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Kodi fans brace yourselves as you can unleash hours of non-stop fun with an excellent AceStream Kodi 17.6 Krypton addons. The Kodi addons will enable you to cut the cord and ensure high-quality entertainment experience through live streaming, sports broadcasting and much more. We have made a guide on how to install AceStream Kodi by which you can enjoy using Acestream on Kodi.

Note: Still, Kodi users have to face the music in the form of region blocking. As a result, they are unable to experience seamless streaming on their devices. In this situation, the role of a VPN Kodi becomes significant since you have to secure yourself while streaming. It is also recommended to update Kodi to latest available version. Check a guide for updating Kodi on different OS systems and keep your Kodi app up-to-date and if you’re a beginner then check a guide of how to use kodi.


What is AceStream?

Acestream is a multimedia platform that allows Kodi fans to watch sports channels and other video content through BitTorrent protocol. The add-on uses its own media player but you must install Plexus Player on Kodi first.

What is AceStream

After adding Plexus Player, you should update its module then you can play streams through Acestream on Kodi. To use the AceStream add-on, you can follow the steps below:


How to Install (Plexus) AceStream Kodi 17.6 Latest Krypton Version with Kodil Repository

Step 1: Go to Kodi home screen > Select Settings option (Gear-shaped icon) on top > Click on File Manager> Scroll down and double click Add Source

Step 2: A box will appear on your screen, paste the URL where it says ‘None’ > Click OK > At the bottom, type the repository name i.e. Kodil > Click OK

Step 3: From Kodi home screen, click on Add-ons > Package Installer icon on top-left corner

Step 4: Choose Install from Zip File >Kodil > > you should wait for the installation to finish

Step 5: Click Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Click on Program Add-ons >Plexus > Click Install

Step 6: To watch live sports on Plexus AceStream add-on, you will have to use AceStream links. As there is no official way to find links, many links are posted on Reddit that you can use before the start of the match.

Step 7: After finding the AceStream link from Reddit or any other website from internet, head towards Kodi Home screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons >Plexus

Step 8: You should click on AceStream: Play AceStream hash/Torrent URI > Paste the link here and wait until it provides streams of sports for you. Congrats!


How to Install (Plexus) Ace Stream Kodi 17.5 Krypton Version with Kodil Repo

Step 1: Open Kodi > Select Settings option (Gear-shaped icon) on top > Click on File Manager > Scroll down and double click Add Source


Step 2: When the box appears, paste the URL where it says ‘None’ > Click OK > At the bottom, type the repository name i.e. Kodil > Click OK


Step 3: Go back to Kodi Home where you will click on Add-ons > Package Installer icon on top-left corner


Step 4: Select Install from Zip File option > Scroll down and tap on Kodil > Then > Now wait for the installation to finish


Step 5: Go to Install from Repository > Then Kodil Repository > Click on Program Add-ons > Then Plexus > Hit Install


Step 6: To watch live sports on Plexus AceStream add-on, you will need AceStream links. Since there is no official way to find links, there are many that are posted on Reddit before the start of the match.

Step 7: Once you get the AceStream link from Reddit or any other website on the internet, go to Kodi Home > Select Add-ons > Then Program Add-ons > Hit Plexus


Step 8: Now click on AceStream: Play AceStream hash/Torrent URI > Paste the link here and wait until it streams sports for you. Enjoy!



AceStream Kodi V16 vs. V17.1

Interestingly, the AceStream Kodi is almost the same on both V16 (Jarvis) and V17.1 (Krypton). You will find the same features and media player on both versions. However, you can find the difference by evaluating the outlook of the add-on in both the versions of Kodi.


How to Install AceStream on Kodi Jarvis V16 with Kodil Repo

  • Open Kodi and click on “System”
  • Choose file manager and tap the “Add Source” button
  • Select “None” and enter this URL:
  • Write the name of the media source and select Done
  • Go again to home screen and click on System
  • Choose Add-ons then “Install from Zip File”
  • Find “Kodil” and install
  • Wait for the add-on enabled notification
  • Go back to the previous page and choose “Install from Repository”
  • Select Kodil repository>Program Add-ons>Plexus > Install
  • Wait for few seconds to complete the installation

Kodi will automatically update Plexus modules to use AceStream Media Player.


How to Install AceStream on Windows

  • From the official website, you should download the AceStream Player
  • After completing the download process, you should launch the AceStream setup
  • Install the player and run the AceStream media center in the taskbar
  • Add Channels to AceStream Media and Enjoy!


How to Install AceStream on Android

The installation of AceStream on Android device is straightforward and does not take much of your time. Here is how you can install AceStream on Android:

  • Select “Security” by going to the “Settings” menu
  • Check the “Unknown Sources” box
  • Download the AceStream. zip file
  • Go to the download folder to install
  • Go to the Apps folder and choose the AceStream icon
  • Begin Kodi and go to add-on browser
  • Click on “Install from Repository”
  • Scroll down and click on TVADDONS.AG
  • Go to the program add-ons and choose Plexus
  • After clicking the install button, go again to add-ons browser window
  • Select Plexus then click add-on with AceStream
  • Choose external app and Kodi player, enjoy streaming through AceStream


How to Install AceStream on Fire TV Stick

You can install AceStream on Fire TV stick by using Kodi that is an online media platform. Here is how you can follow the installation process:

  • Switch on your Fire TV stick and go to the “Settings” menu
  • Choose “Developer Options” by clicking on the “System” tab
  • Turn on “ADB Debugging” and Apps from Unknown Sources”
  • Download Plexus Kodi add-on
  • Download repository Plexus stream
  • Go again to home menu and type Kodi in the search box
  • Now open the Kodi application and click on “Add-ons”
  • Click on the “Package” symbol and select “Install from Zip”
  • Load “” and wait for the installation to finish
  • Go back to the home screen, click on Plexus and grant administrator privileges
  • Let the program download the modules
  • Load “”
  • Go to Add-ons>Install from repository>Plexus Streams Repository>Video Add-ons
  • You will explore Plexus streams under video add-ons that you should click on it
  • Hit the installation button and wait for it for few moments to complete
  • Go back to home screen to open Plexus
  • Now, you can see an open button given on the left bottom of the screen
  • Click on it and pair with AceStream


How to Install AceStream on Mac OS X

If you want to install AceStream on Mac OS X, you should follow the same process given above. This is how you can use AceStream on Mac through Kodi. You can also use Soda Player to complete the installation process.

  • Download the Soda Player application
  • You should copy the media player to your applications folder
  • Open Soda Player and find an AceStreamW URL
  • Paste the AceStream URL in the Soda Player
  • Start enjoying the videos on AceStream

Note: when you copy and paste the link in the Soda Player for the first time, you should wait for a few moments. This is because the application will take time to download so wait until the process finishes.


Kodi AceStream Add-on Features

When it comes to watching next level audio and video content, nothing beats the importance of AceStream Kodi add-on. The add-on applies the notion of BitTorrent and uses its own media player. It allows the users to watch videos from famous channels. This is the reason AceStream has attained so much fame among Kodi users in no time. Here is the list of features the add-on offers to its users:

Live Stream

AceStream is an ultimate key for those Kodi users who want to enjoy high-quality live streaming. Through the add-on, you can enjoy high-definition video content live and exclusive.

Online Playback Content

The Kodi users are not limited in accessing a selected list of media centers or players. In fact, they can access to all sorts of media centers and players those use AceStream technology for streaming online content.

Online Movie Theaters

The add-on enables you to start playback of audio and video content from various websites with a single click. Hence, you can transform your media player into an online movie theater. You can use torrent links to watch the video content hassle-free.

Where to find AceStreams

Interestingly, there are different social media forums that allow you to explore AceStreams links straightaway. Here is the list of social media forums that includes:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

When to Look for AceStreams

Luckily, you can find your desired AceStreams Kodi links on different forums before any sporting event takes place. However, the links are accessible for short time only. As soon as the events are finished, the originl source stops sharing the links or the links do not work anymore.

AceStreams Kodi Reddit Review

Reddit is one of the most popular interactive platforms that help you to find your desired AceStreams Kodi links hassle-free. Here is the response of one Reddit user indicating the availability of NHL network streams:

Likewise, you can find comments from Reddit users about UFC women featherweight title fight too.


Final Words

We hope you would have liked our detailed guide that will enable you how to install AceStream on Kodi. The add-on does not work directly on Kodi hence; you need to install Plexus Player first. The AceStream multi-media platform allows you to watch high-quality audios and videos. However, you must use a VPN when you need to use AceStream Kodi 17.6 latest Kodi Krypton addon version since it applies the concept of BitTorrent.

If you find issues while using AceStream Kodi links, do share your feedback in the comment section below.