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IVPN Review 2022

IVPN is a Gibraltar based VPN service available at a costly $6.00/mo for the standard plan. The service has 50+ servers in 28 countries, none of which are capable of unblocking US Netflix, but it boats superior privacy features and a zero-logging policy. The VPN has earned 3.9/5.0 stars rating overall.

Based inGibraltar [SAFE]
Servers50+ (28 Countries)
LogsNo Logs
Multi Login7 Devices
Refund30 Days

IVPN is a Gibraltar-based VPN service that has a relatively small but loyal base of customers. In this IVPN review, I evaluated its various capabilities and functionalities to determine whether it is worth getting.

Surely, the provider has some remarkable qualities such as its excellent no-logging policy, a surveillance-free jurisdiction, features such as obfuscation, multi-hopping, and anti-tracking.

However, it has only 50+ servers in its network, unlike ExpressVPN or Surfshark, which cover a much wider range of locations. The service is also on the lower side in terms of speed and can’t bypass restrictions on streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Overall, the provider has earned a rating of 3.9/5.0. I would recommend this service if you are willing to pay more than many other VPNs and want strong privacy features to stay well-guarded from cybercriminals and agencies online. You can check more VPNs ratings evaluated by VPNRanks.

My Rating Criteria

Here you will find a list of 9 factors that I will be using to perform this review:

  1. Jurisdiction – Where is IVPN based?
  2. Security – Is IVPN secure?
  3. Leaks – Does IVPN leak IP address?
  4. Servers – Is IVPN compatible with P2P?
  5. Speed – How fast is IVPN?
  6. Streaming – Does IVPN unblock US Netflix?
  7. Compatibility – How many devices do IVPN support?
  8. Pricing – How much is IVPN exactly?
  9. Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Reviews & Support

Jurisdiction – Where is IVPN based?

Luckily, IVPN mainly hails from a safe jurisdiction, i.e., Gibraltar. The country is not a part of any 5 Eyes alliance. The country does not have to abide by mandatory data retention rules, so users that are sensitive about their privacy can rely on IVPN.

Since Gibraltar is located far away from the reach of 5 eyes country, the world’s largest surveillance agencies have no jurisdictional authority on the Island, allowing IVPN to deliver its promise of keeping its users’ privacy tightly wrapped.

The service also has a Warrant Canary and Transparency Report on its website. These should put to rest any doubts you might have as to the trustworthiness of the VPN.

Security – Is IVPN secure?

IVPN is a very secure VPN service. It offers OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec as VPN protocols, all of which are modern and advanced tunneling protocols.

However, the VPN doesn’t use PPTP or L2TP protocols, and that’s for the better. L2TP and PPTP are outdated protocols with exposed vulnerabilities. As such, it doesn’t make sense for VPN users to use protocols that can’t guarantee their security.

For encryption, OpenVPN uses AES-256-GCM bit encryption by default, one of the strongest encryption mechanisms.

Additional Security Features

IVPN also offers strong additional security features to safeguard your identity and data online for all the many threats that pose a danger to you.

IVPN Firewall (Kill Switch)

IVPN is equipped with a Kill Switch that prevents privacy leaks from happening in IP or DNS leaks. The Kill Switch is available for desktop apps (Windows and macOS) of IVPN.

IVPN Multihop

For users who need an extra layer of privacy, IVPN offers multihop. With this feature, you can route your connection through multiple servers located in different regions, making it incredibly difficult for any agency to trace your activities and/or IP address.

IVPN Anti-Censorship

IVPN also offers obfuscation to mask the fact that you are using a VPN. This can be handy if you’re located in a country where VPNs are banned and if your ISP blocks VPN traffic.

IVPN Wi-Fi Protection

IVPN automatically connects to its secure network if it detects you are attempting to connect to an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot. With this feature, you can rest assured whenever connecting to Wi-Fi, as IVPN will take care of any network’s insecurities.

IVPN Anti-tracker

IVPN’s anti-tracker blocks ads and data trackers online. This is a much-needed addition for users that are frustrated with online trackers and ads tracing them around the web.

Does IVPN keep logs?

IVPN has a clear no-logging policy. The company keeps no records of your IP address, traffic, activity, DNS requests, timestamps, or bandwidth.


This makes it one of the few providers to refrain from logging potentially personally identifiable information completely. Combined with the fact that it is located in Gibraltar, far away from the reach of five eyes, the excellent, privacy-affirming logging policy of IVPN is one of the most encouraging attributes of this service.

Leaks – Does IVPN leak IP address?

There is no denying IVPN is a leak-free service because it does not reveal your actual whereabouts, be its IP addresses, DNS, or WebRTC data. Here are the results:

IP Leak Test:

Unsurprisingly, a VPN as secure as IVPN has no problems at all when it comes to preventing your IP from leaking:


DNS Leak Test:

There are no DNS leak problems with IVPN as it comfortably prevents such leaks from happening:


WebRTC Leak Test:

IVPN remains strong against WebRTC leaks as well:


Virus Test: 

I tested its Google Play Store Android app link from VirusTotal and found no malware whatsoever.


Servers – Is IVPN Compatible with P2P?

IVPN has 50+ servers spread out across 28 countries around the world. This service does not simply focus on setting up a broad server spread.

Instead, it takes time to create a strong and limited network in countries that users mostly prefer connecting to, such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, etc.

The service also supports p2p filesharing. However, it discourages users from using the USA servers for downloading torrents since they have received DMCA notices from these. Therefore, IVPN recommends connecting to non-US VPN servers for torrenting activities.

The providers are continuing to expand their server base and, in particular, are working towards adding more locations from East Asia.

Does IVPN work in China?

IVPN claims that it works in China. Although we haven’t tested it in China, the VPN claim seems believable since it does offer obfuscation and multi-hopping features capable of bypassing Chinese online restrictions.

Speed – How fast is IVPN?

IVPN offers average connection speeds to its users. I tested the VPN on US, UK, and Germany servers using a 30 Mbps base internet connection. Here are the results:

On the US server, it delivered 11.84 Mbps, which is on the lower end of average:


Next, I tested the VPN on a UK server which delivered 12.57 Mbps.


Finally, with the German server connected, I received 9.25 Mbps:


Overall, IVPN delivered average or lower than average speed test results. In a way, that is to be expected considering how security and privacy-focused this VPN is. The strong security protocols and features affect the speed, as is the case here with IVPN.

Streaming – Does IVPN unblock US Netflix?

Unfortunately, IVPN is not an ideal solution for Netflix streaming. You will have to consider other VPNs that unblock US Netflix hassle-free. I tried connecting to its US servers to unblock American Netflix but was immediately greeted with a proxy error:


Other VoD Services

IVPN also failed to connect when I tried to access BBC iPlayer with it. This isn’t very reassuring if you’re a fan of streaming services since IVPN cannot be counted on unblocking services.


Compatibility – How many devices do IVPN support?

You can connect up to 7 devices with a single IVPN subscription. The provider offers dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can also manually install the VPN on Linux as well as routers that support VPN installation.

IVPN Desktop apps (Windows & macOS)

The dedicated IVPN apps for Windows and macOS are similar in appearance and performance features. You can access the server list from the main VPN screen, while the settings tab allows you to control Kill Switch configuration, select VPN protocol, and other settings. Also, you can pause the VPN session for some duration and set it to resume after a selected period of time or manually.


IVPN Smartphone Apps

The smartphone apps of IVPN for Android and iOS are likewise very similar in look and feel. They also have the same differences from desktop apps. For instance, there’s no Kill Switch. The apps perform smoothly with decent connectivity. As for ratings, IVPN has a 3.4-star rating on Google Play Store and a 4.1-star rating on the iTunes store.


Pricing – How much is IVPN exactly?

IVPN offers an expensive pricing structure. You can choose between Standard and Pro packages, both of which are available as year-long or monthly subscriptions. The pricing of both plans looks like this:

Monthly Plan:

Annual Plan:

The Pro plans offer multi hopping, port forwarding, and 7 simultaneous connections. In contrast, the Standard plan does not offer multi-hopping or port forwarding and only supports 2 simultaneous connections.


Both plans offer a 3-day free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase subscriptions using Credit Card, Bitcoin, and PayPal.


Moreover, if you’re interested in getting premium VPNs at discounted rates, check out our awesome deals on VPNs right now!

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Reviews & Support

IVPN has a rating of 4/5.0 on Trustpilot. However, the company has only received 2 reviews on this platform. It’s hard to judge what people generally think about a company based on 10 customer reviews only.


IVPN Reddit Reviews

The reputation of IVPN is extremely positive on Reddit. Users generally have good experiences to share regarding the performance and reliability of IVPN.

Here’s one user expressing their satisfaction with the VPN:


Another user points out the stability of the VPN and overall good performance:


It is encouraging to see the VPN receiving good remarks from actual users.

Customer Support

IVPN offers decent customer support options. You can reach them through live chat (though it isn’t always available) as well as emails.

I couldn’t find any customer support representative online when I tried to reach them out through live chat:


Now I would be okay with this if this were some cheap no-name provider. But considering the higher-end pricing of this VPN, I’m quite surprised they can’t afford to hire a few customer reps to attend to visitors on their website through live chat round-the-clock.

As such, IVPN needs to start investing more in its customer support department to cater to its users instantly.

Comparison between ExpressVPN and IVPN

I have described the salient attributes of both these VPNs to help you decide about your privacy instantly.

Servers3000+ in 94 Countries50+ in 28 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, macOS, Linux,
Android & iOS
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsGibraltar
Logging PolicyZero LogsNo Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportFAQs, Live Chat & Email
Trustpilot Score4.74

Alternatives to IVPN

IVPN is a well-rounded VPN service that offers a fantastic blend of features for your digital privacy. Regardless, many users may be looking for something else not provided by this service. We recommend that these users read the following reviews.

Do I Recommend IVPN?

Yes, I recommend IVPN to users, especially if you’re a very privacy-focused one. IVPN has one of the best logging policies in the industry. It features a stable performance with valuable capabilities such as Kill Switch, obfuscation, multi hopping, anti-tracker, and Wi-Fi protection.

As such, the VPN is a great choice if you want to freely access the internet without worrying about any rogue elements breaching your privacy. It also has the rare quality of working in China.

However, its expensive pricing, low server count, lack of support for Netflix, average speed, and a live chat support system that is not always online are the major downsides of this VPN.

Therefore, based on all the points discussed in this IVPN review, the service has received a 3.9/5.0 stars rating overall.

For more reviews, look towards our VPN reviews section with 160+ unbiased reviews waiting for you to be read.

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