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Is AVG VPN Good for Torrenting in 2022?

AVG is a decent service that offers fast speeds and eight p2p-enabled servers. Nonetheless, for privacy-sensitive users, it's not the ideal choice due to a questionable logging policy.


If you started using computers in the 2000s, you’re probably familiar with AVG. The company used to be one of the most popular antivirus software in that period.

AVG still offers an antivirus program but it no longer enjoys the market share it once did. The company has also expanded its range of products and also now offers a VPN service by the name of AVG Secure.

This article will focus on whether AVG Secure has the capabilities to be considered a good choice for torrenting. Also, check out the top VPN services tested by us in 2022.

How to Torrent Safely with AVG

  1. Get AVG VPN.
  2. After installing it on your system/device, launch the VPN.
  3. In the server selection screen, choose a server from the “p2p” tab.
  4. Now launch your BitTorrent client to begin safe downloading.

AVG VPN’s P2P-Friendly Features

To start with, let’s focus on AVG p2p-friendly features first:

Kill switch:

AVG comes with a kill switch built into its app. It is disabled by default but can be turned on through the settings menu. For torrenting purposes, it is strongly recommended for users to keep the kill switch enabled as a protective measure in case a temporary interruption occurs in the VPN connection.

AVG Secure kill switch

The kill switch will instantly cut off access to the Internet if the VPN connection is interrupted, thus keeping your real IP address and other private details from being visible to any third parties.

P2P servers:

There are eight p2p-enabled servers in AVG’s network. Despite AVG’s small number of servers, it still offers servers that allow p2p traffic.

AVG Secure p2p servers

These servers can be accessed through the “p2p” tab in the server selection screen. Note that users won’t be able to access torrents with any server other than the ones listed in the p2p tab, because torrenting traffic is only allowed in these servers.

If you’re experiencing problems with connectivity, see the tips in our guide regarding AVG VPN not working.


Our latest speed test results show that the service delivers fast speeds on many servers, but the performance is not outstandingly consistent across its network. Having said that, generally, AVG VPN is a surprisingly fast service.

On some servers, it only managed to produce 25 Mbps while it reached as high as 80 Mbps on other servers when tested on a base connection of 100 Mbps.

Here’s the speed result for AVG’s Canada server location:


So, the fast speeds is a significantly positive attribute of this VPN. It is unfortunate that AVG doesn’t unblock Netflix consistently because the good speed performance would have made it a very good VPN for Netflix streaming.


Based in the Czech Republic, AVG takes advantage of the lenient law enforcement in the country when it comes to the issue of torrenting. There are no known cases of arrests or fines against people downloading torrents in the Czech Republic.

Thus, AVG is based in a favourably located region to protect torrent users.

Cons of AVG As Relates Torrenting

While there are more pros of AVG than cons, the seriousness of the latter can break the deal for privacy-sensitive users:

Logging policy:

The type and extent of user-related data a VPN collects is a very important consideration to make when choosing a VPN for sensitive purposes like torrenting. Unfortunately, this is one of the key areas where AVG lacks.

According to the logging policy of AVG, the provider collects timestamps, the subnet of the original IP address, the complete IP of the VPN server, and the total amount of data consumed while using AVG.

Some of this information collection is a bit of an overkill especially when most providers are moving towards a model of minimum information collection in the interests of preserving user privacy.

Therefore, the logging policy is a major area of concern when it comes to torrenting with AVG.


The pricing plans of AVG would be reasonable if it weren’t such a basic VPN. Considering that it has a very small network of servers, is unreliable for unblocking streaming services like Netflix, and hardly offers any privacy features beyond the ordinary, AVG’s price of $3.99/month is a bit on the higher side.

It does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can have a full refund by canceling AVG VPN if you’re unhappy with the service during this time. In addition, you can also obtain the 7-day AVG free trial which requires no credit cards or any other information (a delightful deal).

You can use AVG VPN with Kodi or configure it for use with Roku as well.

Nonetheless, pricing still remains a little too high when you factor in AVG’s basic service features as compared to some of the bigger VPN brands. But no worries, we got you covered by also compiling some of the good free torrenting vpns as well. Which can provide you with more service features.


AVG is a decent service that will work well for users that download torrents regularly. From a performance standpoint, it is fully capable of satisfying users. However, the privacy policy remains a pain point that might discourage the more privacy-sensitive users from using AVG.

For more information, see this AVG Secure review.

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