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TunnelBear vs NordVPN

Winner: NordVPN

The recent scandals related to online privacy have brought digital privacy into mainstream attention. It has caused more and more netizens to embrace VPNs as their safeguard against cyber-snoopers.

TunnelBear vs NordVPN are two providers fighting this battle against rogue elements on the web and boost online privacy of the users.

However, the question is: which of the two VPNs is better if measured against each other?

NordVPN is a significantly better VPN service than TunnelBear on many different fronts, as you will find out in this comparison.

Tunnelbear vs NordVPN: Head to Head

NordVPN is the winner!

NordVPN is clear winner over Tunnelbear for being more efficient in following areas:

  • Base Country: Panama (one of the safest VPN jurisdictions)
  • Pricing: $3.49/month
  • Fast Speeds: 24.91 Mbps on 30 Mbps connection where Tunnelbear serves only 5.56 Mbps
  • Servers: Over 5,000 servers in 55+ countries where Tunnelbear offers just 22 servers
  • Steady support for Netflix

For a brief overview of the comparison, see the table below:

Logging PolicyNo logsNo logs
Speed5.56 Mbps24.91 Mbps
Server Network22+ servers
22 countries
5,000+ servers
55+ countries
Customer SupportEmail/tutorialsLive chat/tutorials
Netflix UnblockingNot supportedSupported

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Result: NordVPN is located in the safer jurisdiction of Panama as opposed to TunnelBear (Canada).

(Five Eyes – Unsafe)
(Safe )

NordVPN is located in Panama, which is one of the strongest attributes of this VPN. Panama is free from any mandatory data retention laws, so NordVPN’s operations can run without retaining any data logs of users.

TunnelBear is entirely different story. Based in Canada – a member of the Five Eyes alliance – TunnelBear has to abide domestic laws for storing logs of users which can be used to assist surveillance programs of agencies in the country.

Therefore, NordVPN is a much safer choice by a long shot.


Logging Policy

Result: Both providers have a safe and privacy focused logging policy

Does not store personally identifiable informationNo logs retained

Fortunately, both of these services do not keep any logs. This means your activity on these VPNs remains absolutely private. You have no reason to worry about losing your personal information witheither NordVPN or TunnelBear


Pricing, Payment Methods and Refund Policy

Result: NordVPN is cheaper than TunnelBear

Monthly: $5.75/moMonthly: $11.95/mo
6-month: None6-month: None
2-year plan: NoneYearly: $6.99/mo
3-year plan: None2-year plan: $4.99/mo
Unlimited: $4.99/mo3-year plan: $3.49/mo

NordVPN’s services costs $3.49 a month if you avail its 3-year package, which is remarkably cheap.

TunnelBear is a freemium VPN service and you can get its free version with the catch that it has a 500 Mb/month bandwidth limit, which is ridiculously low. But it’s free so you can’t really complain.

The premium TunnelBear packages offer unlimited bandwidth but costs $4.99/month on their unlimited package, which is $1.5 higher than NordVPN.

Credit cardsCredit cards
PayPalNot accepted
Does not accept AliPayAliPay
Does not accept Union PayUnion Pay

Both providers accept multiple payment methods including cryptocurrencies, which is great for keeping yourself anonymous.

Finally, both providers offer 30-day money-back guarantee on all packages.



Result: NordVPN a outstandingly larger server network (5,000+ servers) than TunnelBear (22 servers)

22+ servers
22+ countries
5,000+ servers
55+ countries

When it comes to providing a vast number of servers, NordVPN certainly takes the cake. It provides an outstanding 5,500+ servers in 60 countries.

Many VPN services fail to match NordVPN’s server coverage. TunnelBear is one of these services as it only offers 22 servers, one in each of the country that falls within the network of the provider.

Hence, NordVPN wins this round by quite a margin.


Speed: NordVPN vs TunnelBear

Result: NordVPN is much faster than TunnelBear

The speed tests for both providers were performed on Ookla using a 30 Mbps connection.

TunnelBear offers sluggish download speed. It measured 5.56 Mbps when tested on Ookla.

TunnelBear US speed

NordVPN, on the other hand, is known for its fast speed. On a US server, it measured 28.45 Mbps.



Result: NordVPN is compatible with a wider array of devices than Tunnelbear

Windows, Mac, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Android, iOS
Chrome, FirefoxChrome, Firefox
Does not have apps for Routers and Smart TVsRouter, Smart TV

Both of these VPNs are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Also, they both have extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. However, NordVPN can be set up on your router while TunnelBear does not provide such feature.


Torrent and P2P Support

Result: NordVPN is safer for torrenting

Many countries restrict torrenting and send engage in this practice. Hence, for safe torrenting, one requires VPNs.

NordVPN has dedicated servers for users to download content without worrying about legal hassles. In contrast, TunnelBear does not support torrenting and the fact that it is based in Canada is enough reason to give a wide berth to this VPN for torrenting purposes.


Netflix Support

Result: NordVPN is faster and more efficient for Netflix

Netflix is no longer supported by a majority of VPN services. TunnelBear is one of such VPNs that have lost the ability to access Netflix without getting detected by proxy firewall of the streaming platform.

However, NordVPN has the server infrastructure and technology to continue unblocking Netflix with ease for users who want to access certain regions of Netflix to get all exclusive content.

Therefore, NordVPN is the better VPN service for Netflix.


Security & Privacy

Result: NordVPN has more value-added extra features as compared to TunnelBear

There is no use of a VPN if it does not have the features to secure your connection. This is the reason why privacy features and security features of a service should be taken seriously.

NordVPN is a feature rich VPN while TunnelBear also has a sufficient tools to ensure your digital privacy.

Kill switchKill Switch
Not offeredNAT Firewall
AES 256 bit encryptionAES 256-bit encryption
OpenVPN and IKEv2OpenVPN and IKEv2
Not offeredCyberSec
Not offeredOnion over VPN
Not offeredDoubleVPN

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Customer Support

Result: NordVPN has more efficient and responsive customer support than TunnelBear

Does not have live chatLive chat
Email ticketingEmail ticketing


Final Verdict: NordVPN is the winner!

As our TunnelBear vs NordVPN review shows, it is hard to match the features and utilities provided by NordVPN. Even though TunnelBear has fast servers, kill switch and a decent server coverage, NordVPN outshines it in all aspects.

The biggest edge NordVPN has over TunnelBear is the catalog of servers.  With 4870 servers in 62 countries, NordVPN establishes itself as the top VPN on the web.

In addition, it is hard to beat NordVPN’s customer service as it has 24/7 support and 30 days refund policy.

Overall, TunnelBear is an exceptional VPN service that might sate the privacy needs of many users. Nevertheless, NordVPN is a top VPN provider for a good reason. If you’d like to know more about both of these providers, see NordVPN review and TunnelBear review.


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