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VPN in Touch Review 2019 | Beyond Horrendous

VPN in Touch
VPN in Touch
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$2.49 Per Month

VPN touch is supposedly a powerful VPN provider that offers both free and paid subscription plans.

It claims to offer lightning fast speeds and even promises web browsing without a trace.

In theory it all sounds good, however, is it really worth it?

That exactly what we’re going to find out in this VPN in Touch review.

I’m going to put VPN in Touch to the test, talk about the things I like / dislike and tell you guys if it’s really worth it.

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 Things I like about VPN in Touch

Free 7 Day Trial

Honestly speaking, since it’s a German VPN, I genuinely expected better things from this provider. However, after using this provider for a week straight, the only thing worthwhile about this VPN was the fact that it offered a free version.

That said, it too involved using a credit card. Although it didn’t charged up front, it did prompt an option for automatic renewal on my iPhone. If you want to use it on an iPhone without your credit card, good luck.

Surprisingly Good Speed

Speeds really took me by surprise. Honestly speaking it didn’t expected it to be any good. They don’t offer too many severs though so I tested the speeds on their UK and US servers only.

Impressively enough, both the London and Chicago servers managed to peak out around 30Mbps downloads speeds, which is quite impressive to say the least.

That said:

Aside from the free 7 day trial and decent speeds, I didn’t found anything worth going crazy over.

In fact, let’s get to the things I actually dislike about VPN in Touch.

I must warn you, it’s plenty.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

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 Things I dislike about VPN in Touch

Like I said, the only thing I liked about VPN in Touch was the fact that it offered a 7 day trial. There are plenty of things I actually despised about this VPN. I’m going to start off by discussing its horrendous logging policy.

Do they Log? As a matter of fact they do

I review VPNs for a living and literally every VPN provider I review big or small, they all seem to brag about their no logging policy. After all, it is one of the key selling points behind a VPN.

That said, VPN in Touch is quite vague about this topic. After snooping around on their site for a while, I looked into their privacy policy.

In the first line of their privacy policy, they claim:

Our product will never store, log, or share your true IP address, and we always delete your true IP address after your VPN session is closed.

Based from my experience, I knew for a fact that this isn’t true, so I decided to dig around some more.

Scrolling further down into their privacy policy, I discovered that they actually log quite a lot of your data. For instance, all your basic sessions such as inbound and outbound IPs are recorded. In addition to that, your bandwidth and the clicks you make are also tracked.

That’s a little suspicious don’t you think?

But that’s not all, they also log information about what device you’re using:

When you launch VPN in Touch, we also collect device-specific information, such as the hardware model, operating system version, browser type, language, wireless network, and mobile network information. This information does not identify you, and we use it to provide and improve the Services, troubleshoot, and perform analytics on our services.

What’s worse?

Your data is used by third party advertisers as well. Take a look at the screenshot below.


Although their privacy policy goes on forever, one things for sure, they do LOG YOUR DATA.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can check out their misleading privacy policy for yourself.

Stringent Data Retention Jurisdiction

The reason why VPN in Touch logs so much data is because they have no other choice. Since Germany Falls in to the jurisdiction of the EU, they have to abide by stringent data retention laws.

While they claim no data logging, the fact of the matter is, they are helpless against the ECJ (European Court of Justice).

EU Cookie Directive, Data Retention and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) all impose heaving regulations on what data must be stored, monitored and tracked with in the European Union.

Besides that:

Every German state has their own DPA (Data Protection Authority) and they can at any point request information for auditing in compliance with the data protection law.

Failure to do so can be met with a hefty fine of up to €20,000,000 or 4 per cent of annual turnover.

Let’s assume for second that VPN in Touch doesn’t genuinely log user data. How on earth, can they stand against the DPA?

It’s just not possible.

Bottom line:

VPN in Touch operates from Germany and Germany has outrageously stringent data retention laws.

Horrendous User Experience

The overall experience of VPN in touch is absolutely petrifying. The moment you get on to their site you’ll immediately know there’s something wrong.

For instance, there isn’t an option to download the Windows client anywhere on the site. When you click on the “Get it Free” button, you can’t even see the option to download the Windows client at all.


After being unable to find the download link to their Windows client, I though the best thing to do is to contact their support.

Unfortunately enough, there wasn’t an option for one.

Allow me to explain:

Even though there’s an option for support on their home page, you can’t really contact them via live chat.

So how do you contact them then? Through emailing off course. What’s worse, they don’t make it obvious which email to contact in case you need help.

Any ways… I shot up an email at support@vpnintouch.com just to see their response time. To my utter disappointment, their reply came hours after I initially contacted them. Not only that, their answer for juts as bizarre too.

Take a look at the screenshot below.


Let’s Talk about their Website, shall we

Although their website looks cool, it’s an absolute nightmare to use.

Nothing makes sense at all. It looks as if a child made it. For instance, there’s no option to freaking purchase the application. No matter what you do, the site always redirects you to the free version.

It just didn’t make any sense.

Aside from that, no matter if you click the Support or the about button, you get redirected to the same page. It absolutely ridiculous.

The site is also highly unresponsive. A lot of the time the navigation buttons don’t even work.

What’s worse?

It’s the start of 2019 and VPN in Touch still hasn’t update their site. This is probably why everything on their website is a total mess.


Server Locations – Not even worth mentioning

Their server count is not impressive at all. I must say I’m not surprised. They only offer 8 server locations. Yup that’s right, only 8.

Not to mention they give no information regarding the number of server they have in each country. I think it’s safe to say they don’t offer much.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Japan
  • Singapore

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Cross Platform Compatibility

Multi-platform compatibility isn’t all that great either. There is no support for both Linux and MacOS, which is just disappointing.

That said, they do offer VPN in Touch for android, PCs, Windows phones and even iOS devices.


VPN in Touch Pricing & Plans

Being such a horrible VPN service, they sure do have high standards when it comes to pricing, kidding

They offer three plans and none of them are cheap. Their 1 month plan costs $9.99, 6 months costs $17.99 and their 1 year plan costs $29.99.

They even offer a laughable 50% and 70% discounts as well.


My suggestion, try out their free trial before you go out and purchase this junk. As matter of fact, don’t get it all, even if you get their premium plan for free. It’s just not worth it.

Alternatives of VPN in Touch

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My Two Cents!

From an utterly terrible service to a topsy-turvy website, VPN in touch is just not worth it. Nothing is maintained, there’s no proper support, heck there isn’t an option to purchase or let alone even download their Windows client.

Their website is also terribly unresponsive. I can go on for days complaining about this VPN.

They also don’t even mention any privacy features on their website, so yeah, good luck securing your privacy with VPN in Touch.

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