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South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent, marked by several distinct ecosystems. It has an estimated population of 58.56 million. Out of that, only 56.2% of the population has access to the Internet.

By the end of 2020, about 338 thousand people in South Africa have access to Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix South Africa does not have enough entertainment shows and movie titles to fulfill the entertainment appetite of folks living in South Africa.

So what are you missing?

Netflix US offers 4593 movies and 1157 TV shows compared to Netflix South Africa, which only offers about 17.37% of movies and 10.15% of shows as compared to US library. Popular Netflix US titles such as 13 Reasons Why, Family Guy, Dexter, and The Walking Dead are among many others which our readers in South Africa don’t have access to.

The answer is to use a Virtual Private Network, which will allow you to fool Netflix South Africa into thinking that you are in the United States. If you’re still confused, just sit back and relax as we tell you how to access American Netflix in South Africa — the easy way. So how can you get American Netflix in South Africa?

How To Get American Netflix in South Africa?

You can follow these steps to watch American Netflix in South Africa without any buffering:

  1. Get the subscription to ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and enter your login details.
  4. After logging in, connect to a US Server location.
  5. Visit the Netflix website or app, and enjoy the US content library in South Africa.

That’s how Netflix US works in South Africa with a VPN.

There are two different methods to access Netflix US in South Africa, and we will be discussing both of them with you. The first and recommended method is to use a VPN to access the US in South Africa.

Recommended Method: Use ExpressVPN (Best VPN for Netflix in South Africa) US-based servers to trick Netflix into thinking that you are located in the US.

Criteria for selecting the best VPNs

  • Multiple servers of providing uninterrupted and regular access to Netflix US in South Africa
  • Application support for all the major operating systems
  • Offers multiple encryptions and security features
  • Consistently high speeds
  • No-log policy

Bonus Feature: Smart DNS to Stream American Netflix in South Africa

This is the second method that we highlighted above when talking about the VPN method. ExpressVPN offers something which many other VPNs don’t.

ExpressVPN offers a Smart DNS service called “ExpressVPN MediaStreamer”, which is included with all the premium ExpressVPN subscriptions for no extra cost.

With ExpressVPN MediaStreamer, you will be able to access geo-blocked content from anywhere around the globe without connecting to the VPN. Once you have subscribed to their subscription, you can whitelist your Internet Service Provider IP address on their website and use their predefined DNS IP addresses on your device to access the streaming content.

One of this feature’s main advantages is that it doesn’t slow down your streaming experience as there is no encryption involved in the Smart DNS service.

Smart DNS services are convenient for accessing content on a device such as a router, smart TVs, or gaming consoles.

Best VPNs for Netflix US in South Africa

When compiling the VPNs list, I came across many VPNs that didn’t work for Netflix US in South Africa. So after a lot of filtering, here is the list of reliable VPNs that can help you in accessing Netflix in South Africa:

1. ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo)


ExpressVPN is the best option when it comes to accessing Netflix US in South Africa. It has established its image as one of the best VPN providers for all-purpose through its continuous updation in privacy and streaming-related features.

With a server network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries, it allows you to access Netflix US and other popular US-based content from the US, including Hulu and Amazon Prime Video in South Africa.

Our expectations were blown away by an impressive speed of  92.94 Mbps on our 100 Mbps Internet Service Provider Speed in terms of speeds.


ExpressVPN supports best-in-class encryption and security protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP if we talk about features. Apart from the headquarter in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee program.

If you hurry up, you may get a chance to purchase their limited-time offer of “12 months +3 month free” for as low as $6.67/month.

  • 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries
  • Offers excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Provides 5 multi-logins
  • Unblocks Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • A little more pricey than other providers

Recommended servers: United States – Los Angeles – 1, Miami – 2, Santa Monica.

2. Surfshark ($2.49/mo)


Surfshark has established its reputation as one of the best affordable VPNs in the market. With its low-priced subscription, it has ensured that a VPN is within everyone’s reach. Surfshark is another premium VPN with optimized US servers, which are fully capable of unblocking Netflix US in South Africa. In terms of performance, Surfshark rarely disconnects or undergoes any technical hiccups.

It has a server network of over 3200 servers around 65 countries to accommodate its security and streaming requirements. While testing its speed, it was slightly behind ExpressVPN and in front of NordVPN with a download speed of 91.65 Mbps.


As for security, Surfshark offers features like Multi-hop, Camouflage Mode, CleanWeb, along with AES-256-encryption. Similar to ExpressVPN, Surfshark also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 3200+ servers in 65 countries
  • Low-priced subscriptions
  • Unlimited simultaneous connection
  • Server network coverage is smaller than most other VPNs
  • Some slow download speeds

Recommended servers: United States – Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Kansas City, MO.

3. NordVPN ($3.71/mo)


NordVPN has earned a well-respected name in the VPN industry due to its state-of-the-art encryption and security techniques. This doesn’t mean it is not capable of letting you access Netflix US anywhere in the world. With a huge network of 5500+ server networks covering almost all parts of the world, including the US.

While it offers some of the best online security features that can not be found anywhere else, it makes sure that it isn’t behind anyone else when streaming Netflix US. It was proven in our speed-test when we received 89.94 Mbps speed on average.


NordVPN is a popular choice amongst Netflix users because of its ability to escape detection with its obfuscated technology and security features like Double VPN, CyberSec, and more.

  • 5500+ servers in 59 countries
  • State-of-the-art security and encryption methods
  • Provides 6 multi-logins
  • P2P/File-Sharing only supported on some servers
  • Sluggish app and server connections

Recommended servers: United States – Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, New York.

4. PureVPN ($3.33/mo)


PureVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers in the business. It has been operating from Hong Kong for over a decade now. During all this time, providing excellent VPN service to its users has been the top priority of this provider.

It has one of the biggest VPN server networks around the globe. A huge network of over 6500+ servers spread across 140+ countries will guarantee you Netflix US access from anywhere.

Don’t worry; this many server doesn’t mean there is any comprise on the speed. We found a decent 87.52 Mbps during our testing, which was good enough to stream Netflix US shows.


Other than that, PureVPN also offers a bunch of other features as well. For starters, it supports 256-military-grade encryption and almost all industry benchmark VPN protocols. Best of all, PureVPN also comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

  • 6500+ servers in 140+ countries
  • State-of-the-art security and encryption methods
  • Provides 10 multi-logins
  • Restricted Payment options
  • Sluggishapp and DNS leak issues

Recommended servers: United States – Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles.

5. CyberGhost ($2.25/mo)


CyberGhost is another decent response to your question, “how to access Netflix US in South Africa?”. It offers 6800 servers in around 88 countries worldwide, which is super impressive.

With so many servers, users in South Africa or anywhere else can easily connect to US servers and enjoy US exclusive content on Netflix from anywhere in the world. In terms of speeds, Cyberghost pushed out around 83.4 Mbps on my 100 Mbps office test connection.


As for features, CyberGhost offers AES 256-bit encryption for maximum privacy along with top-of-the-line security protocols. Much like all the other VPNs, CyberGhost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee which is extremely rare these days.

  • 6800 servers in 88 countries
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides 7 multi-logins
  • Dodgy data jurisdiction and anonymity
  • Limited payment methods support

Recommended servers: United States – San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago.

US Netflix in South Africa – Speed Comparison of VPN and SmartDNS

Since ExpressVPN offers both VPN and Smart DNS features, we decided to compare the speed of both. Following are the results of our investigation we conducting using a 100 Mbps connection.

Atlanta – 79.3 Mbps89.3 Mbps
Chicago – 78.5 Mbps88.7Mbps
Los Angeles – 77.2 Mbps86.5 Mbps
Miami – 73.4 Mbps85.3 Mbps
Santa Monica – 70.7 Mbps85.2 Mbps

Why Is American Netflix Blocked in South Africa?

Every South African who has used Netflix at least once in their life must have wondered, “why can’t we access Netflix US library in South Africa?” or “How to access Netflix US in South Africa?”. In this topic, we will let you know why you are not able to access American Netflix in South Africa.

When you log in to your Netflix account, Netflix detects your location using your IP address. Based on that location, presents you the content that is available in your region.

Why does Netflix South Africa have limited content as compared to Netflix US? – This is because it costs Netflix money to license content every time they make it available in a different region.

If they show a movie in the US, they need to pay the production house that made the movie a license fee, and if they want to make that same movie available to Netflix South Africa subscribers, they need to pay an additional license fee.

A business is only as good as the profit it makes. Compared to the US market, the South African market holds minimal potential; therefore, Netflix doesn’t see any good reason to speed too much money on making all the content available in that region.

The current scenario may change in favor of Netflix South Africa, but it probably might not happen anytime soon.

Netflix US vs. Netflix South Africa


According to Finder, American Netflix has over 5707 titles Netflix South Africa only has to offer 667 titles. As you can see with Netflix South Africa, you are missing out on so many movies and TV shows. With a VPN you can get American content at a low price because you can subscribe to Netflix South Africa and watch American Netflix with a VPN.
Netflix Movies TV Shows Price
Netflix US4593 movies1157 TV shows$8.99/mo
Netflix SA466 movies201 TV showsZAR 99/mo

Here are all the movies and shows you’re going to miss out on:

Movies TV Shows
All About Nina13 Reasons Why
Dr. Seuss’ The GrinchFamily Guy
High & Low: The Movie 1,2,3Dexter
Doom: AnnihilationThe Walking Dead
At first lightParks and Recreation
BeirutIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Blue ElephantSons of Anarchy
Hey Arnold! The Jungle MoviePerson of Interest
Kiss the GroundTwin Peaks
I’ll See You in My DreamsCriminal Minds

Netflix South Africa compared to Hulu

If we compare Hulu and Netflix South Africa, then there is already a winner, and that’s Hulu. Subscribing to Hulu in South Africa would be one of the best decisions of your life as the Netflix South Africa content library is very small as compared to Hulu content library.

If you get access to Netflix US in South Africa, then the situation changes, and pronouncing a winner would be difficult. Netflix US and Hulu are known for producing quality content for their audiences.  Choosing one over the other would be difficult, and we would recommend you to go with both if you can.

If you are using the Smart DNS feature to access Netflix US in South Africa, you can open the doors of multiple different blocked contents for you. Usually, the list of the content accessible is listed on the Smart DNS service website.

You can access services like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and so many more. Spotify South Africa has recently launched here yet, but this solution lets you get Spotify without the ads with a little tweak. Using a Smart DNS service is the easiest and quickest way to unblock Netflix US and watch all of the new content available on Netflix South Africa.

Netflix South Africa on Apple TV


Once you have a VPN for South Africa, you can access your all-time favorite season, “Orange Is the New Black,” on your Apple TV.

I will tell you how you can watch and enjoy the insightful movies on your Apple TV.

After subscribing to your chosen VPN, install it on your PC, Laptop, or mobile device. The VPN will come into play by altering your IP address and removing the barrier to US Library.

Next, connect your Apple TV with your VPN-enabled PC, and you are all set to enjoy the uproarious media on Netflix US Library.


How to watch American Netflix with a free VPN?

We know what you are thinking at this point, “how to get American Netflix in South Africa for free?”. The answer to this question is – Yes, you can watch American Netflix in South Africa with a free VPN, but there are many risks involved. Since there is no network management process with these VPN providers, you are expected to receive a slow connection speed as their servers would be overloaded with users. With the overload situation, the next thing you will experience a lot is frequent disconnection.

Free VPN providers do not have the funds to invest in their security and encryption infrastructure; therefore, it is highly likely that your data would be leaking through IPv6 or their own server, for that matter. Also, there’s no guarantee you’re actually using a legitimate free VPN. A recent study of over 280 free VPN apps found that almost 40% were infected with malware. More than 80% of the providers were found to be selling user private information to different organizations.

The best way to stream American Netflix in South Africa and protect your online security is with a VPN service with a clear-cut privacy policy and a history of standing up for its users’ privacy.

How to change from south African Netflix to American?

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, Netflix detects your IP address and location to show you the library. Therefore, you just need to make sure that your online IP address is changed to a US-based IP address so that you can view the US library of content.

Before connecting the VPN, clear the cache, cookies, and history of the browser. After connecting to the US-based server in VPN, launch the Netflix website, and it should show you the US library of content. This is pretty much how Netflix US works in South Africa with a VPN.

There is no requirement for you to re-purchase the Netflix account after connecting the VPN.

How to watch American Netflix in South Africa without vpn?

You can use two ways to access American Netflix in South Africa without turning on the VPN.

Smart DNS: There are many different Smart DNS services available to stream Netflix US in South Africa without enabling the VPN. You just have to whitelist your Internet Service Provider IP address on their website and use their predefined DNS IP address in your device to unlock the streaming content from all around the globe.

Proxy on the browser: By using a proxy extension on your chrome or firefox browser, you can access blocked content without having to turn on the VPN every time. Although proxy extensions let you access the content, they do not offer security or encryption like a VPN.

Our number one ranked VPN provider in this list “ExpressVPN” offers all of the services we have discussed so far for accessing Netflix US in South Africa (VPN, Smart DNS, and Proxy extension), hence making it the best VPN provider to access Netflix US in South Africa.

Wrapping up!

Accessing Netflix US in South Africa was never this easy before. You just need a reliable, efficient, fast, and privacy-oriented VPN provider for this purpose. All these qualities are available in ExpressVPN; therefore, it is our recommended choice. If you hurry, then you may get a chance to purchase their limited time “12 Months+3 Months Free ” subscription.

We hope that now you know how to get American Netflix in South Africa with US Library. If you are interested in something less costly, then you may go with Surfshark or PureVPN.

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