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If you’re an ex-pat Kuwaitian or traveling abroad for a trip, only you know the struggle one has to go through to access local websites in Kuwait. As if the censorship laws over the internet were not enough, you have to put up with geo-restriction barriers as well, making it more difficult than ever to browse or much less download local content while you’re far from the country.

Thus begins a taxing search to get a Kuwait IP address so that you can circumvent your way into the web-verse. However, it’s easier said than done. Given the number of VPNs available out there, it’ll take a good chunk of time for you to get anywhere or much less get a reliable VPN whatsoever.

So what are you supposed to do in case of an emergency where you must access a blocked website outside of Kuwait? Luckily for you, we may have a few ideas that can prove beneficial for you. But bear this in mind; you mustn’t be hasty. Otherwise, you can run into some disastrous issues.

Hence, sit tight, and read through this guide of ours. Soon, you’ll be all set to embark upon the task of getting yourself a Kuwait IP address.

How do I get a Kuwait IP Address? [Easy Steps]

To get a Kuwait IP address, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Select a premium VPN service that offers Kuwait servers and subscribe to a suitable package. We recommend HideMyAss for the job.
  2. Download and install the chosen VPN provider service on your laptop or PC.
  3. Sign in to your VPN account through the valid credentials.
  4. Click on the list servers and select “Kuwait” to establish a connection.
  5. Once you’re connected successfully, you’ll receive a Kuwait IP address within a few seconds.
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Quick Overview: The Best VPN to get a Kuwait IP Address

Here’s a quick overview of the best VPNs which can get you a Kuwait IP address:

HideMyAss houses 1040 servers in more than 210 countries, including Kuwait. Your system will never be more secure with military-grade encryptions and a smart kill-switch. Continue to access local channels: KTV 1, Kuwait Plus, Al Majlis and whatnot. It’s priced at $4.29/mo.

  • PureVPN – Blazing-fast speed VPN for Kuwait

PureVPN consists of over 1750 servers in over 96+ locations around the world. It provides server speeds up to 20 GBPS and unlocks geo-restricted content of more than 30+ streaming and sports channels. With the security of 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys, your device is fully protected. PureVPN prices start from $3.33/mo .

How can I get a Kuwait IP Address?

You can get a Kuwait IP address using a premium VPN. But first, you have to look up which VPN service provider suits you best according to your needs. Then you must verify the service provider’s credibility; once you’re satisfied, you can move on to subscribing to its VPN services. Select a package, either monthly or yearly. If you’d like to save up, the latter is a better option.

Pay for the services through a payment mode of your choice. Next up, you need to download and install the VPN software or app on your preferred device and then log in to your account. Select a server either close to Kuwait or located within Kuwait for better internet reception. Once your connection is established, a Kuwait IP Address will be provided to you promptly.

Best VPNs to get a Kuwait IP Address (2022 In-Depth Analysis)

Once you venture out to find the best VPN to get a Kuwait IP address, you’ll realize there are far too many of them to pick just one from. Even though at first, it may seem every VPN provider is more or less the same as one another, however, that’s where you’re off the tangent. Because studying each VPN in-depth helps in understanding the features you’re paying for.

Sometimes, a VPN provider may also discount the use of a certain feature which is of utmost importance to you. That’s why you need to take the reins in your hands and assert your dominance regarding what features you specifically want within your VPN. In case you’re clueless about how to change your IP address, allow us to provide a little bit of guidance.

Based on our extensive survey and research, we’ve come up with these VPN service providers to be the best in the field. Now that’s purely our guess. You may or may not have an ideal experience with each VPN, however, one of them will surely fit your bill.

Here are the best VPNs for Kuwait:

1.HideMyAss – Most Reliable VPN to get a Kuwait IP Address


HideMyAss is the most reliable VPN for you to get a Kuwait IP address from. It consists of over 1040 servers across 210 countries, including Kuwait. You can use this VPN to put an end to your lagging and buffering while streaming content and watching local channels like Funoon TV, KTV 3, and many others.

HideMyAss security features like DNS leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, automatic Wi-Fi protection, and IP address shuffler ensure your device is protected at all times. It allows connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously and provides a smooth streaming experience.  Your ISP wouldn’t be able to detect a single activity of yours.

HideMyAss is the ideal VPN you ought to use when it comes to P2P filesharing, aka torrenting. You’ll get secured access to Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms. After all, there’s a reason this VPN has over 400 million users worldwide.

Compatible with most devices like iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, you can download HideMyAss app on any device and start using it right away. Available at $4.29/mo.

To get more information about this VPN, check out our comprehensive HideMyAss review.

HideMyAss Speed Test Data


  • Consists of 1040+ servers across 210 countries, including Kuwait.
  • Pocket-friendly deals and packages.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Inconsistent speed with multiple servers.

Get Kuwait IP with HideMyAss30-day Money-Back Guarantee

2. PureVPN – Blazing-fast Speed VPN to get Kuwait IP Address

PureVPN provides blazing-fast speed for you to get a Kuwait IP address. With over 1750 servers across 96+ locations, PureVPN is a class apart from the rest of the VPNs. You can select a package for Kuwait and unblock content from anywhere in the world.

PureVPN makes it possible for you to access streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many others. In fact, you can also browse local streaming channels like KTV 1, Kuwait Plus, Al Majlis, Funoon TV and many others. You can also access various banking sites online like Gulf Bank, Commercial Bank of Kuwait, etc.

This VPN doesn’t shy away from providing the best security features to all its customers. It provides 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit RSA keys, kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, malware protection, ad blocking, URL filtering and many other features.

PureVPN has device-compatible apps for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. It also provides 24/7 customer support if you need any help setting up the app or having issues while downloading or installing the software. PureVPN prices start from $3.33/mo . To know more about PureVPN, read our comprehensive review about this VPN.

PureVPN Speed Test Data


  • 1750 servers in over 96+ locations, including Kuwait.
  • Military-grade security.
  • Five simultaneous connections.
  • 31 days money-back guarantee.
  • Connectivity issues with a  few servers.
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Why Should You Get a Kuwait IP Address

Let’s be real. If you’re living far from your homeland, having a Kuwait IP address can come in handy. Specifically when you’re feeling homesick or have an urgent business to attend to.  Here are a few instances where having a Kuwait IP address is completely worth it.

  • Even if you’re away from your homeland, you can access most Kuwaiti websites using a Kuwait IP address. You can stay up to date with everything from banking sites to local TV channels.
  • As a traveler or an ex-part Kuwaitian, you can unblock geo-restricted websites through a Kuwait IP address that would be blocked otherwise.
  • While using public Wi-Fi, you’ll find yourself surrounded by potential hackers who want to do you harm; however, by using a VPN, you can put up a shield and protect your device.
  • Through a Kuwait IP address, you can bypass ISP throttling, and surveillance as your IP address will be anonymous hence, making it untraceable.
  • Need to shop from an antique local store in Kuwait? Use a VPN!

VPN for Kuwait IP Address– Testing Methodology

Finding VPNs that offer servers within the Middle East is no easy feat. Given there are so many restrictions in place. one has to think twice before availing any services over the internet. But if you’re desperate enough, you might just go for the first VPN that has servers in Kuwait. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a word of caution. Through our fool-proof testing methodology for VPNs, you’ll shortlist only the best ones.

  • Unblocks all sorts of websites: Unless a VPN provider unblocks geo-restricted content and any other blocked sites or app with ease, it’s not worth it.
  • Variety of servers: For a VPN to provide fast-paced internet and strong connectivity, it is necessary that the servers must be located physically within the country, i.e. Kuwait.
  • Top-notch performance: A reliable VPN service provider ensures all its servers provide lightning-fast internet connectivity by regularly doing checks on each of them.
  • Unparalleled security: A VPN provider’s privacy and security policy can make it or break it for you. You’re good to go as long as it provides anonymity and protects your device from hackers and malware.
  • Solid refund policy: No VPN provider should indefinitely bind you to their services. You should have the option of opting out if you’re a first-time customer of theirs. Hence, a money-back guarantee is a must.

Is Using a VPN to Get a Kuwait IP Address Safe?

Yes, using a VPN to get a Kuwait IP address is safe, and there are a number of reasons for that. Firstly, a VPN will keep you safe by hiding your actual IP address with that of a Kuwait IP address, making you untraceable and providing complete anonymity. Most VPNs come with additional security features that ensure you get the fastest-speed internet and do not run into any roadblocks, such as ISP throttling and whatnot.

If you opt for premium VPNs, you can get a money-back guarantee within a certain time period. However, if you sign up for a free VPN or any other option, you could expose your device to many cyberattacks. Other options are also unreliable as they fail to provide you with fast internet and sell your browsing history to third parties to make a profit.

What are the other methods to obtain a Kuwait IP Address?

There are other methods to obtain a Kuwait IP address like a proxy server or a tor browser. However, we cannot vouch for the internet connectivity obtained through these methods. Because they may very well not be as reliable as a VPN. Nonetheless, you may try your luck anyway.

Tor Browser –

A Tor Browser works like an average browser. When you send a request through a Tor browser, your request will be anonymous; hence, your location will be untraceable. But when it comes to streaming and downloading, the tor browser can be pretty useless due to continuous lagging and buffering.

Proxy server –

Using a proxy server is as risky as using a free VPN. Sure, you’ll get to disguise your IP address using a Kuwait IP address and unblock most content; however, if a website figures out you’re using a proxy server, they may blacklist your IP address. That’s why we’ll not recommend using a proxy server for browsing or streaming.

FAQs on How to Get a Kuwait IP Address With a VPN

Yes, you can use a VPN in Kuwait. There are certain restrictions on the use of the internet, and many websites are blocked within the country. Mostly to censor freedom of speech, religious grounds, criticizing the government and other acts. As long as you do not disobey any laws of the country, you should be safe.

To get yourself an IP address for Kuwait with a VPN, register yourself with a trustworthy VPN provider. Select a package that is suitable for you. Once you subscribe to it, you’ll be provided with a list of servers you can connect to. Simply choose Kuwait, and you’ll receive a Kuwait IP address within no time.

The best VPN for Kuwait can be found by following the testing methodology we suggested. Because as long as a VPN service provider satisfies each condition stated within the methodology, it leaves room for improvement, and we only want the cream of the cream. That’s why you cannot take any chances.

Final Words

That’s all the wisdom from our side about getting your hands on a Kuwait IP address. We only hope the information we provided to you was of use and you’ll use your VPN wisely. If you run into any issues, you can always come back here and check if you missed out on any other crucial steps.

Ensure the VPN provider you’re opting for provides services within Kuwait; otherwise, it’d be a major shame. After all, a VPN is a long-term investment, and if they don’t have a refund policy, you might be paying for a VPN all year round that you don’t even use. So do thorough research before making a final decision. Best of luck!