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Unfortunately, the widespread use of torrents to obtain copyrighted material has led to strict monitoring and regulation of torrent websites, so that even users downloading legally accessible files can find trouble from authorities if done without using a P2P VPN.

So, how do you maintain anonymity and download torrents without your identity being revealed online? You can simply use a free VPN for torrenting. However, free VPNs are often plagued with daunting limitations that render the point of any VPN useless.

You can go through this list of affordable VPN services and our guide on the best VPN for torrenting to get maximum protection and security. Nonetheless, there are still some VPN free online that are worth trying if you need to download files through P2P.

Disclaimer: We do not condone nor encourage the use of VPNs for any illegal activities including copyright infringement.

Best Free VPN for Torrenting 2021

Following is a list 5 free VPNs for torrenting in 2021 that enable secure downloading of torrents:

1. Ivacy – Editor’s choice (30-day Money-back Guarantee)


Ivacy is the best free VPN that works with torrents. It is not a free VPN to be precise. However, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that effectively serves as a free version for 30 days if you demand a refund within this period. This provider has over 2,000 servers located in 100+ countries. Many of these servers are compatible with torrenting, so you can unblock your favorite torrent website anywhere you are in the world with Ivacy.

But more importantly, this VPN takes care of your privacy and security with advanced protective features such as kill switch, DNS Secure, an IPv6 leak protection. These mechanisms make sure that your identity remains hidden and your privacy protected during torrent sessions.

Ivacy delivers fast speeds which allows you to perform quick downloads of favorite torrent files. In addition, it also works with most popular streaming services including US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more. Therefore, users that find themselves routinely using torrents and streaming shows online can rely on Ivacy as their trusty unblocking tool which also keeps their privacy protected.

You can continue your Ivacy subscription after the initial 30-day period without asking for a refund as it will only set you back $1/mo, which is considerably cheap. All in all, Ivacy is the best free VPN for torrenting if you go smartly utilize the 30-day refund period. This how to get a paid VPN for free to satisfy your torrenting needs.

Read this Ivacy review for more details.

2. Windscribe – Popular Free VPN (10 GB/month)


Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN that is compatible with BitTorrent clients and unblocks torrenting websites for free. Although their paid subscription offers more features and servers, their free version is quite capable as well and supports torrenting in at least two of their server locations: Switzerland and Netherlands.

In total, the provider 10 server locations in the free version, which is quite nice as free providers are generally stingy when it comes to server options. The greatest drawback is the 10 GB/month bandwidth limit, which effectively means you’ll be able to download torrent files worth of 10 GB every month.

Wit this free VPN for torrents you can enjoy the security that comes with AES-256 encryption and no-logging policy, which are essential features for any VPN worth considering for torrenting purposes.

The Windscribe app comes with a built-in ad-blocker, which is also quite convenient. Overall the performance of this VPN is quite satisfactory keeping in mind that it is only a free service. The paid version performs significantly better, as you can expect.

You can learn more about this service in our Windscribe VPN review.

3. Hide.Me – Free P2P VPN (10 GB/month)


Hide.Me is a relatively fast VPN with an impressive torrent unblocking capability. The provider only allocates 10 GB data a month, which is still pretty reasonable.

Besides that, it offers 5 server locations (Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, US East and US West). Although the conservative features are somewhat acceptable, the lack of OpenVPN support is major turn off for privacy conscious users.

With that said, it does support IKEv2 among other encryption protocols that are more than capable of protection your privacy. The AES-256 encryption is also an excellent feature that ensures strong security of all your torrenting activities, keeping you safe from outside interference.

Overall, it is a capable torrenting VPN for free users can utilize if you can overlook the 10 GB/month limit.

You can learn more about this VPN in our Hide.Me review.

4. SurfEasy – 500 MB/month


SurfEasy in another Canadian VPN that allows p2p filesharing. It offers a decent network of 16 servers in the free version. In terms of speed, SurfEasy is quite impressive as well and enables fast downloading of torrents. For encryption, this VPN for torrents uses AES-256 and uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol by default.

The downsides of this VPN is that it keeps aggregate logs of users for some time, which is not very appealing for privacy-conscious users. But the greatest restriction is the 500MB/month of bandwidth allowance.

This isn’t obviously feasible if you download a lot of torrents, but it you have relatively low monthly requirements of torrent usage, you’ll find SurfEasy a very capable free VPN for the purpose of torrenting.

You can learn more about this service in our SurfEasy review.

VPNs to Stay Away From

Some free p2p VPNs can be quite dangerous and may steal your data to sell it for a profit. You should give a wide berth to the following services if you want to perform torrenting with a VPN:

Hola VPN

Hola used to be quite popular back in the day. The VPN didn’t use the conventional architecture of most commercial providers, where a network of servers is used to route user traffic through encrypted digital tunnels. Hola used a network of users that could dedicate their own computers as mini-servers for other users to utilize.

This way, the Hola community of users could allow other’s to share their resources in exchange for receiving the same reciprocal benefit.

However, the problem with this setup was the lack of any encryption covering the user traffic passing through the network. So, if a user performed illegal activities by passing his traffic through your computer, you could easily become the suspect in the eyes of law enforcement.

Moreover, Hola was found to be selling user bandwidth without their permission. For these reasons, Hola is riddled with problems and should be avoided at all costs.

Betternet (Not Recommended for P2P)

Betternet is a free torrenting VPN that is actually pretty bad for a number of reasons. A research from CSIRO revealed that the Betternet app installed adware, malware, and trackers on user’s devices. So much for privacy!

As a result, Betternet is better suited as a tool guaranteed to destroy your privacy, far from protecting it. The worrying fact is that there are many such free torrent VPN services that seem innocuous and safe at the forefront, but have dodgy logging policies and actually store information of users for selling.

As such, Betternet is another VPN you should avoid.

Why Free VPNs Are Risky

Although you might find many free torrent VPN services online, however you must understand nothing in this world come free, there is always a catch.

Simply put it this way, hosting server space, offering bandwidth and customer support all require significant amount of budget. Why would some provider offer their service for free unless there is something in store for them?

The reason why VPN provider even offers a free version is because…

  • They want to generate revenue through advertising.
  • They want you to upgrade to their premium plans.
  • They want to sell your private data.

These are of course some of the reasons why you might want to avoid free VPNs. However, you always go for a free trial before buying an affordable VPN.

Free Torrent VPNs and their limitations

Free torrenting VPNs are always going to have their limitations because why would providers offer you all their features for free when they can charge you a premium for it.

Some of the limitations you might face with a free VPN are discussed below.

  1. Speed caps
  2. Data logging
  3. Limited servers
  4. No P2P support
  5. Limited bandwidth

We recommend you to use a affordable VPN for torrenting like Ivacy offering fast and secure server, optimize for P2P torrenting enabling you to download torrent while being secure and anonymous.

Cheap VPNs for Torrenting

Some very capable VPN providers can be acquired for a low cost. Hear are some cheap VPN to torrent safely:

1. PureVPN


PureVPN costs $3.33/mo which is fairly affordable considering all the features that this provider offers for torrent users. There are over 6,500 servers in 140+ countries within PureVPN’s network. It uses a no-logging policy that refrains from storing any customer-related information. In addition, PureVPN is equipped with features such as killswitch and AES-256 encryption.

You can download torrents at reasonably fast speeds through the vast streamlined network of PureVPN, making it an excellent choice among cheap providers.

Read PureVPN review.

2. Surfshark


Surfshark is another excellent VPN service that is available at surprisingly low costs. At $2.49/mo, you can enjoy secure and anonymous torrenting with Surfshark’s servers. The provider stores no logs and features privacy controls such as MultiHop and kill switch to ensure users are able to stay safe while performing p2p activities. This makes Surfshark an outstanding VPN to have for low cost.

Read Surfshark review.

3. CyberGhost


CyberGhost is a pretty well-rounded service that is good for general purpose use. It has an excellent network of 6,600+ servers in 89+ countries. A lot of these servers are optimized specifically for torrenting and deliver good, stable connectivity along with decent speeds. Costing only $2.25/mo, CyberGhost is a good choice for users seeking an affordable VPN.

Read CyberGhost review.

Why you should use a VPN for Torrenting

The laws against online piracy have gotten considerably stricter over the past few years. ISPs particularly monitor torrent traffic of users for this reason. They can throttle your connection, leading to slow speeds when downloading p2p files as a way to enforce discouragement of p2p activities.

Furthermore, without a VPN, you are easily traceable on the internet, so any authority can see what you’re doing on the web if they wanted to. A torrent-friendly VPN will hide your IP address and turn you invisible in the eyes of ISP and any other authority that might want to take a sneak-peak into your web traffic for any reason.

This is why it crucial for users who regularly download torrents to use a top VPN for torrenting.

How to Choose A Free VPN for Torrenting

Provided, there aren’t many free VPNs that would qualify as “good enough” for torrenting purposes, but there are two essential attributes that must be present in a VPN to be suitable for torrenting:

  • Support for torrenting activites: A great majority of free providers do not support torrenting at all. So, using such a VPN to mask your torrenting traffic would prove entirely ineffectual. Make sure that the free VPN you’re using actually supports torrents.
  • Transparent business model and logging policy: Pay extra attention to the business model of the provider. If the service is entirely free of cost with no obvious and publicly declared source of profits and revenue, then this is a huge red flag as they might be selling your information and bandwidth to agencies.
  • Jurisdiction: The against torrenting activities differ everywhere in the world. Some countries are more lenient about torrenting than others. Ideally, it’s better to use a VPN that is located away from Fourteen Eyes because these countries are known to be very strict against torrenting.

What Reddit Says About Free Torrenting VPNs

Although free VPN for torrenting should not be your first choice, however you might want to use one on the go. Now I have already covered some great free services earlier on in the blog, however Redditors have mentioned some great free VPNs for torrenting as well that you guys should definitely try. Read about VPN reviews by Reddit users in detail.

Free VPN for torrent reddit

While these VPNs might be great, some Redditors out right consider them unacceptable for torrenting and suggested to opt paid VPN services instead.

Free VPN for torrent reddit 2

Free VPN for torrent reddit 3


Is torrenting legal?

Torrenting is legal if you are not violating any copyrights. However, many files available through torrenting are copyrighted, and using them without permission of copyright owners is illegal.

Are VPNs legal?

VPNs are totally legal in most countries of the world. There are no laws against the use of VPN services.

Is it important for a torrent VPN to have kill switch?

Yes. A kill switch is a very important feature to have in VPNs for torrent because usually, torrent downloads take a huge amount of time. So a kill switch is necessary to make sure that you’re protected all the time in case of any connectivity issues.

Wrapping up

The restrictions against online piracy are stricter today more than ever before. A free torrent VPN can protect your online privacy from the eyes of ISPs and authorities. So, if you want to safely download torrents in 2021, make it a routine to use a VPN like Ivacy for maximum protection from online threats.

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