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What is Vevo?

Joint venture of some of the top companies and industries, Vevo is usually known as Hulu for streaming music videos. Having been launched only a few years ago (six to be precise), it has not only set a standard for other music video services but it has eve outdone itself on several occasions.

Founded in December, 2009, Vevo was originally meant to be a service, available to the residents of the US only. The headquarters of Vevo are stationed in the New York City, New York.  It offers the music videos made under the label of Universal Music Group (UMG) and Sony Music Entertainment (SME). Not to forget it is also owned by Google and Abu Dhabi Media groups.

Availability of Vevo outside the US

Since the Vevo music videos are extremely popular among the people all over the world, it had announced its plans to expand globally by the end of 2010. But five years have passed ever since that announcement was made and unfortunately Vevo is still blocked in many parts of the world.

VPNRanks understands that the website is still blocked due to the licensing issues and the producers are reluctant to make their content available in most of the locations, fearing the piracy. As of now, Vevo is available in 15 countries only with the Asian, South American, Middle-Eastern, African and majority of the European countries missing out.

If you are trying to watch a music video on Vevo from China, Japan, South Africa or any other country for that matter, you will be slammed with this geo-block error and you won’t even be able to enter the website.

Unblock Vevo

Unblock Vevo and Watch Your Favorite Music Videos

We will be honest here, it is absolutely impossible for you to watch the Vevo music videos from your original IP address if your country isn’t listed in the supporting countries. For the record, we will list down the names of the countries that are currently supported by Vevo so you can check if your country is listed there or not.

The residents of Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and United States can easily watch their favorite Vevo music videos. The residents of other regions would need a VPN or proxy service to access Vevo from their home countries.

But we do not recommend the proxy services due to the fact that they are free and most of the free services on the internet are attributed to malware. Some of the best VPN service providers that can guarantee you the access to Vevo music videos are listed below.

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Vevo App for Mobile Phones

Since a large chunk of the users is currently using Apple or Android, Vevo has made sure that they are fully equipped with their ‘personal music kit’ all the time. The Vevo app can be downloaded from the respective App Store or Google Play. Not only is it available for free but it also scans your song library and recommends you the Vevo music videos that are set to rock your ear drums!

You are running Vevo on Android or Vevo on iPhone; it doesn’t matter as long as you are running it within the specified territories. Since it is truly an excellent music videos platform, it also grants you the access to the live music performances from various artists all over the world.

The only downside to the Vevo mobile app is that it also operates on the basis of your IP address. To get it working on your smartphones, you will need to equip your smartphones with a VPN first.

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We have loved using Vevo on our desktops, laptops and smartphones and to be fair to it, we have absolutely loved the experience. You will find almost all the Vevo music videos made under the banner of Universal Music Group and Sony Media Entertainment. You also get recommended playlists, but before that you need to scan your song library so it (Vevo) could get an idea about the types of songs you like.

As we have discussed above, the music video service is currently working in a few countries as of now, but it has made it clear that it will be available worldwide soon, until that happens we advise you to enjoy the Vevo music videos with a VPN.