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NewsNation is a subscription-based television network in the United States owned entirely by Nexstar Media Group. It stands as Nexstar’s sole national cable-originated television channel.

Given the geo-restrictions that limit access, a VPN enables you to bypass these blocks . Choosing the best free VPN for NewsNation can be crucial yet risky. However, my extensive research has identified specific free VPNs  that excel in providing robust security features and have been rigorously tested for vulnerabilities.

Additionally, I’ve tested over 35 free VPN services, but I still recommend ExpressVPN for its unmatched security and reliability, especially for streaming services like NewsNation. Although it’s not entirely free, ExpressVPN offers a free trial that is the safest option. Let’s explore more options below and understand why they might suit you.

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN for NewsNation

Navigating through geo-restrictions to access NewsNation requires a VPN up to the task. Here’s an enhanced look at the best free VPN for NewsNation:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best free trial VPN for NewsNation . With servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN offers unparalleled access to geo-restricted content, including NewsNation, ensuring a seamless streaming experience with its lightning-fast speeds.
  2. Windscribe – Best free VPN for NewsNation . Its generous data allowance and strong privacy features stand out, making it ideal for streaming NewsNation securely. Its server count in the USA is impressive, providing multiple options for unblocking content.
  3. Tunnelbear – User-friendly free VPN for NewsNation . It offers an easy-to-use interface and reliable connections to US servers, making it a great option for accessing NewsNation from anywhere. Its friendly design and consistent performance make it a favorite among VPN newbies.

Detailed Analysis and FAQs

Why do you need a VPN for NewsNation ?

Accessing NewsNation presents various challenges due to geo-restrictions. Here’s why a VPN becomes essential:

  • Overcome Geo-restrictions: NewsNation, like many US-based news channels, restricts access to its content from viewers . A VPN allows you to bypass these restrictions by providing a US IP address, making it appear as if you are accessing the website from within the country.
  • Maintain Privacy and Security: Maintaining digital privacy is crucial when accessing news platforms, especially in restrictive regions. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, protecting your online activities from surveillance and data breaches.
  • Access to Unbiased News: For those living in countries with censored media, a VPN is vital for accessing unbiased international news sources like NewsNation, ensuring you receive a broader perspective on global events.
  • High-Quality Streaming: A reliable VPN can offer optimized servers for streaming, reducing buffering and ensuring high-quality video playback when accessing NewsNation’s live broadcasts and archived content.
  • Avoid ISP Throttling: Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deliberately slow down streaming services. A VPN hides your streaming activity, helping prevent ISP throttling and ensuring smoother video playback.
  • Public Wi-Fi Security: For those traveling or residing abroad, accessing NewsNation over public Wi-Fi can expose you to security risks. VPNs secure your connection on public networks, protecting your data from potential cyber threats.

3 Best Free VPNs for NewsNation – In-depth Analysis

Here is the detailed analysis of the best free VPN for NewsNation :

1. ExpressVPN: Best Free Trial VPN for NewsNation


ExpressVPN stands out as the best free Trial VPN for NewsNation, offering unparalleled speed and security features that ensure a seamless streaming experience. Its global network of servers allows viewers to access NewsNation with ease and confidence.

Server Locations: 

With servers in 105 countries and 23+ server locations in the US, ExpressVPN enhances your streaming experience by allowing you to watch NewsNation as if you were in the USA. Their extensive ExpressVPN server list ensures that you can connect from almost anywhere in the world without compromising on speed or reliability.

Privacy & Security: 

ExpressVPN is a champion of internet privacy, offering advanced encryption to protect your online activities. Its commitment to a no-logging policy ensures that your data remains yours alone. Additional security features, including the ExpressVPN Kill Switch , provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your connection remains secure, even if it unexpectedly drops.

Learn how Is ExpressVPN Safe  contributes to your online safety.

Streaming & Unblocking Compatibility:

Unblocking NewsNation is a breeze with ExpressVPN, thanks to its MediaStreamer feature, which enhances your streaming experience on devices that do not natively support VPNs. This feature is particularly useful for viewers keen on accessing a variety of content seamlessly.

The effectiveness of MediaStreamer can be seen in how ExpressVPN MediaStreamer  simplifies streaming.

Ease of Use:

ExpressVPN stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for VPN novices and tech experts alike. It offers compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Apple TV with ExpressVPN , and supports up to 8 simultaneous connections. Around-the-clock customer support via 24/7 live chat ensures that help is always available.


Speed is crucial in VPNs, especially for streaming live news like NewsNation. ExpressVPN offers impressive download and upload speeds of 89.42 Mbps and 84.64 Mbps, respectively, ensuring high-quality streaming without interruptions. The ExpressVPN Speed test  highlights its performance.


ExpressVPN provided the best speeds for News Nation.


While ExpressVPN isn’t free, it offers a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free way to test its services. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to access NewsNation without immediate commitment.

The ExpressVPN Price of $6.67/mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free outlines various subscription plans to fit your needs.

Read the ExpressVPN review for more details.


  • Exceptional speed and reliability for streaming NewsNation
  • Strong encryption and privacy protections
  • Extensive network of servers across the globe


  • The free trial is limited in duration
  • Premium pricing after the trial ends

2. Windscribe: Best Free VPN for NewsNation


Windscribe stands out as the best free VPN for NewsNation, offering a combination of robust security features and a generous data allowance that makes it ideal for streaming your favorite news content .

Server Locations: 

Windscribe’s extensive network features 111 servers across 68 countries, with 11 dedicated servers for free users. This global reach ensures you can access geo-restricted content like NewsNation seamlessly .

Privacy & Security: 

Prioritizing your online safety, Windscribe employs robust encryption and upholds a no-logging policy to safeguard your activities and personal data. This commitment to privacy makes it an ideal companion for secure browsing and streaming.

Streaming & Unblocking Compatibility:

A notable attribute of Windscribe is its adeptness at navigating geo-restrictions, which is particularly beneficial for viewers wanting access to platforms such as Windscribe with Netflix . Their success in enabling access to such content without blocks enhances your viewing pleasure, making it easier to stay connected to NewsNation.

Ease of Use:

Acknowledging the diverse needs of its users, Windscribe boasts compatibility with a wide range of devices and supports unlimited simultaneous connections. This flexibility ensures that accessing NewsNation is convenient and straightforward across any device. The process is further simplified for using Windscribe on FireStick .


The performance of windscribe is highlighted by its download and upload speeds of 65.21 Mbps and 34.75 Mbps, respectively, which I got during my Windscribe speed test  provide comprehensive insights.


Windscribe gave fast speeds on most US servers.


Offering a generous 10GB of data in its free version, Windscribe presents a viable option for those seeking to access quality VPN services without a financial commitment. This allowance particularly appeals to regular viewers of NewsNation, ensuring they stay informed without exceeding data limits.

Read the Windscribe review for more details.


  • Generous free data allowance.
  • Robust security features.
  • Effective at bypassing geo-restrictions.


  • Speeds can be inconsistent on free servers.
  • Limited number of servers for free users.
Get Windscribe for NewsNation 7-day money-back guarantee

3. TunnelBear: User-Friendly Free VPN for NewsNation


TunnelBear stands out as a user-friendly free VPN for NewsNation, offering an intuitive interface and reliable access to geo-restricted content for viewers . With its robust security features and straightforward setup, TunnelBear ensures a hassle-free streaming experience.

Server Locations: 

Tunnelbear’s extensive network, with over 5000 servers across 45 countries, ensures that viewers can connect to NewsNation from virtually anywhere . This global spread is essential for those looking to maintain access to their favorite news without compromise.

Privacy & Security: 

Emphasizing privacy and security, Tunnelbear uses advanced encryption and maintains a no-logging policy to protect your data. This approach reassures users about their safety online, especially when streaming from abroad, underlining that Is Tunnelbear safe to use ? is a question you won’t need to worry about.

Streaming & Unblocking Compatibility:

The VPN’s capability to bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly means uninterrupted access to NewsNation, making it simpler for international viewers to stay informed. This proficiency extends to various content platforms, ensuring that your viewing is not limited by location.

Ease of Use:

Offering compatibility across numerous devices, Tunnelbear supports unlimited simultaneous connections. This flexibility is highlighted by how well Tunnelbear works with Roku, ensuring that TunnelBear on Roku  is a smooth experience for users preferring this streaming device.


Tunnelbear delivers reliable performance with download and upload speeds of 55.27 Mbps and 40.21 Mbps, respectively. Such speeds contribute to a buffering-free viewing of NewsNation, affirming that following the TunnelBear speed test , users can expect a solid streaming experience.


TunnelBear speeds are average across most servers.


The free plan from Tunnelbear, offering 2GB of bandwidth, is ideal for casual viewers of NewsNation. This plan allows users to test the VPN’s features and decide if it meets their needs without initial financial commitment, as detailed in TunnelBear free trial , providing a comprehensive overview of what to expect.

Read the Tunnelbear review for more details.


  • Intuitive interface ideal for beginners
  • Strong commitment to privacy and security
  • Offers servers in multiple US locations


  • The free version comes with a low data cap
  • Slower speeds compared to premium options

How to Choose the Best Free VPN for NewsNation

Choosing the best free VPN for NewsNation involves several considerations to ensure you get the most out of your VPN service. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Server Locations and Quantity: Look for a VPN with a wide range of servers in the USA. More servers mean less congestion and better speeds, ensuring a smooth streaming experience of NewsNation without buffering.
  • Privacy and Security Features: The best VPN should offer strong encryption standards, a strict no-logging policy, and additional security features like a kill switch. This ensures your online activities remain private and secure while accessing NewsNation.
  • Speed and Performance: Since streaming video content requires high speeds, choose a VPN known for its fast connection speeds to avoid buffering and enjoy NewsNation in high definition.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly VPN app is crucial, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. Look for VPNs that offer easy-to-navigate apps on various devices, allowing you to connect to NewsNation quickly and easily.
  • Streaming Capability: Not all VPNs can bypass geo-restrictions effectively. Select a VPN with a proven track record of unblocking streaming services like NewsNation, ensuring you have access to your desired content without limitations.
  • Data Limits: Since free VPNs often come with data limitations, choose one that offers a generous data allowance or, ideally, unlimited data to enjoy uninterrupted NewsNation streaming.

How to watch NewsNation with free VPN

Here are the steps to watch NewsNation with a free VPN

  1. Choose a VPN with US servers, like ExpressVPN’s free trial or Windscribe.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN and connect to a server in the USA.
  4. Go to the NewsNation website or app and start streaming.

Free VPN not working with NewsNation ?

If your free VPN is not working with NewsNation , follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  • Switch Servers: The server you’re connected to might be overloaded or blocked by NewsNation. Disconnect from the current server and connect to a different US server offered by your VPN.
  • Clear Cookies and Cache: Your browser might store location information in cookies, revealing your actual location. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache to remove this information.
  • Check for IP or DNS Leaks: Use online tools to check if your VPN is leaking your real IP address or DNS requests. If leaks are found, contact your VPN’s customer support for assistance or switch to a more reliable VPN.
  • Update the VPN Application: Ensure your VPN app is up to date. Outdated software can lead to connectivity issues. Check for updates on the VPN’s website or in the app store.
  • Try a Different Protocol: Some VPNs allow you to change connection protocols. If your VPN offers this feature, switch to a different protocol, as some protocols may work better for streaming than others.

Free VPNs to avoid for NewsNation

Here are a few to consider avoiding, with brief insights and links to in-depth reviews:

Hoxx VPN: 

Known for its limited server speeds and questionable privacy policies, Hoxx VPN might not be the best choice for streaming NewsNation . Its lack of effective unblocking capabilities further diminishes its appeal for accessing geo-restricted content. For more details, read the Hoxx VPN review .

Hola VPN: 

Hola VPN operates differently by using a peer-to-peer network, which poses significant security and privacy risks. This unconventional approach can affect streaming quality and safety, making it less ideal for watching NewsNation abroad. Learn more in the Hola VPN review . VPN:

Although VPN offers a free plan, its data cap can quickly exhaust when streaming, making it impractical for regular NewsNation viewers. Additionally, its limited number of servers might hinder your ability to bypass geo-restrictions consistently. For an in-depth analysis, check the VPN review .

What are the risks of using a free VPN to access NewsNation

Using a free VPN to access NewsNation
comes with several risks:

  • Limited Security: Free VPNs may lack robust encryption and security features, exposing your data to potential cyber threats and surveillance.
  • Data Caps: Many free VPNs impose data limitations, restricting how much content you can stream, which could interrupt your NewsNation viewing experience.
  • Slower Speeds: Overcrowded servers and bandwidth throttling can lead to slow streaming speeds, resulting in buffering and poor video quality.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some free VPNs track and log your online activities, selling your data to third parties for advertising or worse.
  • Limited Server Options: Free VPNs often offer a limited selection of servers, which can reduce your ability to bypass geo-restrictions effectively.
  • Ads and Malware: To monetize their service, some free VPNs might show intrusive ads or even contain malware, compromising your device’s security.

For a safer and more reliable way to access NewsNation , consider using ExpressVPN’s free trial. ExpressVPN offers enhanced security, faster speeds, and a vast server network, ensuring an uninterrupted and secure streaming experience.

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FAQ: Best Free VPN for NewsNation

Yes, it is generally legal to use a free VPN to watch NewsNation . However, it’s important to check the local laws regarding VPN use in your country, as regulations can vary. Additionally, while using a VPN is legal, bypassing geo-restrictions to access content may violate the terms of service of some streaming platforms.

Free VPNs can offer a way to watch NewsNation , but they often come with limitations in security, speed, and reliability. While some free VPNs are safe, they might not provide the same level of protection or streaming quality as premium services. For a more secure and enjoyable viewing experience, consider using a trusted premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which offers a free trial.

The most secure free VPN for accessing NewsNation is Windscribe. It offers robust encryption, a strict no-logging policy, and generous data allowances, making it a reliable choice for viewers who prioritize security and streaming quality. For even more enhanced security, I suggest using ExpressVPN with its free trial.


In conclusion, while the search for the best free VPN for NewsNation presents various options, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each. Free VPNs can offer a temporary solution for accessing geo-restricted content like NewsNation.

However, consider upgrading to a premium service for a more secure, reliable, and seamless streaming experience. ExpressVPN’s free trial emerges as a compelling choice, delivering unmatched speed, security, and accessibility, ensuring viewers can enjoy NewsNation with complete peace of mind and the highest quality.

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