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Opera VPN Review 2019 – [VPN or a Proxy?]

Opera VPN
Opera VPN
Overall Rating

Best For

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Cheap
  • NetflixNetflix
  • Hide IP


  • Streaming
  • NetflixNetflix
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Hide IP
$0.00 Per Month

Opera browser comes with an in-built VPN that allows you to browse freely whilst remaining anonymous on the web.

The VPN is free and does not have a bandwidth limitation.

It gets better.

Using this VPN is as easy as it gets. You can enable and disable it from the search bar in matter of seconds.

Now, you might be wondering: all this sounds too good to be.

Well, you are not wrong. There are some drawbacks of this seemingly fantastic VPN service.

In fact, its credential as a ‘VPN’ can be questioned upon some evaluation.

Anyway, as you continue to read this Opera VPN review, all of its good and bad aspects will become clearer.

Also, you can get a quick overview of a dozens of other VPNs on our VPN reviews 2019 page.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNOpera VPN
Servers2,000+ in 140 countriesOnly 3 server locations
CompatibilityWindows, Mac. Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS,
and Opera Browser extension.
JurisdictionHong KongUS (member of 5-eyes country)
Logging PolicyZero LogIt does keep logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsNo customer support
Trust Pilot Score9.5N/A

Let’s dig in.


  • Free VPN service
  • Attractive Website Design and Layout
  • Servers are available in 5 Different Countries
  • Ease of Use
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Limited number of Servers
  • Terms of Service
  • Security Issues
  • Not a Full-throttle VPN Service
  • Unavailable on Android and iOS

Opera Free VPN Review: A VPN for No Cost

Managing a VPN service requires constant influx of investment. This is not possible if it is free. Hence, most free VPNs turn profit by selling customer information or flooding their devices with adware.

While all this is true, free VPNs are also a blessing for people in countries where internet censorship is prevalent.

Opera browser VPN falls into a category of VPNs that provide minimal security. Still, it is useful in unblocking geo-restricted websites.

The VPN has many faults and I will highlight them all in this Opera VPN review. However, you won’t see me going on any rants as none of my money is involved.

Using Opera VPN: Easy as it gets

The VPN is available as a browser extension and comes pre-installed in the Opera browser.

To enable the Opera’s browser you need to click on the Opera icon on the top left of the browser.


In the settings menu, scroll down and you see a VPN section.


From there, you can enable the Opera VPN. The VPN will now appear at the left corner of your search bar.


And there you have it. You will now have the option to enable and disable the VPN instantly. The extension also tells you the data transferred. However, that won’t matter much as this VPN has no bandwidth limitation.

Overall, Opera VPN is ultra-convenient. It is easy to connect, disconnect, and can be set up within minutes. Moreover, I experience zero lags or other hindrances while using the service.

All this makes up for a fantastic user-experience.

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Does Opera VPN Unblock Netflix?

Surprisingly, Opera VPN has no trouble getting past Netflix’s powerful anti-VPN firewalls. This is the most startling discovery of this Opera VPN review.

This is outstanding. There are paid VPN services that cannot do this for you. So, for a free VPN to achieve this feat is rather tremendous.

I faced absolutely no issues while trying to access Netflix with this VPN. However, the limited number of servers may hinder you from unblocking shows from particular countries.

But putting this side, Opera VPN’s compatibility with Netflix is a pleasant surprise.

Good news for streaming fans that it does unblock Live TV content on Kodi.

When first it was just a browser VPN, it would not unblock geo-restricted content. But not so now.

Here is a list that I have compiled of VPN for Kodi free that are best for streaming.


Privacy Policy: Some Logging

One of the areas of concern for OperaVPN is its privacy policy section. Although it holds a lot of detail, it is unclear for how long does the service stores users’ information.

Opera VPN‘s privacy policy is composed of ten privacy principles that include accountability, identifying the purposes, consent, limiting collection, limiting use, disclosure and retention, accuracy, safeguards, openness, individual access, and challenging compliance too. Furthermore, Opera VPN does not permit the use of torrents on its services.

Moreover, Opera uses a unique ID to collect information about the product features used, how often the app is used, UI session and the runtime environment. However, they claim that the unique ID is not related users as an individual, which frankly speaking makes no sense.

Some other information is also stored to improve the service.

Opera VPN Protocols and Encryption Review

Opera‘s official website does not provide clear information regarding encryption and protocols. However, upon some inspection for this Opera VPN review, I learned that Opera offers encryption through HHTPS/SSL.

Keep in mind that this is a miniscule level of encryption that is provided by all trusted websites. Also, it can be breached by a rookie hacker without much difficulty.

Therefore, when it comes to protocols and encryption, Opera is pretty much lacking in both departments.

No Additional Features

As you would aspect of a free service, Opera VPN packs no additional security features. This means you get no DNS leak protection or Kill switch.

What you do get with this VPN is the ability to change your IP address and the option to bypass VPN for default search engines.

That’s it.

The gist of this Opera VPN review is that this VPN is not a feature-rich by any means.

Jurisdiction: Ambiguous

Opera is a Norwegian company.

But it sold SurfEasy, a Canadian company to Symantec, which is based in the United States.

Meanwhile, a group of Chinese investors called Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund is also involved in the mix.

Yes. I am as confused as you are.

Like Jack the Ripper’s identity and the fate of Alexandria’s library, Opera’s jurisdiction remains shrouded in mystery.

Is Opera VPN really a VPN?

The questions keep piling up:

Is Opera VPN safe? Is it actually a VPN or just a proxy?

There is confusion surrounding the true nature of Opera VPN.

Some privacy advocates categorize is it more as a proxy than a VPN service.

And they have a point.

A VPN routes your traffic through a secured and impenetrable tunnel. It encrypts your information to keep it out of unwanted hands.

Opera VPN provides minimal encryption but with no tunneling protocol. This is why I would put it somewhere between a VPN and a proxy.

Opera VPN: Is it available on other Platforms?

Until the April of 2018, there were apps of Opera VPN for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, both have been discontinued.

So as of now, the only way to use Opera VPN is through the browser. However, the browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use Opera VPN for PC but for any other platform.

Opera Browser: Blocking Trackers and Ads

An in-built VPN is not the only added feature in the Opera browser. It also boasts a capable tool to block ads and trackers.

This feature can be enabled in setting section. Using the same process as the one applied for the VPN.

Once you have the adblocker enabled, all the annoying advertisement will be blocked instantly.

A blue marker on the right corner of the search bar will tell you how many ads have been barred from your browser.


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No DNS and IP Leak

The primary function of a VPN is to hide your IP address so that no one can trace your location.

Hence, IP leaks in the form of DNS and WebRTC leaks kill the entire purpose of a VPN.

In short: VPN that leaks IPs is like a bulletproof vest filled with holes. It’s off no use whatsoever.

Therefore, this Opera free VPN review would have been incomplete without IP leak tests.

In the first test of Opera VPN, the results on IPleak.net came clean.


From browserleaks.net, the results showed no leaks.


From Perfect-Privacy.com, the results were no different.


After exhaustive testing, I can safely reach the conclusion that you will not experience any IP leaks with Opera VPN enabled. This is a good omen for a VPN that does not boast advanced security features.

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Speed Test: Average at best

Of course, this Opera VPN review will be incomplete without a speed test. After all, we all want things to happen fast.


Every VPN slacks some of the connection speed. But some are slower than others.

Opera VPN is not fast. However, it is not exactly the slowest one around.

This was my speed without Opera VPN connected:


It decreased quite a bit after I connected with the VPN.


Not bad considering that free VPN usually do not offer blazing fast connection.

Torrenting: Not Allowed

Torrenting has continued to persist despite numerous governments clamping down on this activity. And this not at all surprising.

After all, where else would anyone find such a diverse range of content? Torrents allow people to download their favorite movies, video games, TV shows and other high quality content.

Despite its many merits, torrents can also be detrimental to your online security. Cyber crooks often use torrents to prey on their victims.

This is where a VPN comes in handy. It keeps you anonymous when you torrent, making it difficult for hackers to trace you.

Unfortunately, Opera VPN does not support torrenting. It is not a conventional VPN and is limited to the Opera browser.

This means that it will not work on your BitTorrent and uTorrent client. Moreover, Opera does not encrypt your data, which means you will be exposed torrenting on it regardless.

Limited Number of Servers

As per the findings of this Opera browser VPN review, the provider does not have a large server base, which is certainly an issue. There are other VPN services providing a range of servers in different countries of the world.

Hence, Opera needs to add more servers if the service wishes to compete in the VPN industry in coming years. The users don’t have enough choice since the provider is only offering servers from three regions.


Opera VPN Customer Support

There is no direct way of contacting Opera VPN. One cannot contact them through live chat or even an email ticketing system.

They only have a FAQ section to assist the users. Opera also has a forum but that is dedicated to the entire browser and not just the VPN in particular.

So, if you find your Opera VPN not working, there is no support customer support you can reach out to.

There is only so much they can offer for free.

Price and Payment Plans

As mentioned before in the Opera VPN review, the provider does not charge anything from its subscribers.

There are no premium plans offered by the provider at the moment. Of course, no pricing plans means no modes of payment.

Opera VPN Download Process

The official website of the service is quite helpful since it offers a designated download section for its users. All you need to do is to visit the homepage, then click on the download tab.

There you will find the Opera browser download option. The VPN does not have any dedicated clients of its own, which means that will need to install Opera browser to access the VPN.


Visit Opera VPN

Alternatives to Opera VPN

Opera VPN review has informed you about all the good and bad aspects of this VPN.

Since this VPN doesn’t possess any advance security features, privacy seekers may demand something else. I have got them covered with the following reviews.

Opera VPN Twitter Review

The world of twitter is fast and ferocious. Twitter users have a lot to say about different subjects including VPNs. Here’s what they think about Opera VPN.

Twitterverse continues to sing praises of the convenient Opera VPN.

Opera VPN Reddit Review

Meanwhile, Reddit is much more niched than twitter. It is preferred by techies who take their online privacy very seriously.

And there you have it, the Redditors do not categorize Opera VPN as a VPN.

There also people who are disheartened about Opera VPN android app getting discontinued.

Final Verdict

Opera VPN is still striving hard to make a mark in the VPN industry. This Opera VPN review reveals that the provider has to perform well in various aspects in order to get more recognition and acceptance among VPN users.

If Opera VPN is not working out for you, consider reading some other reviews on our website.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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