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Netflix is the largest online streaming channel, with 130 million subscribers in the world. Having such a large user base makes it one wonder if their content library is globally the same.

Netflix imposes a regional lock on its content libraries due to licensing and copyrights. Therefore a show that is available in the US might not be available in China and vice versa.

Naturally, people want to use a VPN to stream geo-restricted Netflix content; however, those of us that have been living under the rock, Netflix restricts the use of VPN with their service.

Sometimes, you may encounter an annoying Netflix proxy error but it is no big deal. I have discussed the solution in this blog, so make sure you stick around.

Does Ivacy work with Netflix?

To find out if Ivacy works with Netflix or not, we first contacted the live chat support on their website, which, to our surprise, was amazingly quick to respond.

Here’s a screenshot of our communication with the Ivacy support team.


Upon further inquiry, the chat support also provided us with a list of server good for Netflix US.


Ivacy’s Netflix Speed Results

To judge the drop in speed due to VPN we conducted the following tests while streaming Netflix.

Below is the speed without Ivacy Connected.


Then we connected Ivacy to see how much does the speed drop!


As can be seen from the results above Ivacy maintained its speed with a minute drop in downloading speed. However, it increased the upload speed, which is surprising!

Ivacy Netflix Servers List

The company has 1000+ servers in more than 100+ locations and 56 countries. However, there are some other Netflix regions that work well with Ivacy:

  • Netflix US
  • Netflix UK
  • Netflix Canada
  • Netflix Australia
  • Netflix France
  • Netflix Belgium
  • Netflix Germany

As you already know, Netflix is owned by copyright holders, it does not allow unlicensed content to be shown in regions where the copyright holders disapprove.

Therefore, to show copyright holders that their rights are being respected Netflix is on a spree to block VPNs and protect their rights. Blocking VPNs for Netflix is as senseless as having a public park but not letting kids have fun on the rides.

Tips to use Ivacy for Streaming Netflix in Ultra HD

Upon successful download and login, the following screen will appear.


Once you connect to a server, in our case we chose the United States library of Netflix.

Once you connect to a server, in our case we chose the United States library of Netflix.-2

Stream Netflix with Ivacy on Multiple Devices

For Android

A task to watch Netflix with Ivacy VPN on Android phones is straightforward and does not need any rocket science. Here is how you can do:

  • Sign Up Ivacy VPN for Netflix.
  • Go to > Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Download and install the Ivacy VPN app.
  • Open the Ivacy app and log in through your credentials
  • Choose Nearest US server and click the button ‘Connect’
  • After connecting, open the US Netflix app and access your favorite TV show or movies.

This is how you can bypass the restricted library of Netflix through Ivacy.

Ivacy VPN Reddit Reviews

A redditors comment about Ivacy’s pricing and ability to run Netflix.

Another user praises Ivacy.

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, Ivacy works like a charm on Netflix and doesn’t drop internet speed noticeably. It’s also one of the best VPN in our torrenting VPNs list.

We can, therefore, conclude that Ivacy is one of the best services available out there in the industry you can use to unblocking Netflix specifically.

You can share your feedback about your experience in the comments section given below.