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What is Rdio?

Like any other popular online music service, Rdio also offers its users the songs for free (ads-supported) and for download and offline playback (paid subscriptions); except that it beats other music services by miles. With more than 32 million songs on offer, it is considered as a song-heaven for the online music stream lovers.

With Rdio, you can listen to any of the songs of your favorite artists, browse through his albums, checkout all his tracks and personalize your playlist. Moreover, you also get direct recommendations of stations, songs and other features from Rdio, keeping your interests and taste in music in mind. Only two years ago, it was declared as the best online app and service by the Entertainment Weekly that was assisting its users immaculately.

Availability of Rdio

Started by the Founders of Skype, Rdio has been operational for five years now. Available in 85 countries, Rdio can correctly be labeled as the free online radio. There is no wonder why the users of Rdio are growing in numbers day-by-day.

It is available in most of the American, European, Australian and South African region. But the users living in the other parts of the world are not able to access it because of the geo-restrictions that it has set for the safety, as well as, the licensing purposes. But that could also change very soon.

Unblock Rdio

Unblock Rdio from Anywhere in the World

We are going to share a secret with you but in return we expect you to make the most of what you are about to read now. Rdio or as we like to call it, the internet radio works only in the regions where it is currently available at the moment. Yet we can tell you a way with which you can make it work, even if you are not located in any of the Rdio supported regions.

You can also access this free online radio by getting a VPN service for yourself. Confused? Allow us to explain. It does not matter what device you’re using or where you are located, if you have a VPN service (one that has many servers) by your side, there is no force in the world that can stop you from unblocking Rdio from anywhere in the world.

To make sure you are facilitated with every VPN related decision of yours, we have already compiled a list of the service providers that are known for smooth online streaming on Rdio.


Rdio Android App

The founders of Rdio have already confirmed that they have designed this service and app to make sure that it works on ALL the devices from anywhere in the world. The Android users, all over the world, have every reason to be happy about it, because its app can also be downloaded from the Google App for free.

Since the primary business model is set to provide the services for free, if you are located in a region where it is available, you will only need to download it on your device. Otherwise, you will need a VPN and once you are signed up with it, just download the app and enjoy the free Rdio app.

Rdio iOS App

Much like the Android app, the Rdio iOS app can also be found in the PlayStore for free. The iOS users can download the app and listen to more than 32 million songs. They can also choose to pay for the service, if they are to download the songs on their mobile phones and iPads. The Rdio iOS app is compatible with all the Apple devices that are running the iOS 7 or above in them.

Rdio Windows App and Rdio Mac

When we talked about the compatibility, we meant that Rdio provides amazing easy to operate apps and clients for Windows and Mac. Like the other two, you can unblock the Rdio website and download the Client for your Windows devices and Mac. The general opinion about the Windows and Mac clients is that they are better than the Rdio Android and Rdio iOS apps. Well, we will leave the judgment to you.

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Rdio has gained immense popularity and fan following in such a short period of time. Yes, the service is currently available in 85 countries right now but it is still blocked in many countries. Use a VPN and smash the barriers of restrictions, and enjoy free and paid music from anywhere in the world.