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The Internet has given us many things. But if I had to choose a winner, I’d pick torrenting. Literally, any audio, video, game, or software file you can imagine is available on torrents and that too for free!

That said, ever since counties around the world started banning torrent sites, the torrent repository has become considerably scarce.

There are only a handful of countries that still allow torrenting, however, you must have an IP address associated with a torrent-friendly country.

This is where Ivacy for torrenting comes in. Not only will you be able to access blocked torrent sites, but also keep your identity totally discrete.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you all the amazing torrenting features of Ivacy and tell you exactly why it is the perfect best VPN for torrenting. For a more comprehensive overview, read our Ivacy review.

How Many P2P Servers does Ivacy Offer?

Ivacy has more than 1,000 servers working in 100+ distinct locations. Torrenting is supported on all of these servers, so you have a fairly large number of options to choose from.


Ivacy has been increasing its server network at an impressive pace. Until 6 months ago, the provider had some 275 servers. This increased to 450 servers a few months later. Today, the network size has reached 1,000 distinct servers.

You can certainly expect Ivacy to continue expanding its server network, which is good for torrent lovers, as the larger number of servers increases torrent accessibility.

How to Choose the Best Server for Torrenting?


To torrent as safely as possible with the least amount of problems, make a note of the following points:

  1. Choose overseas servers: Many of Ivacy’s VPN servers can unblock torrents. But if you choose a server from a different country, it makes your identity that much more difficult to uncover for anyone trying to monitor you on the web. Couple this with Ivacy’s inherent AES 256 bit encryption, and it would take extraordinary efforts for someone to determine your identity and learn of your torrenting activities.
  2. Server location matters: Like the laws of the offline world, the laws for digital space vary for each country. Connecting to a server from a torrent friendly country virtually puts under their jurisdiction and away from “torrent hostile” countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. The safest server locations to connect to are Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, and Mexico, all of which are available via Ivacy.
  3. Speed may vary by server location: Security and speed are usually inversely proportional quantities. For instance, the safest server might not be the fastest, and the faster server might not be the safest. If you are aiming for speed, it might serve you better to choose an offshore location near your country. This practically means that if you live next to Switzerland, you’re one lucky b$$$.

VPN Features Thou Shall Not Overlook for Torrenting

There are some VPN features more important than others when it comes torrenting. The key features you should look for in a VPN are:

  • Encryption and Security: Strong encryption is essential for secure torrenting. Your activity and identity is under risk of being leaked to authorities if your VPN does not have adequate encryption. The AES 256 bit encryption used by Ivacy is the strongest form of encryption available today, making it a great choice for torrenting. Furthermore, it prevents DNS and IP leaks to further consolidate your security.
  • Jurisdiction: VPN services based in countries with laws that protect the privacy of individuals are obviously safer. Ivacy is based in Singapore, which is a reasonably safe country when it comes to granting users the right to privacy. However, it is still advisable to select a server in a country where privacy of citizens is respected.
  • Privacy policy: The privacy policy of a VPN is extremely important. It shows whether the VPN keeps any sort of information regarding your browsing activities and personal information. The ideal policy is one that keeps zero logs. Ivacy is one of the few “zero-logs” VPNs out there, which is why I recommend it for torrenting.
  • Speed: Since torrents have to be downloaded into your system, speed is an important factor. VPNs typically reduce connection speed by some percentage. However, good VPNs like Ivacy only suffer a minor drop in speed, allowing fast torrent downloads.

How to Bypass Torrent Connection Blocking?

The simplest and most effective method for bypassing a blocked torrent connection is to use a VPN. By masking your IP address, a VPN helps you to get past restricted torrent sites and download P2P files while keeping your privacy intact.

If you’re using Ivacy, follow the steps below to bypass torrent sites:

  1. Sign-up and downlaod Ivacy
  2. Connect to a server from Netherlands, Switzerland, or Spain
  3. Wait for the connection to establish itself (Ivacy will display your new IP address once connected)
  4. Visit a torrenting website and start downloading

Ivacy VPN for Torrenting Reddit Review

Users on reddit who have had experience using Ivacy for torrenting largely speak in favor of it. For instance, the user below stated that he has no issues using Ivacy for torrents:

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Final Thoughts

The performance of Ivacy for torrenting is one of the best you can find in the VPN industry. It offers both speed and security, which are the two most important factors for downloading torrents smoothly without compromising your safety.