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A web browser is an application that grants users access to the world of Internet. Opera is one of the most widely used browsers for its user-friendly features and efficient performance. However, every browser has some inherent security vulnerabilities that can expose users to online threats.

In order to ensure a secure browsing experience, it is generally a good practice to use the best VPN for Opera browser. In this guide, we will explore reviews of the leading VPN services available for Opera browser. To secure your privacy while using other internet browsers, read our best VPN list to get answers of your queries.


Opera VPN Shutting Down

A VPN allows users to hide their real IP address and display a false one. Opera was one of the browsers offering  a built-in VPN feature to its users. However, Opera has recently decided to shut down its free built-in VPN.

As a result, Opera is no longer the browser which offered fee built-in VPN for enhancing the security of users. This is why users must now seek a good VPN for Opera browser. Opera has given no statements as to why it took the decision to remove the built-in VPN.

However, speculations among experts suggest that the company made this decision as a promotional strategy for SurfEasy VPN. This VPN was acquired by Opera in 2015. Unfortunately, without the built-in VPN, Opera is not as secure as it used to be.

You should therefore consider browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both of which have various VPN add-ons and extensions. You can read more about best VPN for Chrome to find out which VPN services are compatible with Chrome.

Why We Need to Use Opera VPN

A Chinese company known as Golden Brick Capital Private Equity owns opera. China is one of those countries known for allowing very limited privacy and freedom to users on the Internet. In addition, Opera stores some data and logs activity of users.

As such, Chinese authorities may intercept your data that is stored in Opera. To make sure your data is kept secure from government and surveillance agencies, you need to use the an Opera VPN. Exploring the Internet without the protection of a VPN can be dangerous with so many online threats lurking around.

Users need to be proactive and protect their online privacy through a strong VPN service.

In the following passages, we will discuss five of the best VPN services you can use with Opera.


5 Best VPN for Opera

Surfing the web without the protection of a VPN has become a risky activity. Today, hackers can compromise your data if you are not using a VPN with Opera. Therefore, you cannot afford to browse the web without first ensuring your security through a quality VPN provider.

There are various VPNs available for users today. However, the choice of the right VPN depends on a number of considerations. For instance, if you want to choose the perfect VPN to work with Opera browser, you have to consider a number of factors. These include encryption methods, privacy policy, and number of servers offered by the VPN.

Here is the list of five best VPNs for Opera that includes:

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$3.49 Per Month
70% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Years Deal


1.PureVPN provides exceptional Compatibility with Opera Browser through Split Tunneling

PureVPN for Opera

In our search for an Opera VPN, PureVPN ranks the highest. Opera does not support extensions and add-ons for VPNs as other browsers do. However, PureVPN has a split tunneling feature, which allows users to run certain apps with the VPN, including Opera.

PureVPN provides exceedingly strong encryption through Double VPN and Onion over VPN. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest VPN solutions available with budget-friendly subscription. In terms of price and service quality, PureVPN is also the best VPN for Windows you can get.

Pros of PureVPN
  • Supports Opera Browser with various features
  • Dedicated streaming support
  • 750+servers in 141 countries
Cons of PureVPN
  • No free trials

Explore our PureVPN review to know about the service accordingly.


2. NordVPN – Reliable VPN for Opera Mini

Nordvpn - best VPN for Opera

NordVPN offers amazing features at reasonable price, which is why many users opt for this service for securing their online privacy. The service values the privacy of their users and offers dedicated IP addresses and double VPN feature to provide users with maximum online protection.

In addition, the capability of NordVPN for allowing access to banned or restricted websites is one of its major strengths. If you are residing in a country with strict censorship, NordVPN can grant you smooth access to blocked content easily.

NordVPN offers compatibility with all the major OS and browsers. In fact, it is the best VPN for Opera mini, owing to its excellent compatibility with Android. NordVPN provides AES-256 standard for encryption as well as multiple protocol support.

Pros of NordVPN
  • Best Opera VPN for Android
  • Double encryption for robust security
  • 4300+ servers across 60+ countries
Cons of NordVPN
  • The provider offers an expensive monthly pricing plan

You should read our NordVPN review to discover hidden attributes of the service.


3. CyberGhost delivers prompt customer support with excellent service quality

Cybeghost - top vpn for Opera

If you want to stream sports or TV shows, you need a powerful VPN that allows you in bypassing geo-restricted websites. For instance, users living in the US can access Netflix US only.

To access prohibited content, you need a VPN service that offers a variety of server locations. CyberGhost is an excellent VPN service, offering more than 59 different server locations. The provider offers stable connectivity to all of its various servers.

In addition, CyberGhost allows users to browse and stream content at fast speeds without hogging on your Opera browser’s resources. Therefore, CyberGhost is arguably the best VPN for Opera browser.

Pros of CyberGhost
  • Provides support for P2P networking
  • 59+ servers worldwide
  • Follows a clear no-logging policy
Cons of CyberGhost
  • Users may face connectivity issues in some servers

You may explore our CyberGhost review to know about provider in detail.


4. PrivateVPN – the best VPN solution for P2P file-sharing through Opera

privatevpn-top-vpn-for-Opera Browser

Opera used to be the favorite browser for users who regularly perform P2P activities online. This was due to the built-in VPN browser facility. However, with the built-in VPN removed, Opera can no longer support P2P activities, especially in countries with strict legislations against online piracy.

This is where PrivateVPN comes in, which is one of the best VPNs for Opera browser in terms of P2P networking. The service is particularly useful for users needing to access geo-restricted UK websites and torrents since it offers multiple UK-based servers.

PrivateVPN ensures your security through 256-bit encryption and the use of tunneling protocols. Thus, it is a strong contestant for the best VPN Opera browser out there. In fact, its compatibility with Firefox is quite strong that you can consider it as the best VPN for Firefox too.

Pros of PrivateVPN
  • Offers multi-login facility to users
  • Adheres to a zero logging policy
  • Users can avail money-back guarantee for 30 days
Cons of PrivateVPN
  • Limited number of servers

You can consider reading our detailed PrivateVPN review to know about the service.


5. Ivacy – Offers Excellent and Secure Torrenting Experience


Ivacy is a VPN service that covers all the right bases we expect from a quality VPN provider. This online privacy brand provides optimized servers that efficiently support P2P file sharing. You can get fast torrent speeds without facing any connectivity issues.

Ivacy has a transparent privacy policy and does not log user data. The robustness of encryption protocols used by Ivacy is a prominent feature of the service. Strong encryption leads to greater protection of your privacy, allowing you to surf the web securely.

If you assume encryption quality as the primary criterion, Ivacy is the best VPN for Opera browser.

Pros of Ivacy
  • Provides fast web and torrenting speeds
  • Users can avail unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms
Cons of Ivacy
  • Refund policy is not favorable to users

To know more about the provider, read our exclusive Ivacy review.


Best Free VPN for Opera

Free products are always in great demand among customers. In the world of VPNs, there are some free services users can avail for Opera browser. However, you must bear in mind that free VPN providers are not an ideal solution if you want maximum privacy, reliability, and performance.

This is because free services generate revenue to support themselves through means other than direct sales. Often, free VPN providers log user data and sell your information to advertising agencies. Therefore, using free VPNs is always a risky option.

Nonetheless, some reliable and credible VPN brands provide impressive features to users. You can find the best VPN for Opera browser having a free edition listed below.

1. Windscribe – Offers incredible Features for Free


Windscribe in many ways is the best VPN for Opera browser available free for the users. This privacy brand offers a free P2P feature to support torrenting. Therefore, Windscribe is recommended for anyone looking for a free VPN.


2. TunnelBear – Delivers the Best Cross-Platform Functionality


TunneblBear provides excellent protection of your browsing history and activity on public Wi-Fi. It has great compatibility with different OS and platforms. You can easily access blocked content through TunnelBear.


3. SecurityKISS – Provides Excellent Customer Support


SecurityKISS is a strong VPN service available free. With SecurityKISS, accessing restricted websites is only a click away. The service provider delivers efficient customer support that addresses your concerns or queries straightaway.


4. ProtonVPN – Emphasizes Online Freedom for Everyone


ProtonVPN is one of the few free VPN providers that delivers unlimited bandwidth for your web surfing needs. It is Switzerland-based provider and offers superior compatibility across a range of platforms.


5. Hide.Me – Uses a Variety of Tunneling Protocols


Hide.Me is arguably the best VPN for Mac. This privacy software provides excellent protection of your identity while surfing online. However, the free version has a drawback as it offers only three server locations.


How to Use Opera VPN

Since Opera no longer comes with a built-in VPN, you should select a VPN provider with the best features and compatibility for Opera browser. Here are the steps you need to follow to install and use Opera VPN.

  1. Explore reviews for top VPNs and download the best VPN for Opera browser after purchasing a suitable subscription plan.
  2. Install the downloaded VPN in your system.
  3. Enter your login details when prompted.
  4. Start the VPN service and choose a server to connect to your desired location.
  5. Enjoy surfing web content on Opera browser anonymously.



APK is the file format used for installing apps in Android. Here is an Opera VPN APK link for downloading a good VPN for Opera browser in you Android device.


Opera VPN Doesn’t Work – Possible Solutions

If you find yourself in a situation where your VPN does not seem to be working, here are a few possible solutions. Even the best VPN for Opera browser can run into technical problems.

The most common problem associated with an Opera VPN is rejection of connection. When this happens, you should ensure that the Routing and Remote Access service in your system is activated. You can check this by navigating to the server’s Administrative Tools.

If Routing and Remote Access service is already enabled, you might need technical assistance to solve the problem. Always contact your VPN provider’s customer support team to have your problems resolved.


Best VPN for Opera – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opera VPN?

An Opera VPN is a privacy software that allows you to surf the web through Opera securely by protecting your identity online.

How Opera VPN Works?

A VPN works by moving your traffic through a secured private network. Moreover, it shields your online activity from the eyes of your ISP or government agencies. Therefore, you must make sure to use the best VPN for Opera browser for maximum privacy.

How to Activate Opera VPN?

A VPN can be activated by purchasing a license for the subscription plan that suits your needs. By entering your credentials in the software and selecting a particular server, you can secure your privacy instantly.


Wrapping Up

VPN services have become crucial for ensuring the security of our identities and safety from cyber-threats that abound on the Internet. As a result, using the best VPN for Opera browser is necessary for staying safe online. Users of Opera browser are now vulnerable because Opera no longer has the built-in VPN feature. Thankfully, we have some top quality VPN providers to save the day and ensure our safety online.