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Stremio media player is the best place to watch free Movies, TV Shows, Live IPTV Channels, and Live Sports. A perfect replacement of Kodi that brings official Stremio add-ons and third-party Stremio add-ons. We bring you the best Stremio addons for 2022.

The best thing about Stremio is that its add-on will never be taken down by law enforcement as it does in Kodi. Why? Because these addons directly streams from Torrent websites. These torrent websites are itself the add-ons for Stremio. A third-party Stremio addon can only be taken down when the entire website is shut down, which is unlikely to happen.


With the best Stremio addons you will be able to stream copyright material. Therefore, it is much safer to protect your online identity by getting a Stremio VPN or unblock them with the top VPN providers. ExpressVPN can be your top choice. This VPN is the best for Netflix, Stremio, and more. It is also the best VPN for Norway . Without any doubt, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to get a Norwegian IP Address from anywhere.

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It will hide your online activity from your ISPs and will bypass any geo-restriction in watching Live IPTV channels. Add Stremio on Firestick and enjoy your streaming to the next level.

Best Stremio Addons

Here are some of the best Stremio add-ons available for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, and more:

  1. PirateBay: Best Streamio Addon for movies and shows.
  2. Zooqle: Stremio Addon for streaming on-demand movies and TV series.
  3. DTube: Best Stremio Addon with a wide range of content.
  4. Open Subtitles: Best Stremio addon for movies with subtitles in different languages.
  5. Juan Carlos: Popular Stremio addon with a massive database of movies and shows.
  6. IBERIAN: Famous Stremio addon with the highest quality streaming.
  7. Popcorn Time: Stremio Addon with full EZTV and YTS libraries.
  8. Netflix: Best Stremio addon to browse the entire Netflix collection.
  9. FilmOn: Great Stremio addon with 600+ TV channels, movies, shows, and documentaries.
  10. FilmOn VOD: Best Stremio Addon with free movies and shows.

Best Stremio Movie Addons

Any Stremio add-on that features the latest Movies or TV Shows is the best source of entertainment. Stremio makes it possible for users to stream popular movies in terms of genre, year, language, and so forth.

1. PirateBay

PirateBay-Stremio-AddonsPirateBay is the largest torrent website that has always survived a crackdown performed by copyright owners. It is now available as a Stemio addon that features all the latest Movies and TV Shows, directly on your Stremio app. Every video content that you find on the PirateBay website can now be seen under this add-on.


2. Zooqle

Stremio-addons-ZooqleZooqle has recently been included in our best Stremio add-ons list because of its updated list of video content. It streams recent Movies, TV Series, and Documentaries from famous Torrent websites such as RARBG, KAT, YTS, and MegaTorrents. Enjoy Movies of the various genres with your family.


3. DTube

DTube-Stremio-addonsDTube is very similar to YouTube where you will find tons of videos and a reward for anyone who would create original content. The reward will be in the form of cryptocurrencies. It is bound to break the monopoly of YouTube by creating its unique video hub.


4. Open Subtitles

Open-Subtitles-Stremio-AddonsOpen Subtitles is an official Stremio addon that is perfect for anyone who wants subtitles to their videos. It makes it easier to watch movies and TV Shows, but most importantly it is completely legal. This also means that you can easily add subtitles to Korean, French, and Spanish Movies. Not only that, it gets you subtitles in many different languages, now that’s something you do not see every day.

5. Juan Carlos (The Original)

Stremio-Addons-Juan-CarlosJuan Carlos is the torrent website and a Stremio add-on that shows Movies and TV Shows from its own website. For a very long its website has been offering various free content to torrent users. Therefore, you can safely install the Juan Carlos add-on and stream the content of your desire.



Iberian-Stremio-addonsIBERIAN manages to remain at the top of the list amongst the best Stremio add-ons. It features all the latest Movies and TV Shows on-demand with the highest streaming quality. You will never find the need for installing other Stremio add-ons as long as you have IBERIAN.


7. Popcorn Time

Popcorn-Time-Best-Stremio-addonsPopcorn Time Stremio add-on is a Movie add-on that features free Movies and TV Shows directly from torrent websites i.e. YTS and EZTV. This Stremio add-on further brings you various choices on the streaming quality, while also bringing you the latest media content.

However, it’s recommended to use a good VPN for popcorn time while streaming to prevent ISP throttling.

8. Netflix

Best-Stremio-Add-ons-NetflixNetflix Stremio add-on is an official Netflix add-on where you can stream Netflix movies and series without any buffering issues. View the high-quality content when you have logged in to Netflix via this add-on.


9. RARBG addon

Best-Stremio-Add-ons-RARBGRARBG Stremio add-on fetches media content directly from the RARBG torrent website. When you have installed the RARBG add-on, it will feature the same content with the same video quality as present in RARBG. It offers free Movies and TV Shows on Stremio.


10. WatchHub

WatchHub-Best-Stremio-addonsIf you want to stream your favorite Movies and TV Shows from providers, then you can watch them on the WatchHub Stremio add-on. The providers include Hulu, HBO, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and others. It offers streaming from both UK and US services.


11. VODO

Best-Stremio-addons-VODOVODO is a popular Stremio add-on that brings you free Independent ‘Indie’ movies free of cost. It is an official add-on that is also the best platform to promote independent movies. These are the kind of movies that are produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies working outside the film studio system.

Best Stremio Live TV Addons

Watch 500+ IPTV Channels live on your system when you install the below-mentioned Stremio Live TV add-ons. Some of these channels may be geo-restricted which means you would need a Stremio VPN to bypass geo-restriction.

1. FilmOn

Best-Stremio-addons-FilmON-VODFilmOn is another official Stremio add-on that features 600 TV Channels, 45,000 free movies, documentaries, and so much more. It further features social television for free which is far from any Stremio add-on features currently available.



2. FilmOn VOD

Best-Stremio-addons-VODOFilmOn Videos On-Demand becomes the official Stremio add-on that shows free movies, TV Shows, and Live TV channels for absolutely no cost. However, it would only show you old movies and TV Shows because of copyright issues.



Best Live Sports Stremio Addons

Sports fanatics can now enjoy live sporting events that are happening around the world. Watch all live sporting events with the best Stremio add-ons for sports. Also, watch highlights if you have missed the recent action.

1. Twitch

Twitch-Best-Stremio-addonsTwitch Stremio add-on is the hub for watching Live IPTV channels specifically sports channels for streaming live sporting events. Now you can cut your cable and shift to Twitch add-on for free viewing of sporting events.



2. YouTube

Best-Stremio-addons-YouTubeNow you can watch ad-free YouTube videos on your favorite YouTube Stremio add-on. Watch any new video uploaded by the one you follow and it requires zero cost. It is a nice way to watch YouTube when you have Stremio installed.



How to Install Addons on Stremio?

Follow these steps below to install the best addons on Stremio. I took these Stremio screenshots on my Windows 10 PC.

  • Open the Stremio app and sign in to your account.


  • From the home screen click the kebab menu


  • Scroll down and click Addons


  • You will see three menu options at the top left corner: Official, Community, and My Addons.


  • Click All and filter addons by series, movies, channels, and more. Now choose the addon you want and click Install.


  • That’s it, you have successfully installed the Stremio addon!

The Wrap Up

Stremio is the place where you can enjoy free Movies, TV Shows, and longer entertainment hours for Live IPTV channels. By installing the best Stremio add-ons listed in our guide, you can watch the latest media content.