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Kodi Fresh Start add-on restores your Kodi to default settings and cleans up everything you have on your Kodi software. In short, it makes your Kodi new again. If you ever wonder how to make your Kodi as good as new, follow the instructions below on how to install Fresh Start on Kodi.

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How to Install Kodi Fresh Start on Krypton Version 17.6

Step 1: Launch Kodi Krypton > Go to Settings icon (gear-shaped icon) at the top


Step 2: Click on File Manager > On the left side of the screen double click on Add Source


Step 3: A box will appear, here you need to tap on ‘None’ option


Step 4: Paste this URL > Click OK


Step 5: You need to name the repository, so at the bottom of the box type ‘Dimitrology’ > Press OK


Step 6: Go back to Kodi Home > Then click on Add-ons menu > Tap on the Box icon located at the top


Step 7: Choose Install from Zip File > When the box appears, click on Dimitrology


Step 8: Now select > It will take a few minutes to install


Step 9: Once completed, go back to Kodi Home > Select Add-ons menu > Then click on Program Add-ons > Select Fresh Start


Step 10: Once you open Fresh Start Kodi, a message pops up that asks if you wish to restore configuration to default settings, Press YES


Step 11: Press OK when the below message appears


Step 12: Restart your Kodi and enjoy!


How to Install Kodi Fresh Start on Jarvis Version 16

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > Click on System

Step 2: Select File Manager > Then double click Add Source option

Step 3: Tap ‘None’

Step 4: Copy/Paste the URL > Press Done

Step 5: Name the repository as Dimitrology > Press Done > Then select OK

Step 6: Return to Kodi Home

Step 7: Click on System again

Step 8: Select Add-ons menu

Step 9: Tap on Install from Zip File

Step 10: Find and select Dimitrology from the list

Step 11: Click on > Wait for Fresh Start Kodi to install

Step 12: Once installed, open Fresh Start add-on > Follow the instructions and make your Kodi clean


How to Install Kodi Fresh Start on FireStick

Step 1: Once you have installed Kodi on Fire Stick, you need to go FireStick Home

Step 2: Click on Settings option located at the top menu

Step 3: Select Applications menu

Step 4: Scroll down to click on Manage Installed Applications

Step 5: Tap on Kodi

Step 6: Once you open Kodi, follow the instructions as highlighted above for Krypton and Jarvis. Hence, you will be able to Fresh Start Kodi 17 FireStick.


Directly Download Fresh Start Kodi

Step 1: Download Kodi Fresh Start Plugin and save it on your system

Step 2: Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons menu

Step 3: Select Box icon at the top

Step 4: Choose Install from Zip File

Step 5: Upload or Navigate the Kodi Fresh Start Plugin file you just downloaded

Step 6: It will take few minutes to install the file > Now open and Fresh Start Kodi 17


Fresh Start Kodi Review

It so happens with Kodi that some add-ons may actually prevent other add-ons from streaming or to work in a proper manner. Hence, Fresh Start Kodi and install the video add-on again for buffer-free streaming.

From best Kodi Builds to installing Kodi add-ons, you may need to get Fresh Start to refresh your Kodi. This will get your app to work efficiently and smoothly.


Kodi Fresh Start Repo

Fresh Start add-on is available in only two repositories from where it can be installed. These are provided below:

  • Dimitrology
  • Kodil Repo


FAQ’s of Kodi Fresh Start

How do I delete an addon with Kodi?

To delete or uninstall Kodi add-on, you need to right-click on the particular add-ons and select Information. It will direct you another box where you need to click on uninstall option present at the bottom menu.

What does Fresh Start Kodi do?

Kodi Fresh Start add-on would restore your default Kodi settings and wipe out every add-on or builds you have it stored on your software. It is required when you have so many non-working add-ons installed on your Kodi app.

How to Fresh Start Kodi on Android box?

The process to Fresh Start on Kodi Android boxes requires the same steps as highlighted for Krypton or Jarvis setup. There is no separate installation setup for Fresh Start Kodi.


Fresh Start Kodi Not Working/Issues/Problems

Problem 1: Fresh Start Kodi Won’t Work

A Problem arises where Kodi users are able to install Fresh Start add-on, but are unable to open or run. This may be due to various reasons, but the most prominent one is installing Fresh Start with outdated repository.


To fix this problem, Kodi users are advised to consider either Dimitrology repo or Kodil Repo for installation. If the problem persist, uninstall the add-on and re-install. Upon re-installing, the add-on seems to fine well.

Problem 2: Could Not Connect to Repository

This problem normally occurs when you are not connected to the internet or have inserted an incorrect URL. In either cases, it will pose could not connect to repository error


Fixing this problem requires you to double check the repository URL and make sure there is no space at the end or beginning of the URL. Also ensure that you have inserted a slash (/) sign at the end of the URL. Lastly, make sure you are connected to the internet.


The Wrap Up

Kodi Fresh Start is a gem of an add-on available in Dimitrology Repository under program add-ons section. It restores your Kodi in its original state as you had downloaded for the first time. It would clean everything from your Kodi app and will apply Kodi default settings. This guide explains how to install Fresh Start on Kodi.