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Free VPNs are often a necessity. Whether you are traveling or do not want to spend the extra money you can always opt for a free VPN for torrenting. However, free VPNs are often plagued with daunting limitations that render the point of any VPN useless.

Hence you can go through this list of affordable VPN services and our guide on the Best VPN for torrenting to get maximum protection and security.

Bandwidth caps, speed throttling and often vague privacy policies are the reasons why torrenters avoid free VPN services.

Before we begin if you are new to torrents and P2P then definitely check out our handy Torrent guide.

Top Free VPNs for Torrenting

Now there are plenty of well reputable paid VPN services in the industry like Surfshark that offer a free trial, sometimes a free VPN is all we need. If you are not a hardcore torrenter, it makes perfect sense why you would prefer a free VPN to a paid one; after all, it is not like you will download torrent files every day.

If you are comfortable with limited bandwidth, timed connections and throttled speeds then I am going to list and discuss some awesome free VPN for torrenting that should fulfil most of your P2P needs.


windscribe-is-an-awesome-Free-VPN-for-TorrentingDespite being a free VPN, Windscribe is a pretty-cool VPN that I cannot recommend enough. Although their paid subscription supposedly offers more features and servers, their free version is quite capable as well.

The free version of Windscribe offers a 10GB monthly limited cap and limits their server selections to only 10, which is not a big deal if you are a casual torrenter. The client also comes with a built-in ad-blocker, which is also quite convenient.

Your bandwidth consumption is automatically reset every month. Overall performance is “okay”; just do not expect extremely fast speeds with their free version.

Hide.mehide-me-is-a-easy-and-fast-Free-VPN-for-Torrenting is a relatively fast VPN considering the fact that it is free. Although this provider offers less bandwidth than Windscribe, it is much more stable and premium feeling. only allocates 2GB data a month, which would require conservative usage. Besides that server, locations are also quite frugal with only three at your disposal (Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore)

Although the conservative features are somewhat acceptable, however the lack of OpenVPN support is major turn off for privacy conscious users.

With that said, it does support IKEv2 among other encryption protocols that are more than capable of protection your privacy. Above all, the fact that is a Malaysian based provider means they do not log any user data.


proxpn-is-a-last-choice-for-Free-VPN-for-TorrentingNow this is one VPN service I would not recommend for torrenting. This is because free version of ProXPN is only limited to 300 Kbps downloading speed and anyone who has downloaded torrents before knows exactly how slow this can be.

Other than the excruciating speeds, this provider is U.S based meaning your data is likely not safe with them. The premium version of ProXPN offers servers in a couple of countries however; the free one only restricts you to their U.S server, which can be both slow and annoying.

Although not my first choice, however I would definitely use this VPN if there were none other available.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shieldHotspotsheild-is-the-most-renowned-Free-VPN-for-Torrenting is among the most renowned and oldest free VPN I have ever come across. It is also amongst the fastest in the free VPN category, which makes it perfect for downloading torrents. With that said, you cannot download large files with it since there is a daily limit cap of 500mbs.

However, the fact that it is free and offers sufficient protection makes it one of the best in the business.

Security Kiss

securityKiss-is-an-amazing-Free-VPN-for-TorrentingLast but not the least we have Security Kiss in our free VPN for torrenting list. Although an Ireland based VPN provider it still does not offer no log policy, which can be a major turnoff for some.

Security wise this VPN does support OpenVPN among other encryption protocols which is always a good feature to have. Other than that, there is a daily limit cap of 300mbs, so you would have to schedule your downloading accordingly.

There is even a paid version available of Security Kiss; however, I wound not recommend purchasing it simply because of their logging policy.

Free versions of Paid VPNs

Now if you are not sure you want to try completely free VPN services there is always an option to try free trials of paid VPN services. Now of courses these services are far better as they have a considerably stronger presence in the VPN industry.

With that said these free version are not exactly like their paid counterparts, which is to be expected. Some of them are listed below.


SurfEasysurfeasy-is-a-very-reputable-Free-VPN-for-Torrenting is a Canadian based multi-platform VPN provider that truly offers unmatched privacy. However just like other VPN services offering free trial, SurfEasy also has a 600mb data cap, which can be annoying. The good new however is that you can bump up the initial 600mb limit all the way up to 1GB by following them on twitter and downloading their browser extension.

They also offer limited servers however fortunately they do support P2P.


CyberGhostcyberghost-is-a-reputable-Free-VPN-for-Torrenting is one of my personal favorite VPN and a must have for any torrenter. Their paid versions are superb offering top-notch privacy and torrenting freedom. Although not fully fledged their free version is nothing like the paid one.

There is obtrusive advertisement from time to time as well as considerable delays every time you connect to a VPN server, which can be infuriating to say the least. Speaking of servers, you only get access to 11 free VPN server instead of 60 like in the premium one.

However, this is where my personal gripe with the free version ends.

The speeds are up to the mark, as you would expect from a premium version and there is no data cap like other free VPNs, which makes it convenient for downloading large files.

With that said, the free version of CyberGhost unfortunately does not support torrenting so you might to consider their premium version for that.

Why Free VPNs Are Risky

Although you might find many free torrent VPN services online, however you must understand nothing in this world come free, there is always a catch.

Simply put it this way, hosting server space, offering bandwidth and customer support all require significant amount of budget. Why would some provider offer their service for free unless there is something in store for them?

The reason why VPN provider even offers a free version is because…

  • They want to generate revenue through advertising.
  • They want you to upgrade to their premium plans.
  • They want to sell your private data.

These are of course some of the reasons why you might want to avoid free VPNs. However, you always go for a free trial before buying an affordable VPN.

Free Torrent VPN’S and their limitations

Free torrenting VPNs are always going to have their limitations because why would providers offer you all their features for free when they can charge you a premium for it.

Some of the limitations you might face with a free VPN are discussed below.

  1. Speed caps
  2. Data logging
  3. Limited servers
  4. No P2P support
  5. Limited bandwidth

We recommend you to use a affordable VPN for torrenting like Surfshark offering fast and secure server, optimize for P2P torrenting enabling you to download torrent while being secure and anonymous

Free VPN for Other Activities

Below, you will the best free VPNs for almost all online functions.


Best free VPN for Torrenting Reddit

Although free VPN for torrenting should not be your first choice, however you might want to use one on the go. Now I have already covered some great free services earlier on in the blog, however Redditers have mentioned some great free VPNs as well that you guys should definitely try. Read about VPN reviews by Reddit users in detail.

While these VPNs might be great, some Redditers out right consider them unacceptable for torrenting and suggested to opt paid VPN services instead.


Wrapping up

Now there are plenty of free services in the market, however few qualify to be actually useful. Plenty of restrictions like limited bandwidth, throttled speeds and vague logging policies are major turn off for anyone hoping to anonymize their online presence.

With that said the free VPN for torrenting mentioned above are trustworthy and support P2P. However, bandwidth limitations demand frugal usage. In order to get complete anonymity and torrenting freedom you would have to opt for a premium VPN services. Although they require a subscription fee, they are inexpensive and only costs a few dollars or less a month.