Le VPN Review 2017 – Is it a Trustable VPN?

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Quick Le VPN Summary

Le VPN was founded in France in 2010 but then shifted its headquarters to Hong Kong for serving the international market. It is quite impressive how Le VPN expanded exponentially in such a short period of time. Currently, it has servers in 114 countries and has come up with a unique product ‘HybridVPN’.

The privacy policy of Le VPN indicates that it does not monitor user activity or collect direct logs, but it does comply with the authorities, which is something to worry about. In this Le VPN review, we provide a detailed performance analysis of Le VPN along with its benefits and drawbacks.


  • HybridVPN
  • AES -256 Encryption
  • Abundant payment options
  • Servers in 114 countries
  • Compatibility with every device
  • Protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, and OpenVPN
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • No logs policy


  • No free trial
  • Complies to authority
  • Server count unknown

Is Le VPN a Best Fit in the VPN Market?

It may be early to suggest Le VPN as a trustworthy VPN provider because of its inception in 2010. However, it has done well in all these years that may just get VPN users attention. In such a small space of time, Le VPN has grown exponentially with servers present in 114 countries, and that’s what makes Le VPN different from other VPN providers.

In reference to its website, Le VPN never fails to boast about its team comprised of world-class information security specialists. This has led the brand to protect thousands of clients around the world.

Pricing and Plans – Time-based Pricing Plan

Le VPN offers standard subscription plans, but the monthly price of these offerings varies depending on the time-period of your subscription i.e. 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months.


Pricing review of lee vpn


Paying for a single month is a bit over-priced at $9.95/month, however, this figure reduces to a reasonable $4.95/month with which you save 50% annually. It can be seen that Le VPN is enticing its potential users to consume their services for a longer period of time, which seems a good marketing tactic and allows maximum saving.

While you sign up for Le VPN account, it offers a number of payment options. You can choose from standard credit/debit card to Bitcoin, PayPal, and other online payment methods. We recommend you choose Bitcoin as it is a secure way of subscribing to the service. By using Bitcoin, you remain anonymous, your confidential financial details remain hidden, and you get to enjoy the VPN service without compromising your privacy.


Payment Methods of lee vpn

Le VPN further offers credit card payment options (VISA, MasterCard, and American Express) alongside Yandex Money, and so much more that exceeds buyer’s expectations. Le VPN did well to offer a wide choice of payment options for its users based on their preference.

Le VPN Review: Servers in 114 Countries

Le VPN covers all 5 continents with an impressive list of 114 countries across the globe. This sounds way more impressive when you hear Le VPN has only been operating for seven years now.


Le VPN Review: Servers in 114 Countries


It is still unknown how many servers Le VPN operates in 114 countries because it does not mention this anywhere on its website. We dug a little deeper and asked its Live Chat Support to give us a precise number of servers available. To our amazement, customer support staff was also unaware of the stats.


Live Support Server Chat


The number of servers is something you will find on various VPN provider’s website. However, Le VPN keeps this information confidential, which is a surprising factor. Therefore, we make an assumption that the customer support staff are not fully equipped with this information as well.

Customer Support – Full of Options but Lesser Implication

The customer support provided by Le VPN is comprised of live chat, ticket system, and knowledgebase. Normally, you find these features on ‘Support’ menu, but on Le VPN website these features could be located in ‘Contact Us’ menu, which is located at the bottom of the page.

Live Chat

In our Le VPN review, a good response time was measured in Live Chat option where we were connected to a customer support staff in few seconds. The support staff prompt at replying to our queries. However, considering that basic information about the service is not available, it was an unsatisfactory experience nonetheless.

Ticket System

Le VPN offers a Ticket system service where you can send a detailed message regarding your queries. A good thing about this Ticket system is that you can attach a file or screenshot. This new addition to the Ticket system allows you to share a detailed view of the problem.


The knowledgebase is further comprised of FAQs, alternative installation methods of Le VPN, and SmartDNS. FAQs do a fair job in answering some interesting questions that are often asked by beginners. However, it would be more convenient if there was some depth to these questions.

Le VPN Compatibility – All Devices for All Platforms

Compatibility of Le VPN is undoubtedly commendable. It covers every device while offering software to users who can use the service without having to configure it manually. The website also offers a descriptive tutorial for these devices. You can download and install the software or app in an instant.





Le VPN offers a very descriptive tutorial for installation of it Le VPN software. It provides tutorials for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices, Linux, Windows phone, DD-WRT Routers, and Chromebook.

There is rather one thing missing and that includes ‘Video Tutorials’. Even though it is easier to install on Windows, it is difficult to install on routers or mobile devices at times. A video tutorial would help many users and bolster Le VPN’s support features.

Protocols and Encryption – A Smart Induction of VPN Service

Le VPN certainly provides a great selection of protocols and encryption section. Each of its servers gives an option to connect with:

  • L2TP / IPSEC
  • PPTP,

These three protocols offer flexibility to VPN users. PPTP is the weakest protocol among the three but is suitable for unblocking and streaming. On the other hand, L2TP/IPSEC is more secure than PPTP and works well on the mobile platform. However, we would recommend subscribers to use OpenVPN protocol. It is the toughest protocol of the lot and its open source nature makes it highly secure as well.

Our Le VPN review also uncovered that the services possess AES-256 encryption algorithm. This was great to see as this is the strongest encryption key available to date. Often referred to as military grade encryption, AES 256 bit cipher will secure your data against the most dangerous of threats.

Le VPN offers a new HybridVPN Feature

While conducting Le VPN review, we came across a unique service called HybridVPN. This is a mixture of a VPN and a SmartDNS. The true purpose of this feature is to enjoy fast streaming by unblocking popular services while having a secure connection. You can easily bypass restrictions on US, UK, and French channels and stream your favorite content. Another plus point about this feature is that it is available in all the pricing plans.

Log and Privacy Policy – An Awful Lot for Illegal Users

The privacy policy of Le VPN clearly suggests that although they do not keep ‘direct logs’ or monitors users activities for illegal activities, they do have a right to investigate their activities if requested by the authorities.

This occurs only in case of illegal activities performed by users. There is no denying the facts that at some point or another VPN users do stream copyright materials on different forums, and therefore that makes them extremely vulnerable to Le VPN.

Furthermore, Le VPN switched its base of operations from France to Hong Kong. What this means is that your privacy is secure and Le VPN does not have to comply with any form of data retention laws.

Free Trial – Money Back Guarantee

Our Le VPN review uncovered that it does not offer a free trial for its service, instead, it offers 7-days money-back guarantee. You can have the power to cancel the service anytime within 7 days, but one may ask is it worth to replace free trial service with 7-days money-back guarantee?

Le VPN may be a popular VPN service provider in France, but it still has a long way to go in becoming the popular service throughout the word. And, how will it achieve popularity when you restrict users to avail free trial services?

VPN users are hesitant and they will be better off using a recognized VPN provider instead of blindly paying for a 7-day money back guarantee service. To curb this issue, Le VPN can add a free trial for new users.

Wrap Up

Le VPN does raise some concerns regarding its privacy policy as it complies with authorities over illegal user activities, but at the same time, it promises with zero direct logs. This is certain that users might remain hesitant while using the VPN service if they are unsure about their internet activities.

However, despite these grisly facts, Le VPN has done quite well over the years when it expanded to 114 countries around the world. It has launched a unique product called HybridVPN and does well to offer knowledge to VPN users at all times. In this Le VPN review, we recommend this service to be used by VPN users who have knowledge of legal and illegal internet activities.



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