Unblock US Library in Netflix South Africa on Apple TV

Unblock & Watch US Library in Netflix South Africa on Apple TV

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Netflix has officially launched in South Africa. You will be able to enjoy the Netflix on your Apple TV, Smart TV, I phone, Android and even on your gaming consoles including the Xbox. It has more than 14,000 titles worldwide; including action, horror, thriller, adventure and comedy movies.

The catch behind the popularity is that Netflix is on-demand entertainment service. You don’t have to rely on your cable operator for the sake of your entertainment. Neither do you have to be worried about the old problematic cord system for telecast.


How to Watch US Library in Netflix South Africa

While this is good news there is also a bad news, Unfortunately you cannot watch most movies and seasons in Netflix South Africa unless you are using a VPN to access Netflix US.  Most of the stunning movies including the blockbuster hits and best of the time TV seasons are only available in the US library.  This is due to geo licensing policy of Netflix.

Users’ response over Netflix’s geo licensing policy was pretty direct:

The US library consists of thousands of titles and best of the time TV series. I will tell you how you can unblock and enjoy enormous streaming media of the Netflix’s US Library. By using VPN you will gain access to the hilarious movies, documentaries and your favorite TV seasons in Netflix.

You can make the best of your time by using VPN and gaining access to Netflix US Library.


How VPN Unblocks Netflix US for South African Netflix Users

When you access Netflix, your IP address is determined. The IP address holds important information regarding your country of origin and your actual location. This is the point where VPN comes into play.

Once you purchase the VPN, It will change your IP address with an IP address of US server. In other words you will get access to Netflix via VPN from a US Server. In addition to this you will also gain access to the hilarious US library.

You can find some decent VPN providers out there. But I have listed some best VPN providers for your convenience. These VPN providers give you the best streaming experience ever while you entertain yourself on Netflix.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
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$2.88Per Month
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Netflix South Africa on Apple TV

Once you have VPN for South Africa, You can access your all time favorite seasons from suspense full TV series “House of Cards” along with “Orange is the New Black on your Apple TV.

I will tell you how you can watch and enjoy the insightful movies on your Apple TV. After subscribing to your chosen VPN, simply install it on your PC, Laptop, or mobile device. The VPN will come into play by altering your IP address and removing the barrier to US Library.

Next, connect your Apple TV with your VPN enabled PC and you are all set to enjoy the uproarious media on Netflix US Library.

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