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The Dutch VPN provider proXPN is relatively a new provider in VPN industry. In proXPN review, I will scrutinize each and every features and service offerings of proXPN to give my readers the most impartial review.

With mediocre privacy features, proXPN aims to protect netizens against malicious cyber criminals, hackers, intruders, snoopers and unauthorized surveillance.

We bring you the popular VPN reviews after rigorous testing.

This proXPN will shed a light on all of its merits and shortcomings.

Let’s begin.


  • Simple to Use
  • A transparent no activity logging policy
  • Responsive Customer Support (Helpline)
  • No data caps
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Available across a range of platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Fewer Server Locations
  • No Live Chat offered
  • Only OpenVPN and PPTP Protocols available
  • Free Trial is available on Premium Subscription
  • Based in Netherlands

The Dutch VPN provider proXPN is relatively a new provider in VPN industry. In proXPN review, I will scrutinize each and every features and service offerings of proXPN to give my readers the most impartial review.

With mediocre privacy features, proXPN aims to protect netizens against malicious cyber criminals, hackers, intruders, snoopers and unauthorized surveillance. It does not market itself as the best VPN service but as a safe and reliable option.

proXPN is much appreciated by privacy conscious folks, due to fact that it is based in the Netherlands and isn’t subjected to mandatory data retention laws.

Have a quick look into proXPN service in an exclusive video below:

Privacy & Logging Policy – Is proXPN Safe to Use?

When it comes to privacy and data logging policy, proXPN takes an edge over other VPN providers. proXPN keeps subscribers digital identity discreet and secret with a transparent zero activity logging policy. Also, after studying provider’s privacy policy, I found that they don’t maintain any log of users’ online activities. In addition, proXPN’s represents their privacy plan with “proXPN = No Logs”, ensuring reliable privacy and secrecy to netizens.

Encryption & Tunneling Protocols offered by proXPN

A VPN provider is mainly assessed on types of protocols it offers. When it comes to proXPN, it keeps netizens’ privacy at prime priority by offering 2408-bit encryption keys with 512-bit encryption tunnel. Also, proXPN protects netizens against hackers, snoopers, intruders and privacy invaders. However, proXPN doesn’t offer PPTP protocol, restricting netizens from streaming media at fast speed.

Also, while creating proXPN review, I discovered no L2TP/IPSec protocol support. This means users can’t download P2P files and torrents anonymously with proXPN.

proXPN Free Trial Version

proXPN keeps subscribers’ satisfaction at first priority and offers a free trial version. However, the free trial facility is valid for seven days only.

proXPN Servers Performance

To assess proXPN service claims, I decided to test their servers, considering downloading, streaming, unblocking and exploring media. All tests were performed on an intentionally throttled internet connection. Here’s what I revealed after conducting speed tests:

Speed test without connecting to proXPN:


Speed test after connecting to proXPN’s US server:


The above results indicated that proXPN offers average speeds to subscribers. This is the reason you may anticipate buffering issues while watching your preferred media content.

Jurisdiction (Netherlands)

The provider is based at Netherlands. As you know, Netherlands is a member of nine-eye countries. Therefore, the brand has to keep the records of their users as per the requirements of the government. In addition, the official authorities have to share their intelligence reports with the US government.

proXPN Netflix – Can I use proXPN with Netflix?

The answer to above question is no. The on-demand entertainment service detects and blocks all users who choose VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access foreign libraries. Interestingly, when Netflix detects an IP address of a VPN server, it immediately blocks all IP addresses using that server. The block has resulted in a ban of many VPN services including proXPN.

Is Torrenting Allowed?

My proXPN review reveals that the service supports torrenting activities of their users. However, I were unable to identify which servers offer torrenting feature to subscribers. The provider should have made it clear on its official website but it was not the case though.

Server Locations of proXPN

A wide range of server locations is a hall mark of world class VPN service. Although, proXPN is a newbie in VPN industry, but still it doesn’t compromise a bit when it comes to global coverage of servers. I examined the service in proXPN review, and discovered that most of the proXPN servers are located in North America and Europe. So, netizens can easily access leading and popular entertainment services. Below is a list of locations offered by proXPN at this time, have a look at it:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Australia
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • France

Interestingly, proXPN keeps on expanding its servers reach and keeps the subscribers thrilled. While examining server locations of service in my proXPN review, I found their servers are distributed across prime cities including Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Stockholm, Bucharest, Sydney, Frankfurt, San Jose, Tokyo and Paris.

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proXPN Customer Support

proXPN maintains a well-organized customer support system. Subscribers can get assistance through helpline, Twitter and email system. I have closely examined support modes of VPN in my proXPN review and discovered that ticket support system is available only for premium users. That said, basic users can seek support through official email address of proXPN customer support.

To evaluate their customer support, I dropped off a query on proXPN official email address, but shockingly received no response till next day. Here’s a screenshot of my query to provider:


Knowledgebase Section

The premium subscribers get fair advantage over freemium users. proXPN VPN offers an exclusive knowledgebase section to paid members, where users can get an insight about VPN service. The knowledgebase section covers areas like general and technical information. Also, subscribers can refer to setup guides available in knowledgebase section and seek immediate assistance for installation and billing issues.

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proXPN Crack – Where can I Download proXPN Crack?

Many users have showed interest in downloading proXPN crack file. However, it is not recommended to download any crack files, as many times such files are unstable and even vulnerable. On another hand, premium softwares are way better than any crack version of an application. But, in case you want to go ahead for proXPN crack file, then you can avail proXPN free download feature from here.

proXPN Compatibility & Availability on Various Platforms


As a fresher among VPN providers, proXPN VPN is not available across various platforms. However, proXPN ensures its availability on major operating systems. Here’s a list of platforms which proXPN serves:

proXPN VPN Windows Client

proXPN windows client is sleek and simple. The interface is equipped with handy features, where users can select from a list of locations, tunneling protocols (PPTP for premium users only) and an option to manually connect. Also, subscribers can look into log tab to view detailed information about their session. Fairly, we rate proXPN window client as an average app, due to less appealing interface and absence of features like internet kill switch, DNS leak protection and WebRTC leak protection.


proXPN for Linux – Secure Your Browsing & Online Activities

Linux users can take advantage of proXPN Linux support and secure their online activities. The proXPN Linux keeps netizens’ privacy under impregnable protection, protecting them against hackers, intruders and every cyber threats. However, a downside of proXPN Linux is that it works through OpenVPN and  lacks an individual client. However, we expect proXPN to release in-house client for Linux OS to secure worldwide Linux users.


proXPN for Android App

The Android App of proXPN is easy to use, but has received mixed gestures from subscribers. Apparently, the Android app interface is similar to many other VPN services in market. Subscribers can use the proXPN android app to access Sling TV, Fox Go, HBO Now and other geo-blocked services. However, users face issues when they try to use proXPN in country different from where they originally subscribed to proXPN.


Also, while conducting proXPN VPN review, we examined various users reviews and found that subscribers face sudden disconnection when app is used for long duration. proXPN needs to fix this issue and add an internet kill switch for a better protection against cyber threats.

proXPN Android App customer review

When it comes to downloading proXPN APK file, you can visit websites such as APKPure. This way you can download your preferred APK file of ProXPN hassle-free.

proXPN for iOS Client

proXPN serves privacy needs of iPhone and iPad users with an elite iOS VPN client. The app includes useful features, while allowing subscribers to view their public location and public IP address. However, absence of internet kill switch and L2TP/IPSec restricts users from downloading and sharing P2P files on their iPhone and iPad.


In addition, we have tested proXPN iOS app in our proXPN review, and experienced no flaws or interruptions while accessing blocked sites. But, a survey on internet shows different users reviews regarding proXPN iOS app. Here’s how users find proXPN on their iOS devices:


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proXPN Pricing Plans – Affordability vs. Privacy

proXPN VPN keeps its pricing model simple as possible. The package plans are expertly segregated into basic and premium plans, where subscribers can choose premium plan at $6.25 per month. The premium plan offers full range of features including PPTP protocol, un throttled bandwidth, broad range of server locations and individual client for smartphones. Also, after examining proXPN, I discovered that their premium subscription is watered-down into 3 plans, as shown below:


But, happily the provider doesn’t keep any discrimination among speed, bandwidth, encryption protocols, smartphone support and number of servers in any of the premium plans. However, the only difference among proXPN premium plans is the time period. Also, in this review, I found that annual plan can save up to $44.76 per year if compared to tri-monthly plan.

Payment Modes

At present, proXPN offers several payment options including BitCoin, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Subscribers can choose to pay for proXPN with one of the supported payment methods.


Generally, subscribers look for a provider that accepts anonymous payments modes i.e. bitcoin, QuarkCoin, Novacoin or other cryptocurrencies. In this review, I consider it a huge plus for proXPN.

Money Back Guarantee

Apart from free trial version, proXPN offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee, allowing subscribers to take a test drive of their service prior to subscription. The money back guarantee is offered with all three-premium plans.

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proXPN Alternatives

If you do not want to subscribe to the service for any reason, you can explore our other best VPN reviews list. The list includes:

proXPN Twitter Review

Twitter is another useful source just like Reddit that provides relevant and updated information about distinct products and services. Sadly, you will not find good remarks about proXPN on the famous platform.

proXPN Reddit Review

According to the response of one Reddit user, you should not select proXPN if you want to watch media content through Kodi. Otherwise, you will have to face connectivity issues while streaming TV shows, movies and others.


Hence, you cannot trust the streaming service of this VPN.

Final Verdict

proXPN is a suitable VPN provider with optimum unblocking features. The provider offers one-click access to thousands of geo-blocked services instantly.  But, there’re few drawbacks of VPN service that I noticed while creating my proXPN review 2019.

proXPN can enhance service experience by offering in-house clients for Linux. Also, an addition of L2TP/IPSec protocol will cater the needs of torrent lovers, allowing them to download P2P file anonymously. I give proXPN 3/5 stars as per evaluation of level of security, protocols, subscription plans, number of servers, privacy features and other service features.

Feel free to share your thoughts in comments section below.

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