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There are a few apps out there that truly deserve to be considered gems. Kodi is one such software app.

It is a streaming service that has a dozens of libraries which can be added for streaming almost every kind of show or movie on the web, all for free.

The only obstacle you have to deal with in order to unlock complete Kodi awesomeness is that of geo-restrictions.

Many of the channels on Kodi can’t be accessed without changing your apparent location to get over regional restrictions.

Ivacy is an under-appreciated VPN service that works quite well for Kodi to unblock streaming channels.

This blog will focus on how you can set up Ivacy on Kodi to watch your favorite channels.

If you are looking for more options before you decide to get a VPN, you can consult our blog on VPN Kodi 17 for a more general overview.

Ivacy Installation on Kodi

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Ivacy can only be used with Kodi through its dedicated app running in the background.


Here are the steps through which Ivacy can be installed on Kodi in 5 minutes:

Step 1: Purchase Ivacy subscription on the official webpage

Step 2: Download and install the latest Ivacy VPN client on your device from the official site

Step 3: Launch Ivacy but make sure Kodi isn’t running on your system yet

Step 4: Enter your username and password

Step 5: Choose a server from a region where the channel you want to watch is based

Step 6: Keep Ivacy running in the background and launch Kodi

Step 7: Open your desired add-on to start streaming the channel you want to see

Step 8: Grab popcorns and enjoy streams for free

Bear in mind that it is important to follow the steps in the right sequence. You might create an IP conflict if you launch Kodi first before successfully making a connection with your Ivacy server.

How to use Ivacy on Kodi?

Once you have installed Ivacy on Kodi, you can access any channel that you previously were unable to access due to geo-restrictions.

If you switch channels/add-ons, you will also usually have to change your location that is appropriate for the channel you are trying to stream, in order to avoid getting errors to access.

How to Change Server Locations on Ivacy VPN for Kodi?

Before changing servers, it is advisable to exit Kodi. This is so you don’t run into IP conflicts that might make it even more difficult to access blocked Kodi add-ons and channels.

With Kodi shut down:

  1. Start Ivacy
  2. Connect to a server from a location where your desired channel is accessible
  3. Wait 30 seconds after successful connection and launch Kodi
  4. Now choose your add-on/channel and enjoy uninterrupted free streaming

How Ivacy allows you to stream Kodi Add-ons Securely?

Kodi brings thousands of channels to users for free streaming. As you’re probably well-aware, when the words “free” and “streaming” are used in the same sentence, that means compromising your online privacy.

Security and privacy, therefore, are paramount if you want to be using services like Kodi. Ivacy has strong security features built into it which encrypt your data and spoof your location.

Thus, you can securely watch streams on Kodi with the help of Ivacy.

Accessing Geo-restricted Channels on Kodi with Ivacy

If you are a regular Kodi user, you might be familiar with errors preventing you from streaming some channels due to geo-restrictions.

It goes without saying that these restrictions remove a large fraction of channels from your reach, limiting the full potential of Kodi.

Ivacy is known for its ability to pass through regional blockades on the web and allow users access to sites that are normally beyond their reach.

All you need is to select a suitable server and you’ll be watching your favorite Kodi add-ons and channels without interruptions.

Ivacy on Kodi – What Reddit Says

The Reddit community is a useful informative resource to find out what details regarding services like VPNs and media services like Kodi.

On the whole, Reddit users seem satisfied with Ivacy for Kodi add-ons:


Another user mentioned Ivacy among those VPNs which work well with Kodi:


Finishing Up

I hope it is clear to you how easy it is to setup Ivacy on Kodi. The security and restriction-bypassing capability of Ivacy are perfect for gaining complete access to Kodi while also keeping yourself protected from snoopers spying on your online activities.


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