Ivacy VPN Review 2018 – Exposes the Hidden Secrets of the VPN

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN

Website Ivacy.com
$2.25Per Month
Ivacy VPN Features
  • 450+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • Kodi Optimized VPN Services
  • Access to Kodi, Netflix & More
  • Split Tunnelling & Kill Switch
  • P2P Open Servers
  • Special Security for Torrenting

Selecting a VPN is not easy. There are hundreds of providers on the net and each claim to provide guaranteed privacy.

In this Ivacy VPN review, I will examine the VPN and determine whether it is one of the Best VPNs available.

The VPN I am discussing today was founded in 2007. It features an extensive server coverage, robust protocols, top tier encryption, and split tunneling technology.

But here’s the kicker:

Ivacy is one of the most budget-friendly VPNs around. No kidding, if you go for its long-term plans, you receive astonishing discounts.

However, despite its low prices, is this VPN really worth your hard-earned money? I answer this question below.


Strong Points of Ivacy VPN

Here’s the deal: there are plenty of well-established VPN services in the market. All of these VPN have a proven record to safeguarding user privacy. Moreover, the internet is flooded with their praises.

So, why should one ignore these services for a little-known VPN provider? Well, one might be enticed by the following features.

Kill Switch

There are privacy risks even while using a VPN. Sometimes you lose your connection and your IP address is exposed to your local ISP.

To stop this from happening, this service provides a kill switch, which disconnects your internet whenever you lose your VPN connection, stopping your IP address from being leaked.

DNS Leak Protection

Many times, Windows uses your default DNS instead of the one provided by your VPN. This too can expose your location and identity.

Ivacy DNS leak protection routes your request from the VPN’s DNS server. This keeps your location from being exposed.


This feature works to perfection as my tests showed no DNS leak at all.

Zero Logging Policy

Some of the VPN providers in the past have shared customer information with security agencies.

You might be wondering: Is Ivacy any different from these providers? More importantly, is Ivacy safe?

The answer to both of these questions is yes.

Fortunately, this VPN does not store Meta logs or keep an eye on what you are browsing and which applications are you using. This VPN puts your privacy on top off its list to provide you with a transparent service.

Multi Logins

Imagine running a VPN service on five different devices simultaneously under a single username. Well, that is what you get with this VPN. You can use this VPN to login to five devices at the same time.

Since diverse device compatibility is one of its many fortes, it provides an opportunity to its users to stay connected and protected with Ivacy all the time. The users can install and run it on their laptops, smartphones, iPads, tabs and gaming consoles and can use it without experiencing any glitch.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling can help the users cut down the load of their VPN services. With this feature, the VPN takes load off itself by curtailing down the applications that put extra burden on your internet speed.

You can choose to route your traffic or app with Split Tunneling and save bandwidth of your internet by instructing the service to exclude the apps, which will still run in the background but without the protection of the VPN.

In simple words, split tunneling allows you customize the VPN in order to prioritize the apps that need security the most.

Side Note: Ivacy claims to have invented this technology but I cannot confirm this as of now.

Protocol & Encryption Support

As you continue to read this Ivacy review, you will realize that I take tunneling protocols seriously. And I have good reason for doing so.

After all, tunneling protocols perform the main function of the VPN; securing your data traffic.

The VPN offers PPTP, SSTP, L2TP-IPSec and OpenVPN protocols to its users.

PPTP is as an obsolete technology while SSTP is more oriented toward Windows. Meanwhile, L2TP is an extension of PPTP and is relatively slower than other protocols.

OpenVPN, meanwhile, is the most popular of the protocol options. It is fast, reliable and so far, unbreakable. All this is possible due to the open source nature of the protocol, which allows for constant updates.

And not to forget, OpenVPN supports AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption is safe enough for NSA to encrypt their sensitive information. This means it is safe enough for you.

Torrenting and P2P File Sharing: Unrestricted Downloading

Many VPN services back away when it comes to providing support for torrenting and P2P services. Since the P2P file sharing is illegal in many countries, it takes some grit to go out of the way to make sure that users enjoy the files sharing services.

This VPN is one of many VPN services that allow torrenting and P2P facility on their network.

Ivacy torrenting service enables for safe and secure P2P file sharing services. It provides optimized P2P servers with blazing fast speeds to ensure your download and upload do not suffer.

NAT Firewall

Every router has a NAT Firewall, so why do so many VPNs advertise this feature as their specialty?

Well, the answer relates to the core function of the VPNs. As it happens, normal router cannot read encrypted packet headers. Hence, they let all sorts of data pass through without any filtration.

Ultimately, this can make way for harmful data to end up on your connection.

Ivacy’s NAT firewall stops this from happening. It acts as a replacement to your conventional firewall, sorting out any unusual data that may harm your device.

Dedicated IP

When you switch on a VPN, you are given a shared IP.  Now, these IPs often slow down as the number of users soar.

And in worst case scenario, they develop a bad rap and get you banned on certain sites due to the activities of other users.

So, the only way to avoid such mishappenings is through dedicated IP addresses.

Ivacy provides dedicated IP addresses from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • The US
  • The UK

Speed Test: Fast Servers

In my Ivacy VPN review, I conducted the VPN’s speed tests to evaluate the provider’s performance. It is known that VPN’s slow down your internet connection.

However, this usually varies between different providers and also depends on the server and protocol you use.

Initially, I tested our network connection without a VPN service and observed the following results:


Next, I connected to a server using OpenVPN protocol and got the following speeds:


The results show that Ivacy VPN download speed was slightly less while the upload speeds remained consistent. Surprisingly, the ping dropped when connecting to a VPN.

That said, we were able to access blocked websites such as Hulu, Pandora, and Netflix without any restrictions and stream in high quality.

Customer Support

For this review, I evaluated Ivacy support and it left me extremely impressed. The providers have a thorough knowledgebase, which provides guides, technical information and other relevant data about the VPN.

Their Customer Support has a Live Chat option and I tested it on few occasions.

In reply to most of my queries, the agent provided me an in-depth answer that directly addressed my concerns.

Overall, I found the customer support of the VPN to be flawless.


Ivacy Netflix: Unlocking the Streaming Giant

Netflix has specified libraries for different countries. The shows that restricted to the United States are not available in Canada and vice versa.

Only VPNs can help a user bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions but unfortunately, many VPNs fail to unlock the popular streaming site.

This VPN worked with Netflix in many of my tests. But I would recommend you to stay updated on the matter.

Ivacy works in China

China’s government is notorious for banning every top website on the internet. That’s why, Chinese citizens and tourists visiting the country need VPNs to maintain some semblance of internet freedom.

Ivacy works efficiently in China. However, the website of this VPN is banned, which makes hard for anyone to download Ivacy VPN in the country.

The citizens of China can manually set up this VPN, by following the guide on provider’s website. On the other hand, tourists can avoid this hassle altogether by packing the VPN with them on their way to the country.

Ivacy Kodi: Streaming with VPN

One of the things that caught my attention during Ivacy VPN review was its compatibility with Kodi.


The Ivacy Kodi service comes with OpenELEC compatibility and enables you to unblock any geo-restricted channel on Kodi. The setup process is fairly simple and illustrated in their knowledgebase. In addition, the VPN offers its own add-on for Kodi. Therefore, you can directly setup the VPN onto Kodi.

If you are using Kodi on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows, you have to simply install the VPN.

In case you want to configure the VPN directly on Kodi, the providers have a manual to guide you through the process.

My attempts in using this VPN were a success. I was able to unlock geo-restricted content without any difficulty.

Areas of Concern for Ivacy VPN

While this VPN is a solid package for online privacy, there are some areas where the providers can bring improvements.

Sketchy Refund Policy

The refund policy of the VPN reads like a bad riddle. Users may even think that the VPN has a standard 30-day refund policy if they forget to read the important bits hidden away in the terms of service.

According to the providers, users should claim refund within 7 days if they have bought the monthly package. The yearly subscribers can make the claim within the first month.

In addition to that, the claimants cannot use more than 500 MB of bandwidth data or have more than more than 30 sessions.

The data limitation is on the low side. However, what really makes this policy ‘sketchy’ is that it is buried down on the website. One really has to go digging to find it out.

Jurisdiction Issues

There is a lot of talk surrounding Singapore potential role as the partner of the five eyes. While there is no way to confirm such a news, this matter should raise a few eyebrows.

Whether Singapore is a player in the international intelligence sharing alliance or not, the users of this VPN should find solace in the fact that it keeps no logs.

No compatibility with Tor

Tor is one of the favorite tools of the privacy advocates. Even without a VPN involved, Tor can shield users from cyber surveillance and online censorship.

However, when you combine TOR with a VPN, you get the formula for ultimate online privacy.

Sadly, Ivacy users cannot enjoy this combination, as the VPN is incompatible with TOR network.

Affordable Prices with Amazing Plans

As a frequent VPN reviewer, I rarely come across services that provide cheap rates for a quality service. Ivacy is an exception to this norm.

The VPN is equipped with all the advanced tool to protect your online privacy. But interestingly, it does not charge you much for the service.

It provides three basic subscription plans to its users – the monthly plan, a 1-year plan and a 2 years plan.


Monthly Plan

If you are traveling or you need a VPN for a short period, I recommend you the Monthly plan, which costs you $9.95/month. Since the packages are universal, you will be able to enjoy all the features on the monthly plan as well.

One-Year Plan

The one-year plan costs $3.33/month or $40.00 after a 66% discount. This is an extremely cheap rate for a year’s worth of online privacy.

Two Years Plan

The two-year plan costs $2.25/month, which makes its overall price $54. When you add everything up, the two-year package offers the 77% saving.

This Package is perhaps the selling point of this VPN. It provides two years of digital security at astonishingly cheap rates.

Five-Year Plan


It gets even better.

The service also has a 5-year package. The Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription is priced $60, this means that it will cost $1.34 a month. The plan gives you a whopping 87% discount.

Hence, I recommend this plan to users who want a long-term solution to their digital privacy woes.

Payment Methods

The VPN provides multitudes of payment modes including PayPal, AliPay Credit Cards, Perfect Money and Paymentwall.

But most importantly, subscribers can pay via multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.


Extensive Server Coverage

An extensive server range is often a main strength of a VPN. For some users, it is a make or break factor.

To tell you the truth, the server range of this service impressed me quite a bit in this Ivacy VPN review.

While evaluating the service, I discovered that Ivacy server list consists of more than 450 spread across 50+ countries. These are outstanding numbers if you stop to consider the cheap price of this VPN.


With Ivacy servers, you can rattle the restrictions without being noticed by your ISPs. You can use the VPN servers to connect to some of the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that are restricted for viewership in certain regions.

Servers in the UK

With this VPN, you get two server locations in the UK, namely, London and Manchester.

Through the servers in these locations, users can access content restricted in the United Kingdom.

The UK servers are also pretty handy for the British Netizens who wish to hide their online activity from their ISP.

Servers in Canada

Meanwhile, the VPN also provides servers from Canadian cities of Vancouver and Quebec.

Canada, is a seemingly a country with progressive cyber laws. However, even this state has been guilty of spying on its own citizens.

Hence, VPNs such as this help Canadians escape the watchful eye of their government.

Servers in Australia

Australia is another curious place when it comes to digital privacy. On one hand, the cyber laws are privacy friendly but on the other, the country indulges in mass surveillance.

This is where the Melbourne and Brisbane servers of this VPN come in. They allow Australian to browse without someone snooping in their private matters.

Cross-Platform Compatibility


Remarkably, this VPN provides decent device and operating software compatibility to its users. With smooth running VPN clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, this service covers all the major platforms.

Apart from providing the VPN clients for the aforementioned operating software and devices, it can also be manually set up on Linux, Routers, Roku, Kodi, Smart TV and Blackberry.

And this is not it. You can configure this VPN on Xbox and PS4 for secure online gaming.

Ivacy for Windows


For Windows users, Ivacy has designed a sleek and user-friendly client that provides ultimate privacy with a single click.

Though I will explain this client in details, it is imperative for readers to know that this app is decorated with advanced security features.

Moreover, it offers a smooth user experience.

Ivacy for Mac


For OS X users, Ivacy is one of the best VPNs for Mac as it offers exclusive software and manual configuration. You can use both the methods to setup this VPN on your device.

The VPN client for Mac has a similar design and feel to the Windows PC software. All the options are neatly placed on the left panel and at the top of the VPN client. You can download Ivacy for Mac from their website, follow the installation wizard, and then run the software.

Ivacy for Android


Android users can find the custom app of the VPN on Google Play. The app has a sleek design and a one-tap connect feature.

Further, it lets you choose from the extensive server library of the VPN.

Ivacy for iOS


Not to ignore the Apple lovers, Ivacy has developed an intuitive and eye-catching iOS app that provides digital privacy on the go.

Users can download this app for free on iTunes and enjoy guaranteed protection from malwares and other forms of online threats.

Ivacy Chrome Extension


The VPN providers offer a top-notch Google Chrome extension for the users and considered as the best vpn for chrome. With Ivacy Chrome extension, you can browse safely while also bypassing geo-restrictions imposed by different sites.

The Chrome add-on provided by the service is similarly in design to its desktop client. It lets you choose between the 450+ international servers provided by the service.

Most impressively, it provides AES 256 bit military grade encryption to safeguard your browsing experience.

Ivacy Firefox Extension


Firefox extension of this VPN is similar to the Chrome add-on. Although it is not as popular as the latter, it still extremely convenient.

With this extension, you can secure your browsing activity in a matter of seconds. However, it is often unreliable.

In the four attempts in which I tried to use this extension, it failed to connect two times.

Ivacy VPN: Hands on Experience

You can visit the website of this VPN and download Ivacy VPN easily.

The Ivacy VPN free download option makes sure you do not pay anything to get the setup of this VPN. Once the setup is downloaded successfully, install it and make sure to check on ‘Launch Ivacy‘.

The software will automatically be launched once the installation is completed. Once you are done with that, enter your Ivacy account detail and connect with your preferred server.

1) After successful installation, an Ivacy Login screen will appear. Here, you required tp to enter your Ivacy VPN Sign up credentials.


2) Login into the client and then click the round connect button on the interface.


3) The client has a download section that provides you access to fast and secure servers, which are ideal for downloading content.


4) Moreover, the streaming lets you access geo-locked services such as BBC iPlayer.


5) Unlock option contains servers that allow you to access banned websites in your locality.


6) You can also utilize dedicated IPs from the client. These IPs provide superior speed along with better security.


7) The setting section allows you to toggle options like IPv6 leak protection and Auto connect.


8) Finally, you can also directly seek provider’s help through the client.


Using Ivacy VPN on Android

Once you complete the Ivacy download, the app will run smoothly on your android device.

Upon downloading and installing the app, tap it to launch it and enter your credentials.


Once you have entered the credentials, you will be required to select your Server and Protocol.


Tap on the ‘Red card‘ in front of the servers to select any of the servers of your choice.


Once you have selected the server, you connect to the VPN’s serves and secure your device on public Wi-Fi.

Enjoy unblocking Netflix with Ivacy VPN and much more.

Trustpilot Review

Trustpilot is home to subscriber reviews for different online services. One look at a brand’s Trustpilot page provides a decent insight into its actual performance.

On this site, Ivacy has overwhelmingly good reviews.


Customer service of the VPN has earn the most praise from Trustpilot reviewers.


Twitter Review

With millions of users tweeting every minute, one is bound to find some honest VPN reviews on twitter.

A user on Twitter tweeted a comparison between ExpressVPN and Ivacy.

Meanwhile, many user recommend the VPN on twitter.

Reddit Review

Reddit is one of the favorite forums of the VPN users. They use this popular social media platform to discuss their personal experience with different services.

A user categorizes this service as ‘decent’ due to its server speed.

In addition, a satisfied user praised the US Netflix compatibility and customer support of the service in this detailed Ivacy review on reddit.

Final Verdict

Ivacy is a feature-rich VPN that is available for ridiculously low prices. In its essence, this VPN is a capable software that optimizes your internet experience by getting rid of geo-restrictions and unwarranted surveillance.

Yes, it needs improvement in some areas, but all in all it was fun conducting Ivacy review. I would recommend all my readers to give it a shot if they are looking for a VPN full of smart features. In the end, I rate this VPN 4.5 / 5.0.

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24 Responses to Ivacy VPN Review 2018 – Exposes the Hidden Secrets of the VPN

  1. Macy says:

    Easy to use, high speeds while connected. Excellent service

  2. James says:

    The only downside of this VPN is they don’t have Chrome Extension. I’ve switch back to PURE VPN because of that.

  3. Yoda says:

    I recently purchased the ivacy plan to use on my linux laptop and android phone. At first I had a rough start with only one openvpn profile able to connect outside of the vpn’s internal network and pptp completely not connecting to the server. I eventually tested new desktop environments and it worked. The issue was ubuntu 17.10’s new desktop environment. I’m not sure why but network manager doesn’t like pptp and somewhat openvpn. I ended up testing the mac client which worked well but had no option for any sort of stealth protocol or scramble protocol which I have become used to using with the windscribe service, or ipvanish service. After getting pptp to work I was able to get 50 mbps, but that was probably because of my connection to my router. The android client looks very clean and modern and includes a few interesting features such as an internet kill switch, split tunneling or allowing separate apps to use vpn or no vpn, multiport, and being able to use udp or tcp as the protocol. The only things that I would suggest for Ivacy to add is a linux client, and traffic obfuscation/scramble protocol/stealth protocol support.

  4. CC says:

    I’ve been using the service for about 10 months and can say the connection speeds seem pretty dam good. The biggest problem I’m getting is the speed and reliability of the software on Windows 10. I have had to reinstall it many times to fix connection / loading issues. But the latest software version load time is awful, especially when closing and reloading it later on.

  5. Mr. Privacy says:

    I am a recent customer of Ivacy and so far I love it. Speeds are great, but then I only get 5 Mbps service in the country and torrent downloads are running 90% – 95% the speed of no VPN, with VPN enabled. That was my biggest fear when choosing Ivacy over all the others with their low price. I have done the IP and DNS leak tests and with auto selection of protocol I have seen zero leaks. Customer service has been good through their chat service. And for $1.83/mo on their 2-yr plan, I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice. I highly recommend Ivacy for the money.

  6. kristy says:

    I don’t know why people are posting negative comments about their service. I have been using their service since last year plus i just subscribed for another year. Its working pretty great. I havent faced any major issue while using their service plus their customer suppoer is pretty good when it comes to minor glitches.

    • Ghulman says:

      Hi Kristy,
      Everyone have their own preferences when it comes to VPN. Hence, they all have different experiences. I am glad you liked Ivacy

  7. Paula Cerqueira says:

    Worst VPN I ever try! TOO slow! I’ve being using free trial from another provider and it was 100X better than the paid ivacy. I wish I could get my money back. Do not fall for the small price, the quality of connection is even smaller.

    • Ivacy Support says:

      Hello, Paula,

      It would be nice to know in details the exact nature of your problem. At Ivacy, our ultimate aim the satisfaction of each and every customer. We’d love to help you out too. But for that, we would like to know a little more about the the problem itself. Please email us as support@ivacy.com or visit our website where our customer service representatives are more than willing to help resolve all of your issues.

      Thank you, Paula.

  8. anistonkk says:

    I have been looking for a secure VPN service with reliable connection and P2P support. I came up with ivacy and figured it out as a worth trying service. With strong encryption protocols, large number of servers and amazingly economical package plans, ivacy stands as fans favorite VPN service of the year.

  9. Louis Desjardins says:

    I’ll tell you what’s crappy; trying to post a comment but forgetting you’re using Firefox and having your comment disappear when you press “Submit”. But I digress. And am posting this with Opera.
    I’ve been using Ivacy for about a week. I was concerned at first because I couldn’t get it to work in OpenVPN client mode on my DD-WRT-configured router, plus I didn’t like the idea of disabling NAT and firewall as their instructions instruct. But after a password change it does work on the router, and without disabling NAT and firewall.
    Prior to getting it to work on the router I installed Ivacy on my PC and liked the interface, but since I wanted it on my router and it wasn’t working at the time I asked for a refund. They didn’t respond to my refund request after a few days so I can’t say I would have gotten my money back, but after it started to work on my router I canceled the refund request and the gentleman on the live chat said he took care of it for me. And speaking of chat, the two agents I’ve typed with have been very helpful.
    My one remaining concern is Ivacy’s lack of dedicated DNS servers, but from what I’ve read so far using public servers such as OpenDNS or Google isn’t an issue. And the speed is equal to when I connect with my other VPN service and the price is about 75% lower. So fingers crossed since I’m signed up for two years, and so far so great.

  10. Louis Desjardins says:

    I started with them last week. I first had issues because I could not get it to work on my DD-WRT-configured router, plus I didn’t like the idea of having to disable the router firewall. However, it did work after a password change, and even with the firewall enabled. Also, their on-line chat people are helpful, the price is great and the speed is as good as with my other VPN. It would be perfect if they had their own DNS servers, but from almost everything I’ve read so far using public DNS servers isn’t an issue. So, fingers crossed because I’m signed up for two years.

    • Ghulman says:

      Hi Louis Desjardins,
      Hope Ivacy continues to meet your expectations. Customer like you should be valued by the service.

      Stay Safe

  11. shrinivas says:

    I don’t understand how you could give a high rating basing on their advertisement or reading their website. You should install, use for some time and use all their protocols before submitting a review !
    I subscribed to their services on June 2016 for one year @ $1.83 PM. For six months everything worked well, so I extended their service for 2 more years. Then the problems started, the nearest servers would fail and I had to always rely on distant servers with a very high ping and low speeds. Their P2P services have become terrible ! Their customer service is pathetic ! They tell you to do this and that and probably never understand what our problem is.
    And another irritating thing is they do not give refunds, even for the period starting from December 2016 !
    I do not know how to get the refund !

    • Ghulman says:

      Hi Shrinivas,
      I used Ivacy exactly for a month before writing this review. I agree that there might be issues, but Ivacy so far has impressed me a lot.

      Stay Woke

  12. Bkay says:

    Okay I’m going to say this, this service is crap. I can’t stress it enough! Never ever subscribe for ivacy. I paid for this service and I could barely connect, 20 minutes after I immediately asked for a refund. I didn’t get a refund till today, contacted PayPal for help, they could not help, however ivacy said i used 2000mb(a service that I could not use) against their 500mb refund policy. Iwan is right, always read their hidden and tucked away refund policy, I wish I saw it before but honestly I thought it was a good service. Becareful, Ivacy is fraud! Service is crap and customer care is awful.

    Never Ever subscribe for this crappy service! Go for express vpn instead. They are the best.

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