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Ivacy has won loyal customers around the globe due to its consistent performance and reasonable pricing. The service offers all the features that the leading and renowned VPN services have been delivering to their users, but Ivacy still remains outside the spotlight of popularity.

Our Ivacy review established this VPN as a strong package of security and online freedom. However, even the strongest VPNs are known to fail against the sturdy Great Firewall of China (GFW).

Ivacy VPN China can help you to access content within China as well as outside China because they provide servers within China i.e Beijing and Shanghai as well as all over the globe.

So, today I will assess the functionality of Ivacy for China particularly in this article.

Let’s start, shall we?

The Great Firewall of China and VPNs

The Great Firewall of China is the gateway to the online space of the country. It basically refers to technologies that are used by Chinese authorities to slow down overseas online traffic and censor web services, sites, and content.

The GFW is incredibly effective in blocking services. If a website is targeted by the China, then getting past the restriction is no easy task. The tools that form the GFW are that strong.


Many VPN services have unfortunately come under the target sights of the GFW lately, leading to these services no longer being functional in China.

But what about Ivacy?

Using Ivacy in China

Apart from other great features, the remarkable thing is that Ivacy actually works in China as well.  This sets Ivacy apart from most other VPNs that are unable to penetrate the GFW. The GFW is extremely strong and keeping up with it requires VPN providers to always be on their toes and tweak their systems to ensure continued functioning in China.

Despite strict Chinese regulations, Ivacy is one of the few VPNs that continues to work perfectly in China. Whether you want to unblock popular streaming services like US Netflix or download torrents with utmost secrecy, Ivacy delivers excellent performance and ensures protection of users within China.

What can you do if Ivacy doesn’t work in China?

The first thing to do is: don’t give up.

The second: change your VPN protocol. Every protocol communicates differently with the web. So, if you’re unable to get Ivacy to work in China with the default protocol, changing to L2TP, SSTP or PPTP may be able to get you past the GFW.

Most VPNs use OpenVPN as the default protocol. The GFW knows this, which is why people usually have trouble connecting their VPN in China through OpenVPN. However, some VPNs can still operate in China via OpenVPN, so it depends on the overall strength of servers and censorship-bypassing capabilities of the VPN provider.

Ivacy – Best Servers for China

Ivacy has a very impressive geographical coverage with servers distributed in over 100 countries. The server network of the service spans every habitable content on Earth.

Ivacy is also one of the few VPN provider that offer servers in China. Currently, Ivacy has two Chinese servers, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing.

For best speeds and performance in China, you can connect to Chinese servers of Ivacy. Alternatively, India and especially Hong Kong servers are a good choice of servers if you want to spoof your location in China without losing too much of your speed by connecting to far away servers such as US or the UK.

Ivacy for China – Twitter Reviews

Twitter is a great resource for checking out reviews of products like VPNs and see what others have to say about it.

One user recommended using Ivacy for China in these words:

Ivacy for China – Reddit Reviews

Reddit is another great online community that you can consult to find out what the personal experience of users has been in relation a product, such as VPNs. You can find details about best VPN service on Reddit, however, it is worth placing comments about Ivacy VPN. We have put couple of user reviews below.

This user stated having difficulties recently using Ivacy in China:

In reply to the above comment, a user pointed out that the service seems to be working fine on mobile phones, but not through his home network connection:

Finishing Up

The Great firewall of China is a force to be reckoned with for any VPN service, owing to its robustness and effectiveness in preventing access to services deemed unsuitable by Chinese authorities. Ivacy for China is still one of the few working VPNs in the country, albeit with occasional hiccups. Thus, I would say Ivacy is a VPN worth having if you want to bypass censorship in China.