CyberSilent VPN Review 2017 - Privacy vs. Affordability

CyberSilent VPN Review 2017 – Privacy vs. Affordability

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What is CyberSilent VPN?

The Polish based provider CyberSilent offers absolute privacy solution to netizens around the world. Being a fresher in industry, CyberSilent has gained a reputable position among other VPN services available in market.

In our CyberSilent VPN review, we will asses each service offerings and privacy aspects of provider including its tunneling protocols, logging policy, customer support channels and package plans. Thus, after reading our editorial CyberSilent review, you will unveil if the Wroclaw based provider is a worthy privacy watch guard.

Pros of CyberSilent VPN

  • Offers 170+ servers in 40+ countries
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Available on Windows and Mac OSX
  • No data caps
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Allows P2P file sharing through specific servers
  • Free trial offered
  • Allows up to 5 devices
  • Accepts anonymous payments through Bitcoin
  • Offers PPTP, SSL, OpenVPN encryption protocols
  • Provides 24/7/365 live chat support

Cons of CyberSilent VPN

  • Fewer tunneling protocols
  • Slightly expensive plans


CyberSilent Servers Spread – Which Sites Can you Access with CyberSilent?

CyberSilent offers a broad range of servers dotted across all prime regions of the world. When highlighting the server locations, CyberSilent has 180+ servers located in 47 countries including the US, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, UK and more destinations. Over and above, subscribers can freely unblock BBC iPlayer, CNBC, ABC, Fox Go, HBO Now and more services from anywhere.

On top of all, CyberSilent does not leave torrenters’ privacy at stake and thus offers P2P supported servers in Romania, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, and South Africa. In addition, for CyberSilent review, we have passed their service through various speed tests to observe actual bandwidth and stability of service. After concluding test phase, we discovered surprising results:


Ookla speed test without connecting to CyberSilent:

Speed Test Before connecting CyberSilent

Ookla speed test after connecting to CyberSilent’s US server:

Iternet Speeed after connecting CyberSilent

Upon competition of speed tests, we found ping raised a bit along with a sudden spike in  download speed. Also, we streamed different videos on BBC iPlayer and Hulu and found CyberSilent working perfect. Not to mention, provider offers a dedicated server status page that gives an insight to every server of along with its address, supported protocols, and other details.


How Much Does CyberSilent Costs – Pricing Plans

As a matter of fact, you get what you pay for. However, this is not the case for CyberSilent, as provider offers exceptional features at unbelievably discounted rates. Upon in-depth analysis of provider in CyberSilent review, we have discovered that CyberSilent maintains no discrimination among service offerings in any of its plans. On top, the distinct elements among each plan are the price and duration.

Following are three package plans offered by CyberSilent right now:

CyberSilent Pricing plan

While monthly and semi-annual plans are charged at 9.90/month and 7.92/month respectively, the annual plan saves you a considerable sum totaling $51.12 per year.


Accepted Payment Modes – How easy it is to subscribe to CyberSilent

Simplified subscription is what CyberSilent believes. To ease complex subscription phase, CyberSilent accepts payments from a broad range of channels including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Giropay, PayPal and many more.

On top of all, CyberSilent has faith on complete privacy and thus accepts anonymous payments through Bitcoin. Below is a screenshot of all the payment modes that were accepted by provider at the time of writing this CyberSilent review.

Payment methods which Speed CyberSilent support

CyberSilent Protocols and Encryption

Tunneling protocols are the sole aspects of a VPN, which ensure privacy, data protection and online security. While examining the VPN in CyberSilent VPN review, I discovered that it offers three tunneling protocols and maintains a balance between privacy and speed. At this time, provider offers following protocols:

  • PPTP
  • SSL
  • OpenVPN

Remarkably, CyberSilent is one of the providers who support torrenting and P2P file sharing. That said, subscribers can select OpenVPN protocol when torrenting, and PPTP for streaming and unblocking purposes.


Customer Support Channels of CyberSilent

Customer support channels are the first line of assistance netizens seek at times of technical issues. CyberSilent takes an edge over other providers by offering following four support channels:


Ticketing System of Provider

A well-defined ticketing support system is what distinguishes CyberSilent from other providers. Netizens can seek detailed assistance by shooting off queries through ticketing support system. However, only drawback in their ticketing system we discovered in this CyberSilent review is an absence of photo attachment. But, we assume that provider will overcome this lack in future.


Ticketing System of CyberSilent


24/7 Live Tech Chat Support

The live chat support provides an instant guidance to subscribers. You can find live chat window in the lower left corner of provider’s site. However, if you find their service unavailable, they will get back to you. To test their responsiveness in CyberSilent VPN review, we dropped off a query on their live chat, and received an immediate answer from one of the support agents.

Live Tech Chat Support

FAQ Section

The FAQs section focuses on every little aspect of CyberSilent service. Upon in-depth analysis of FAQs sections in CyberSilent review, we came up with basic queries regarding package validity, free trial, protocols, supported devices and much more. Here is a screen shot of their FAQs section:


FAQ Section of CyberSilent


Knowledge Base Section – Guides and Tutorials

Knowledge base area provides detailed guides and tutorials about VPN installation on a range of platforms. If you’re among users who find manual configuration better over client apps then tutorials’ section is the best place to get everything. You can find guide and tutorials section at the top-left corner of homepage.


Knowledge Base Section


CyberSilent Compatibility on Different Platforms

While covering this CyberSilent VPN review, we were pleased to find their service available on a variety of platforms. Interestingly, subscribers can install VPN on Windows, Mac OSX, routers and Linux Ubuntu. But, unfortunately we were not able to find VPN client app for Android and iOS devices. Not to mention, provider has claimed to release Android and iOS client soon.


CyberSilent Compatibility on Different Platforms

Is CyberSilent Safe to Use? Logging and Privacy Policy

As a privacy-centric service, CyberSilent takes every step to protect netizens’ privacy. After reviewing provider’s privacy policy in CyberSilent review, we have came up with truth that provider does not retains any of users’ information or share any kind of data with state-sponsored agencies or third parties.

However, provider stores following information at the time of registration for service delivery purposes:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Payment details


Free Trial Version

When counting the added offerings, we cannot miss highlighting CyberSilent free trial version. The limited free trial comes with one-hour validity, through which subscribers can avail premium benefits and features similar to paid subscribers. Having said that, we suggest subscribers to option free trial, experience their service and decide if CyberSilent is worthwhile for unblocking, high-speed streaming, and top-tier online protection.

Note: You can also check the list of 5 Best Free VPN providers to secure your data – 2017.

Final Words

We here by wrap this editorial CyberSilent review and consider their service worth trying. When counting the exceptional features, we have incredible server locations, strong tunneling protocols, exceptional support for torrenting and P2P activities, and a wide range of support channels.

However, we can’t overlook provider’s slightly expensive plans, but after evaluating their service, we honor them a brilliant 3.5/5 star in our CyberSilent VPN review.

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