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Opera VPN is not a safe service to use. It doesn’t encrypt data and offers no tunnelling protocol. It has an invasive logging policy and unsafe jurisdiction.

In this opera VPN review in Australia, you will know that the opera VPN is more of a proxy than an in-built free VPN that keeps you anonymous on the web. But free doesn’t mean you’re safe online. Opera VPN keeps your logs and browsing history.

Not only that, but it also keeps track of your social media profiles once you log in to social websites in Australia. It comes with weak encryption, where any professional hacker can easily hack your data. There’s no doubt that using this VPN is as easy as it gets. You can enable and disable it from the search bar in a matter of seconds.

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My Rating Criteria – Opera VPN review in Australia

Below you will find a list of factors that I have used in this Opera VPN review in Australia.

  1. Pricing – How much does Opera VPN cost in Australia?
  2. Security – Encryption & features
  3. Jurisdiction – Is it located in a 5-eyes country?
  4. Speed – How fast is Opera VPN?
  5. Streaming – Does it work with Netflix in Australia?
  6. Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  7. Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support
  8. Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

Pricing – How much does Opera VPN cost in Australia?

Opera’s free VPN is a built-in VPN provider in the Opera browser. It is a completely free VPN that carries no cost whatsoever, not even hidden charges, and offers unlimited bandwidth.

Most free VPNs turn a profit by selling customer information or flooding their devices with adware.


While all this is true, free VPNs are also a blessing for people in countries where internet censorship is prevalent.

Opera browser VPN falls into a category of VPNs that provide minimal security, but it is useful in unblocking geo-restricted websites.

Opera VPN is a built-in VPN provider in the Opera browser. It is a free VPN that carries no cost whatsoever, not even hidden charges. Most free VPNs turn a profit by selling customer information or flooding their devices with adware.

Indeed, amidst internet censorship in certain countries, free VPN services serve as a valuable resource. Opera browser VPN belongs to a subset of VPNs offering basic security features, yet effectively unblocks geo-restricted websites. Explore additional similarly priced providers for the best cheap VPN in Australia.

Security – Encryption & features

One of the main reasons behind using a VPN is enhanced privacy. Let’s look at Opera’s privacy and security features. Opera offers encryption through HHTPS/SSL, which is not a recommended encryption level offered by the VPN industry.

Opera‘s official website does not provide clear information regarding encryption and protocols. Opera’s VPN doesn’t offer a VPN tunneling protocol such as OpenVPN or WireGuard that other VPN services offer.

Instead, Opera’s free VPN uses standard TLS encryption that is used on all basic HTTPS websites. This means, that even your browsing activity and traffic are not encrypted.

Keep in mind that this is a minuscule level of encryption, and a rookie hacker can breach it without difficulty.

Therefore, when it comes to protocols and encryption, Opera pretty much lacks in both departments. Also, as it is a browser proxy, so it only secures web browsing activity and traffic, and everything outside the browser is left unsecured.

So, if you are concerned about your online privacy, you might want to look elsewhere and go for a service that actually encrypts VPN traffic.

Opera is not a full VPN, and is more of a secure proxy service that does not fully encrypt your traffic, but only spoofs your location and hides your IP address. But, from a security perspective, it is better than most proxies because it actually encrypts your data.

Opera VPN Ad Blocker

An in-built VPN is not the only added feature in the Opera browser.

It also boasts a capable tool to block ads and trackers.

Once you have the adblocker enabled, all the annoying advertisements will be blocked instantly.

A blue marker on the right corner of the search bar will tell you how many ads have been barred from your browser along with the VPN status.


The blue marker on your browser will tell you how many ads and malware have been blocked.

Jurisdiction – Is it located in a 5-eyes country?


Opera is a Norwegian company. But it sold SurfEasy, a Canadian company, to Symantec, which is based in the United States. So, even though it’s a Norwegian company, it is managed by SurfEasy. It has unclear jurisdiction.

opera vpn jurisdiction

There seems to be an ambiguity there, but none of that matters because both Norway and the United States are a part of 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes country.

This means that when the authorities come asking for users’ data, they would have no choice but to abide by the law and close all your browsing history if they do track them.

However, given the provider’s invasive logging policy, we are not surprised by its unsafe jurisdiction.

Opera’s VPN Logging Policy

One of the most worrying things about Opera is its invasive privacy policy. The provider logs a lot of user data and relies on third-party data processors. This isn’t uncommon as a lot of free VPN services sell user data to third-party advertisers for money.

However, Opera’s privacy policy states that it logs some user data to display personalized ads. It undermines the concept of encrypting your browser traffic in the first place.


OperaVPN logs some user data to show personalized ads.

This is quite contradicting to what Opera states in its privacy policy. It says: “We do not log any information related to your browsing activity or originating network address.” 

If you delve into the privacy policy, you can also see that it clearly states that your data might be transferred to partner countries if requested.


Upon an official request, OperaVPN might share your data with other countries.

The only way to confirm Opera VPN’s claim to no-logs policy is if they undergo an independent audit. Other VPNs have undergone audits like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. It is an excellent way to build trust among the VPN community.

Servers and Locations

It offers only 6 servers, i.e., Argentina, Germany, USA, Vietnam, Singapore, and Sweden. while Opera VPN offers 6 servers, ExpressVPN stands out with an extensive network covering 105 countries, spanning 162 locations, and a total count exceeding 3000+, With unparalleled geographic diversity, ExpressVPN ensures a robust and secure connection worldwide.

Opera VPN’s servers are limited, which is a disappointment. It does not tell which Opera VPN server location it will connect to, so that’s a bit vague, I suppose. For example, to get a US IP address, I had to switch 3 servers. It basically connects you to an optimal location based on your current location.


OperaVPN only offers 6 server locations.

Opera needs to add more servers if the service wishes to compete in the VPN industry in the coming years.

But then again, when you use this VPN, it only encrypts traffic within the browser. Anything outside the browser will remain unprotected. For example, if you are downloading torrents or using apps, it will not be encrypted.

Speed – How fast is Opera VPN?

Before writing this Opera VPN review in Australia, I tested Opera VPN speed. This VPN has an average network speed, as shown in our speed tests. I connected to their Americas server to test its speed. Every VPN slacks some of the connection speed. But some are slower than others. In the case of this VPN, I got extremely slow speeds.

My internet connection before connecting to Opera VPN was 27.93 Mbps


It decreased quite a bit after I connected with the VPN, i.e., 13.47 Mbps


It certainly does not boast blazing fast speed, so I believe it was obvious to expect such a speed.

Streaming – Does Opera VPN work with Netflix?

In this Opera VPN review in Australia, opera does not unblock Netflix, but there were no surprises there.

We tried to stream Netflix after connecting to its American server, the Netflix website easily detected I was using some proxy or a VPN. It didn’t grant me access.

But anyway, I expected that. So, you cannot access Netflix with Opera VPN.

Netflix Proxy Error

Even at one point, I was connected to a US server, but it still showed the regular Spanish Netflix library (my regional library) without the proxy error. Now, it could only mean, the VPN wasn’t working at the time.

I also tried streaming other geo-restricted platforms like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, etc., but it failed at unblocking any site. It does not offer UK servers to access BBC iPlayer, which was disappointing.

The only thing, we managed to access with Opera VPN was US YouTube content, but that is very basic as almost VPN can do that.


Opera VPN is not the best VPN for torrenting as it does not support P2P traffic. It is not a conventional VPN and is limited to the Opera browser, not the entire connection.

This means that it will not work on your BitTorrent and uTorrent client.

Moreover, Opera has weak encryption, which means you will be exposed while torrenting regardless of it. So, even if it does offer unlimited bandwidth, you cannot do much with it.

Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

The only feature that has amazed me is its leak protection as the provider is free from DNS leaks.

Opera VPN does not leak your IP or DNS. This was very surprising as the VPN lacks in terms of security features. Not only does it lack basic VPN protocols, but it also lacks a kill switch, that protects you in case of a sudden VPN connection drop.

There is no split tunneling, double VPN, and other security features. It even has basic protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. But, it was free of any data leaks during testing.

Again, I connected to their Americas server for testing any leaks.

Here is the test result:

IP Test


DNS Leak Test


WebRTC Test

From browserleaks.net, the results showed no leaks.


Trustworthiness  – Logs and customer support in Australia

Opera VPN does keep your connection and usage logs.

I came to this conclusion by reviewing their privacy policy statement.

It reads:

“Once you login to Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, we may collect your name and email address from these social networks.”

opera vpn logs policy

Certainly, if they can collect the names and email addresses of social networking websites, why not your whole social profile?

They even run targeted ads for mobile users based on their original location.

It means they know your real location and IP address. These ads are run by monetization partners that are third parties. So, it relies on third-party partners as well.

Overall, Opera VPN is not a safe VPN to use.

Customer Support

opera vpn customer support

In this review, I found that their customer support is terrible. There is no direct way of contacting Opera VPN. One cannot contact them through live chat or even an email ticketing system.

They only have a FAQ section to assist users.

Opera also has a forum, but that is dedicated to the entire browser and not just the VPN in particular.

So, if you find your Opera VPN not working properly, there is no support for customer support you can reach out to. However, for quick troubleshooting tips, you can check out our Opera VPN not working guide.

Device Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

opera vpn apps

Opera VPN works in the Opera browser, and luckily Opera runs on multiple operating systems. The browser is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux. But that means you cannot use it on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox etc.

On Android, the browser is downloaded with a VPN but not with iOS. Opera discontinued the iOS app, but it is available on the Android operating system.

It is a user-friendly VPN with an easy-to-use extension. If you’re having problems with your app, try the tips mentioned in Opera VPN not working guide.

Keep in mind that the VPN is turned on by default, and you have to enable it from the settings. Once the VPN is enabled, it connects you to the fastest server according to your current location.

After connecting to a server, you can also check your IP address, and it will list your ISP as Opera Software or SurfEasy. Meaning, it is enabled.

Overall, Open VPN is easy to use, but there is limited functionality so it is very basic.

Opera VPN Standalone Product Discontinued


Opera VPN used to have stand-alone mobile apps that were full VPNs. However, it was discontinued on April 30, 2018. As of today, you only get the browser add-on that works with the Opera web browser.

There is no support for mobile devices including Android and iOS. You can use it with the Opera browser which is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

This is a major weakness of this free service as it only supports the world’s fifth most popular web browser.

How to Use Opera VPN on Browser

The VPN is available as a browser extension and comes pre-installed in the Opera browser. Here’s how you can use and install Opera VPN on your browser:

  • To enable Opera’s browser, you need to click on the Opera icon on the browser’s top left.


  • In the settings menu, scroll down, and you see a VPN section.


  • From there, you can enable the Opera VPN. The VPN will now appear at the left corner of the address bar of your browser window.


And there you have it. You will now have the option to enable and disable the VPN instantly. The extension also tells you the data transferred.

However, that won’t matter much as this VPN has no bandwidth limitation.

Overall, Opera VPN is ultra-convenient. It is easy to connect, and disconnect, and can be set up within minutes. Moreover, I experience zero lags or other hindrances while using the service.

All this makes up for a fantastic user experience.

Opera VPN Download Process

The service’s official website is quite helpful since it offers a designated download section for its users. All you need to do is visit the homepage, then click on the download tab.

There you will find the Opera browser download option.


Is Opera VPN really a VPN?

The questions kept piling up, and it was super necessary to address them in this review:

Is Opera VPN safe? Is it actually a VPN or just a proxy?

There is confusion surrounding the true nature of the Opera VPN.

Some privacy advocates categorize it more as a proxy than a VPN service.

And they have a point.

A VPN routes your traffic through a secured and impenetrable tunnel. It encrypts your information to keep it out of unwanted hands.

Opera VPN provides minimal encryption but with no tunneling protocol and it misleadingly advertises itself as a virtual private network. For that, I cannot recommend using Opera VPN as a private VPN solution.

In 2016, Opera’s service was hacked and attackers stole the sensitive information of more than 1.7 million users. It included passwords, login details, and more.

Also, some users have also complained that while using Opera VPN, their real IP addresses are being leaked.

Opera VPN Pros and Cons



  • Free
  • Basic encryption
  • No data leaks
  • Easy to use
  • Ad-blocking features


  • Intrusive logging policy
  • Small server network
  • No VPN protocol
  • Only secure web traffic
  • No-kill switch
  • Based in Nine-Eyes jurisdiction

VPN Comparison between Opera VPN and ExpressVPN

While writing down this Opera VPN review in Australia, I did a detail analysis of the insight and comparison between the two service providers. Let us know which one you like best:

ExpressVPN OperaVPN
Price AU$9.95/mo AU$0.00/mo
Servers 3,000 in 94 Countries including 5 server locations in Australia Only 6 Server Locations
Compatibility All Devices Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
& Opera Browser extension
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands US
Logging Policy Zero Logs It does keep logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support No Customer Support
Trustpilot Score 4.7 N/A
Website ExpressVPN OPERA VPN

Alternatives to Opera VPN in Australia

Since this VPN doesn’t possess any advanced security features, privacy seekers may demand something else. I have got them covered with the following in-depth reviews.

Do I Recommend Opera VPN in Australia?

After this opera VPN review in Australia. No, I do not recommend Opera VPN.

Opera VPN doesn’t have any special features to discuss. It is a free in-built VPN for an Opera browser that has weak encryption and slow download speeds.

There’s nothing to like about this other than the fact that it is free. It keeps your data logs and even your social profiles when you log in to social media websites. It also offers limited features that are not enough to ensure digital privacy.

This shows Opera VPN is not a safe VPN to use.

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