Opera VPN Review 2018 – Price, Features & More

The Symantec Corporation who acquired SurfEasy LLC has recently launched the latest version of Opera Virtual Private Network App by the name of Opera VPN 49. The service has also introduced its own data centers feature that will allow the users to experience much improved performance on their devices.

Here is a detailed review for Opera VPN 2018. Here, we will evaluate the chances of Opera being one of the best VPN services on the net.

Quick Summary

Opera is a free VPN service offered by Opera web browser to its users. The software company is Norwegian based. However, Opera acquired SurfEasy VPN service last year, which offers loads of potential for improvement and innovation. Currently, Opera VPN offers 5 servers location that include Canada, United States, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore.

What makes Opera browser different from the other web browser is its user friendly features and popularity. Another distinctive feature that sets OperaVPN apart is its new feature called Neon. That said, the VPN service is not short of flaws. To learn all the details, read our Opera VPN review.


  • Availability of free plan
  • Attractive website design and layout
  • Servers are available in 5 different countries
  • Free VPN app for iOS and Android
  • Ad blocking on mobile devices


  • Limited number of servers
  • Terms of Service
  • Security Issues
  • It Does Not Look Like A VPN


Pricing and Plans

According to our Opera VPN review, the provider does not charge anything from its subscribers. When it comes to comparing prices with other VPN services, you will be astonished to know that Opera VPN offers its services absolutely free. There are no premium plans offered by the provider at the moment. However, we do expect the provider to follow the path of after viewing ZenMate review and introduce a paid package in the years to come.


Opera VPN Servers Review

During this review, we explored that the provider offers server locations in 5 different countries of the world. These countries include Canada, United States, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore. However, I reckon that the service has to increase its server’s location in other corners of the world as their subscriber base is increasing at a rapid pace.

Our Opera VPN review also reveals that the users will now connect to their preferred servers available on three major regions.

These three major regions include:

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia



Opera VPN Customer Support Review

OperaVPN has a dedicated customer support section, which consists of FAQs and Media Inquiries. However, the service should add live chat support and ticketing feature since subscribers want an immediate response from the provider. We thoroughly evaluated FAQs in detail, but we were unable to find detailed information regarding subscribers’ queries. Similarly, users can also use Media Inquiries to get the solution of their queries through email.



Opera VPN Windows Review

The VPN is available as a browser extension and comes pre-installed in the web browser.



To activate the feature, just follow these steps:

  • Ho to menu privacy & security
  • Navigate to VPN
  • Check the checkbox ‘Enable VPN’ in order to activate the feature
  • And that’s it, Opera VPN will be active


After installing Opera VPN on Windows, we analyzed the performance of the provider in detail. We were able to unblock and stream on different services such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and also access content on YouTube, which is otherwise blocked. Therefore, OperaVPN is a viable option for those users who want to unblock social media websites and watch their favorite content online. See more about best VPN for Windows (VPN providers list for all versions of Windows)


Opera VPN Android App Review

Likewise, we received the same performance levels from Opera VPN on Android. During our testing, we accessed social media website Facebook, streamed multiple content on YouTube, and unblocked various website that are blocked outside the US. Therefore, we would recommend users to try and experience the service on their Android devices.


Opera VPN Download Process

The official website of the service is quite helpful since it offers a designated download section for its users. All you need to do is to visit the homepage, then click on the download tab. After clicking on the download tab, you can select your preferred client (Android, Windows, Mac or iOS). Both, Android and iOS apps can easily be downloaded from their respective apps stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store). Find a list of best VPN for Mac in 2018 here.



During the Opera VPN review, we thoroughly analyzed the official website in order to obtain the information about the tutorial section. We were surprised to know that there was no dedicated sections that offered setup guides for new users. Hence, the service needs to improve/add its tutorial section if the provider wants to make a mark in the VPN industry in near future.


Opera VPN Protocols and Encryption Review

Opera‘s official website does not provide clear information regarding encryption and protocols. However, as per the analysis of our Opera VPN review, it was revealed that the provider offers AES 256-bit encryption only.

We tried our level best to know about the other protocols and different encryption levels Opera VPN offers. However, we could not find any clue regarding the protocols and encryption levels whatsoever. Since many users use the service for privacy and security, it is important that this information is available. Therefore, this is another area that the provider needs to improve in terms of protocols and encryption levels on immediate basis.


Opera VPN Log and Privacy Policy Review

One of the areas of concern for OperaVPN is its privacy policy section. Although it holds a lot of detail, it is unclear for how long does the service stores users’ information. Opera VPN‘s privacy policy is composed of ten privacy principles that include accountability, identifying the purposes, consent, limiting collection, limiting use, disclosure and retention, accuracy, safeguards, openness, individual access, and challenging compliance too. Furthermore, Opera VPN does not permit the use of torrents on its services.


Security Issues of Opera VPN

OperaVPN undoubtedly offers lots of features. However, there are areas where Opera needs improvement drastically. Here is the list of security issues associated with Opera VPN.

Limited Number of Servers

As per the findings of this Opera VPN review, the provider does not have a large server base, which is certainly an issue. There are other VPN services providing a range of servers in different countries of the world. Hence, Opera needs to add more servers if the service wishes to compete in the VPN industry in coming years. The users don’t have enough choice since the provider is only offering 5 servers to its users at the moment.

Terms of Service

The interesting thing about Opera VPN is that Opera Software is based in Norway. In addition, SurfEasy a VPN service acquired by Opera is Canadian based. This situation does not make a good sense for the users because Norway is a country which does not impose any kind of data retention laws on its citizens. On the other hand, Canada is a member of Five Eyes Alliance.

The Five Eyes Alliance group is mainly comprised of countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This group keeps an eye on the actions of citizens living in these countries through the help of spying.

Opera VPN can be considered as a good fit for those users who are more interested in performing routine activities over internet on daily basis. However, if you have to transmit highly confidential data on a regular basis then you should evaluate the pros and cons of Opera VPN in detail.

Security Issues

The basic purpose of any VPN service is to provide complete online security to its users. In that case, Opera VPN does not come up with the expectations of users. The service claims that it does not log any kind of customer information. However, the privacy policy tells another story to the users.

It Does Not Look Like A VPN

According to this Opera VPN review, we found misconceptions about its service.

One of the misconceptions is that it does not look like a VPN, rather it is more like a proxy server.  Opera VPN only performs the main function of unblocking and data encryption to some extent. The provider encrypts the data of the user which is transmitted between the web browsers and the internet. It means that Opera VPN only protects the browsing data of the users. Furthermore, any other information that is shared outside of the browser is not encrypted.


Opera VPN Reddit Review

Reddit is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most popular interactive platforms where users from different walks of life discuss various things with each other. You can find mixed reviews about Opera VPN on Reddit. As per the findings, there are users those who prefer to use Opera web browser due to its enhanced security features.

On the other hand, there are users those who are concerned about their privacy and don’t want to use any kind of free VPN service. According to them SurfEasy is not a no log service. Likewise, Opera sells everything to Google and Facebook and this policy is in accordance with its privacy statement.

Basically it depends on the users how they want to use the service of Opera VPN, which is a free VPN service. There are users over internet those who wish to compromise their online privacy and want to use free VPN service like Opera VPN.


Conversely, there are users those who don’t want to face any kind of privacy issue and are ready to spend money to secure their online privacy. You have to decide in which category of users you want to fall.

Payment Methods

After performing Opera VPN review in detail, we came to know that the service does not offer any kind of premium plan to its users. All the services offered by Opera are absolutely free, so its safe to say there are no payment methods you have to worry about.


How to Use Opera VPN

According to our review and analysis, the service is extremely helpful and easy to use. The subscribers need to download and install the browser on their desired devices. By doing so, you can enable Opera VPN from anywhere hassle-free.

Here is how you can use Opera VPN:

  • Go to ‘settings’, if you are using a Mac go to “preferences”
  • Select ‘Privacy & Security’, clasp the free VPN
  • You will see an icon with the name of ‘VPN’ in the browser
  • You may turn off and turn on VPN and select your preferred location



Opera VPN Benefits

Our review for OperaVPN unveils that the service offers a list of interesting benefits to the users. Here is the list of benefits that includes:

  • The service is well integrated in the browser
  • The provider offers user friendly app for Android and iOS platforms
  • The service provides ad blocking and eradicates ad tracking benefits

Opera VPN Benefits


Final Verdict

Opera VPN is still striving hard to make a mark in the VPN industry. This Opera VPN review reveals that the provider has to perform well in various aspects in order to get more recognition and acceptance among VPN users. Overall, the service offers attractive features like free VPN service, free Android and iOS apps. Likewise, the provider is highly regarded for offering browsing protection feature.

However, Opera does not protect all the data which is transmitted between the user and the internet. Similarly, users cannot make any kind of customization at their own. They don’t have much options to select server locations as there are only five servers available for selection. If you are looking for robust online security and ready to pay the price of premium VPN service, you should opt for another premium VPN service.

It is a bitter truth that it works more as a proxy for the browser than a VPN. Those users who simply want to bypass internet censorship then Opera VPN may turn out as a right choice for them.

If you are facing issues while using Opera VPN, you can consider reading our other best VPN services.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.


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