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 Best VPN for VoIP
VoIP VPN allows you to access restricted/blocked VoIP services to make VoIP calls to anyone in the world with complete privacy. We bring you the VPN that work with popular VoIP apps with ExpressVPN taking the lead owing to its excellent unblocking ability and speeds for clear calling over VoIP.

Do you want to connect with your clients and friends all over the world with cheap calling rates but VoIP services are blocked in your country? The best VPN services for VoIP is what you need!

VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol. A VoIP VPN allows you to communicate with your loved ones over long distances in terms of voice and video chat. In addition, you can do it without getting the attention of cyber-criminals and spy agencies.

VoIP is a great source to knife down your phone call expenses extensively. This article will help you walk through the best VoIP VPNs in detail. Before we get started, I highly recommend getting ExpressVPN for all VoIP services. It is the best option out there.

Quick Overview – 5 Best VPNs for VoIP [2022 Update]

  • ExpressVPN: The best VPN for VoIP. Offers 3000+ servers in 94 countries. Offers an average speed of 88 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Works with WhatsApp, Skype, and more. Available at $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) on its annual plan along with a 3-month free subscription.
  • Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN for VoIP. Offers 3200+ servers in 95 countries. Works with WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and more. Offers an average speed of 75.32 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.  Available at only $2.30/mo (Save 81% on 2 Years + 2 Months Free Plan with Surfshark Antivirus) along with a 30-day refund policy.
  • NordVPN: Secure VoIP VPN. Offers 5200+ servers in 60 countries. Capable of offering fast speeds of 76.27 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Works with Skype, Viber, WeTalk, and more. Available at $3.99/mo (Save 70% on 2 Years Plan + Extra Subscription) along with a 30-day refund policy.
  • CyberGhost: User-friendly VoIP VPN. Offers 7700+ servers in 90 countries. Offers an average speed of 72.48 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Works with Google Duo, Skype, Viber, and more. Available at only $2.23/mo along with a 45-day refund policy.
  • IPVanish: Reliable VPN for VoIP. Offers 2000+ servers in 75 locations. Offers an average speed of 80.56 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Works with Skype, Facebook Messenger, and more. Available at only $3.99/mo along with a 30-day refund policy.

5 Best VPNs for VoIP in 2022 [In-Depth Analysis]

Without further ado, here are the 5 best VPNs for VoIP Calls in 2022:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for VoIP


  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • 88 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WeTalk, Kakao, Discord, Facetime, and more
  • Compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, routers, browsers, and more  

ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN providers that make its way into every top VPN list. It is known for its high-speed 3000+ servers in 94 countries in the world. ExpressVPN uses military-grade 256-bit encryption techniques that can evade even expert hackers who might try to intercept your data.

ExpressVPN offers the best security features such as a kill switch, IP, and DNS leak protection along with Lightway protocol that is not only the safest but also offers fast connection speeds. Therefore, ExpressVPN is a superb VPN service for VoIP. If you are located in UAE and frustrated with VoIP blocking, then ExpressVPN is also one of the best VPNs for UAE.

Moreover, its excellent 24/7 live chat support and cross-platform compatibility make it stand as one of the top VPNs for VoIP services in 2022.

Read more in detail about ExpressVPN in our ExpressVPN Review.

2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN for VoIP


  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
  • Infinite simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 75.12 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and more
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox), SmartTVs, PlayStation, and routers.

Surfshark offers exceptionally fast servers. A newcomer, yet the fastest VPNs in the industry, Surfshark, leaves no room for doubt concerning its outstanding quality. This provider is based in the British Virgin Islands and has grown exponentially over just a year.

There’s a lot to love about Surfshark. To start off, Surfshark is a secure VPN offering 256-bit encryptionMulti-hopKill SwitchWhitelisterCleanWeb, 3200+ servers in 95 countries and much more for just $2.30/mo (Save 81% on 2 Years + 2 Months Free Plan with Surfshark Antivirus).

Surfshark is also one of the best VPNs for WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, and other VoIP apps. It is also a reliable option for VoIP as it offers IP and DNS leak protection, along with 246-bit AES encryption for data protection.

Read more about it in our Surfshark review.

3. NordVPN – Secure VPN for VoIP


  • 5200+ servers in 60 countries
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 82 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with WhatsApp, Slype, Viber, Google Duo, and more.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox), SmartTVs, PlayStation, and routers.

NordVPN is an established name in the VPN market. This Panama-based provider outshines all other VPN providers in terms of the server network. With over 5200+ servers in 60 countries around the world, NordVPN is a reliable option for VoIP.

Moreover, it also provides the strongest encryption mechanisms that ensure the privacy of all user data transmitted through its servers. It would be safe to say that it’s one of the most secure VPNs in the industry right now. It also offers advanced tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, L2TP as well.

A large number of servers, Tor Compatibility, 24/7 Customer support, and a transparent no logs policy make NordVPN the best VPN for VoIP gateway available in 2022.

4. CyberGhost – User-friendly VoIP VPN


  • 7700+ servers in 90 countries
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 71.4 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with Skype, WeTalk, Telegram, Discord, and more
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox), SmartTVs, Xbox, and routers.

CyberGhost is one of the best providers in the market right now. It is a veteran in the VPN industry, offering state-of-the-art features to facilitate users wishing to circumvent frustrating geo-restrictions. It is famous for offering easy-to-use apps for various platforms, making it a great choice for beginners who are looking for a VPN to access VoIP apps.

CyberGhost has 7700+ servers in 90 countries. These servers are dedicated and categorized into gaming, torrenting, streaming, dedicated IP, and NoSpy servers.

Its VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec provide the VPN service with an edge over its competitors. Owing to the extensive geographical coverage and unlimited bandwidth of CyberGhost, we consider it to be the best VPN for VoIP.

5. IPVanish – Reliable VPN for VoIP


  • 2000+ servers in 75+ countries
  • Infinite simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 89 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Discord, Facetime, and more
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox), SmartTVs, Linux, and routers.

IPVanish provides users with the ability to enjoy top-of-the-line VPN features in a cost-effective way. It comes packed with an automatic kill switch feature, AES-256 encryption, and a network of 2000+ servers in 75+ countries.

With IPVanish, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and gain immediate access to VoIP services whether or not they are banned in your country without worrying about any restrictions or bandwidth limitations. What’s best is that IPVanish supports unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can unblock VoIP on various devices and save a single account with your friends and family.

IPVanish also offers a standalone Scramble feature that obfuscates VPN traffic and disguises it as normal HTTPS traffic for bypassing VPN blocks in countries with heavy restrictions such as Saudi Arabia.

For more information, you can read our IPVanish review.

Why do you need a VPN for VoIP?

VoIP services are quickly becoming quite common nowadays thanks to expensive international calling plans. With popular VoIP services like Skype and WhatsApp, people can call their loved ones anywhere in the world for free. Sadly though VoIP services are either restricted or blocked in most parts of the world. Telecom companies simply want to capitalize on profits by charging their customers insane roaming and international calling costs.

While this issue is rather obscene and annoying, you can simply get over it by using a reliable VPN service provider. Since  VPN providers offer servers all over the world and powerful encryption, you can easily unblock any geo-restricted VoIP service in the world and get over ISP speed throttling on a budget.

How can a VPN bypass VoIP geo-restrictions and secure calls?

VPNs are known to keep you completely secure and bypass your VoIP geo-restrictions by encrypting your activities and using any of its servers to keep you anonymous while letting you bypass geo-restrictions.

A reliable VPN does not let anyone interrupt your connection or snoop in it by concealing your IP address and encrypts all your incoming and outgoing calls. VPNs also use one of their servers and keep your physical location hidden so no one can know where the calls are being made from.

VPNs are also known to eliminate ISP throttling, letting users have a fast connection. But, all this can only happen if you use a secure VPN for VoIP.

How To Choose the best VPN for VoIP Calling?

Not every VPN is reliable enough for VoIP calls. Now that you know why and how VPNs can help you unblock and make cheaper VoIP calls, let’s check out some important factors that should be present in the best VPN for VoIP:

  • Large server network to connect to.
  • High security and encryption to keep your VoIP calls secure.
  • A kill switch – to disconnect you from the internet if the connection drops.
  • A no-logging policy to ensure no logs are being collected.
  • Obfuscation technology to conceal your VPN traffic from your ISP and access VoIP in countries with restrictions like China, UAE, and more.

Use VoIP & VPN to Save on International Calling

As I mentioned earlier, you can use VPNs to unblock VoIP service and enjoy international calling for free. But, what if you want to use a VoIP service as your primary means of calling? Since most VPN services charge per minute for overseas calls, you can seriously rack up quite a hefty bill. Luckily, VPN calling can help you avoid expensive calling plans by spoofing Geo-locations.

For instance, VoIP calling plans are cheaper in India compare to the Middle East. You can simply connect to an Indian server to get better and cheaper rates. pretty cool right? Just make sure to check the international calling rates offered by your VoIP provider before and after you use a VPN. You’ll be able to save quite a bit on international calling, trust me.

Secure Your Communication with VPNs for VoIP

Ever since Edward Snowden talked about online surveillance by NSA and GCHQ, it has become increasingly important for internet users to use VoIP VPNs for safe communication.

The VPNs with their strong encryptions make sure your communication is safe and secure. They also ensure you are free from the spying eyes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.

If you are not concerned about your privacy, then you can always think about the money you can save by using a VPN for VoIP. It will connect you to any server of the world, making the local and international mobile phones and landline numbers call fairly cheap!

Can I use a VPN to unblock voice chat in online gaming?

Yes, you can unblock the voice chat option for online games like Counter-Strike, Battlefield, and others by using a reliable VPN. You can connect to any of the VPN’s servers to enjoy VoIP services for gaming.

Many gaming apps offer a voice chat option which is more fun than regular texting. Games like Counter-Strike are actually impossible to play without constant communication. Therefore, a voice chat option not only makes your gaming experience better but also lets you enjoy the game to its fullest.

Will a VPN unblocking VoIP services slow down your speed?

Using a VPN to unblock VoIP services while playing online games may slow down your speed. While this comes with a drawback, you need to be sure that you’re using the fastest VPN for online gaming.

VPNs offer slow speed during this as they a=have to encrypt your data while routing your traffic to a server of its own. A reliable and fast VPN for VoIP like ExpressVPN wouldn’t let that happen.

Also, for better speeds, do try connecting to a VPN server that is close to your location. This would ensure you the best speeds during online gaming.

Popular VoIP Providers

Many of the popular VoIP providers have been banned in certain regions due to different reasons that vary from political to economic.

The fact that the VoIP providers have made communication easy and free makes many countries believe that they possess serious threats to the local means of communication.

We are going to discuss some of the popular VoIP providers that are known for their effective results.

1. Skype

Skype is by far the most popular provider and the best VoIP app in the world right now. It is available in 38 languages and is made compatible with almost every other device. Skype allows free text chat, voice chat, file sharing and video chat with people all around the world. It also provides you with an option to call on mobile and landline numbers at low costs.


Using a VoIP over VPN is found to be a good idea for those who run mid-sized and small-sized companies. It allows them to connect to the server of different countries in order to reduce the cost of international calls on mobile phones and landline numbers. Check out these Skype VPNs that work in 2022 to unblock it in your region.

2. Viber

Viber started its services back in 2010 and has gained a huge number of users all around the world. It can be said that it is the second-best VoIP service available for communication after Skype. Viber is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS and available in 30 different languages and locales.


It also allows free text chat, voice chat, file sharing and video messaging with people irrespective of their geographical location. Moreover, it has introduced a new feature Viber Out that allows you to call on mobile numbers and landline numbers. Using a VoIP VPN makes it easy for the users to access Viber easily as it has also been banned in the past in some countries.

3. Google Hangouts

As the name suggests itself, Google Hangouts is directly associated with Google. It is an instant messaging service and allows voice communication as well. It offers many of the features that are provided by Skype and Viber and allow you to invite up to 10 friends for a video call. The calls to other countries have low rates but you can always use a VoIP VPN to make the calls even at lower costs (depending upon the server you opt for).


Google Hangouts works on your computers, laptops and Apple and Android devices.

4. Facetime

Facetime is a VoIP that works on Apple devices only. It has replaced the iMessage service and is made available on every Apple device that has iOS 7 or above. It is a video-telephony service and does not allow you to call on mobile phones and landline numbers. Setting up a VPN for VoIP on your iPhone or iPad will make your communication even secure and will stop the snoopers from listening in to your conversations.


5. Line

This VoIP service provider made its entry in 2011 and has been one of the popular choices since then. It is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha series, Firefox OS, BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows. It has 560 million users worldwide and provides the same features like Skype and Viber.


China is the chart-topper for blocking VoIP services and Line was also blocked over there. You can always use a VoIP VPN to access it from anywhere in the world.

Etisalat users can learn how to access all these apps through our guide on the Best Etisalat VPN.


Countries tend to block VoIP services as the information passed to someone over these calls cannot be restricted. These apps offer end-to-end encryption that does not let ISPs or the government spy over users.

VoIP services also compete with the national telecommunication providers. Therefore, the number of countries that have banned these services is considerably high. Some of them are China, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Oman, Qatar, etc.

Yes, you can use a VPN for VoIP services as they tend to encrypt your data and make it completely hidden from your ISP and the government. However, using a VPN for VoIP requires some tweaking.

Yes, a VPN encrypts all calls made over the internet. VPNs are not meant to encrypt any standard calls that you make through your telecommunication service.

Yes, Skype is a VoIP service, also called the Skype protocol. In countries where VoIP services are restricted, it would be difficult for you to access Skype too unless you’re using a reliable VPN.


VoIP services are great for communication, especially for making international calls that are too expensive over traditional telecom networks. Unfortunately, VoIP services like Skype and Viber are banned in many countries. From the list of providers above, you can choose the best VPN for VoIP and make international calls for free.

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the best VPN for VoIP, due to its fantastic unblocking capabilities, great speeds, and robust security features.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can always get a full refund, no questions asked.