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How to hide IP address is an art but you need to use right tools properly. If you are one of those users like me who wish to change his IP to become anonymous, read this post.

After reading this post, you will be able to differentiate among various approaches to alter your IP addresses next level.

What is an IP Address

Without establishing among interconnected networks, you cannot use the internet. In this scenario, role of IP (internet protocol) address becomes crucial. In nonprofessional term, IP address is the fundamental way of creating connection, defining, organizing along with delivering information packets through one point to another.


In more simple words, these are system identifiers. Likewise, the version four of internet protocol (IPV4) suggests IP addresses are 32-bit number. Therefore, every system that connects to internet has its unique IP address.

When you use any device like your system, laptop, mobile phones, and others all have their own IP addresses. If you dig deep the concept of IP address, these are sensitive information pieces as they disclose the location of every device to users.  This is how the whole notion works practically.

Why Hiding IP Address is so important?

When you are connected to the internet, you are assigned an IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your IP address acts as your virtual identity and represents you on the virtual realm. Make no mistake, it is imperative to hide IP address to protect it from the prying eyes. You may ask, why? Let me describe you in a bit detail:

  • Your IP address can be used to locate your geographical location. Would you want that?
  • Your IP address, if targeted, can reveal your identity. Would you want any stranger to check on what you have browsed over the past few months?
  • Your IP address can be used to track your current and past browsing and downloading activities.
  • Your IP address, if tracked, can be used against you.

There are numerous reasons to mask your IP addresses. Here is the list of major reasons that encourage users to spoof their IP addresses:

Change your location

If you want to hide IP address online, you must change your location. Yes, you have read it correctly.  This is because you may assume your IP addresses as street addresses that educate internet protocol where to send requested information packets.


Surprisingly, IP addresses keep following information that includes:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Longitude & latitude

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Overcome IP blockages

The official authorities take huge benefit of your IP addresses. They can identify your exact online location through your IP address. As a result, they are able to block your access towards certain information.

IP address blocking issues are on the higher side. As government in countries like Russia, UK, China, US and others restricts their users from accessing specific sites.  Hence, the spoofing act comes to rescue you in these circumstances.

Bypass IP Bans

You can negate IP bans after masking your original IP addresses. Through IP bans, various streaming service perform the task of geo-restriction hassle-free. Thus, you have to alter your IP locations in order to unblock your preferred media streaming sites.

Secure from Targeted Attacks

When it comes to hiding IP addresses free online, you should rely on IP masking methods. By doing so, you can protect yourself from various concerns like cyber-bullying and cybercriminals attacks. When you change your IP addresses, you can reduce cyber-attack risks on your systems to another level.

Make you Anonymous Online

In the last but not the least, IP masking approaches offer you desired level of anonymity over the internet. This is how you can secure your crucial information from online snoopers, ISPs and data surveillance agencies.

There is no denying anonymity has become a need of hour that can only be fulfilled once you hide your IP addresses online.

How to hide IP Address?

Luckily, the task of hiding IP addresses does not look quite difficult. In fact, you can conduct it without any fuss since it does not need any rocket.

Through three (3) simple steps, you can achieve your mission straightaway. Here is how you can do:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service of your choice
  • Download and install the desired app on your device
  • Connect to your required to hide your IP address and location online

Moreover, a VPN offers unbeatable advantages to its users. You can contemplate these benefits in the form of encryption, secure and anonymous torrenting; overcome region-blocking hassles and so on. The advantages of availing are no different as you can attain same kinds of benefits after altering your IP addresses.


Check out a few VPN services that may come in handy to hide IP address while you are online or to hide IP address while torrenting.

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6 Methods to Hide Your IP Address & Stay Anonymous

Interestingly, you can also adapt to other approaches that allow you to alter your IP addresses. Here is the list of different methods that consists of:

  • Use Proxies
  • Opt TOR
  • Select Mobile network
  • Use Public Wi-Fi
  • Unplug your Modem
  • Contact Your ISPs

Use Proxies

Proxies do help users in changing their IP addresses. However, the only download that relates to proxies is its slow performance. These work just like a bridge that allows you to pass your internet traffic easily. Furthermore, it passes your information to the required destination.


Proxies take charge of your connection by interrupting your online traffic.  Still, VPNs outperform proxies by a long distance in terms of speed and security.  Likewise, proxies do not encompass spoofing like VPNs that protect all your data.


“The Onion Router” is another freemium way of hiding your IP addresses stress-free. It helps you to connect to volunteer operated servers network. Hence, you can avail new IP addresses as VPN provides. In addition, TOR offers other advantages to its users as they can gain access to their desired sites those are unreachable with normal browsers.


However, it has turned out to be safe havens for cybercriminals as they can use TOR for accomplishing their illegal needs. Unfortunately, it also irritates its user through its slow loading time problems. Lastly, it is not foolproof too because governments can make use of its loopholes next level

Select Mobile Network

Similarly, you can use cell phone data to change your IP addresses. At the cost of your privacy, you may carry out this function. Hence, you can obtain an entirely different IP address in the end. If you rely on your mobile data, chances are that you are eyeing for short term solutions.


Image Credit: PCSteps

Use Public Wi-Fi

By connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, you can achieve your IP address alteration objective. Still, you will have to anticipate different downsides while using this method. The said approach does not encrypt your internet traffic nor makes you secure and invisible online.


Unplug your Modem

You can unplug your modem for a short while. As a result, you can change your IP addresses after reconnecting it. Here is how you can unplug your modem:

  • Open command prompt as administrator and type ipconfig/ release, hit enter
  • Write ipconfig/ renew and hit enter again
  • Turn off your system and shut down all your Ethernet hubs and switches
  • Unplug your cable/modem for a long time as much as you can wait
  • Turn on to see the magic by getting a brand new IP address

If you have connected your Windows devices through router, you should follow below mentioned steps:

  • Provides your credentials to login to your router’s admin console and release IP address
  • Turn off your system and shut down all your Ethernet switches or hubs
  • You should unplug your cable/ DSL modem
  • Wait for long time as much as you can
  • You can see the magic by observing a new IP address


Contact Your ISPs

You can change your IP addresses by forcing your ISPs to provide you dynamic IP address benefit. After contacting to your ISPs, you can get your job done. Sadly, this track may not work in your favor all the time but may work most of the time for you.

Hide IP Address for Torrenting

Torrenting may be legal in some countries, but the Western countries and the copyrights advocates are doing their best to put an end to online piracy. Some European countries and the United States are fighting hard to keep the users away from downloading copyrighted material through torrents and they have already put many individuals behind the bars for violating the copyrights law.


It is important to hide IP address while torrenting if you decide to download something. Though I do NOT recommend the users to download the copyrighted material, but if they are doing it they should be extra careful and be watchful of the snoopers and surveillance agencies. The users, though, can make use of VPN for torrenting to hide IP address.

Hide IP Address for Online Gaming

Have you ever been DDoS attacked by your opponent because you were winning? If you are a pro-gamer, you must be aware of the common struggles of an online gamer. A Virtual Private Network can help you with hiding IP address online by simply connecting you to a different server and assigning you a different IP address.


What good would it do, you may ask? Let me describe you in detail. Connecting through a different server via a gaming VPN may not only reduce your gaming lag, but it can also save you from the unwanted DDoS attacks. Should the thought of attacking your IP cross your opponent’s mind, he will end up being frustrated because of not being able to locate your original and pseudo IP address.



You can hide your IP addresses on Mac with a VPN, TOR, proxy server, public Wi-Fi, and mobile networks. To change IP address on Safari, follow below described steps:

  • Open Safari and select preferences
  • Go to advanced>proxies>settings>HTTP
  • Avail a new IP address through a free proxy service
  • Copy and paste IP address along with port number
  • Press OK and apply

The same goes for iPhone too. You can select a VPN to mask your IP addresses instantly. You can choose proxies, TOR, mobile networks, public Wi-Fi and other approaches to change your IP addresses.

You can use a VPN to change your IP address on Windows by subscribing to your desired VPN service. Once you have downloaded VPN app, you can connect to VPN server of another country to alter your IP address.

You can use a VPN that changes your IP address completely. By doing so, you can play online games securely and anonymously.

Wrapping Up

How to hide IP address is surely a next big thing in coming future. This act is included in one of those security measures that you take to secure your privacy. As I said earlier, using a VPN is one of the best ways to hide your IP addresses from several surveillance factors.

I sincerely hope that my efforts will surely reap you rewards in exploring the real benefits of changing your online locations. It is time for me to drop the mic, Adieu.

Please tell me about your experiences you incur while altering your IP addresses.