How to Hide IP Address Online – Tips and Recommendations

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Hide IP Address – Why is it important?

When you are connected to the internet, you are assigned an IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your IP address acts as your virtual identity and represents you on the virtual realm. Make no mistake, it is imperative to hide IP address to protect it from the prying eyes. You may ask, why? Let us describe you in a bit detail:

  • Your IP address can be used to locate your geographical location. Would you want that?
  • Your IP address, if targeted, can reveal your identity. Would you want any stranger to check on what you have browsed over the past few months?
  • Your IP address can be used to track your current and past browsing and downloading activities.
  • Your IP address, if tracked, can be used against you.


How to Hide IP Address Online?

Now that you have read the consequences of being tracked through your IP address, it is time for you to take some preventive measures. There are various ways with which you can hide IP address but we are going to start off our recommendations with the most common method that is used widely all over the world.

  1. Use a VPN Service

People may not know this but in their attempts to hide IP address online, they end up exposing themselves to the hackers and surveillance agencies. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your data traffic through one of its many tunnels (mainly OpenVPN – the most secured tunnel) and assigns you a new IP address and hides yours to ensure your IP address is never revealed until your VPN is working.

Check out a few VPN services that may come in handy to hide IP address while you are online or to hide IP address while torrenting.

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  1. Connect to a Free Wi-Fi Service

We would admit that this is not the ideal solution if you are looking to hide IP address online but it can work wonders if you want to protect your ‘original’ address. Connecting to a public or a free Wi-Fi outside your home will replace your original IP address and will assign you a different IP address. There are some cons though, you might still be tracked and your IP address may still giveaway the details of your current geographical location. It is not the recommended solution, but one that is cost-effective.

  1. Web Based Proxy Servers

Again, cost effective solution but one that is not recommended for two reasons:

  • The servers are unsafe if the sole purpose behind the connectivity is seeking anonymity. Thousands of users all over the world connect to the web based proxy servers, and it is always unsafe to connect to a server because many of the IP/device intrusion cases have one thing in common, all of them connect through a web based proxy server at some stage.
  • Since the traffic on these servers is high, the connection speed drops tremendously and the connection remains inconsistent throughout the session.


Hide IP Address for Torrenting

Torrenting may be legal in some countries, but the Western countries and the copyrights advocates are doing their best to put an end to online piracy. Some European countries and the United States are fighting hard to keep the users away from downloading copyrighted material through torrents and they have already put many individuals behind the bars for violating the copyrights law.

It is important to hide IP address while torrenting if you decide to download something. Though we do NOT recommend the users to download the copyrighted material, but if they are doing it they should be extra careful and be watchful of the snoopers and surveillance agencies. The users, though, can make use of VPN for torrenting to hide IP address.

Hide IP Address for Online Gaming

Have you ever been DDoS attacked by your opponent because you were winning? If you are a pro-gamer, you must be aware of the common struggles of an online gamer. A Virtual Private Network can help you with hiding IP address online by simply connecting you to a different server and assigning you a different IP address.

What good would it do, you may ask? Let us describe you in detail. Connecting through a different server may not only reduce your gaming lag, but it can also save you from the unwanted DDoS attacks. Should the thought of attacking your IP cross your opponent’s mind, he will end up being frustrated because of not being able to locate your original and pseudo IP address.


Due to increasing online surveillance and hacking attacks, hiding the IP address has become the need of the hour. We have tried our best to educate our readers how hiding their IP address can benefit them in many ways and similarly we have also told the advantages and disadvantages of various ways with which you can hide IP address online. We hope you will make the most of this guide. Until next time, Ciao!

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