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How do I get Avast SecureLine VPN for free?

Avast Secureline VPN offers both a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices. Find out how you can avail of the free trial in this short and simple guide (100% free). Also, if you're looking for a VPN with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and a subscription plan with a 49% discount, then ExpressVPN is the one.

Credit Card RequiredNo
Trial Period7 Days
Refund30 Days
Get Avast VPN 7-days free trial

Although Avast is mostly known for its top-notch antivirus suites, not many people know that they also offer a virtual private network by the name of Avast Secureline VPN.

If you haven’t heard of Avast VPN, it’s a secure VPN service that offers 56 servers in 34 countries, legitimate no logs policy, powerful security features, and apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and even macOS.

And before you ask, yes, Avast offers a 7-day free trial. Best of all, you don’t have to provide any credit card details.

So, if you’re interested in trying out Avast VPN, I have compiled this short and simple guide for beginners to tell you how to get Avast VPN free trial in the easiest way possible without providing credit card information. If you wanted to experience more VPNs check out the best overall VPN in 2022.

In case you’re looking for a VPN that offers a more extended free trial than Avast’s 7-day trial, then we suggest you go for ExpressVPN’s risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN also offers a 3-month free subscription on its 12-month plan for you to stay anonymous and secure over the internet without any worries.

How to get Avast VPN free trial?

Getting a hold of the Avast free trial version is super simple. All it takes is a couple of steps to download the Avast Secureline free trial. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get started with free avast VPN free trial:

1. Head over to Avast VPN’s website or use the Avast VPN free trial link to download the app for your device.

avast secureline vpn free trial

2. Once you click the “START FREE TRIAL” button, the app should start downloading onto your device. For this guide, I downloaded the Avast VPN free trial on my Windows 10 laptop.

3. Once the Avast VPN app is downloaded onto your device, launch it and signup using your email address.

That’s it, once you click on the confirmation email, your trial account will be activated for 7-days.

Avast VPN free trial 1 month

If you don’t know, Avast Secureline VPN also offers a 30-day refund policy. So, if a 7-day Avast VPN trial is not enough for you, you can just purchase a subscription plan, use it for a month and claim a full refund if you wish to.

You can go through their cancellation and refund policy to find out exactly how you can cancel your subscription and also any terms and conditions you must comply with.

But, if you’re searching for an easy way out, then just check out ExpressVPN’s no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee with an equally easy cancelation process.

What do you get with Avast Secureline VPN free trial account?

If you opt for Avast VPN’s 7-day free trial, you can access all of its premium features without actually getting charged. Speaking of features, you get access to 56 servers in 34 countries, obfuscation technology, decent speeds, and support for torrenting (Is Avast VPN good for torrenting?).

Speaking of speed though, Avast VPN is not the fastest. You can check out our Avast VPN speed test for all the details. But despite that, Avast VPN works quite well with some Netflix libraries but not all. Find out which libraries of Netflix Avast VPN can unblock in our separate blog.

While we’re on the topic of streaming, you can use Avast VPN with Kodi if you let it run in the background. You can also set up Avast VPN on Roku devices with the help of physical and virtual routers.

avast secureline vpn servers

In terms of security features, both the trial and paid version of Avast support 256-bit encryption and security protocols including OpenVPN UDP, IKEv2, and more. For the complete features list and pros and cons of this VPN, check out the full Avast VPN review.

Also, if you run into any issues while using Avast VPN, you can always check out our Avast VPN not working guide for quick and informative troubleshooting steps.

Avast VPN free trial or purchase?

So by now, you must be wondering, should you go for the free trial or purchase and get a refund within 30-days. Well, if 7-days is enough for you to fully test out Avast VPN, then the free trial is perfect for you. You will not get charged anything and you get access to full-fledged features as well.

But in case you need more time to test out this VPN service, then definitely avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee. With a risk-free refund policy, you can extensively test out Avast VPN and claim a refund just in case you’re not satisfied with the service.

What happens after the Avast VPN free trial expires, what’s next?

So now that your free trial has expired, you can either try out some other VPN like ExpressVPN or renew your free trial to further use it Avast VPN for a week. Although not worth it, here’s how to renew Avast VPN free trial:

  1. Head back to the Avast VPN website.
  2. download the VPN app for your device
  3. Launch the app and signup using another email address to start using Avast VPN for another week.

Note: Make sure to cancel your Avast VPN subscription before your trial ends to avoid getting charged.

Instead of renewing your Avast VPN free trial, you can just opt for a premium service’s free trial to check how different the two services are. You can subscribe to ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee and test its incredible security features that protect you over the internet. You can also cancel its subscription anytime and ExpressVPN will refund your money without asking any questions.

Avast SecureLine VPN prices compared to its competitors

Avast is a reliable VPN provider with its cheap prices and good features. Despite that, ExpressVPN is still overall the best VPN service with its fantastic security features and deals.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3-months of free subscription on its annual plan to users. You can enjoy all its features even on its trial with unlimited bandwidth and cancel your subscription anytime.

ExpressVPN also offers state-of-the-art security, features, accessibility, and performance to its users. check detailed analysis of this VPN, ExpressVPN review

VPN Free Trials Other than Avast Secureline VPN

Wrapping Up!

Avast VPN might not be as popular as ExpressVPN that offers a risk-free 30-days money-back guarantee and discounted plans to users. However, it still offers both a 7-day free trial and a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Also, if you’re interested in checking out more VPNs that offer free trials or 30-day refund policies, go and check out our list of best VPN services with free trials.

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