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In case you have arrived here, it means the add-on you are looking for has stopped working permanently and will never come back. Therefore, we strongly urge you to go through our best working Kodi addons list in detail. To unblock those add-ons which are geo-restricted in many locations you simply need the best VPN for Kodi for that.

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MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams has been around in Kodi world for a while and hasn’t done a bad job since. You can listen to specific music that you like if you have experience with selective music genres. For example, it has sub-categories in metal, rap, hip hop songs, that further divides into many categories and thus bringing you the specific song that you desire.


Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema is a Movie add-on consisting of all three main categories i.e. Movies, Home Cinema, and My Movies. The Movies section includes all the various Genre, Movie Year, Oscar Winners, In Theatres, etc. Home Cinema section includes the best of all time movies and top 250 movies along with various other option.


TV King

 TV King is a complete Movie add-on that features all kinds of the genre for Movies and TV Shows. It also shows Movies that are recently available in Theatres but will show in HD cam quality. Further, tons of Netflix, HBO, and Hulu TV series are also added which can be seen in HD quality.


Selfless Kodi

If you’re traveling outside the UK or US, but still wants to catch up to the News, Movies, and TV Shows of your country, then Selfless Kodi is the best add-on. Why do we say that? Its because people living outside the US and UK can easily access their favorite content with ease. It is found in Bliss TV Repo.



Spotify, the music hub add-on has everything to offer related to the music industry. It is a music, podcast, and a video streaming service that has gained attraction from many Kodi users. It has various categories including Rock, Pop, Solo, and so much more.


Aragon Live

Aragon Live Kodi has every section that a Kodi video should have, but its Kids section is mostly populated with Kids Movies and best TV Shows for Kids. It is a fun time for the young ones and for the family when they could find such an add-on that has everything including Live IPTV, Movies, and TV Shows.


Squad Control

Squad control is the best add-on for Anime and Cartoons. Its category includes Most Popular, Genre, Dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, Cartoons, Movies, and Ova Series. You can find the latest and old shows for Kids. We find kids and adults taking the same amount of interest in Anime so we made sure to include the best add-ons.



Jamzz Kodi is a Music add-on for Kodi that features latest songs that are divided into many categories i.e. Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, and others. There is another category called Alternative where you find a mix of song collection. Along with music, it also features official videos for each song. Found in Blamo Repository.


Merlin Fits

Merlin Fits addon makes you the fittest person on the planet earth where you get to learn many physical fitness workouts. This add-on brings you the easy-way and the hard-way exercises including their shortcuts. There are also various Fitness TV Shows that are brought to you by health professionals.



Wraith is a program add-on that fetches information from TMDB website for all the video descriptions and ratings. The important aspect of this add-on is that it will stream any Movie or TV Show from other add-ons that are present on your Kodi.


Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV is great add-on for sporting streams and live TV, but it has a much bigger media library than you imagine. It also has a movies, TV shows and Kids section which is also popular amongst Kodi viewers.


Deck Chair

The name of this add-on might sound a bit weird, but the content that it offers makes up to it. It has all the latest Movies, TV Series, 24/7 Live TV, Live Sports, Podcasts, Gaming, and much more. Quality of these videos can also be highly praised with most of the media content present in High Definition.


Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV is a haven for Kodi users that love to stream IPTV channels. This addon will air live sporting events, news channels, and movies from across the globe. Some of the channels remain to be geo-restricted for which you can use VPN, but regardless many other channels work just as fine.



Brit Flix add-on is exclusive for British fans present all around the world. With BritFlix, British fans can watch their favorite TV Shows and all the live streaming channels that are aired in Britain alone. It further offers Movies and Documentaries that you can view all day long without getting bored. This addon can be found in the Bizzle Builds Repository.



Quantum add-on has recently been launched since the disappearance of the popular Sanctuary add-on. Sanctuary has ruled the Kodi world for many years by offering movies and TV shows on-demand. Currently, Quantum add-on is trying to meet the same expectation that was created by its predecessor. It is the new add-on which you ought to try this weekend.



Remember Metalliq? Chaapa’ai is the new fork of Metalliq that has Movies, TV Shows, Music, and TV Channels. You will find a lot of genre in each of the sections and that was exactly the unique capability of the Metalliq addon.



VidTime is relatively a fresher among the list of sports & PPV addons. Being a fans favorite addon, VidTime offers live sports and events coverage. That said, VidTime provides exclusive coverage of NHL hockey, MLB basketball and UFC events to viewers. Moreover, VidTime provides USTV Right Now section, giving users an option to watch favorite gaming events in full 720p HD quality.



FTV also was known as FilmOnTV is a UK based alternative to USTVNow. The addon holds a massive on-demand entertainment library, offering sports, horror, comedy and much more. The FTV addon, however, requires a FilmOn account for using the recording feature.


BOB Unleash

BOB is the new-age addon. After the departure of Phoenix, Blue, and Valhalla, BOB has arrived with an amazing media library. Subscribers can find HD movies, huge music library and live TV bundled together in one add-on. In addition, users can stream top-of-the-line TV shows and enjoy watching hours of top-rated IMDB movies on BOB.



Streaming All The Sources (SALTS) is back after previously been shut down due to the disappearance of Fusion Repository. The team of developers has updated this add-on with new links and sources and is now good to go for showing TV shows alongside movies to its viewers.



Bubbles is a Movie and a TV Show addon that offer links for watching video content and as well as a paid version through Real Debrid. It also has a Bubbles Wizard that can pop-up in the start for Kodi users.



Flixanity is the new face in the Kodi world for the video add-ons category. It offers its viewers with a pleasant experience of streaming new movies and TV shows with an extremely easy-to-use interface. It surely was one of the best add-ons to watch videos competing with Covenant.



When it comes to finding an add-on for anime, nothing beats KissAnime. It contains over 6,000 anime shows and movies, giving you ample content to stream on Kodi. You can choose from old anime shows to the latest series currently on air. KissAnime is well organized, as you can select your favorite anime based on popularity, release date, genre, or just browse through the list alphabetically. It also shows dubbed anime and was one of the best add-on for streaming Japanese animation.



Phoenix offers an extensive range of media. The addon has many users worldwide and is constantly expanding media library. The reason behind massive popularity lies on Phoenix’s brilliantly designed media library, which offers thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news and much more.


Here is the list of Addons which Stop Working and will not come back again.

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  • install bob kodi
  • how to install bennu on kodi
  • magicality kodi
  • aragon live kodi
  • toonjet kodi
  • strictly hd kodi
  • brit flix kodi
  • tubi tv kodi
  • alliance kodi
  • fearless mma kodi
  • perks media kodi
  • jamzz kodi
  • copy and paste kodi
  • invasion kodi
  • Toonjet Kodi
  • Grid Iron Legends addon
  • Fearless MMA
  • Merlin Wizard
  • Fire Fitness


The Wrap Up

Each week every other addon falls to the ground by the hands of law enforcement. It is our duty to inform users to know which of the above addons fail to work successfully.
The reasons behind a failed add-on is the crackdown of legal authorities over the developer for hosting content, shut down of the repository, or the developer calling it quit for whatever reason.
Here is the above guide you will find add-ons that doesn’t work so you don’t have to spend time installing it.