81 Best Kodi Addons for *January 2018* Working List for Krypton 17.6

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Kodi addons bring you unlimited content for streaming, but could get you into trouble if you use them without a Kodi VPN. Copyright holders can issue DMCAs, infringement notices, and press lawsuits against Kodi users. Similarly, many addons are geo-blocked. Overcome this problem by using a Kodi VPN & attain complete anonymity while streaming  

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Best Kodi Addon Users Asked to Follow a Key Advise from Kodi

Wide popularity of Kodi as a TV player has surged over the years, and now the figures have reached up to 30 million Kodi users. As millions started streaming content online, they are becoming an easy target for cybercriminals.

Kodi, in their recent statement asked Kodi users to keep their Kodi player updated to reduce possible security risks. Kodi Krypton 17.6 is the newest version of Kodi that has no security bugs.

Unleash Hours of Non-Stop Fun With Top Addons For Kodi 17.6

Kodi lovers get prepared! Fans can now say farewell to 2015’s outdated and obsolete addons, and equip themselves with the best Kodi addons of 2018. These addons will help you cut the cord and ensure top-notch entertainment experience with live streaming, online gaming, sports broadcasting and much more. However, geo-restrictions and copyright infringement can be very pesky and create hurdles while streaming. Find out why Kodi VPN is necessary for addons?

For users’ ease, we have conducted in-depth research & evaluation to come up with following best Kodi addons of January 2018. These best live TV addons for Kodi will deliver a full dose of entertainment with tons of movies, TV shows, live TV broadcasts, sports and much more. We have compressed our top 81 Kodi add-ons list in the order of their respective categories. Kodi users may find it easier to scroll down the categories and choose the best Kodi Krypton addons 2018 for their liking.

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Covenant Add-ons (Exodus Replacement) Still the Most Popular Kodi Add-on for January 2018

For a second month running, Covenant makes it to the top of our list and is the most popular Kodi addon for January 2018. One of the reasons for its popularity is because it is the perfect replacement of Exodus, as the later went down for many Kodi users.

Covenant is formed by the same team of developers that introduced Exodus and offers similar categories and search feature. Covenant can be found in the Kodil Repository. Here is the list of the best Kodi repositories with their setup guides.

To find out which is the best Kodi add-on for January , we collected trends and data from many different websites including Google Trends, Kodi communities, Facebook groups, and some other communities. The results were extraordinary and at the same time most captivating. Covenant add-on came out on top.

Most Popular Kodi Addon of January 2018

Why is Covenant the most popular Kodi addon?

Despite the Colossus Repository shutdown that hosted Covenant Kodi, it is still our choice as the most popular Kodi addon. Covenant can now be found in the Kodil Repository and keeps the media content updated. It still beats all other addons by a country mile and reigning our charts as the best Kodi addon for January 2018.

But why does it lies as the best Kodi addon? Perhaps the answer lies in its extensive content library. With popular TV shows and movies to choose from, Covenant offers a wide variety of media to stream online. You can watch movies such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League on Covenant. Similarly, it also hosts latest TV shows such as Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Dark, and so much more. You can use the following guide: Install Covenant on Kodi for longer entertainment.

As we look at statistics, Poseidon Kodi is getting closer to steal the spot from Covenant on Kodi. Since the launch of Poseidon add-on 6 months back, it has been consistent in providing the latest media content in HD quality. However, if geo-restrictions and copyright infringement start possing a problem, consider using a VPN service.

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Top Kodi Addons 2018 List

*We tested all the Kodi addons mentioned below and are working perfectly as of January, 2018.
To give you a quick overview of the best Kodi addons, here are our top 11 addons that will offer unlimited content for streaming:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Neptune Rising
  4. Fantastic
  5. Oculus
  6. Uncoded
  7. Gurzil
  8. Poseidon
  9. Strictly HD
  10. Bob Unleashed
  11. Genesis Reborn

Important Note: Some of these add-ons may not be officially supported by Kodi. You can try out alternate add-ons or check the complete list of supported add-ons on Kodi’s official website. Some of these addons might also be Geo-Restricted, which means they may not work in some regions. You will need a VPN before installing these add-ons. We have picked out the best in the industry which support Kodi.

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
81% Off
3 Year Deal

New Kodi Add-ons

New Kodi add-ons are less-likely to get noticed by the law enforcement agencies and therefore survive for a longer period of time. As a result, latest Kodi add-ons are more powerful than its predecessor add-ons in maintaining their activity. Check out our latest Kodi add-ons.



The new repository has surfaced in our midst and is known as the Illuminati Repo that brings an extraordinary video add-on called Matrix. It is a Live IPTV add-on with various Live TV channels including live sporting events. However, you need to install SportsDevil Kodi add-on when streaming live sports.


Diamond Cinema


Diamon Wizard repository brings Kodi users with an elegant yet full of entertainment Kodi addon that includes section such as cinema, horror, music, urban, and more. These are the sections for movies and the streams are pulled from YouTube. It is also available in the Legion World TV Repo.




Prometheus Kodi add-on is a video add-on with sections of Movies, TV Shows, TV Networks, and Kids Movies. It also has a Trakt section where you can stream videos at high definition without any buffering issues. Although, this add-on does give you option to stream either in SD or in HD mode.


Fido Video


Fido Video has been completely revamped into a new exciting Kodi add-on that features Movies, TV Shows, Stand-up comedy, fitness section and so much more. The highlighted part of this add-on is its Kids section that contains many cartoons and kids movies. This add-on can be found in the Fantazy Repository.



Best kodi addons Placenta

Blamo Repository keeps on bringing more and more Exodus and Covenant forks. This time, it has managed to offer Kodi users with yet another Covenant fork, Placenta. This Kodi add-on shows you free copyright material such as Movies and TV Shows without delay. If you have already installed Blamo Repository, then be sure to add Placenta on your list.



BritFlix Best Kodi addons

BritFlix Kodi add-on is exclusive for British fans present all around the world. With BritFlix, British fans can watch their favorite TV Shows and all the live streaming channels that are aired in Britain alone. It further offer Movies and Documentaries that you can view all day long without getting bored. This addon can be found in the Bizzle Builds Repository.


NetStreams Sports Hub

NetStreams Sports Hub Best Kodi addons

Stream Army repository brings yet another sports streaming add-on with all the live sporting events. NetStreams Sports Hub is a hub for all the live streaming sports channel from around the world that brings you great entertainment. Some of the sports section include Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, and so much more. Not until recently it received a new update that features many more sports section.




Kodi addons Oculus

Oculus Kodi is another great add-on. From the new Trademark Repository comes a Movies and TV Shows addon for your longer entertainment hours. These movies and TV shows are separated into new movies section, popular section, top rated section, and so on.



Bandicoot Vids

Kodi addons Bandicoot
Anyone who loves watching Music concerts from different musicians around the world, can now install Bandicoot Kodi add-on for live viewing. This add-ons additionally shows live sporting events and also runs YouTube and contains classical movies.




Best Kodi addons Uncoded

Uncoded is yet another Covenant fork and contains all the latest Movies and TV Shows that you adore. It can be found in its own repository i.e. Uncoded Repository, but the good things about this add-on is that it comes with no throttling or logs.




Best Kodi addons SpinzFlix

SpinzFlix comes from Spinz TV Repository that main includes Movies, TV Shows, Kids section, and Urban. It will provide you with both SD and HD links according to your internet connection.




Project M

Kodi addons Project M

Project M is a new Kodi add-on and has already become the master of all Kodi addons as it offers everything from Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live IPTV, and Music. However, the Live IPTV section is geo-restricted.





Best Kodi addons Stealth

Stealth is a new Kodi addon that can be found in the Merlin Repository and has sections for Movies, TV Shows, IPTV Channels, and documentaries. If you just want to laugh it out, it also have stand-up comedy section available.




Universe Addon

Best Kodi addons Universe addon

Universe addon has a unique combination of Movies where it consists of 3D Movies, Bollywood Movies, HD Movies, Kids, and so forth. You will find this add-on hassle-free as you only be needing to click once while playing any movie.



NetStreams Sports Hub

Kodi addons Netstreams Sports Hub

It is Brettus Repository that hosts NetStreams Sports Hub add-on featuring Cricket, Football, Rugby, and other sports. It has a separate section of watching American Football (NFL) and American Basketball (NBA) that you can watch live with NetStreams Sports Hub addon.




Kodi addons Bubbles

Bubbles is a free Movie and a TV Show addon that offers free links for watching video content and as well as a paid version through Real Debrid. It also has a Bubbles Wizard that can pop-up in the start for Kodi users.





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Best kodi xbox one add-ons

Kodi was previously called XBMC (XBox Media Center), meaning that it was initially developed for Xbox One. However, since it took a broader perspective and changed its name to Kodi. Here are a few add-ons that work well with Xbox One:

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising Best Kodi addons

Neptune Rising is yet another Exodus and Covenant fork for XBox users that comes from Blamo Repository. It is a video add-on that shows Movies and TV Shows on-demand in HD quality. Further, the reason why it makes a best Kodi add-on is due to its many links and sources for a movie than you would ever find for Covenant and Exodus.



Rebirth Best Kodi addons


Rebirth Kodi add-on is identical to Exodus add-on which was once a popular third-party addon for Kodi. XBox users will now experience the same feel as Windows, Android, and Mac users have been feeling for many years. It will bring you Movies and TV Shows for free which is worth a try for XBox users.




Best Kodi addons Fsociety

Fsociety Kodi add-on offers much more than Movies and TV Shows, but it also offers documentaries, short films, music, and so much more. It comes from the Looking Glass Repo and plays videos in both SD and HD quality.



Bollywood Movies and Shows Add-ons

Seems like the wish list of all the Bollywood fans has come true. After considerable research, we collected some of the finest Kodi add-ons that features Bollywood movies and TV shows. Check them out below:




Viewster Kodi add-on brings you all the latest Bollywood Movies and TV Shows in one domain. It further lets you see the synopsis of the movie along with its genre. It has a list of popular genres listed that will give you an idea which category you need to watch beforehand.



Snag Films


SnagFilms is a hub for Bollywood movies and TV shows where you can see a long list of categories in this Kodi add-on. Alongside Bollywood entertainment content, you will also find African movies, Korean dramas, and so much more with SnagFilms.






OmniMovs is a perfect blend for Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Kodi users wanting to watch latest Bollywood movies, now has the best option as a Kodi add-on. Although it still lacks with Bollywood TV Shows section, but it still worth a try to use this add-on.



Premium Kodi Add-ons

It is always tough to spend money on something you can get it for free. However, premium Kodi add-ons are unlike any of the add-ons because it features premium channels that cannot be offered for free even on Kodi. Here are the list of Premium Kodi add-ons:

Vader Streams


Vader Stream is probably the best premium Kodi add-on as it features over 100s of premium channels including HBO, Hulu, AMC HD, and others. On top of that, it further shows PPV events such as Boxing and UFC with only $10.83 a month. Who wouldn’t to pay a price that low? If you do that, Kodi users will be saving up to $140 when paying for cable services.


Nemesis Kodi add-ons


Nemesis covers normally every media content there is, but it comes with a price. This Kodi add-on has a section that goes by the name ‘Real-Debrid’ which is a Kodi player that downloads torrent. For 6 months, it charges €16 and promises to offer smooth viewing of video without countering any buffering issues.



Players Klub


Players Klub Kodi addon is designated to provide you with live sporting and PPV events that occur throughout the year. It further offers a complete list of IPTV channels including the ones that are premium. Although you may not find good video quality for those premium channels, but it still worth something than nothing, and it wouldn’t cost you much.


Maintenance Tool Kodi Add-ons

If you’re managing a free open-source software such as Kodi, you’ve got to have a maintenance tool Kodi add-on that will clear all the cache, delete thumbnails and packages, and back-up your Kodi data. Here are the best maintenance tool Kodi add-ons:

Backup – Backup and Restore Kodi


One of the main issues surrounding Kodi users is to back-up their Kodi software whenever a new Kodi version is introduced. Backup Kodi add-on not only lets you install the latest version of Kodi that is available, but it also restores all of your add-ons, Builds, Wizards, that were accessible to you in previous version.



Merlin Wizard


Merlin Wizard comes from the Merlin repository which is a perfect Kodi add-on when it comes to clearing cache and deleting thumbnails and packages. Merlin Wizard speeds up your video streaming and enhances your streaming experience. It is definitely a Kodi buffering killer, the one you will most probably install. Visit how to install Merlin Wizard on Kodi.



Library Auto Update


This Kodi add-on will make your life easier. First, it keeps your Kodi media library updated which means it will add new movies and TV shows in your library. Second, it will delete all the links and sources that are currently not working, or not accessible. As Kodi users, we find various links for movies that doesn’t work. This is the time to remove them once and for all.


Best Kodi Add-ons for Football

Watching football leagues that are happening around the world is most desired by football fanatics. Kodi add-ons that are featured below brings you live football action, highlights, and expert opinions before and after the match. So make sure you get all of these add-ons.

Sports World


Sports World Kodi add-on offers more than just live football matches. It is the home for all types of sports including NFL matches. Its interface is designed on the basis of sports categories where football is located at the top. You can view matches from all the leagues from the option, or select channels that features your respective football match.


Channel Pear


Channel Pear is an unusual, yet the most entertaining Kodi add-on. Upon installing this add-on, you will find that its completely empty. You can add channels onto Channel Pear add-on through Channel Pear website. You can select any football channels from its website and then sync the channel on your Kodi. This way you can watch live football and so much more.



Elektra Vault


Elektra Vault add-on is especially dedicated to watching live sports where it has a separate section which shows only live matches. This add-on is frequently updated with latest matches. You can also watch highlights if you have missed an important football match with this add-on.



Geo-Restricted Add-ons

Any add-ons that are geo-restricted most likely requires a Kodi VPN to air channels across different countries. It protects your privacy and also your internet activity. Here is our list of best geo-restricted add-ons:

Maverick TV

Maverick TV- kodi addon

Maverick TV may not be considered as a new add-on but it has currently shown a resounding increase in its popularity. It shows World IPTV channels, live sports, movies, and documentaries, and so much others but with a use of a Kodi VPN. Maverick TV has its own repository from where you can download.




Stream Hub Kodi Addon

StreamHub is the replacement of the famous Live Hub Kodi add-on that was found in the StreamHub repository. However, its replacement add-on has done a decent job in maintaining a good viewer traffic. Since it also possesses a famous built-in add-on ‘Mobdro’ that offers live TV channels from around the world, therefore it requires a Kodi VPN to stream any channel that is present outside your country.



Best Kodi Video Add-ons

If you want watch videos online, then Kodi provides the perfect solution. Using the best Kodi video addons, you can stream unlimited amount of videos.

Plex Kodi Add-on

Plex has recently announced it new Kodi add-on that will be available for Kodi users. Plex, an ultimate video streaming experience will bring a fitting collaboration with its long-time competitor Kodi. After downloading the zip file, connect to the Plex Server and start streaming movies and TV shows.
Note: To overcome Geo-Blocked content safely and to stream all Plex Channels with unlimited entertainment you must need a Plex VPN




When Exodus developers bid farewell to their add-on, many Exodus forks came into existence, where Gurzil is one of them. Gurzil is not just any other Exodus fork, but it also functions the same as Exodus. It has all the latest links and sources available for streaming video content. Install Gurzil from this guide




Reddit addon for kodiReddit is a massive community where people from all over the world can interact. It contains multiple subreddits (or categories) of different topics. Using Reddit.com addon, you can stream any video from Reddit on Kodi. This is one of the best Kodi video add-ons because Reddit hosts millions of videos each day. Hardcore followers can search, play, add or remove video directly on Kodi.




Flixanity is the new face in the Kodi world for video add-ons category. It offers its viewers with a pleasant experience of streaming new movies and TV shows with an extremely easy-to-use interface. It sure is one of the best Kodi add-on to watch videos competing with Covenant. Install Flixanity using this step-by-step guide.



Best TV Addons for Kodi

If you enjoy binge-watching popular television series such as DareDevil, The Flash, Arrow, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, or any other show, then these Kodi addons are for you. Here’s the list of the best TV addons for Kodi 2018, make sure to get them all:



USTVNow is a widely adapted Kodi addon and requires a subscription from USTVNow official website. The addon offers relatively fewer channels at the moment (CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News), but it is ranked at top in the best Kodi addons for live TV due to its popularity in the United States. Install USTVNOW by this step by step guide.

Note: USTVNow requires account registration for Kodi streaming. You may sign up for a free account at the time of accessing USTVNow on Kodi. Also, USTVNow only accepts email address for signup, thus no social media registration is supported.


Ultra IPTV


Ultra IPTV is a haven for Kodi users that love to stream IPTV channels. This addon will air live sporting events, news channels, and movies from across the globe. Some of the channels remain to be geo-restricted for which you can use Kodi VPN, but regardless many other channels work just as fine.





Just like Mobdro Kodi add-on, Mobdina goes one step ahead as it features many live IPTV channels from US, UK, and Mexico. On top of that, it has different sections including Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, Music, and so much more. It can be found in the Playon Monkey Repository.





Streaming All The Sources (SALTS) is back after previously been shut down due to the disappearance of Fusion Repository. The team of developers has updated this add-on with new links and sources, and is now good to go for showing TV shows alongside movies to its viewers. Install SALTS from this tutorial.




Youtube Kodi Addon Youtube: Having over a billion of subscribers (almost one-third of overall world’s population), YouTube needs no introduction. Happily, Kodi fans can watch hours of favorite TV shows, movies and more media on Kodi with YouTube addon. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day




MetaliQ - Best TV Addons for Kodi MetalliQ is a preferred Kodi addon for movie enthusiasts and binge watchers. The popularity of MetalliQ lies on an impressive media library that features latest, popular, classical, most watched and best of the time movies. Also, MetalliQ offers various block buster hit TV shows and music streaming, thus offering a one-stop solution for premium entertainment.



BOB Unleash

BOB - Best TV Addons for Kodi  BOB is the new-age Kodi addon. After the departure of Phoenix, Blue and Valhalla, BOB has arrived with an amazing media library. Subscribers can find HD movies, huge music library and live TV bundled together in one Kodi addon. In addition, users can stream top-of-the-line TV shows and enjoy watching hours of top-rated IMDB movies on BOB. Install BoB from this guide



Best Kodi Addons For Movies

One of the most intriguing things about Kodi is that you can watch movies from multiple genres. From action movies to thriller, you name it. These Kodi addons offer latest movies along with popular classics. Make sure to grab all of the Kodi addons for movies:


Strictly HD


Strictly HD is another new Kodi add-on that has tons of features that matches top of the league add-ons i.e. Covenant and Bob Unleashed. As the name suggests, this add-on only features links and sources for videos that are HD quality or 1080p. It is by far the best option for Kodi users who watches nothing except for HD quality.





Triton Kodi add-on is another add-on that brings you movies and TV shows with HD links. This add-on keeps updated with all the new movies and TV shows that works. This add-on can be found in Soulless Build Repository.





Fantastic is an exact replica of Covenant and Exodus. It is a Covenant fork that is believed to become the replacement of Covenant by many. It has same features including the latest Movies and TV Shows. Kodi users can search their favorite videos through genre, popularity, and year. Fantastic Kodi Installation Guide.



Beau’s Place


Beau’s Place is an all-round Kodi add-on that features Live IPTV channels, Movies, TV Shows, and short documentaries. It also has a special feature that shows web cams of the most famous places around the world. Further, it features fitness videos and diet programs.



The Resistance


The Resistance Kodi add-on has just stepped foot into the Kodi world and has taken everyone by surprise. It is an exact replica of Exodus and Covenant add-on that airs movies and TV shows. It offers HD viewing and is continuously updated to provide Kodi users with the best streaming experience.



Genesis Reborn


As Genesis was shut down by law enforcement agencies, most of the viewers are unaware about the fact that Genesis was reborn by the name of Genesis Reborn. It has the same team of developers who were working to make Genesis add-on a success. This new add-on has all those features that Genesis originally had. Install Genesis using this step-by-step guide.





Covenant, the most popular Kodi add-on is the official replacement for Exodus. This add-on is much more stable than Exodus or any other movie add-ons and that is the reason why it has been ranked as most popular in the Kodi world. Follow this guide to install Covenant




Exodus-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Movies-1Exodus is a next generation Kodi addon, developed by Lambda. The addon has a sleek, simple and straightforward interface which resembles Netflix. Also, Exodus allows users to search media with an actor or actress name. With a lot to offer, Exodus enhances user streaming experience by supporting Real-Debrid, All-Debrid and IMDB. Here’s a guide of how to Install Exodus Kodi krypton 17.6 with XvBMC, TkNorris & Kodil Repo.





Poseidon can be counted as the best movie and TV add-on for Firestick users when they are using Kodi. It has a similar interface as Exodus or Covenant so it is simple to use. Another factor that makes this add-on great is its update media library. A Step by Step guide to Install Poseidon



SafeHouse Movie

safehouse-moviesSafeHouse Movies add-on may not have a huge popularity such as Exodus or Covenant, but it is sure worth it. Its media library is filled with old and new movies and are updated constantly so that no bad links are found by viewers




Film Emporium

Kodi addons Film Emporium

Film Emporium is a new introduction in the Dandy Media repository that plays Movies and Live IPTV Channels. Particularly, Film Emprium addon shows channels from US and UK. So any Kodi users who want to watch UK and US TV Channels can get Fil Emporium.




Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

When it comes to watching live television, Kodi has got you covered. There are different addons that you can use to stream live TV on Kodi, do check them all out:

Supra Box

Best Kodi addons Supra Box

Supra Box Kodi addon is mainly a live IPTV channel addon but it contains everything including Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and a lot of other sections. You can find videos in 1080p and in Ultra High Definition.





Kodi addons Picasso

Picasso is another all-in-one addon that literally got everything from Movies, TV Shows, to documentaries and sports. It also has an extensive music library and a many live IPTV channels to watch your favorite TV Show.




Halow Live TV


Halow Live TV is great add-on for sporting streams and live TV, but it has a much bigger media library than you imagine. It also has a movies, TV shows and Kids section which is also popular amongst Kodi viewers. Further, it also features radio programs but you require a Kodi VPN.



cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a cloud-based Kodi addon which offers channels from community streams around the globe. But due to nature of addon, channels are provided from different regions in different languages. Subscribers can watch sports, news and documentaries using cCloudTV live TV addon for Kodi.



TuneIn Radio

Tuneln-Radio-Best-Kodi-Addons-For-Live-TVTuneIn Radio serves music lovers who prefer live radio broadcast instead of on-demand music. Once installed on Kodi, the TuneIn Radio addon allows listeners to access numerous radio stations and podcasts with just a single click. Moreover,  listeners get an option to listen news broadcasts, debates, sports, and news with TuneIn Radio.



Best Kodi Addons For Live Sports

There are numerous sports events taking place as we speak. However, it’s not possible to watch these event live. But, if you have these addons for Live Sports, you can enjoy your favorite sporting events on Kodi in an instant:



Atom is a complete Kodi add-on with a massive library. Its library contains new movie releases, live IPTV channels, live sports, and kids zone. It has a separate section for Real Debrid users who could log in and stream channels without buffering. This new add-on can be found in Supremacy Repository.



Stream engine


Stream Engine also known as “Way to non-stop entertainment” is one of its kind. With well organized categories for sports, TV shows, hit movies, Stream Engine provides superior entertainment experience to users. In addition to this, viewers get an option to stream various channels including Discovery, ESPN, Sky Sports, NBA TV and more.





Deliverance is a new Kodi add-on that has gained popularity in the midst of all the chaos when SportsDevil and Castaway Sports add-on went down. Deliverance was introduced at the right time and has gained a good lead in the sports add-on category. It has a massive library for highlight of previous matches, but it is famous for its live sports.



Rising Tides


Rising Tides is another product of a genius where you can find so many sports channels which allows you to watch live PPV events. This is an add-on which is not known by many Kodi users, but since the downfall of big sports add-on, it has accelerated to the top.



Best Kodi Add-ons For Firestick

Amazon Firestick offers illustrious content for entertainment. And, if you add Kodi to Firestick, your entertainment experience reaches a new level. With these Kodi addons for Firestick, you can use the service at its full potential:

HEVC Video Club


HEVC Video Club has been around for many years and is renowned for its movies and TV sections. It is without a doubt a best Kodi add-on for Firestick users because of its various features offered and a massive media library.




FTV - Best Kodi Addons For Firestick

FTV also known as FilmOnTV is a UK based alternative to USTVNow. The addon holds a massive on-demand entertainment library, offering sports, horror, comedy and much more. The FTV addon however requires a FilmOn account for using the recording feature.



Best Kodi Addons for PPV

Kodi allows you to enjoy various pay-per-views (PPV) live online. The below listed addons are the best when it comes to streaming PPV from anywhere:

Planet MMA


Planet MMA, previously UFC Finest is the place where you could view UFC pay-per-view fights, highlights, old matches, player face-off and so much more. This add-on was recently been closed for a while, but is now back again, and definitely worth your while.





VidTime is relatively a fresher among the list of Kodi sports & PPV addons. Being a fans favorite addon, VidTime offers live sports and events coverage. That said, VidTime provides exclusive coverage of NHL hockey, MLB basketball and UFC events to viewers. Moreover, VidTime provides USTV Right Now section, giving users an option to watch favorite gaming events in full 720p HD quality.



Kodi Addons Android

With Kodi installed on your Android device, you can enjoy unlimited online entertainment. These best Kodi addons for Android will allow you to enjoy live sports, popular movies, TV shows, and much more on the go:


iStream - Kodi Addons Android

Among top Kodi addons for live streaming is the iStream Kodi addon. With a wide range of offerings, iStream offers best of the time movies belonging to various genres,  box office hit films, highly rated movies, IMDB Top 250 titles and most voted films. Also, subscribers can watch all time favorite TV shows and latest TV series through TV shows and iWatch on iStream addon.



NAN Tutorials

NAN Tutorials - Kodi Addons AndroidNAN or Noobs and Nerds Tutorials is a brilliant Kodi addon for users of all levels. The addon aims to provide complete assistance and information about basics, FAQs, technical issues and installation across different platforms. In addition, users can find detailed information on about how to use Kodi on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Xbox and more platforms.



Football Repeat

Football Repeat - Kodi Addons Android  Football Repeat is one of the leading-edge Kodi addons that offers one-touch access to thousands of football matches. Football fans can find highlights and latest matches from Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Series A & Ligue 1 and many more. That said, Football Repeat is the preferred Kodi sports addon for football lovers around the world.



Best Kodi Add-ons for Kids

What could be the most fun time spent by your kids other than cartoons, movies, and TV shows that are targeted towards kids? Third-party add-ons for kids has all the latest and old cartoons including the list of informational movies to improve children’s rational reasoning.


CartoonsOn-addon for kodi

CartoonsOn add-on is a perfect blend for children and adults as it has old and new cartoons added in its media library. Further, it also contains movies on its database where it features animated movies for kids. Anyone who has kids must get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.



Cartoons Clown


Regardless of the name, Cartoons Clown is the best Kodi add-on for kids because this add-on is not restricted to cartoons or any animated stuff, but it also have movies and TV shows that attracts young crowd. Kids love this add-on due to its massive library and variety of content. It can be found in Super Repo and Kodil repository.



Best Kodi Add-ons for Fitness

Fitness is the key to success and that statement holds true on every occasion. Kodi fitness add-ons provides instruction details on health, exercises, diet tips, and so much more. All fitness addicts out there must look out for these add-ons.



BAMF TV is more than just a fitness add-on, but it offers a wide section of sports videos as well. In the fitness section, it contains tons of videos where fitness experts instruct viewers on how to perform exercises in a correct manner. These instructors also provide tips on the diet plans. So this is a perfect fitness add-on for beginners.




Best Kodi Add-ons for Music

A good music is a source of relaxation for mind and body. It releases the body from stress, and yet where can you find all the good music in one place? We listed some of the music add-ons that is worth your while.


Beatz addon for kodi

BeatZ is a massive music add-on with its extremely large music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The good thing about this add-on is its limited dependency on YouTube. It collects data from various different websites while it updates the add-on accordingly.



MP3 Streams


MP3 Streams has been around in Kodi world for a while and hasn’t done a bad job since. You can listen to specific music that you like if you have an experience with selective music genres. For example, it has sub-categories in metal, rap, hip hop songs, that further divides into many categories and thus bringing you the specific song that you desire.



Best Anime Addon on Kodi

With movies and TV shows, you can also enjoy countless anime series on Kodi as well. To help you pick the best Kodi addon for anime, here are some addon you should try out:


AnimeGo-Top Kodi Addon for Anime

AnimeGo solely offers Anime shows and films, as the name suggests. Fans can find a full-fledge range of media along with a brilliantly designed layout. There are over 500 different anime series and movies available on AnimeGo. Therefore, with fast streaming speeds and various video quality to choose from, AnimeGo will curb all your cravings for some manga action.



AnimeFTW.tv Best Anime Addon on Kodi 2017

Another popular Kodi addon to watch anime is AnimeFTW.tv. If hosts over 700 different anime titles and offers fast playback in HD quality. You can use the addon to stream your favorite anime series, such as Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Naruto, Digimon, and others alike. We would highly recommend AnimeFTW.tv, as there are not many top Kodi addons for anime.



How to Install Kodi Add-ons

Here are the generic steps that are highlighted to install any Kodi add-ons. Please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Launch Kodi > Select Settings > Click on File Manager > Double click Add Source > Click ‘None’ > Type [Repository URL] > Click OK > Type [Repository Name] at the bottom > Click OK
  • Step 2: Go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Select Box-icon on top
  • Step 3: Now click on Install from Zip File > Then scroll down to search for the Repository Name (The exact repository name that you typed in Step 1) > Now click on .zip file to start installation
  • Step 4: Go to Install from Repository option > Select the Repository from the list > Find the category of the add-on i.e. Program add-ons, Video add-ons, etc. > Click Install


Kodi Addons That Don’t Work Anymore

Now that you know about the latest and leading-edge Kodi addons, there’re few obsolete addons that don’t work anymore. Thus, we have created a list of addons that were highly praised and popular in past, but unfortunately you can’t stream any media on them today. Below is a list of addons that are unavailable or doesn’t work on Kodi:


KissAnime-Popular Kodi Addon for Anime

When it comes to finding a Kodi addon for anime, nothing beats KissAnime. It contains over 6,000 anime shows and movies, giving you ample content to stream on Kodi. You can choose from old anime shows to the latest series currently on air. KissAnime is well organized, as you can select your favorite anime based on popularity, release date, genre, or just browse through the list alphabetically. It also shows dubbed anime and is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming Japanese animation. A Guide to Install KissAnime


Ares Wizard


Ares Wizard requires no introduction as it still wanders the Kodi streets with its head held high. Ares Wizard has so many features, but a maintenance tool feature is missed by many. This add-on would automatically fix your Kodi buffering issues and would let your video run smoothly. This is a go-to Kodi add-on for most Kodi users. Visit how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi.



Ares Fitness


Ares Fitness add-on can be found under the popular Ares Project repository that has everything a fitness addict desire. This is probably the best Kodi add-on that consists of exercise workout videos, motivational videos, and a free lesson videos from the famous Billy Blanks and Jillian Michaels.




HD BOX is relatively a new addon for Kodi. As the name states, HD Box serves movie lovers who crave for superior playback format. Fans can watch popular, recent and most viewed movies in finest playback quality with HD BOX Kodi addon installed on Kodi.





Quantum add-on has recently been launched since the disappearance of the popular Sanctuary add-on. Sanctuary has ruled the Kodi world for many years by offering movies and TV shows on-demand. Currently, Quantum add-on is trying to meet the same expectation that was created by its predecessor. It is the new add-on which you ought to try this weekend.



UKTV Again


UKTV Again is a worth trying Kodi or XBMC addon for android. With offering top quality media, UKTV Again is a new edition of UKTV NOW. After installing UKTV Again on Kodi, subscribers can enjoy watching tons of traditional channels including abc, aMC, Animal Planet, Bravo, CBS, CNN, CW and Discovery Channel.  In addition to this, UKTV Again is far better than many XMBC addons in terms of speed and quality of media.




Best-Kodi-Addons-for-PPV-CastawayThe all new Castaway addon for Kodi is a suitable option to stream live sports and UFC  PPV events from your device on Kodi. Offering a range of media, Castaway provides streaming links from various sites including castalba, atdhenet, rojadirecta, zunox and much more. Subscribers get an option to watch numerous sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling and much more. Castaway is often considered as an alternative to SportsDevil.



Phoenix-Kodi-Addons-For-TV-ShowsPhoenix is ranked among the top addons for Kodi 2018 and offers an extensive range of media. The addon has many users worldwide and is constantly expanding media library. The reason behind massive popularity lies on Phoenix’s brilliantly designed media library, which offers thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news and much more. Install Phoenix from this guide.



Navi X


Navi-X prides itself on being a classy sports addon. Once installed, the addon gives access to various live sports streaming channels. Moreover, the addon features a catalog with most viewed programs in past 24 hours, which offers an elite entertainment experience to viewers.




TwitchTV- Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

Twitch TV is another well-acclaimed Kodi addon for gamers to stream live gaming matches from around the globe. With Twitch TV addon, subscribers get an option to watch best matches through featured stream option. Moreover, users get an option to follow after synching the addon with their Twitch account.





Vdubt25 is comparatively a fresher among the rest of Kodi addons. The addon allows viewers to watch live streams of popular TV shows. Also, users can watch documentaries and news from UK Live TV, USA Live TV and more channels with Vdubt25





Evolve stands as a modern Kodi / XMBC addon with a diverse range of offerings. The addon, when installed on Kodi, allows viewers to watch TV shows, music videos, workouts and much more. Evolve is widely known as an “all in one” addon for XMBC, due to nature of media it offers. Evolve is the most suitable pick for users who wish to watch media with broad spectrum.



CNET Podcasts

If you are into latest tech gadgets, want to know about upcoming trends, or need help in resolving certain issues, CNET Podcast is the best Kodi video add-on to get. It also contains videos on how to improve and enhance your life with technology.

 iPlayer WWW


iPlayer WWW is a TV addon for Kodi that allows you to stream shows from BBC iPlayer. You can also use the addon to play live or catch up TV. Do note that the addon is not an affiliate of BBC iPlayer but it you use it to stream TV shows such as Sherlock, Top Gear, Doctor Who, and much more.


When it comes to watching movies and TV shows, Zen is amongst the best addons to use. It offers latest shows, movies, cartoons, and much more to stream online on Kodi. Zen can easily go head to head with Exodus in terms of content library. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy unlimited entertainment, then Zen is a must have Kodi addon.


Veetle is a one-click solution to watch a diverse range of media on Kodi TV. Being one of the best Kodi addons, Veetle offers Marvel movies, Star Wars, episodes from Star Trek and much more. The addon stands as a top choice to kill time and stream latest movies and shows


Xmovies8 stands as a fans favorite addon for Kodi. It brings best of the time media directly from official website of Xmovies. The add-on has recently gone through some aesthetic changes and minor fixes to deliver the finest playback quality and delight to viewers. XMovies8 addon is a worth trying and offers all time hit moviesin HD quality.


NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra offers live sports, replays and highlights from best-of-the-time sports events. Not to forget, some of the sports events require NBC cable subscription. After installing NBC Sports Live Extra, users can watch favorite matches in HD playback quality through best Kodi addon.

UK Turk’s Playlist

  UK Turk is a leading-edge Kodi addon that offers a diverse range of media. At the moment, viewers can watch live streams of sports, EPL, comedy, documentaries, cartoons, movies and much more. In addition, being a true sports addon, UK Turk offers sports belonging to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more regions. That said, Kodi users can stream NFL matches in 720p quality.


SportsDevil is among one of the best Kodi addons for firestick. The addon however doesn’t compete with NBC Sports Live Extra, but still takes users’ streaming experience to next level with “free of cost” streaming. Moreover, SportsDevil doesn’t come as an official addon, thus requires Addon Installer to get installed.


Zem is a hit addon developed by Shanis. The addon aims to offer every bit live entertainment to viewers. Users can watch live sports though popular sports channel on Kodi including BT Sports, BeIN, TSN, Sky, Showtime and ESPN. Also, the addon is loved by sports enthusiast as it offers PPV events as well. In addition, Zem takes online entertainment to next level by offering leading dramas, movies and TV soaps of Pakistani and India.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best live TV addons for Kodi 2018, you’re all set to witness hours of non-stop entertainment and action. However, there are more popular addons for Kodi out there, but this guide aims to cover the best Kodi addons for 2018. If you want to know about how to add channels on Kodi and stream geo-restricted channels then refer to our simple step-by-step guide of Kodi VPN

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73 Responses to 81 Best Kodi Addons for *January 2018* Working List for Krypton 17.6

  1. wut says:

    AnimeFTW.tv is dead. Gone.

  2. Don McPhee says:

    When I screw up on entering an http address how can I delete it and outdated, not working or I don’t care?

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hey Don, you need to delete the source. You can delete the source by opening Kodi > Go to Settings icon > Then File Manager > Here you will see the name of the source. For example your source was Super Repo, so right click on it > Then tap on Remove Source. The source will be removed.

  3. Dick Dickerson says:

    Ummmm kiss anime has been dead in Kodi for almost a year. Info is incorrect. You cannot get by captchas.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hey Dick Dickerson, yes you are right. KissAnime was dead a long time back. But it did re-emerged for a brief period, and now it is gone again.

  4. mikegon says:

    Is the Pac 12 Pro network workig?

  5. Chris says:

    Hi, looked at your site today 9th Oct, I notice you have put ccloud tv on the list of addons that are now obsolete. I’m not sure how long ago you learnt this but since then the situation has changed. It works absolutely fine. I’m watching some Spanish TV right now using this addon. Just thought I’d let you know on the off chance you weren’t aware.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hey Chris, it looks like cCloud TV has revamped its Kodi add-on. Thanks for sharing the info, we’ll change the positioning of the add-on right back to where it was. Cheers!

  6. Noemi says:

    Hi, I’m on Jarvis 16.1 and since the update on ares wizard/pulse everything is buffering more than it did. Thought?
    Thank you in advance!

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hi Noemi,

      You need to clear your cache on Kodi. If you’re using Covenant or Exodus, there’s a separate cache clearing option in their ‘Settings’ tab. If you’re using any other streaming add-on then you must install Merlin Wizard from Merlin Repository. In this way, you could clear all cache and delete all thumbnails. We hope this works, do let us know.

  7. Bruce Boyer says:

    I’ve added almost every add-on from your top 10 and Covenant is the only one that works. Are they all down? Do you have a new top 10?

  8. OkWhatever says:

    And your piece still includes Zem, which shut down months ago.

    • Shahmeer says:

      Hello, as you can see we have made a separate heading for add-ons that do not work anymore. We have placed Zem add-on in that category so basically this add-on doesn’t work.

  9. OkWhatever says:

    So…you updated this article in August, but didn’t bother to:
    1. Update your info on the fact that TVAddons is back, although with the gray area add-ons gone
    2. Simply Caz completed removed the gray area add-ons and shut down his repo after getting too much attention.


  10. Zach says:

    I can’t get my KissAnime to work any more. It brings up the “captcha” message and says I need to go to a computer and click the images if I’m human. How do I fix this 🙁

  11. Rich McCauley says:

    I have Krypton 17.3 on my Android box and have tried to open ares and repo from my zip file. Both show they are in my zip file, but when I click on them, they do not show. I’ve already enabled unknown source and hidden files. Please help…

    • Shahmeer says:

      Hello Rich, if you’re trying to install Ares Project from Ares repository http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/ then you must not have any problem, unless you’re missing a step. If you have already installed Ares Project repository on your Kodi, then a message will appear on top right corner that will say ‘Add-on Updated’. When you select Install from Repository option, you will see Ares Project repo, click on that. Go to program add-ons > Go to Ares Wizard > Install. It will take few minutes to install. Once you know it is done, you can go to Main Menu > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Ares Wizard. This is the process. Let us know if it doesn’t work, or let us know which add-on you need to install, we will send you another repository from where you can download. Hope this helps.

  12. Lauri says:

    Hi, I have kodi 15.2 version, pretty much only exodus works now and the rest of my ad dons don’t work, i.e., Phoenix, salts, movie 1, etc. Is there an easy way to upgrade? I’m afraid of losing everything and then not being able to get any Add ons. I’m watching a bunch of tutorials, but confused. Thanks

    • Joel says:

      Im using kodi krypton 17.3 addons are exodus, elysium,flixnet, specto fork genesis reborn and quasar. they are all good and working. Quasar is torrent base so you have to configure it.
      You have to look for the latest addon source.

  13. Hamza says:

    Any good add-ons for Pakistani live channels????

  14. JohnJohn says:

    My favorite feature with Phoenix was the 24/7 shows option. Now that this addon is down what is the best alternative with this same feature?

    Phoenix Tv Shows – 24/7 Shows – then pick from 40 different shows for continuous play.

  15. Slick says:

    First version FIRE STICK user; Noob here. My Sports Devil doesn’t work at all anymore. “Link not found”, Error, See log for information, before it used to rock! Am now running Krypton 17.3, the only thing that works is EXODUS. Also, what is “DRAMAGO” and “DRAMAFEVER”? Where does one find those things? Please help!

    • botteman says:

      On first gen Fire Stick, VPN app IPVanish doesn’t work, though it appears to work; doesn’t change your IP. Design or hardware limitation. Suspect other VPN apps also fail.

  16. Andrew Wallace says:

    looking for a working version for Kodi of Football Repeats or Full Matches and Shows

    Some install then get errors. Some empty

  17. vetfrank says:

    You fixed my problem it all works fine.

  18. Chris says:

    Is the Pro Sport add-on still being supported? Or does anyone know a better add-on for live sports? Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hi Chris,

      Ever since Fusion went down, most of its add-ons have stopped working. However, you can try alternate repositories to use ‘Pro Sport’. Give Kodil (http://kdil.co/repo/) a try, Pro Sport add-on is available there. Do let us know if you need anything else. Cheers!

  19. bob dean says:

    I have Kodi and Im trying to add Add-ons but dont know how Im completely lost when I try.Im also 75 trying to get into a younger persons area of knowledge.
    If you can guide me thru it I will be very grateful.

    • admin says:

      Hello bob,

      Can you let us know which add-on are you trying to install, we’ll help through each and every step.

  20. Christine says:

    I am having issues with Exodus, SALTS, and Phoenix on Kodi 17.3 I am getting error “network is down”. Is there anyway to fix this. Is it absolutely 100% necessary to use VPN? Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Exodus and SALTS were part of Fusion repository, which is now gone offline. As for Phoenix, the add-on stopped working a while back. That is why you are getting an error of network is down.

      To get around this problem, I would suggest you can try Simple Caz Rep (http://repo.cazwall.com/sc/). It contains a majority of add-ons which were previously offered by Fusion, including Exodus.

  21. Michael Coots says:

    Can you tell me what happened to the MAMMOTH BUILD? I loaded it on 1 of my firesticks & another service on my 2nd firestick. When I decided I wanted to install MAMMOTH on the 2nd as well, it was gone! None of the instructions allow me to load it anymore. It is still working fine on the 1st download I made of it.

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hello Michael Coots,

      It seems like the source/repository (http://wiz.wookiespmc.com/) for MAMMOTH BUILD has gone offline. We tested the build at our end and couldn’t connect to the repo. Sadly, there are no alternate sources available for MAMMOTH BUILD at the moment.

      Do let us know if you require anything else.

  22. Debby says:

    I just got my firestick updated to 17.3. it looks different and has newer things on it. hey im 64 and have been doing a fairly good job keeping up with newer things, but the new kodi? clean streams, i dont know for some reason just has me baffled. i knew what to do with old 17.1. could you just give me some EASY methods to get to normal tv shows, like, Dateline, AMC programs? Investigation Discovery shows? soon new Fargo will be on FX …whats the best one to go to for these local tv shows? Americas got Talent?? i know it sounds dumb, but hey, give me a break, at least i am trying to learn huh? thank you for your help.

    • Aazim Akhtar says:

      Hey Debby,

      Thanks for approaching us with your problem. The most simple method for accessing your favorite content is through the Kodi add-on ‘Exodus’. Just install Exodus on Kodi and you can watch shows from AMC, Discovery, CBS, ABC, and all other networks. This way you will have all the content under one roof.

      You can check out this guide to setup Exodus: https://www.vpnranks.com/how-to-install-exodus-on-kodi/

      Do let us know if you require further assistance. Cheer!

  23. PaulaP says:

    I purchased PIA as my VPN.
    How can I put it on my FireStick?? Help. Not very techie….

  24. Frank says:

    Just downloaded Kodi to my firestick yesterday and all works well. Also use Zen 14.

    Jowever all movies have Chinese subtitles. How can I eliminatwe or do I need to add another “channel”

  25. Jason says:

    Who said that Phoenix was down I use it all the time for the more power section and one24 2415 but he’s now having his own.

    Don’t tell people that Phoenix is down when it’s not it is one of the few sources for HD audio and Dolby Digital surround considering nobody ever posts videos with that content everybody post stuff with stereo don’t tell people that Phoenix is down when it’s not it is one of the few sources for HD audio and Dolby Digital surround considering nobody ever posts videos with that content everybody post stuff with stereo.
    That and some of the guys there have some great playlist like time travel movies 80s movies retro TV lots of great stuff

    • admin says:

      As of now, Phoenix isn’t working on latest version of Kodi i.e, Krypton. A large number of users have reported about facing unresponsiveness issues after clicking on TV shows, movies and other offerings of Phoenix. Altough, Phoenix worked absolutely fine on previous versions of Kodi (Jarvis), but in Krypton the issue persists..

    • james says:

      I agree Phoenix works fine for collection, filmography and many other links and I just uploaded Kodi 17.1. Maybe needs more time to know kodi was updated to not work??? Really

      • admin says:

        Exactly, Phoenix had been working fine on previous versions of Kodi. But, as of now, we can hope that new update of Phoenix when releases will work hassle-free on Kodi 17.1 Krypton.

    • Timothy Richardson says:

      It dosn’t work with 17.3 are there any alternative for one242415 and Phoenix to be added?

  26. Teresa fahy says:

    Have kodi a year now love it took me a while to understand now that I’ve read this post I’m we’ll on the way thank you

  27. Caroline says:

    Looking for CNN stream. I can only access International. Any suggestions?

  28. Rizal Othman says:

    I just want to ask, do you know any asian movie addons? of course we can watch several asian movies like from korea and japan from exodus, but is there any addons specifically for asian movies.

    • Paul F says:

      Hi there – DramaGo and DramaFever both have masses of Japanese & Korean TV shows/movies with English subtitles

  29. SH says:

    USTV Now seems to only allow registration via Social platforms, not by email. Reading conflicting POVs on using Social platforms in the registration process. What are the risks of doing so?

  30. Lorrayne Alves says:

    I have been using Kodi for almost an year and exodus is among my favorite Kodi addons. With exceptional media offerings, Exodus caters the need of those who want to stream movies, TV shows and documentaries belong to various genres. Also, superior playback quality and minimum buffering makes Exodus a preferable Kodi addon for entertainment geeks. However, the only hurdle I faced with Exodus was the installation process. But then I came up with How to install Exodus on Kodi guide in your site and was able to instantly install Exodus on Kodi. Lastly, if one-click entertainment is your choice, then I must say Exodus is a worth trying addon.

  31. Fred says:

    You do realise that a large proportion of this list are actually using illegally obtained pirate media sources?

    They are actually banned on the Kodi forums, and Team Kodi will offer no support at all for any install that contains them when they inevitably break?

    • Bob says:

      And the problem is???

    • rocky1956 says:

      Give me a break!!! 90% plus of kodi users use the “banned” addons for their entertainment options, and the holier-than-thou nerds at the Kodi Foundations, while loving the popularity of Kodi made possible by its ability to use “pirate” addons, decry their use as piracy of copyright-protected material, and cry their crocodile tears while ringing their hands. Really?

    • Jason says:

      Who cares no one said it was legal. What does it matter to you if it is or is not?

      Isn’t the purpose in this list to find the best ways to stream our favoreote shows and movies?
      No one is expecting the Cody official team to support the stuff there are other sites to do there are groups on Facebook there are poorly of places that do or simply buy a box that comes loaded from a legitimate company who offers their own support and keeps it up date

  32. Brent Richards says:

    I have been using Kodi for past one year. As a word of mouth, it takes a while to understand how it works. But after reading this guide I was able get the best addons and channels on my Kodi. The Castaway is among my favorite addons, due to the fact that I love to watch UFC event through it. The Phoenix offers widest collection of media and is the best pick for those who want to have all in one addon. I must say fans should go through this guide before searching for the best kodi addons elsewhere. Cheers !

  33. moh says:

    need access to these addons

    • Ali Yousuf says:

      Dear Moh,
      We have provided the link to addons on your demand. Kindly click on the provided link next to the title of any addon. In this way, you will be able to get the addon on your device.


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