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4oD is an on-demand video channel that started its services back in 2006. The services offer all the programs that have run on the Channel 4 networks in the past. People watch 4oD to stream all the episodes of their favorite TV shows in addition to using the video-on-demand feature.

Ever since its emergence, it has successfully spearheaded the evolution of the traditional TV into the digital TV. With lots of content to offer to the masses, 4oD has gained huge popularity among the masses.


Restrictions on 4oD outside the UK

Channel 4 has restricted content availability of 4oD to the UK only. Though some of the content is available in Ireland but majority of the TV shows and videos have been subjected for viewership in UK only. For the content that is blocked in Ireland, you can go for a VPN for Ireland.

Only internet users physically present in (and accessing from) the UK are allowed to watch TV live on their devices (and computers) and stream TV shows and videos online. The restrictions and limitations on 4oD mean that the users who try to access the 4oD from IPs of other countries (your ISP assigns you an IP that contains your country code) will not be able to stream TV shows and videos and will get the following message.

Unblock 4oD

How to Unblock 4oD to Watch Videos and TV Shows

Countering the geo-restrictions and limitations that are set on 4oD requires users to use a VPN in order to unblock 4oD before they can watch 4oD online.  A VPN helps the users bypass the geo-restrictions and unblocks the blocked content by assigning an  to cloak your primary non-UK IP.

You can watch 4oD from anywhere at any time with the help of a VPN.

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A VPN also provides enough bandwidth to stream the TV shows and videos without any buffering or lag. With an encryption up to 1024-bit, a VPN makes sure to hide your online identity and provides you a protected connection.


Register to Watch 4oD Videos

Upon installing a VPN in your device, you will need to register to 4oD channel to access all the great stuff for free. The registration is free and it gives you access to the entire 4oD catalogue of TV shows and videos.

You need to have a valid TV license if you want to watch Channel 4, but it is not necessary to have a TV license if you want to watch 4oD.


Downloading the TV Shows and Videos from 4oD

4oD allows its users to download and watch 4oD videos and TV shows. However, to download the available content it is necessary for users to register with 4oD. The content available for downloading, needs to be downloaded within 30 days and upon downloading should be viewed within 7 days, otherwise it will be automatically deleted. Content can only be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

If someone who is not physically present in the UK wishes to download the content for free, he will only need to equip his device or computer with a VPN to do it. With VPN giving the user an IP from the UK, the user will be able to download whatever he wishes from the 4oD library.


Compatibility with devices

Keeping the different segments of audiences in mind, 4oD has designed its app to be compatible with almost all the devices. It is available for download for iPhone and iPad on iTunes for free, similarly available on Google Play for Android smartphones and tabs.

It is also available for download on gaming consoles like Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. It is compatible with Windows as well.


Author’s Recommendation

Take a stand for online freedom (and have some fun while you’re at it) by downloading the 4oD App to your smartphones, tabs and other devices, and unblocking it with a VPN. Select a VPN server from the UK (you’ll have the option of about a dozen server locations) and unblock 4oD through a secure and protected connection.

It is clear that 4oD is a great source of entertainment, and the only thing keeping it from acquiring an international audience is that it is only available in the UK region. The people in other regions are not able to watch 4oD due to these geo-restrictions and limitations, and the only way to circumvent these irritating internet limitations is to  unblock 4oD to watch 4oD videos and TV shows.