Opera VPN Review in South Korea [Updated 2023]

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Opera VPN is not a safe service to use. It doesn’t encrypt data and offers no tunneling protocol. It has an invasive logging policy and unsafe jurisdiction.

In this Opera VPN review in South Korea, we will elaborate on how Opera VPN is more of a proxy than an in-built free VPN that keeps you anonymous on the web. However, being a free VPN doesn’t mean you’re safe online. Opera VPN keeps your logs and browsing history.

Opera VPN also keeps track of your social media profiles once you log in to social websites. It comes with weak encryption, and any professional hacker can easily access your data. There’s no doubt that using this VPN is as easy as it gets. You can enable and disable it from the search bar in a matter of seconds.

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Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
2.6 / 10

Ranked #45 out of 56 VPNs

Based on our thorough Opera VPN review, we didn't find this VPN impressive. Although it is free, it failed to unblock most streaming platforms. It didn't work at all for torrenting either. Yes, it may have a decent number of servers but the network connections aren't reliable. So, we wouldn't recommend this VPN at all.
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Key Features for Opera VPN Review in South Korea

  1. Pricing – It is a free VPN built-in in the Opera browser
  2. Servers – 3,000+ private servers in over 30 countries and offers 4 locations servers
  3. Security – Offers AES-256 and RSA-4096 bit encryption protocols. No kill switch is provided
  4. Speed – We recorded a slow download speed of 45 Mbps over a 95 Mbps base connection speed
  5. Streaming – It did not work with Netflix or another streaming platform
  6. Torrenting – Opera VPN is useless for torrenting and P2P file sharing
  7. Ease of Use – It is easy to use and offers unlimited bandwidth
  8. Device Compatibility – No dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, or even iOS
  9. Bypass Censorship – Opera VPN allows users to set bypass rules for domains, excluding them from the VPN connection
  10. Customer Support – It has email support available


  • There are no instances of data leaks
  • You can sign up anonymously
  • The encryption used is AES-256
  • The service is completely free
  • There is a VPN built-in


  • Policy for logging is invasive
  • The server network is limited in size
  • Security measures only protect browser-based traffic
  • Lack of VPN protocol
  • Absence of a kill switch feature
  • Jurisdiction is considered dangerous (part of the Nine Eyes alliance)

Pricing – How Much Does Opera VPN Cost in South Korea?

Opera VPN offers both a free version and a paid version in South Korea, known as the “Pro” version. The Pro version is a paid service that provides more advanced features and capabilities than the free version.

opera-vpn-price-in-South Korea

There are different pricing options available for the Pro version in South Korea, including:

Plan duration Overall Cost Data limit
Monthly Plan US$7.99 Unlimited
6 Month Plan US$4.99 Unlimited
Yearly Plan US$3.99 Unlimited

The Pro version offers additional benefits such as more server locations, faster speeds, and no ads. Users who opt for the Pro version can enjoy a more comprehensive VPN service with enhanced privacy and security features. For more similar providers with low prices, see the best cheap VPN services in South Korea.

Servers & Location – How many servers does Opera VPN have in South Korea?

Opera VPN offers 3000 servers which appear to have a substantial network, but it is restricted to just 33 countries. This implies that users in certain regions may not experience optimal connection speeds.

To ensure maximum coverage and availability, it may be worthwhile to explore a more comprehensive VPN service that offers a broader range of server locations. This will provide greater flexibility and better performance across a wider range of geographic areas.

Australia France Netherlands Sweden
Austria Germany Norway Switzerland
Belgium Hong Kong Poland Turkey
Bulgaria Hungary Portugal USA (Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle)
Canada (Quebec, Vancouver) Ireland Romania UAE
Croatia Israel Serbia United Kingdom
Czech Republic Italy Singapore
Denmark Japan Slovakia
Finland Mexico Spain

On the desktop, you can click the VPN icon on the address bar, then tap the arrow inside the location box to view the full server list.

operavpn-pro-servers-in-South Korea

Click on servers to check out the location you want to select.

But then again, when you use this VPN, it only encrypts traffic within the browser. Anything outside the browser will remain unprotected. For example, if you are downloading torrents or using apps, it will not be encrypted in South Korea.

Is Opera VPN safe to use in South Korea?

No Opera VPN is not safe in South Korea and it is not advisable to use it as it lacks a tunneling protocol, has a logging policy that invades privacy excessively, and is not a proper VPN service. We do not recommend using Opera VPN for online protection. For privacy-conscious internet users, a reliable VPN is essential for secure browsing.

Using an unsafe VPN can actually pose a greater risk than not using a VPN at all. Despite being the world’s eighth most popular web browser, Opera’s free VPN service is not as good or secure as it is advertised to be. The privacy and security evaluation of Opera VPN shows that it falls short of expectations.

Is Opera VPN encrypted?

Yes, Opera VPN encrypts communication between the Opera browser and a proxy server, but it does not encrypt all traffic on your operating system. It only provides encryption for the browser traffic. So, it is not a true VPN in the sense of providing system-wide encryption in South Korea.

Opera VPN Jurisdiction

Opera is a Norwegian company. But it was sold to SurfEasy, a Canadian company, to Symantec, which is based in the United States. So, even though it’s a Norwegian company, it is managed by SurfEasy. It has unclear jurisdiction.

opera vpn jurisdiction

There seems to be an ambiguity there, but none of that matters because both Norway and the United States are a part of the 9 Eyes Alliance.

This means that when the authorities come asking for users’ data, they would have no choice but to abide by the law and close all your browsing history if they do track them. However, given the provider’s invasive logging policy, we are not surprised by its unsafe jurisdiction.

Opera’s VPN Logging Policy

According to them “We do not log any information related to your browsing activity or originating network address.” 

However, Opera’s privacy policy states that it logs some user data to display personalized ads. It undermines the concept of encrypting your browser traffic in the first place.


OperaVPN logs some user data to show personalized ads.

This is quite contradicting to what Opera states in its privacy policy as the provider logs a lot of user data and relies on third-party data processors. However, this isn’t uncommon as a lot of free VPN services sell user data to third-party advertisers for money.

Furthermore, if you delve into the privacy policy, you can also see that it clearly states that your data might be transferred to partner countries if requested.


Upon an official request, OperaVPN might share your data with other countries.

The only way to confirm Opera VPN’s claim to no-logs policy is if they undergo an independent audit. Other VPNs have undergone audits like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. It is an excellent way to build trust among the VPN community. Check out to know the importance of VPN logging policies.

Leak Test – Does It Leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

Opera VPN does not leak your IP or WebRTC. But unable to hide the DNS addresses. This was not surprising as the VPN lacks in terms of security features.

Again, we connected to their Americas server for testing any leaks.

Here is the test result:

IP Test

Luckily we found no IP leaks on OperaVPN America’s server as you can see the screenshot right below. So you don’t have to worry about it as long as you are connected with a VPN in South Korea.

operavpn-ip-leak-test (1)-in-South Korea

DNS Leak Test

It was quite disturbing to see as OperaVPN did not hide our DNS addresses:

operaVPN-dns-leak-test (1)-in-South Korea

WebRTC Test

From browserleaks.net, the results showed no leaks:

operaVPN-webrtc-leaks (1)-in-South Korea

How Fast is Opera VPN in South Korea?

Before writing this Opera VPN review in South Korea about its speed connection, we did an Opera VPN speed test. Unfortunately, we recorded a below-average network speed. This can be shown in our speed test results below. We evaluate 3 factors:

  • Download Speed – which indicates the speed of information reception and is important for activities such as torrenting and loading web pages, measured in Mbps
  • Upload Speed –  which indicates the rate at which information can be sent and is crucial for activities such as posting on social media and uploading videos to YouTube, also measured in Mbps
  • Ping – which measures the time it takes for a server to respond to inputs and is particularly important for online gaming where quick reactions to button presses are needed, measured in milliseconds (ms).

Before running speed tests, we first tested our VPN connection without a VPN connection. Then chose “Optimal location” in Opera VPN for testing because we thought that it would likely result in the fastest speeds. The internet connection before connecting to Opera VPN was 94.07 Mbps download speeds and 94.21 Mbps upload speeds.

base-connection-speed (1)-in-South Korea

This was our speed before connecting to its VPN server.

It decreased by 51.86% after we connected with the VPN optimal location. The download speed was 45.49 Mbps and the upload speed of 42.22 Mbps.

OperaVPN-speed-on-optimal-location (1)-in-South Korea

We experienced a huge speed loss when connected to the Opera-free VPN location.

Every VPN slacks some of the connection speed in South Korea. But some are slower than others. In the case of this VPN, we got extremely slow speeds. Our download rates decreased by three times when using Opera VPN Pro. Below, you can find a detailed table of our results:

Server location Download speed Upload speed Pings
No VPN 301.94 Mbps 291.81 Mbps 62 ms
Canada 168.08 Mbps 70.83 Mbps 60 ms
UK 99.92 Mbps 25.98 Mbps 180ms
Belgium 87.40 Mbps 11.02 Mbps 161  ms
Japan 116.13 Mbps 24.90 Mbps 200ms
United Arab Emirates 135.81 Mbps 17.74 Mbps 243 ms
Hong Kong 131.40Mbps 13.60 Mbps 217 ms
Australia 26.7 Mbps 20.48Mbps 201 ms
United States 170.08 Mbps 68.93 Mbps 60 ms

Streaming – Is Opera VPN Good for Streaming in South Korea?

No, Opera VPN is not a good VPN for streaming in South Korea. In this Opera VPN review, Opera does not unblock Netflix, but we weren’t surprised.

Opera VPN proved to be an unsuitable option for accessing streaming sites during testing. The VPN lacks the ability to select a specific country, limiting the chances of unblocking a streaming service restricted to certain regions.

Platform Does Opera Unblocks it
Netflix No
Hulu  No
BBC iPlayer  No
HBO Max  No
YouTube Yes

While trying to access Netflix with Opera VPN in South Korea, there was no change in the library despite using different continents, and the international page appeared instead. When attempting to access BBC iPlayer, it was impossible to unblock due to the VPN’s lack of a UK server option.

bbc-iplayer-geo-restriction-error-in-South Korea

If you access BBC iPlayer using Opera VPN, you’ll receive this geo-restriction error.

Hulu and HBO Max also failed to work with the US server. Using the Asian, European, and American servers did enable access to different YouTube libraries such as Indonesia and the USA. Unfortunately, this alone is not sufficient to make Opera VPN a recommended choice in South Korea.

operavpn-with-youtubeTV (1)-in-South Korea

We easily accessed YouTubeTV with Opera VPN American server.

Personal Experiences

In our personal experience, we found Opera VPN to be unsatisfactory in terms of unblocking capabilities in South Korea. The VPN was unable to bypass restrictions on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, which was a frustrating experience.

geo-restriction-error-on-hulu-in-South Korea


The inability to access these platforms greatly limited the functionality and usefulness of the VPN. Overall, we had an awful experience using the Opera VPN server address for unblocking streaming sites.

Does Opera VPN Allow Torrenting in South Korea?

No, Opera VPN does not permit torrenting activities in South Korea. It is important to note that Opera VPN is only available as a browser extension and does not provide clients for computers or mobile devices. Therefore, the VPN only affects the traffic that goes through the Opera browser VPN in South Korea and not the entire connection.

During testing, attempts to download via BitTorrent and uTorrent clients failed as Opera VPN does not support P2P traffic. It is also worth mentioning that Opera VPN has weak encryption, which can potentially expose users while torrenting.

As a result, it is not recommended to use Opera VPN for torrenting activities. Instead, other VPN services with the necessary security features and torrent-enhancing capabilities should be considered.

Opera VPN – Ease of Use

Opera VPN is a free and easy-to-use VPN service that provides unlimited bandwidth and doesn’t throttle your connection speed. It even has the ability to unblock American Netflix, making it an attractive choice in South Korea. Opera VPN is a great option for those who want a simple and user-friendly interface.

Device Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

Opera VPN Pro is available for Laptops/Desktops running Windows 8 and later, as well as Mac devices running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or above. You must download the most recent version of Opera for Desktop in order to use it. Currently, Windows 7 devices do not support Opera VPN Pro.

opera vpn apps-in-South Korea

Opera VPN works in the Opera browser, and luckily Opera runs on multiple operating systems. The browser is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux. But that means you cannot use it on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox etc.

On Android, the browser is downloaded with a VPN but not with iOS. Opera discontinued the iOS app, but it is available on the Android operating system. Keep in mind that the VPN is turned on by default, and you have to enable it from the settings. Once Opera browser secure VPN is enabled, it connects you to the fastest server according to your current location.

After connecting to a server, you can also check your IP address, and it will list your ISP as Opera software or SurfEasy. Meaning, it is enabled.

Overall, Opera VPN is easy to use, but there is limited functionality so it is very basic. You can also check out other Best VPN for multiple-device in South Korea instead of OperaVPN.

How to Use Opera VPN on Browser in South Korea

The VPN is available as a browser extension and comes pre-installed in the Opera browser. Here’s how you can use and install Opera VPN on your browser:

  • To enable Opera’s browser, you need to click on the Opera icon on the browser’s top left.

opera-vpn-settings (1)-in-South Korea

  • In the settings menu, scroll down, and you see a VPN section.

operavpn-enable-vpn (1)-in-South Korea

  • From there, you can enable the Opera VPN. The VPN will now appear at the left corner of the address bar of your browser window.

operavpn-home-page (1)-in-South Korea

And there you have it. You will now have the option to enable and disable the VPN instantly. The extension also tells you the data transferred.

However, that won’t matter much as this VPN has no bandwidth limitation.

Overall, Opera VPN is ultra-convenient. It is easy to connect, and disconnect, and can be set up within minutes. Moreover, we experience zero lags or other hindrances while using the service. All this makes up for a fantastic user experience in South Korea.

Opera VPN Download Process in South Korea

The service’s official website is quite helpful since it offers a designated download section for its users. All you need to do is visit the homepage, then click on the download tab.

There you will find the download Opera VPN browser options for multiple devices:

operavpn-download-devices (1)-in-South Korea

Is Opera VPN really a VPN?

No, Opera VPN is only a VPN by name, in fact, it is just a proxy service. Opera VPN does not provide the full range of benefits of a true VPN. While it may hide your IP address, it does not provide the level of security and privacy that a dedicated VPN service can offer. Opera VPN may also collect and share your data with third parties, which undermines the privacy protection that VPNs are supposed to provide.

While it may give some degree of information privacy, it falls well short of the benefits provided by a specialized VPN service. Before utilizing any service online, it is essential to understand its limitations and potential hazards.

While Opera VPN provides some level of safety by encrypting traffic and concealing your IP address, it functions more as a proxy service than a genuine VPN. Although it can collect and disclose data to external parties, it does not offer the same degree of security and privacy as a specialized VPN provider.

Does Opera VPN Work for the Whole Computer?

If you want to protect your entire computer or all of your device’s traffic, Opera VPN Pro is the ideal solution. By getting access to Opera VPN Pro, you can safeguard your web activity with VPN encryption of the next generation irrespective of the application you’re using. It offers complete VPN safeguards for a maximum of six devices with a single VPN Pro premium membership.

You can access the web securely with Opera VPN Pro, recognizing that your data is protected from prying eyes. It encrypts your data, preventing anyone from intercepting and reading your online activities. It also lets you link to servers in multiple regions, allowing you to access content that is restricted by location.

Bypass Censorship

In terms of bypassing censorship in restrictive countries like Saudi Arabia or China, Opera VPN fails to function properly. It doesn’t offer servers in such countries either. This fact didn’t come as a surprise to us since the VPN lacks the technology of obfuscationin South Korea needed to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

As a result, if you are traveling to a restrictive country for a business trip or on vacation, we’d advise you to opt for VPNs that work in China instead of relying on Opera VPN.


Unfortunately, Opera VPN keeps your connection and usage logs. We came to this conclusion by reviewing their privacy policy statement.

It reads:

“Once you log in to Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, we may collect your name and email address from these social networks.”

opera vpn logs policy-in-South Korea

Certainly, if they can collect the names and email addresses of social networking websites, why not your whole social profile?

They even run targeted ads for mobile users based on their original location.

It means they know your real location and IP address. These ads are run by monetization partners that are third parties. So, it relies on third-party partners as well. Overall, Opera VPN is not a safe VPN to use in South Korea.

Opera VPN Customer Support in South Korea

Upon conducting a thorough review of the entire Opera VPN browser website, it was discovered that no live chat or email support options were available. To seek assistance, users can click on the “Help” option, which only offers five frequently asked questions on a new page.

Opera’s website provides contact information, but the support website notes that the phone numbers provided cannot be used for product assistance. While Opera does have a forum, it is not solely dedicated to the VPN and a contact form is available only for providing feedback.

Here is a screenshot for the prove:

operavpn-customer-support (1)-in-South Korea

Opera VPN has poor customer support as there are no direct means to contact them through live chat or email ticketing. Assistance can be obtained via email or chat on Opera VPN Pro by emailing vpn-pro@support.opera.com or using the chat feature on their support page.

Although they don’t provide phone support, their representatives are efficient in offering support through chat and/or email.

Note: If you find your Opera browser VPN not working properly, there is no support for customer support you can reach out to. However, for quick troubleshooting tips, you can check out our guide Opera VPN not working in South Korea .

Alternatives to Opera VPN in South Korea

Since this VPN doesn’t possess any advanced security features, privacy seekers may demand something else. We’ve got them covered with the following in-depth reviews.

FAQs – Opera VPN Review in South Korea

No, while Opera VPN is advertised as a “free” VPN in South Korea, it actually comes with a catch. Sure, it claims to protect your browser privacy on desktop and mobile. However, the VPN service is only available as a built-in feature of the Opera browser, and the company monetizes the service by directing users to use their partner search engines, which Opera receives payment for.

Therefore, Opera VPN is not a truly free VPN service, but rather a tool for Opera to generate revenue.

Yes, Opera VPN does hide your IP address in South Korea, by spoofing it and concealing your location. However, it’s worth noting that Opera VPN doesn’t establish a proper encrypted connection between your computer and the internet like a genuine VPN does. Instead, it functions more like a browser proxy.

NordVPN is a better VPN service compared to Opera VPN. NordVPN offers a higher level of security and privacy features, including Double VPN, Tor over VPN, and a no-logs policy. NordVPN has a larger number of servers in more countries, allowing for more reliable and faster connections. It also offers better customer support and user experience.

Is Opera VPN trustworthy in South Korea?

Yes, Opera VPN encrypts your internet traffic in South Korea and routes it through its servers, which can hide your browsing history from your internet service provider and other third-party observers. This is because the VPN server assigns you a new IP address, masking your original IP address and making it difficult to track your online activity.

Yes, Opera VPN can successfully bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix in several regions. but, it’s worth noting that Opera VPN doesn’t allow users to select a specific country server, so it may not always work with the desired Netflix region.

Do We Recommend Opera VPN in South Korea?

No, we wouldn’t recommend Opera VPN. Based on our Opera VPN review in South Korea, we cannot recommend it as a safe or reliable VPN service. Although Opera VPN has some benefits, including its free and user-friendly nature, it falls short in important areas such as lacking essential security features, profiting from logging user data, and failing to use a recognized VPN tunneling protocol.

The only information sent from within the Opera browser window is protected, which limits its functionality. For better privacy and security, it is advisable to use a privacy-focused browser alongside a trusted and fully-featured VPN like ExpressVPN.

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