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Ivacy is an under-appreciated VPN service that works quite well for Kodi. Many channels on Kodi can’t be accessed without changing your apparent location to get over regional restrictions.

Most importantly, it solves the most common problem of buffering for Kodi users. You never have to see Kodi buffer again because it defeats ISP throttling. Ivacy has 1,000 servers across 100 locations and is perfect for hiding your original IP address while you stream free content on Kodi.

In this guide, I have discussed how to install Ivacy on Kodi so you can stay protected at all times.

How to Install Ivacy on Kodi

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Ivacy can only be used with Kodi through its dedicated app running in the background. Here are the steps through which Ivacy can be installed on Kodi in 5 minutes:
Step 1: Subscribe to Ivacy if you haven’t already
Step 2: Download and install the latest Ivacy VPN client on your device
Step 3: Launch Ivacy but make sure Kodi isn’t running on your system yet
Step 4: Enter your username and password
Step 5: Choose a server from a region where the channel you want to watch is based
Step 6: Keep Ivacy running in the background and launch Kodi
Step 7: Open your desired add-on to start streaming the channel you want to see
Step 8: Grab popcorns and enjoy streams for free

Bear in mind that it is important to follow the steps in the right sequence. You might create an IP conflict if you launch Kodi first before successfully making a connection with your Ivacy server.

How to Use Ivacy on Kodi

Once you have installed Ivacy on Kodi, you can access any channel that you previously were unable to access due to geo-restrictions. Here is how to use Ivacy on Kodi:

  • Connect Ivacy to any server (preferably US server)
  • Open Kodi
  • Open any addon that streams Live TV channel
  • Stream any US channel!

How Ivacy allows you to stream Kodi Add-ons Securely?

Kodi brings 1,000’s of channels to users for free streaming. As you’re probably well-aware, when the words “free” and “streaming” are used in the same sentence, that means compromising your online privacy.

When you change server location to the United States or any other country, Ivacy changes your IP address that makes streaming channels think that you are trying to access from the US. That’s why it grants you access.

Security and privacy are paramount if you want to be using services like Kodi because not many people differentiate between legal and illegal content. Even though you access illegal content, your online activity will remain hidden from ISP.

Accessing Geo-restricted Channels on Kodi with Ivacy

If you are a regular Kodi user, you might be familiar with errors preventing you from streaming some channels due to geo-restrictions. It goes without saying that these restrictions remove a large fraction of channels from your reach, limiting the full potential of Kodi.

Ivacy is known for its ability to pass through regional blockades on the web and allow users access to sites that are normally beyond their reach. All you need is to select a suitable server and you’ll be watching your favorite Kodi add-ons and channels without interruptions.

Ivacy Reddit Review

The Reddit community is a useful information resource to find out what details regarding services like VPNs and media services like Kodi.

On the whole, Reddit users seem satisfied with Ivacy for Kodi add-ons:


Another user mentioned Ivacy among those VPNs which work well with Kodi:


Finishing Up

I hope it is clear to you how easy it is to install Ivacy on Kodi. Once you have installed this VPN, you can stay protected at all times while streaming content on Kodi. In fact, you can also decrease Kodi buffering issues because it prevents ISPs from throttling your internet speed. When accessing Live TV channels, Ivacy will help you bypass restrictions as well.