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Avast VPN vs NordVPN

🏆Winner: NordVPN

Avast VPN vs. NordVPN – Which is the better VPN for privacy, security, and online accessibility?

Well, here in this comparison guide, we’ve put Avast VPN and NordVPN head to head and have compiled tables to help you figure out which one offers better value for money.

After a detailed comparison, we concluded that NordVPN is better than Avast VPN.

Avast VPN vs. NordVPN: Head-to-Head Comparison

🏆NordVPN is the winner!

I performed this side by side comparison between Avast and NordVPN and concluded NordVPN as the winner based on the following:

  • Logging: NordVPN does not keep any logs
  • Speed: 24.91 Mbps
  • Servers: 5,000+ servers
  • Jurisdiction: Panama (safe jurisdiction for a VPN service)
  • Price: $3.30/mo
  • Live Chat Support

🏆Get NordVPN ($3.30/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee

A Quick Comparison of Avast VPN and NordVPN

In this Avast VPN vs. NordVPN comparison, we compared the key features of both providers, which are summarized below: Also, you can explore our detailed VPN comparison chart, which has more insights about other VPNs.

FactorsAvast VPNNordVPN
JurisdictionCzech RepublicPanama
Logging PolicyKeeps IP, timestamp logsNo logs
Pricing$3.99/month $3.30/mo
Speed9.57 Mbps28.45 Mbps
Server Network100+ servers
34 countries
5,000+ servers
59 countries
Customer SupportFAQs/TelephoneLive chat
NetflixNot supportedSupported

🏆Get NordVPN ($3.30/mo)30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Detailed Comparison

Both VPNs have their own pros and cons. For instance, Avast is a renowned player in the cybersecurity industry. Though admittingly, it is more commonly recognized for its award-winning anti-malware suites than its VPN service. As a result, it lacks a few advanced VPN-specific features.

NordVPN is solely a VPN provider that has been working in the VPN industry since 2012. This gives NordVPN a slight edge over Avast VPN. However, a major reason why we think NordVPN is better than Avast VPN is because of its features. Below is a detailed comparison of NordVPN and Avast VPN.

1. Pricing Plans

Result: NordVPN is slightly cheaper than Avast VPN  

PlansAvast VPNNordVPN
2-years$3.99/mo $3.30/mo

Avast Secureline It offers three different pricing plans. Previously, Avast used to offer subscriptions depending on the device you had; however, that has changed now. Currently, their 1-year plan costs $4.99/mo, and their 2-year and 3-year plan costs $3.99/mo. All of the plans that I’ve just mentioned can be used on 5-devices simultaneously.

NordVPN   It is also quite reasonable in pricing; however, Avast VPN is a bit expensive in terms of pricing. NordVPN also offers three plans; however, unlike Avast VPN, it substitutes the 2-year plan for a monthly plan. As for pricing, the 1-month plan costs $11.95/mo, the 1 year plan costs $4.92/mo, and the 2-year plan costs $3.30/mo . Even you can get the maximum discount through the NordVPN lifetime deal.

Payment Methods and Refund Policy

Result: Both Avast VPN and NordVPN have come to a draw in this category.

Payment method & RefundAvast VPNNordVPN
Credit CardYesYes
30-day Money-back guaranteeYesYes

Avast VPNTo purchase Avast VPN, you can make a payment through credit cards or PayPal. Both of these options are secure; however, an added crypto option would have given Avast VPN an edge over NordVPN. As for refunds, Avast VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN on the other hand, can be purchased through either credit cards or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. NordVPN used to accept PayPal payments in the past; however, not anymore. Similar to Avast VPN, all NordVPN subscription packages are refundable within 30-day.

2. Speed Results: Avast VPN vs. NordVPN

Result: NordVPN 15.9 Mbps faster than Avast VPN

Speed is another important factor that affects the functionality and overall performance of a VPN. Without good speed, you can’t expect good streaming or torrenting performance. The speed of both providers for this comparison round was measured on a base connection of 30 Mbps. Here are the results:

Speed in CountriesAvast VPNNordVPN
US9.57 Mbps25.46 Mbps
UK8.43 Mbps25.09 Mbps
Germany9.21 Mbps24.29 Mbps
Australia8.84 Mbps24.81 Mbps
Avg. Download9.01 Mbps24.91 Mbps

Avast SecureLineLies in the middle-tier in the hierarchy of fast VPNs. With all four server locations in the US, the UK, Germany, and Australia, Avast VPN managed to output around 9.01 Mbps average download speed. This can be considered an above-average speed overall.

NordVPN Managed to offer far better speeds than Avast VPN. While connecting to the same server locations as Avast VPN, NordVPN managed to output around 24.91 Mbps download speed. Frankly, you can’t ask for a better speed performance than NordVPN.

3. Server Network: Avast VPN vs NordVPN

Result: NordVPN offers way more servers than Avast VPN.

Avast VPNNordVPN
100 servers in 34 countries5,000+ servers in 59 countries

Avast VPN Has a relatively small server network compared to NordVPN. Although the provider doesn’t mention the exact number of servers on its website, it does indicate that it has 100 servers in 34 countries.

NordVPN On the other hand, it has the largest servers network in the entire VPN industry. Currently, NordVPN’s server network is comprised of 5,000+ servers operating in 59 countries. This is why NordVPN is the apparent winner in this category.

4. Logging Policy: Avast VPN vs. NordVPN

Result: NordVPN has a true no-logs policy compared to Avast VPN, which logs IP and timestamps.

Logging policy is a factor of extreme importance that determines the level of privacy a VPN can guarantee. Although you can see the comparison between NordVPN and Avast VPN’s logging policies below:

Logs TypeAvast VPNNordVPN
Connection logsYesNo
Activity logsNoNo

Avast Secureline Although Avast VPN has an extensively written privacy policy page on its website, it still keeps logs of IP addresses and timestamps. That’s something NordVPN refrains from.

NordVPN In comparison, NordVPN has one of the best logging policies in the industry. NordVPN expressly avoids maintaining logs of user IP, bandwidth, timestamps, or traffic logs. This is what makes NordVPN one of the best privacy solutions that you can get.

5. Compatibility: NordVPN vs. Avast VPN

Result: NordVPN offers better compatibility with a wide range of devices as compared to Avast VPN

CompatibilityAvast VPNNordVPN
Android TVNoYes

Avast SecureLine is compatible with desktops and smartphones, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. However, it does not support less common platforms such as Linux and other devices like routers.

NordVPN – Aside from being compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, NordVPN also supports a broader range of devices, including Android TV, Firefox, Chrome, Firestick, Kodi, Roku, and significant platforms. As a result, NordVPN once again wins in this category.

6. Customer Support: NordVPN vs. Avast VPN

Result: NordVPN offers 24/7 live chat, whereas Avast VPN doesn’t.

SupportAvast VPNNordVPN
Live chatNoYes
Email supportYesYes
Telephone supportYesNo
Troubleshooting guidesYesYes
Setup guidesYesYes

Avast SecureLine It offers customer support over live phone calls 24/7. Avast also has a forum and knowledge base containing many helpful articles if you have any queries. However, Avast does not provide support over live chat, which leaves a lot to be desired because a written mode of instant communication is often more helpful than receiving instructions over a phone.

NordVPN Offers assistance to customers over live chat, available 24/7. In addition, you can find detailed instructions, setup guides, and FAQs on NordVPN’s support page. Their support staff is technically competent and highly responsive, which is extremely valuable for sorting something out.

We tested the responsiveness of NordVPN’s live chat by inquiring about their Netflix functionality. It only took roughly 30 seconds for their representative to respond, which is quite impressive.


Due to the convenience of a 24/7 available live chat feature, NordVPN has a clear advantage over the Avast VPN.

7. Unblocking Strength: Nord VPN vs. Avast

Result: While both services can unblock a bunch of streaming services, NordVPN performs better.

Streaming ChannelsAvast VPNNordVPN
Disney PlusYesYes
Amazon Prime VideoYesYes
Sling TVYesYes
Fubo TVNoYes
BBC iPlayerYesYes

The ban on VPNs by Netflix and other streaming services has affected many providers. So let’s see if Avast VPN and NordVPN have the ability to unblock popular streaming channels like Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Avast SecureLine It was unable to unblock Netflix during the testing process. So, if you’re looking for a solution to access Netflix from a region of your choice, Avast SecureLine, unfortunately, won’t cut it. But as for other services like BBC iPlayer, Avast VPN worked just fine.

NordVPN It is not only capable of unblocking Netflix US but can also effectively unblock other streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and many more. Best of all, NordVPN’s fast speeds allow for high-quality video streaming. You can also check out the NordVPN vs. Surfshark comparison as proof of the fact that NordVPN does offer high speeds in comparison to other VPNs. 

8. Torrenting: Avast Secureline VPN vs. NordVPN

Result: NordVPN is safer for torrenting than Avast VPN, thanks to its obfuscation technology.

Torrenting FeaturesAvast VPNNordVPN
No LogsNoYes
Fast SpeedsAvgYes
Unlimited BandwidthYesYes
Safe JurisdictionYesYes

Torrenting support is one of the factors that users usually consider before buying a VPN. However, since not all VPNs allow P2P file sharing, let’s see if NordVPN and Avast VPN can help you download torrents.

Avast SecureLine – It has several dedicated servers that allow torrenting. Currently, Avast has around eight servers that support torrenting. However, it lacks the obfuscation technology that can be crucial for privacy.

NordVPN -It offers a massive 5800+ server network with complete P2P support. NordVPN also offers obfuscation technology so you can easily access any torrent website using their servers without worrying about your activities being tracked. All in all, NordVPN is certainly the safest VPN for torrenting out there.

9. Jurisdiction: Avast VPN vs. NordVPN

Result: NordVPN is headquartered in a safer jurisdiction (Panama) than Avast Secureline (Czech Republic).

Avast VPNNordVPN
Czech Republic (Safe)Panama (Safe)

Avast Secureline – It is located in the Czech Republic. The country has no mandatory data retention laws, but it is believed to be a “cooperative” member of the 5/9/14 eyes alliance. Moreover, since the country is part of the EU, data retention requirements may apply in some cases. As such, the Czech jurisdiction of Avast VPN is not as secure as NordVPN’s Panamanian jurisdiction.

NordVPN It is headquartered in Panama, which is a haven for privacy advocates. There are no data retention requirements on ISPs and VPN providers based in the country, and neither does it have any sort of affiliation with surveillance agencies in the US, UK, and their allies. This is why NordVPN is one of the safest options available for users that value their privacy.

Jurisdiction is essential when you are deciding on a VPN for yourself. For example, you don’t want to purchase a VPN provider like TunnelBear, operating from Canada (Part of the 5 eyes alliance), and risk your online privacy and data. Speaking of TunnelBear, even though it is a competitive VPN provider on many levels with NordVPN, it is not a favorite due to its jurisdiction. Check out how it performs against top-tier VPN in TunnelBear and NordVPN comparison.

10. Security and Features: Avast Secureline VPN vs. NordVPN

Results: NordVPN offers a wider range of security features than Avast VPN

Security FeaturesAvast VPNNordVPN
AES-256 encryptionYesYes
Leak protectionYesYes
Kill switchYesYes
Benchmark protocolsYesYes
Onion over VPNNoYes
Double VPNNoYes
Ad/malware blockerNoYes
Split tunnelingNoYes

Avast SecureLine It uses AES-256 encryption and standard VPN protocols. Although Avast doesn’t offer many features, it does offer DNS leak protection and a Kill switch to make sure you remain anonymous online. Other than that, the provider supports up to 5 multi-logins if you need to secure more than one device simultaneously.

NordVPN also uses the AES-256 standard encryption, which has become the industry standard among VPN providers. But other than that, NordVPN also uses modern VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2.

NordVPN doesn’t stop here. To further enhance your security, it offers features like Onion over VPN, leak protection, kill switch, CyberSec, and even Double VPN, which grant you twice the anonymity and security than traditional VPNs. For this reason, NordVPN gets the better of Avast VPN.

Final Verdict: Avast VPN vs. NordVPN

So based on the detailed comparison, NordVPN is the winner and a better choice than Avast VPN. To sum up, Avast SecureLine offers way fewer features than NordVPN. In contrast, NordVPN provides a lot more features at a much more competitive price. You can read in-depth about the features offered by both providers in our comprehensive NordVPN review and Avast VPN review.

Anyways, NordVPN is significantly better than Avast in terms of performance. Therefore, whether you consider the ability to unblock Netflix, secure torrent, accessing restricted websites, and enchanting your online anonymity, then NordVPN is the better choice when compared to Avast VPN.


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