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FrootVPN Review 2022

FrootVPN is a VPN for all purposes except for streaming. It has 150+ servers in 25+ countries and is best suited for P2P. For the price of 3.33/mo, FrootVPN manages to earn 3.3 star ratings.

Based inSeychelles [SAFE]
Servers150 (34 Countries)
LogsNo Logs
Multi Login5 Devices
Refund30 Days

FrootVPN is based in Seychelles, a country free from data retention laws. It has 150+ servers in 25+ countries and respects users’ privacy by not storing any logs.

With its low pricing, it offers the strongest encryption that doesn’t leak IP and works great while torrenting. It has average server speed and doesn’t unblock Netflix though, but streaming isn’t the only factor people use a VPN.

Other VPNs such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN work great for streaming if you’d like to try it. Therefore, we highly recommend reading our blog to learn more about these best VPNs.

Also, it does not have dedicated apps for each platform, but it does tell you how to install FrootVPN manually. In this FrootVPN review, you will know why this VPN is worth buying. Let’s find out.

Before you do, have a look at our popular VPN reviews to know which one is best for you.

My Rating Criteria

Let’s have a look at the rating criteria on the basis of which I have performed this review:

  1. Pricing – How much does FrootVPN cost?
  2. Security – Is FrootVPN safe to use?
  3. Jurisdiction – Where is FrootVPN located?
  4. Speed – How fast is FrootVPN?
  5. Streaming – Does FrootVPN work with Netflix?
  6. Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  7. Trustworthiness – Logs and Customer Support
  8. Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices

Pricing – How much does FrootVPN cost?

FrootVPN has an affordable pricing plan. It currently offers 3 different plans you can look at them below:


By far, the 1-year plan is the best plan FrootVPN has to offer because you save 40%. Even though, it doesn’t compare with the prices of Surfshark.

With that, you also get 30 days money-back guarantee.

Free Trial

There’s NO free trial available, but only an awesome referral program. Refer your friend and get 30 days of free VPN service for each sign-up.

Security – Is FrootVPN safe to use?

Yes, FrootVPN is safe to use because it offers strong 2048-bit encryption that keeps your internet traffic encrypted in a private tunnel.

FrootVPN also has the latest tunneling protocols to protect the online activity of the users. The three encryption protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.

FrootVPN has included a mix of the fastest & highly secure tunneling protocols in order to deliver premium satisfaction to users with differing needs.

The PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) feature aims to provide cryptographic security for data communications (messaging, email, etc.).

FrootVPN OpenVPN protocols are offered with standard 128-bit encryption keys, while both L2TP & PPTP protocols utilize 256-bit data encryption methods.

Jurisdiction – Where is FrootVPN located?

FrootVPN is a Seychelles-based company that does not have data retention laws and doesn’t fall under 5 eyes, 9 eyes, or 14 eyes countries.

This is good news for FrootVPN as the company would not be obliged to follow orders from countries outside of Seychelles. they won’t hand over users’ data just because a powerful authority asks for it.

Server Network


FrootVPN currently offers 150+ servers in 25+ countries. The good news is, that you also have servers available in China.

VPN service providers use the obfuscated server technology to bypass the toughest internet restrictions of countries such as China and Russia.

On FrootVPN’s server page, they also mention which server currently has a heavy load so you can shift to another server that has the lightest load.

Speed – How fast is FrootVPN?

The server speed of FrootVPN is just about average. I connected to one of its fastest servers indeed and saw a downward spike.

I connected to one of its US servers. Before I did, my internet speed without FrootVPN was 33 Mbps. When I connected to FrootVPN, the speed went down to 13.67 Mbps.

Here is the result of the test:

FrootVPN Speed Test Result

As you can see, there is a speed decline of 59%.

Streaming – Does FrootVPN work with Netflix?

I witnessed in this review that it doesn’t work with Netflix after I examined it myself. It only offers a few servers located in the US which makes it difficult for the service provider to bypass the extreme VPN restrictions of Netflix.

But it works on the best media player i.e. Kodi. Kodi offers thousands of Live TV channels on its app with the help of addons, and VPN uses to avoid geo-restriction.

There are other VPNs on Kodi that work pretty well having fast speed.

Is FrootVPN good for torrenting?

Luckily, you can accomplish your media streaming cravings through FrootVPN. It has optimized P2P servers that keep you anonymous while you download torrents.

It also hides your original IP so which makes it impossible for other people to track your real location.

Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

FrootVPN passed all the leaks. It didn’t leak my original IP, so it means it will not risk your online identity.

I connected to the FrootVPNs US server, the same one I used to test its speed. Have a look at the results:

IP Leak Test:

FrootVPN IP Leak Test

DNS Leak Test:

FrootVPN DNS Leak Test

WebRTC Leak Test:

FrootVPN WebRTC Leak Test

Virus Test:

I conducted a virus test to see if their OpenVPN files contain any viruses, malware, or adware. I did not find any Viruses. Here you see the results:

FrootVPN Virus Test

Trustworthiness – Logs and Customer Support

FrootVPN has a clear-cut privacy policy. It does not store your connection logs nor does it store usage logs.

It does not maintain a log of timestamps, source, and destination IP addresses, DNS queries, and log sessions of its subscribers. However, FrootVPN records only the following information about the users:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address

FrootVPN needs to record the above credentials to provide you access to its VPN servers. In case a subscriber forgets his username or password, the email address is utilized to recover the account.

Check for VPNs that don’t store any logs.

Customer Support

FrootVPNs customer support is just average. It has only two mediums for customer support i.e. Support Ticket and Knowledgebase.

When you click on the Support Ticket, you will have to enter your Email, Subject, and Description. It has a response time of 24 hours which is not impressive.

Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices

FrootVPN does not have dedicated apps for different platforms. This makes it very difficult for users to download a separate protocol on their devices as I found out in this review. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mikrotik routers.

Since it is difficult to download, it has a separate section for tutorials. It shows you a step-by-step tutorial for each device.

Comparison between ExpressVPN and FrootVPN

I have listed down important features for both VPN services, it’s up to you to decide which service is better:

Price $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan)$3.33/mo
Servers3000+ in 94 Countries150+ in 25+ Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, Mac, Linux, Android,
iOS, & Mikrotik Routers
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsSeychelles
Logging PolicyZero LogsZero Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportSupport Ticket & Knowledgebase
Trust Pilot Score4.6N/A
WebsiteExpressVPN FrootVPN

FrootVPN Alternatives

In case you want to protect your privacy next level with other VPN services, here is the list of online security brands that include:

Do I Recommend FrootVPN?

Yes, I completely recommend FrootVPN. The VPN is worth buying due to its strongest 2048-bit encryption and is based in Seychelles and doesn’t fall under 14 eyes countries.

It is a low-cost VPN and it doesn’t store your connection and usage logs. It makes you safer over the internet and keeps your data private.

It also offers an awesome referral program that gets you 30 days of free service if any one of your friends signs up.

All in all, it is a good VPN to download and use. Based on this FrootVPN review, the service has received a 3.3/5.0 stars rating overall.

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