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Avast VPN Not Working? Try These Quick Fixes

At your wits' end because Avast VPN not connecting? Fret not. Here are some common problems and their easy fixes to try.

Is Avast VPN not working? If yes, then you’re probably not alone. Although Avast SecureLine VPN works pretty well for the most part, it can develop some problems and fail to work from time to time.

I’ll present easy solutions to some of the common problems with Avast VPN in this article. However, if you’ve already tried general VPN fixing tips to no avail, you can look into ExpressVPN as a much more powerful alternative to Avast VPN.

But if you’d rather try and fix Avast VPN first, let’s get right down to the fixing tips:

Avast VPN not Connecting

Here are a few tips for resolving to Avast VPN connectivity faults:

1. Change server locations

VPN servers can go offline due to technical problems or for maintenance purposes. If you’re unable to deal with Avast VPN not working even though everything seems fine, try changing your server location:


Avast VPN has a small server network, so you might not be able to find a good replacement to the server that’s giving you problems.

This is where ExpressVPN excels as it has a network of 3,000+ servers as compared to Avast’s 50+ server locations.

So, your best bet is to try a server that is nearby to the one that’s gone offline in Avast’s network until it comes back on. This is usually a temporary problem and should be resolved within a few days.

You can also contact Avast VPN’s customer support to inform them about the servers you’re having problems with. If it’s a problem on their end, they’ll get right down to fixing it or offer guidance to you in case the problem is at your end.

Some users might be able to connect to Avast VPN fine but experience slow speeds. For best performance, connect to servers that are geographically close to your location. However, Avast VPN is generally slow as compared to leading providers in the industry, so you might still not obtain outstanding speeds.

2. Check subscription validity

If you find Avast VPN not turning on, thefirst thing to check is if your Avast subscription is still valid. It seems pretty obvious but sometimes users don’t realize when their subscription has expired and are puzzled when they can’t use Avast VPN.

Log into your user panel on Avast’s official website and see if your status is still active. If it isn’t, you’ll need to renew your subscription in order to continue using Avast VPN. If you find your Avast VPN license not working, you should contact the customer support of the provider.

If you still have a valid subscription, then you should try the other tips as mentioned below.

3. Check internet connection

Sometimes, users will find Avast VPN not connecting even though the problem isn’t with the VPN at all but rather with their internet connection. To check if your internet is working properly, disconnect Avast VPN and quit the service entirely. Then use the web as you normally would.

If you’re able to access websites and other web services normally, then this means that your internet is fine. But if you still can’t access anything online, then it’s very likely that your internet is at fault. Avast VPN will not connect no matter what you do as long as the source of the problem is your internet connection.

Contact your ISP to get your internet fixed. This should be enough to resolve your Avast VPN connectivity issues.

4. Resolve software conflicts

If you have firewalls/antimalware installed, they can cause interference with your Avast VPN connection. To check if your problems are caused by such software conflicts, disable all antimalware/firewall from your system and then try using Avast VPN again.

If you are now able to use the VPN properly, this indicates that your problem is indeed due to conflicts with security software. To deal with this problem, you should add Avast VPN in the list of exceptions of your security program.

This will ensure that your antimalware continues protecting you from malware while avoiding nay interference to the functioning of Avast VPN.

5. Disable TAP adapters

If you have multiple VPN software installed in your system and Avast VPN does not work, tit’s possible that your TAP adapter is experiencing conflicts between other VPNs.

Every VPN has its own TAP adapter installed in your system. You should disable the adapter of all VPNs installed in your system other than Avast VPN:

  • Open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.


  • You’ll find the TAP adapters of all the installed VPNs as well as your physical network.


  • Disable adapters of all VPNs other than Avast VPN by right-clicking each and selecting Disable.

Once you have disabled adapters of all other providers, you should try connecting to Avast VPN again.

6. Excessive multi-logins

Avast VPN offers 10 multi-logins. If you exceed this upper-limit and are connected to more devices than can be supported by a single Avast VPN subscription, you won’t be able to connect.

So, if you’re sharing your account with all of your friends, maybe it’s time to restrain your generosity and stop sharing your account with everyone you know.

Connect to Avast VPN after bringing down multi-logins within the acceptable limit.

Avast VPN Issues and Fixes for Specific Situations

Here are some specific services and software that users often find Avast VPN not connecting with:

Avast VPN not working with Netflix

Avast VPN works with US Netflix but you won’t have the same luck when trying to unblock other regions. To access Netflix with Avast, make sure to use a the US servers listed in the “streaming” tab as shown below:


uTorrent not working with Avast VPN

You are likely to find Avast VPN not working for torrents unless you connect to servers dedicated for torrenting. To use Avast for torrents, find and connect to servers with “p2p” next to them.


These are the p2p-optimized servers in Avast’s network that are compatible with Bit Torrent clients. Your torrents will fail to connect if you use servers without a “p2p” tag next to them.

This guide discusses more details about Avast VPN’s torrenting capabilities.

Avast VPN Alternatives

Tried all the above methods above but still made no headway? Maybe you should cancel Avast VPN and give chance to a different VPN. For instance, here’s how Avast compares to ExpressVPN, which is a service that is superior in almost every way:

FeaturesExpressVPNAvast VPN
Price $6.67/mo $3.99/mo
Servers3,000+ in 94 countries53 in 34 countries
Customer Support24/7 live chat & emailLive chat & email tickets
Logging PolicyZero logsKeeps connection logs
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsCzech Republic
Netflix unblockingStrongPoor
CompatibilityAll devicesWindows. Mac, Android, iOS
Trustpilot Score4.7/52.2/5


If you find Avast VPN not working for you, do give all the above mentioned tips a try. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to fix it if you follow the steps described above. However, there are better VPN services out there, such as ExpressVPN, so if you’re not satisfied with Avast VPN, you can still switch to something that has a proven record of performance and reliability.

It is always a better idea to get the Avast VPN free trial to try the service out first before purchasing the full subscription.

For more information about this VPN, see our Avast VPN review.

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