Exclusive Interview with ShadeYou VPN Marketing Chief

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Micheal Thompson is the Chief Marketing Officer at ShadeYou VPN and he recently agreed to give VPNRanks an exclusive interview.

Taking the opportunity we decided to ask him the pressing questions that very few VPN service providers have the gall to answer. Here is the discussion that gave me a valuable insight into some of the many things modern VPN service providers worry about and the role that VPN services play in our cyberspace.


Q.1 Why did you decide to start a VPN service?

We started doing VPN for our own needs. Because we were not sure in other VPN providers. If you want to do something good – do it yourself. We let to use our network for our friends for free and get feedbacks that quality is quite good and they are fully satisfied. After this we decide that ShadeYou should be a public service.


Q.2 What features/characteristics differentiate you from your competitors?

Our main idea differentiates us from competitors. We are not profit oriented and our pricing plans can approve this. ShadeYou VPN trying to make anonymity affordable for everyone. Also our service is very easy to install and use.


Q.3 What features does your VPN service offer and how do you think they improve the users’ experience?

We have a lot of features. Main of them:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed;
  • Simplest and Reliable client;
  • Full Compatibility with different OSs and devices;
  • 1024-bit encryption of traffic;
  • Choice of protocols (PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, OpenVPN);
  • 100% Anonymity: No Logs, No personal data required;
  • Customer Care and Loyality: Different channels of support, Free Trial, 7-days MoneyBack Guarantee, 5 devices of any kind simultaneously.

Also should admit that we always trying to find ways how to improve our service and launch new and new features.


Q.4 What packages do you offer and how do you believe they are better than those offered by your competitors?

Our pricing plans:

  • 1 month – $3.95;
  • 3 months – $9.97;
  • 6 months – $16.98;
  • 12 months – $25.99

Every plan includes same features and options. No restrictions and No limits for cheaper plans.


Q.5 What new service features can your customers expect from you in the future?

We always work on extending geo location and adding new servers. Besides we plan to add next features:

  • New client. Still simple but more flexible and with new possibilities;
  • Port forwarding;
  • Application for such mobile platforms as Android and IOS;
  • Monitoring system of Servers condition;
  • Split Tunneling.


Q.6 Do you take feedback about your service from your users? If yes, how do you process it?

We trying to monitor feedbacks from forums and communities where our customers (and not our too) communicates about VPN trends, news and actually gives feedback about different VPN services.

Also sometimes we gather such kind of feedbacks while support customers. This helps us to understand how our users are satisfied with ShadeYou VPN and find weaknesses which we always try to fix asap.


Q.7 What is your stance on keeping customers’ activity logs and do you keep logs of your customers’ activities? If yes, what do you log and for how long do you keep the logs?

We have very clear stance on keeping customers activity logs. No any kind of Logs. Nothing to add here. Just be aware those guys who sell you access for VPN network and keep tracking You. Where is a sense?


Q.8 What are your thoughts on torrent and File-sharing? Do you accommodate torrent and File-sharing users?

We allow such kind of activities but not on all our servers.


Q.9 Which markets do you choose to focus on and why?

We do not operate with such concepts as market. We are thinking about all people globally and are ready to help anyone who needs to keep privacy online.


Q.10 What do you think of Edward Snowden and his mission?

We appreciate what he has done and share his views.


Q.11 What do you think of the NSA and GCHQ’s alleged surveillance activities?

It is horrible and unfair. But we will do our best to help those people who wish to keep their privacy online.


Q.12 Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Online life became an integral part of our daily lives. Internet is growing and it brings us new and new possibilities every day. But we should remember that at same time appears new and new threats.

Phishing, Stolen Data, Carding etc. All we think that it can’t happens with us. But stats tell us other things. Time to face the truth and decide what role to choose: potential victim of cybercrime or protected user which can surf freely and anonymously.

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