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Firestick is a media streaming device developed by Amazon. It is a basically a small USB device which you plug into your TV to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Firestick supports a lot of non-streaming apps as well, since its operating system is based on Android. This is a significant advantage over other streaming devices like Roku, which can only support a small number of apps that are developed specifically for it.

Since geo-restriction is a common problem users face when streaming, a powerful VPN like Ivacy on FireStick can be directly installed on the device.

This blog will focus on Ivacy and its benefits for FireStick, in addition to instructions for installing it.

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Ivacy on FireStick/Fire TV

Ivacy is a VPN that is not as widely recognized as competitors like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, but the VPN performs more admirably than it is given credit for. It has a moderate server size of 1,000 servers which cover an impressive 100 distinct countries throughout the world.

Gaining access to region restricted sites and censored content is a breeze via Ivacy VPN. If you find yourself barred from accessing certain streams in your country, then you should start considering getting Ivacy on your FireStick.

A detailed evaluation of this VPN can be found in our Ivacy review page.

Benefits of Using Ivacy with FireStick

Ivacy is a well-rounded VPN that offers a good range of benefits to users. However, since we are dealing with FireStick in this blog, let’s take a look at some benefits of Ivacy as they pertain to Amazon’s Fire TV:

  • Unblocking apps: Many streaming services such as Hulu and HBO only work for users in the US. You can get past this restriction by using the US servers of Ivacy. By removing these barriers to content availability, Ivacy can turn your FireStick even more amazing than it already is.
  • Online security: Ivacy comes packed with great security features such as IP and DNS protection, Kill switch, and AES 256 encryption. With so many threats hopping around the Internet today, no device is safe from attacks if it isn’t equipped with adequate security measures. Ivacy thus makes your FireStick more secure from cyberthreats.

How to Setup Ivacy VPN on Amazon FireStick/Fire TV?

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Ivacy VPN is available on the Amazon App Store, so you can directly install it on your FireStick in a few simple steps in just 3 minutes of time:
Step 1: Open FireStick Home
Step 2: Search for Ivacy
Step 3: When Ivacy appears in the search result, select it
Step 4: Press “Get” to download and install Ivacy on your device

How to Use Ivacy VPN on FireStick?

Ivacy is very simple to use on the FireStick:

  1. Purchase your Ivacy subscription (I suggest using your laptop to complete this process faster)
  2. Open Ivacy on FireStick
  3. Enter your email and password with which you purchased the subscription
  4. Select a server of the country where the streaming service works
  5. Now navigate to the streaming app you want to see and enjoy your newly available video content

Common Issues on Ivacy VPN for FireStick

Experiencing problems unblocking streaming services with Ivacy on FireStick? Don’t panic. Here are a few things that you should try:

  • Unable to access restricted apps/sites: This issue is quite common. Many users find themselves barred from a region-restricted service even after they have installed a VPN. If you are facing this issue, try changing protocol settings to PPTP or L2TP. These protocols use different ports that are better able to get over restricted services. You can change Ivacy’s protocols from the settings menu on the app.
  • Slow streaming: There are several possible causes of slow streaming and not all of them are VPN related. For instance, you might have a slow Internet connection. However, you should try changing server locations as an overcrowded server can slow down connection speed as well.

Ivacy VPN User Ratings on Amazon

The feedback for Ivacy on Amazon Store as provided by users is somewhat varied. Having said that, the majority of the users have experienced satisfaction using Ivacy for FireStick:


A different user commented:


On the other hand, a user pointed out that Ivacy was unable to connect to China servers:


The Wrap Up

There is hardly anything more frustrating than being denied access to our favorite streaming services, especially when there are so many available via a device like Amazon FireStick. Fortunately, we have services like Ivacy on FireStick to enable access to restricted services from anywhere in the world, enhancing your level entertainment considerably.

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