How to Watch Movies on CinemaNow Outside the USA

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America’s popular on-demand media streaming service Cinemanow can be unblocked and watched outside USA. It has enormous content library, including more than 35,000 Movies, TV shows, Music and much more. However, the mainstream on-demand entertainment service is limited to US only. Viewers travelling abroad face restrictions on Cinemanow viewership. But, there is a good news, now you can unblock and watch Cinemanow outside US from anywhere by using a VPN.


Is it Accessible outside the US?

Unfortunately, CinemaNow operates for (and from) US servers only. The contents are exclusively available for US based audience only. Users from other countries cannot stream TV shows, music concerts and movies since they have different (non-US) IP addresses.

However, American users will also be unable to access the contents of CinemaNow if they are travelling abroad. CinemaNow has set limitations and restrictions on other countries to limit the access of its content to US only. Whatever the reasons may be, these limitations and restrictions come at the expense of users who just want to stream and download their favorite CinemaNow movies and TV shows.

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Watch TV Shows and Movies on CinemaNow with A VPN

Even though CinemaNow is not ‘officially’ accessible outside the US, users can still access the contents of CinemaNow with a VPN. Using a USA VPN allow them to stream or download their favorite TV shows and movies on CinemaNow at their ease.

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After equipping your device or computer with a VPN, you will be able to access the CinemaNow homepage without any issues or restrictions. The CinemaNow servers will be unable to trace your original (non-US) IP since it will already have been replaced with one of VPN’s available IPs.

The best part is that all of this will be done while making sure that you stay safe from cybercrime and online surveillance agencies.

Best TV Shows To Watch on Cinemanow

Once subscribed to VPN you may enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite movies. The Cinemanow’s content library holds wide range of block buster hits including Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Master Chef Junior, Glee, World’s Funniest Fails, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Jinx, Girls, Hannibal, Family Guy, Super Natural, Enlisted, New Girl, The X Files, American Dad, Bad Teacher, The Big C, Lucifer, Gotham, Black List, Arrow, Flash, Shades of Blue and many more on Cinemanow.

Streaming and Downloading TV Shows and Movies on CinemaNow

As per the official CinemaNow policy, only some of the content is available for streaming while the rest of the content is available for downloads. However, in most cases, the content is available for both streaming and downloading.

Also the prices of different contents may vary depending upon certain factors like the geographical location, the device on which the user intends to watch and the speed of the internet. In rare cases, the users will not be able to stream/download some of the content due to aforementioned reasons.


Compatibility with Devices

CinemaNow knows the needs and requirements of the customers and gives a high priority to their convenience. Keeping the users’ interests in mind, it provides enough room for the mobility to the users. CinemaNow is compatible with all your tablets, smartphones, iPads and leading TV brands and gaming consoles.


Download the CinemaNow Android App

It is recommended to the users of Android to download CinemaNow Android App on their smart phones and tabs. The App is free and it gives them the access to the contents of CinemaNow.

For those who do not reside in US and wish to get access to CinemaNow on their Android smart phones and tabs, they should equip their devices with a VPN first.

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Install CinemaNow App for iPhone

Similarly if you want to access the contents of CinemaNow on your iPhones and iPads, you can install CinemaNow App for iPhone which is easily available on iTunes App Store. The App is free and gives you access to the latest TV shows and CinemaNow movies. Do not forget to equip your device with a VPN before if you are trying to access the content outside the US region.

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Cinemanow is the mainstream on-demand entertainment service among masses in USA. However, it has no operative servers outside the US region. Its content is geo-restricted and limitations are set for users who try to watch Cinemanow movies from non-American IP address. But, users across the globe access CinemaNow by using a VPN. It is most suitable option and cost-effective solution to watch CinemaNow and download content, without any hurdles.

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