neither malware nor a virus, it’s an adware program. It displays pop-up advertisements on top of the browser windows when users are surfing the web. SaferWeb adware uses super cookies to collect user browsing activities to deliver ads on various streaming, shopping and torrent websites.

This browsing activity data is later used to deliver targeted ads on user’s computer. The most common question among users is that where exactly the SaferWeb adware comes from? SaferWeb adware is injected into system through 3rd party installers including CNET installer, Softonic installer, InstallRex installer amongst others.

Now if you are facing issues with SaferWeb adware, you can perform following steps to get rid of the SaferWeb Adware:

  1. Uninstall the SaferWeb adware program from your windows through Uninstall or change a program
  2. Remove the SaferWeb from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome
  3. Install the AdwCleaner on your system and Clean the system
  4. Install the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your system and run it
  5. Download the HitmanPro on the system and check for the SaferWeb adware on the system.


Our SaferWeb VPN review is based on detailed tests to evaluate its performance and service quality. We are pleased to find SaferWeb VPN a brilliant choice for netizens who seek premium data protection and online freedom.

Wallet friendly offerings, a decent server infrastructure with over 30 servers, excellent user-friendly apps, and multiplatform capabilities makes SaferWeb a decent choice for subscribers looking for robust online privacy. Customer support doesn’t complement SaferWeb’s other brilliant features, the responsiveness and availability of support must improve.

Two major features from SaferWeb is its mix of tunneling protocols and top tier encryption, ensuring user identity security and data protection. We do expect to see more servers and better customer support in future from SaferWeb VPN. Overall VPNRanks will rate the provider 3.5 out of 5 in our first SaferWeb review.


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5 Responses to SaferWeb Review

  1. Kevin Westby says:

    August 2017 – They have closed down the Amsterdam, Chicago, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and p2p-Netherlands servers – Overall poor service and incompetent help desk. I dropped their services after being unable to obtain connection after a long period of experiencing unstable connections. Oh, and when connection is available, it is generally slow in comparison with their competitors.

  2. Shirley Dawson says:

    So if I have a desktop computer, notebook computer, a tablet like an ipad, and 3 iphones in my household, would I have to pay extra to cover all 7 devices?

    • admin says:

      Hi Shirley,

      SaferWeb allows 3 multi-logins, which means that you can cover 3 of your devices using a single account account. Since you have 7 devices in your household, you would need more than one account to cover them all.

  3. Donna Wood says:

    How does this work if I am at another home or place with WiFi – and I want to use their Wifi while I am there – will I still be able to connect to my Sister’s or daughters Wifi automatically?

    • admin says:

      Hello Donna,

      Thanks for your query. You can easily use it where you go and on any WiFi / internet connection available; be it your home, workplace or someone else’s WiFi.

      After being connected to the internet, just open SaferWeb app or VPN software on your preferred device, select the desired server location, and use the VPN without any interruptions.

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