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BoxPN is a Seychelles-based service that’s been around since 2009. Its pricing plans are also quite attractive however, there are certain areas where this VPN’s lacking. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend BoxPN VPN.

Through our BoxPN review, we learned that BoxPN offers 150+ servers across 32 countries worldwide. The VPN provider is simple and easy to use but does not have an eye-catching connection speed for its users nor a responsive live chat.

As a result, we only rate this VPN 5.5/10 stars in our review. Therefore, you can discover our detailed guide on VPN reviews 2023 to know about other premium VPNs accordingly.

Our Verdict
Overall Rating :
5.5 / 10

Ranked #43 out of 56 VPNs

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Key Findings — BoxPN Review

  1. Pricing — Offers affordable pricing plans.
  2. Server Network — Servers are limited in number.
  3. Security and Encryption Features — Has adopted sufficient security measures.
  4. Speed — Slows speeds are a buzzkill.
  5. Streaming — Unblocks the majority of the streaming sites.
  6. Compatibility — Native apps only for Windows, iOS, and Android.
  7. Bypass Censorship — Does offer servers in China.
  8. Customer Support — Live chat is unresponsive.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs policy
  • Allows torrenting


  • Relatively slow speeds
  • Live chat is not available 24/7
  • Money-back guarantee lasts only a week
  • Limited number of servers

Pricing — What is the cost of BoxPN?

The Seychelles-based provider delivers an affordable pricing strategy for its users starting at US$3.33. BoxPN offers you three different package plans to choose from. Unlike other service providers in the industry, its features do not change with your preference.

According to our BoxPN review research, whether you select a monthly or yearly package plan, you will get access to all BoxPN VPN features and avail of its benefits. Three packages are:


BoxPN pricing plans are pretty affordable considering the features they offer.

Likewise, the service allows you to secure your five (5) different devices with a single account.

What payment options does BoxPN accept?

The provider offers the below-mentioned payment methods to its users:


It provides 7 day money-back warranty to its subscribers. If you are not pleased with the service, you can claim a refund within seven days. On the other hand, it does not have a free trial benefit in its armory.

The prices of BoxPN are affordable but, if you’re looking for a better VPN option at low rates, check out our list of best VPN deals to avail of amazing discounts!

Server Network — How many servers are offered by BoxPN?

BoxPN has a small server network spread across the globe in 32 countries offering 150+ servers. All of these servers are located physically as BoxPN doesn’t offer any virtual servers. Within the US, BoxPN offers 6 server locations. In Sweden, BoxPN offers three server locations. In other countries, it only offers one server location based on our BoxPN review.

Furthermore, you get to have your own pick between dynamic IPs and static ones. BoxPN VPN has smartly installed its servers around the globe, empowering maximum reach and liberation.


Here are a few servers from the BoxPN server list.

Security and Encryption Features — Is BoxPN secure?

Yes, BoxPN is safe and secure. The provider offers various tunneling protocols; OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2/IPSec, WireGuard, and SSTP. Users can utilize them to secure and protect their data.

Through the OpenVPN protocol, you can secure your online tasks significantly. The said protocol provides a 256-bit military-grade encryption level by default. As far as their encryption goes, it supports up to 2048-bit encryption, enough to end all your security-related issues. BoxPN also offers an automatic kill switch.

Any vigilant agency, cyber-goon, or even your ISP will not be able to infiltrate your security or monitor your online activities and transactions. Here’s an excerpt from BoxPN’s website:


IP Leak Test

Here are our IP leak test results for BoxPN VPN:


DNS Leak Test

Here are our DNS leak test results for BoxPN:


WebRTC Leak Test

Here are our WebRTC leak test results for BoxPN:


Virus Test

Here are our Virus test results for BoxPN:


Speed — How fast is BoxPN?

BoxPN offers below-average server speed to its users. To cut the long story short, we connected to its Spanish server to explore reality. Upon using a 25 Mbps internet connection, we received only 2.73 Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 0.98 Mbps in return.


BoxPN offered disappointing speeds.

As you can see, there is a decline of almost 97% in speed. Apart from the disappointingly slow speeds, BoxPN offered very high pings which made it impossible for the connection to be responsive.

Furthermore, based on our experience, the speeds were highly inconsistent regardless of the server we connected to. Even the closest server to us wasn’t reliable and we couldn’t browse or stream.

Streaming — Does it support Netflix?

Yes, you can use BoxPN if you want to access US Netflix media content from your preferred locations. There’s a possibility of running into a Netflix proxy error upon unblocking the famous US streaming service. However, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions using BoxPN servers.


Although BoxPN took a few minutes eventually it unblocked Netflix for us.

Here’s a summarised version of unblocking through BoxPN VPN:

Channels BoxPN unblocks Fast speeds for HD streaming Lag
US Yes Minimum
UK No Minimum
Australia No No
Canada Yes No

Other VOD streaming services

Unfortunately, you’ll not have much success unblocking other geo-restricted streaming sites apart from Netflix. For instance, we tried to unblock BBC iPlayer using BoxPN but didn’t have much success as we ran into this geo-restriction error:


If you access BBC iPlayer using BoxPN, you’ll receive this geo-restriction error.

We also tried our luck with Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and multiple other streaming sites but in vain. That’s why we’d rather opt for a different VPN instead of BoxPN. Such as ExpressVPN or Surfshark or any other premium VPN.

Is BoxPN good for Torrenting?

According to our BoxPN review research, most of BoxPN’s servers can be used for torrenting. So, if you’re unable to access the above-mentioned streaming sites, you can accomplish your media cravings through torrenting as the provider allows you to download your desired torrents securely.

We opted for the Atlanta server and even though the file downloaded successfully but took a lot of time. The file wasn’t that big, in fact just 2GB but it took us an hour to download it. The limited number of servers available may also spoil your fun a great deal.

Compatibility — Which devices are compatible with BoxPN?

According to our BoxPN review research, the VPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices.


Installation Apps and Easy to Use

In terms of installing the BoxPN app, it offers native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices so you can download BoxPN’s mobile apps. However, you’ll need to manually configure it on macOS using a third-party client like OpenVPN or Tunnelblick which can be an inconvenience. BoxPN also shares step-by-step installation guides on its website.


Download BoxPN app for Android devices on the Google Play Store and then install the app on an Android device. The entire process barely took us 10 minutes. We launched the app and after logging in with our credentials, we connected to a server in the US and were successful within 5 seconds.

Overall, the Android app was quite straightforward and had a clean UI. You get to see a list of countries where BoxPN servers are available. Follow this guide to manually set up the BoxPN DNS server on your Android device.


We found the BoxPN app for iOS devices on the App Store. We downloaded and then installed the app on an iPhone. The entire process barely took 6 minutes. We launched the app and after logging in with our credentials, we connected to a server in the UK and were successful within 5 seconds.

The iOS app of BoxPN was quite similar to the Android one. Instead of servers, you can observe the countries where BoxPN offers its servers. You may also manually set up the BoxPN DNS server using this guide on your iPhone.

Apple TV and Apple Play

To use BoxPN on your Apple TV via a VPN connection, you’ll need to utilize the AirPlay Mirroring feature on your Apple TV. Follow this guide on how to configure it on various devices.

Bypass Censorship

BoxPN’s website claims that it is capable of unblocking websites and bypassing censorship to ensure you achieve complete freedom online. Apart from accessing geo-restricted sites like CBC, Netflix, Hulu, and many others, as a resident of a country with restrictive laws, you can use BoxVPN to bypass censorship on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Through BoxPN, you can easily breeze past censorship filters and firewalls set placed by the government, ISPs, and more. Various online gaming servers, VOIP services, music sites, and much more will be within your reach.

Given that BoxPN offers servers in China, you’d expect it to work perfectly well against censorship. However, based on our personal experience, that may not be the case. Yes, it does work but not as well as one would expect. After all, it’s not a premium VPN and is thus unable able to battle the Great Firewall of China.

Customer Support — Is BoxPN customer support helpful?

You may contact BoxPN customer support in multiple ways. BoxPN offers an extensive knowledge base section and also addressed FAQs on its website. If you’re stuck while setting up BoxPN on any device, refer to its setup manuals.

More interactive ways of contacting customer support is by creating a ticket. Although you may have to wait hours for an answer and if it’s an urgent issue, perhaps this is not the best way to contact them.

BoxPN also offers a live chat through which an agent will be assigned to you for addressing and resolving your queries promptly. As per our experience, unfortunately, we never found the BoxPN live chat available during our work hours which was sort of disappointing given many VPN providers provide live chat that’s available 24/7.


We were unable to get in touch with BoxPN customer support through its live chat.

Alternatives to BoxPN

In case you do not want to use Boxpn on your devices, you can still secure your privacy by exploring other VPN services. You can check out the reviews of the following VPNs to see if they meet your privacy requirements.

FAQs – BoxVPN Review

No, BoxPN doesn’t log user data as it claims on its website. Rather it encrypts your traffic and hides your IP to safeguard you against hackers, ISPs, and governments. BoxPN also claims that due to the way its infrastructure is built, it doesn’t allow the logging of any data.
However, based on our BoxPN review, we found certain issues with BoxPN’s privacy and policy and wouldn’t trust the VPN provider.

No, you cannot use BoxPN on multiple devices. A single account can be used on a single device. To be exact, BoxPN doesn’t support simultaneous connections.

Yes, you can use BoxPN to access TV and IP-restricted content from other countries as per its claim. You can simply connect to the relevant server and bypass regional restrictions, and ISP censorship. However, at times, you may fail in accessing as BoxPN speeds are unreliable.

To cancel your BoxPN subscription, there are multiple ways. If your payment mode is through Paymentwall, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to your Paymentwall account.
  2. Click “Help.”
  3. Select the “Recurring Payments” tab.
  4. Click the “Cancel” option next to your BoxPN subscription.

For other subscription methods, click here.

Do we Recommend BoxPN?

So based on the above Boxpn review, we don’t recommend BoxPN.

Although the pricing factor is conducive for potential users, however, the service has to improve its performance on other fronts.

These fronts are server spread, Netflix streaming, speed, and compatibility as well. Without improving these areas, the service would make life more difficult in near future.

Based on the above analysis, we would give the VPN a 5.5/10 stars rating overall.

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  • Sjin says:

    this company is lying about refund policies and keeps your CC info to charge without authorization, terrible terrible customer service

  • olufsson says:

    I will say about my experience .
    Earlier, I tried a lot of VPN including paid . Connection problems , low speed were commonplace. but by far the best in my case , was the boxpn . Not without problems, but it’s the best of what I’ve tried, with best cost/quality ratio.

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