BoxPN Review 2019: Explore its Salient Features with Other Offerings

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$2.99 Per Month

Boxpn is one of the top VPN brands that caught customers’ eye years ago. Since its inception in 1998, BoxPN has been dedicatedly providing web-hosting services along with others that represent online security and liberation.

A Seychelles based VPN service does not follow the obligatory laws of data retention. Moreover, you can secure your online privacy through more than 200 servers available worldwide.

Through its dedicated servers, affordable price and other salient features, Boxpn rapidly acknowledged success and was frequently adopted by those who consider their security as a significant asset.

Boxpn strives to provide best value for your money by making available outstanding features at affordable rates. You can discover our detailed guide on VPN reviews to know about VPN services accordingly.

Boxpn supports extensive server network with each server directly connected to 220Gbit high-speed sources in different locations worldwide.

Boxpn Pricing and Package Plans Review

Boxpn offers you three different package plans to choose from. Unlike other service providers in the industry, Boxpn’s features do not change with your preference. Either you select monthly or yearly package plan, you will get access to all Boxpn features and avail its benefits.

Three packages offered by Boxpn to its users are:

  • 1 month package plan for USD $9.99
  • 3 months package plan for USD $19.98
  • 12 months package plan for USD $35.88


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Boxpn Security Review

Our Boxpn review suggests that the service promises unbeatable security via its Microsoft TMG secured server network. Boxpn understands what security means to you and the threats you are surrounded with. Considering the risks you are exposed to along with currently security vulnerabilities, Boxpn provides security beyond limits.

With Boxpn’s TMG level of security, you can think yourself invulnerable against evolved tricks and tools of cyber-goons. TMG protects you from all Virus, Malware, Spyware and Ransomware attacks. In addition, it protects you from phishing traps and prevents you to visit malicious and un-trusted sites.

Considering your privacy and security needs, Boxpn never keeps logs of your data or monitor online traffic. With Boxpn’s 2048bit SSTP encryption, it is impossible for cybercriminals, vigilant agencies, and other unconcerned personnel to peep into your personal data.

Boxpn Encryption and Protocols Review

Those who are concerned about their security look for encryption support before buying security products or services such as Boxpn. Boxpn, when connected, forms a secure tunnel between your device and preferred server. In addition, Boxpn protects this network along with the data traveling through it with its sophisticated encryption supported.

According to our Boxpn review, it supports up to 2048-bit encryption, enough to end all your security related issue. Any vigilant agency, cyber-goon or even your ISP will not be able to infiltrate your security or monitor your online activities and transactions. Boxpn not only maximizes your security but also helps you evade all restrictions and surf the Internet anonymously.

Our Boxpn review highlights that the provider offers limited number of tunneling protocols. These tunneling protocols are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP.

Through OpenVPN protocol, you can secure your online tasks to new heights. The said protocol provides 256-bit military grade encryption level by default.

Boxpn Servers Network Review


The brand gives you complete access to its 200+ servers. Our Boxpn review reveals that the service has geographically scattered server network, enabling you to break through all possible geo-restrictions. Boxpn has smartly installed its servers around the globe, empowering maximum reach and liberation.

Here are the countries where Boxpn servers are available: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, China, Iceland, Panama, Italy, Poland, Argentina, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Singapore.

The above Boxpn server list means that no censorship policy or geo-restriction applied by aforementioned countries. Thus, you can access region blocked content hassle-free. You do not need to worry about censorship issues in Turkey or Great Firewall of China; with Boxpn, you will be able to unblock all social media sites along with streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO-Go, Pandora and BBC iPlayer etc.

Boxpn Features Review

Our Boxpn review affirms that you can access all Boxpn features. Above all, you just have to pays$2.99 on monthly basis. Here are some of Boxpn’s salient features:

  • No logs maintained
  • No traffic monitored
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access 200+ servers
  • No more geo-restrictions
  • SSTP tunneling support
  • Security and anonymity
  • 220Gbit network speed
  • Up to 2048bit encryption support
  • Free and unlimited switching
  • P2P and Torrent support
  • Simultaneous connectivity

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Boxpn Devices Compatibility Review

Device compatibility is one of the significant characteristics to look for in security products and services. Device compatibility of a VPN is something that optimizes your online security. In order to cope with our busy routine, we like to carry along our devices. This mobile device culture demands security products and services to be compatible with maximum possible devices.

Imagine your PC being protected and liberated from any possible restriction; whereas, Smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device you may prefer is still vulnerable to hackers, phishers, identity thieves and other security threats. Not many would prefer such products or services – would you?

Device compatibility characteristic associated with Boxpn is a bit disappointing. Good news! Boxpn is compatible with Windows. Bad news! It runs only with Windows XP, Vista and Win7. Perhaps, they’re working on their compatibility with Win8. As we speak of other operating systems, Boxpn is also compatible with Mac OSX.

Not only this, Boxpn is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well. The sad thing is; Boxpn supports preceding iOS and Android versions. Boxpn runs on iOS 3, 4 and 5. When it comes to Android, Boxpn runs smoothly on Android 2.0, 3.0 and updates in between. However, it doesn’t work with later versions of Android such as Ice cream sandwich, Jellybean or even KitKat.

If you are not interested in this VPN, check out our detailed guide on best VPN Android where you can explore top 7 VPN providers.


Boxpn Customer Support Review

Most of the VPN services providers love to brag about 24/7 customer and tech support. However, you probably won’t find them when you need them the most. Furthermore, there are some service providers that do respond to your concerns promptly; but, their support personnel aren’t literate much to handle your concerns.

Due to insignificant knowledge base, most of the concerns are left unresolved. Boxpn isn’t like that. Sadly, Boxpn doesn’t offer 24/7/365 live customer and tech support. Nevertheless, you can contact them anytime via their official website. Just fill-in the basic information along with your query, select the department you wish to address and submit your concern.

Our Boxpn review discloses that support team will get to the bottom of your issue and resolve it as soon as possible. In order to verify this claim, we contacted Boxpn, and inquired about a random concern. Our query was responded not only promptly but also wisely.


Unique Selling Proposition

There are hundreds of VPN service providers trading in the industry, each brand with its own unique selling proposition. Some provide extensive server network whereas others rely on strong encryption support. Some consider P2P and Torrent support as an advantage over the others, and some claim to be the best choice for streaming lovers.

Boxpn provides you all aforementioned features and benefits. It allows you to access 200+ servers geographically dispersed around the globe. It allows you to breakthrough all geo-restrictions and helps you cope with censorship concerns.

Boxpn provides P2P and Torrent support along with that it allows you to access not only streaming sites but helps you unblock all social media networks. But, does it offer something more; something that others do not? Yes! It does. Boxpn gives you access to its rigid server network along with the benefits in exchange of price as low as $2.99.

Yes! With price as low as $2.99, you get all Boxpn features. That’s why we consider Boxpn’s pricing policy as its unique selling proposition; because, all those features at such affordable price is hard to find.

Boxpn Payment Methods Review

Diversity in payment methods is necessary. It facilitates customers’ convenience. However, not all VPN service providers liberate their potential users when it comes to transactions. They often offer their preferred payment methods but rarely think about their customers’ convenience.

Our Boxpn review unveils that the service gives you many payment options to choose from. Boxpn accepts payments via divergent transaction platforms. Boxpn accepts transactions through all leading credit/debit cards along with PayPal, one of the safest transaction modes, recognized and preferred around the globe.

Boxpn Torrenting / P2P Support Review

According to our Boxpn VPN review, you can accomplish your streaming desires stress-free. It means you can connect to any server of your choice that allows you to watch region blocked content hassle-free. This way, you can enjoy Boxpn Netflix feature to another level.

With Torrent, you can access Kodi videos with the help of Boxpn. Kodi is a free media player that streams Movies, TV Shows, and most importantly Live TV Channels.

I have compiled a list of VPNs that easily surpasses geo-restrictions of Kodi videos. Do give it a try to my guide VPN Kodi.


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Software and Tutorials Provided

You can embrace true online freedom and anonymity with Boxpn’s free software. Yes! Boxpn offers free software to its users. Not only this, you can configure Boxpn on your preferred device via manual setup process.

Boxpn’s software is simple and easy to use. You can install and run Boxpn software on your preferred device without any hassle or other extensive installation requirements. The software is compatible with different operating systems, and runs on iOS and Android devices. For rest of the devices, on which the software can’t be installed, there’s a manual setup process prescribed below.

We are currently using Win7 to guide you about manual setup process because it is the most frequently used operating system among the ones that Boxpn supports.

Step 1: First, access ‘Control Panel’ and look for ‘Network and Internet’ feature. Click on Network and Internet option to proceed.


Step 2: You will be directed to a new window; click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’ to move farther.


Step 3: A new window will pop. Look for ‘Set Up a New Connection or Network’ option and access it.


Step 4: A new window will open; click on ‘Connect to a Workplace’.


Step 5: If there’s a VPN already configured on your device, you will be asked if you wish to use it. Click on ‘No, Create a New Connection’ and move forward.


Step 6: Click on ‘Use My Internet Connection (VPN)’.


Step 7: Enter the details of ‘Server’ you wish to connect as shown in snapshot given below. You will receive these details in configuration email dispatched from your service provider.


Step 8: Enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ you used at the time of registration.


Step 9: Wait for your credentials to be verified.


Step 10: Congratulations! Manual setup process successfully completed. Boxpn is now connected on your device.


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Boxpn Free Trial Review

Fortunately, you can avail Boxpn free trial feature that last for three days. Our Boxpn review explores that you can experience the performance of the service on your desired devices.


Boxpn Refund Policy/ Money Back Guarantee Review

Boxpn offers 7 days money back warranty to its subscribers. If you are not pleased with the service, you can claim for the refund within seven days.


Boxpn Logging and Privacy Policy Review

Unlike other VPN service providers in the industry, Boxpn does not maintain traffic logs or any online activities you perform. Boxpn clearly states that they do not need to maintain logs or prefer monitoring their users’ online activities. All you need to do is provide basic information needed at the time of signup.


Speed & Stability

Our Boxpn review discloses that the service has to improve its performance in terms of speed and stability. Otherwise, Boxpn will not be able to grab the attention of potential users in future. However, we expect the brand will take all necessary steps to enhance its connectivity and browsing speed features in coming years.

Easy to Use

Our Boxpn review reveals that the brand offers simple platforms to its subscribers. As a result, you can download and install your preferred app on different operating systems and devices accordingly. Likewise, the website layout is eye-catching and understandable too.

Boxpn Alternatives

In case you do not want to use Boxpn on your devices, you can still secure your privacy by exploring other VPN services. You can check out the reviews of the following VPNs to see if they meet your privacy requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boxpn Safe and Secure?

According to our Boxpn review, the service is secure and provides an optimum level of protection. Moreover, it safeguards all your crucial data through its impressive encryption feature.

BoxPn Reddit Review

Reddit provides unbiased reviews about various online privacy providers to its users. Surprisingly, our Boxpn review 2019 reveals that the service does not have strong presence on the famous platform. Therefore, users are opting Reddit VPN than Boxpn to protect their online tasks.

Final Verdict

After examining Boxpn’s performance and divergent features through Boxpn review, the service has emerged as one of the affordable alternatives in the VPN industry. With price as low as $2.99 per month, Boxpn is surely a considerable option for those who are concerned about their privacy and security.

Boxpn provides up to 2048bit encryption. Not only this, it has more than 200 geographically dispersed servers to promote your online security along with digital freedom. With Boxpn, you can say goodbye to all your censorship worries and geo-restriction hassles. With 7 days money back warranty, unblock anything and everything with Boxpn.

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    this company is lying about refund policies and keeps your CC info to charge without authorization, terrible terrible customer service

  2. olufsson says:

    I will say about my experience .
    Earlier, I tried a lot of VPN including paid . Connection problems , low speed were commonplace. but by far the best in my case , was the boxpn . Not without problems, but it’s the best of what I’ve tried, with best cost/quality ratio.

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