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Does CactusVPN Work with Netflix in 2023?

Yes, CactusVPN unblocks several Netflix content libraries. According to my latest research and testing, users can take advantage of Cactus' Smart DNS feature to access Netflix titles available in US, Poland, Switzerland, and UAE regions.

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CactusVPN is one of the services that has struggled against beating the Netflix geo-blocks, like many other providers in the market. The only difference is that where many other providers have failed to innovate and counter Netflix’s anti-VPN restrictions, CactusVPN has come up with ways to enable access. You can check the best VPN tested in 2023.

According to my latest research, CactusVPN is working with several Netflix regions including the US. However, it is not the main VPN functionality of Cactus that you will need for this purpose. Rather, it is the Smart DNS feature that will bring the desired results when you want to access Netflix, Also check out the best free VPN for Netflix.

How to Unblock US Netflix with CactusVPN- Quick Guide

1. Subscribe to CactusVPN or sign up for a free trial.

2. Download and install the VPN on your system/device.

3. In the settings tab, scroll down to “SmartDNS” then select website region as “USA“.

cactusvpn smart dns settings

4. Click on the Smart DNS tab and press “Enable SmartDNS“.

5. Log into Netflix and you can now access US exclusive titles from abroad.

Testing CactusVPN with Netflix

I contacted CactusVPN through their live chat to inquire if their service works for unblocking any Netflix regions at all. They informed me that their Smart DNS feature indeed works for a few Netflix regions including the US, Poland, Switzerland, and UAE:

cactusvpn customer support

Following my usual methodology, I went on to test CactusVPN for the Netflix regions they mentioned. Below are the results of my testing:

United States:

The US version of Netflix is the most highly demanded content library for Netflix fans because of the high number of exclusive TV shows and movies available in it. To test if CactusVPN can unblock US Netflix, I connected to the USA region and activated the Smart DNS.

Surely enough, I could stream US exclusive titles as soon as I was connected. Here’s a screenshot of me watching the movie “Only” available only in America:

cactusvpn unblocks us netflix


Next, I tested CactusVPN for Netflix Poland after connecting to the “Poland” region with Smart DNS. It took a while before Netflix started registering my new DNS and showing the correct library because DNS servers use a caching system, so it takes a while for your region to actually switch.

Nonetheless, it started showing the correct Polish library after a while and I was able to watch the exclusive movie “Loving” with CactusVPN:

cactus vpn unblocks netflix poland


I was quite impressed with CactusVPN unblocking the Polish and US regions of Netflix. I doubt there are many exclusives in the Swiss region of Netflix, but I tested CactusVPN for Netflix Switzerland next. Once again, it worked like a charm. In the screenshot, I’m streaming the movie “Bellissime” which, at the time of this writing, is exclusive for Swiss audiences on Netflix:

cactus vpn unblocks netflix switzerland


I could not get CactusVPN to properly connect to the UAE region with Smart DNS, but this was probably a cache issue on my end. Also, I am not aware of any exclusive titles in the UAE library for me to test.

Nonetheless, considering the excellent performance of CactusVPN for other regions, I’m pretty confident that it should work for UAE Netflix too for most users.

What about Unblocking Other Regions?

While CactusVPN is an efficient unblocker of Netflix content libraries from the US, Poland, and Switzerland, it currently does not support other libraries such as Germany, France, Spain, etc. So, if you’re looking to unblock content libraries of Netflix from other regions, you’ll need providers that can unblock a wider range of regions.

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Here are some further alternatives to try for unblocking Netflix:

CactusVPN Netflix Alternatives


CactusVPN is an efficient solution for Netflix fans that want to unblock geo-restricted libraries from abroad. You can deploy CactusVPN’s Smart DNS feature to enjoy Netflix titles from the US, Switzerland, Poland, and even UAE.

Have you tried using CactusVPN for Netflix? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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