Seed4.Me VPN Review 2018- Is the Service Worth Money

What is Seed4.Me?

Seed4.Me is a Taiwan based online privacy service that provides some amazing feature to its users. The provider has presence in twenty countries of the world that will improve with the passage of time. However, the service offers free trial feature users can avail as long as seven days.

Through our Seed4.Me VPN review, we will let you know about the service’s salient attributes and other offerings in detail.

Pros of Seed4.Me VPN

  • The service offers free trial feature to its subscribers
  • The provider offers dedicated apps for numerous platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • The service provides encrypted Wi-Fi connection benefit to the users
  • The service offers In App purchase payment option to the users

Cons of Seed4.Me VPN

  • The service does not offer live chat feature
  • The provider does not support IPV6 feature

Unique Selling Proposition

Fortunately, the users may get free access to their VPN accounts by specifying promotional code. By doing so, you can enjoy free Seed4.Me VPN service hassle-free. Our Seed4.Me VPN review indicates that the service provides free trial benefit to the users that last up to seven days.

Seed4.Me VPN Pricing Review

Our Seed4.Me VPN review unveils that the service offers five types of pricing plans to its users. These pricing plans are one day, one week, monthly, quarterly and yearly respectively. The one-day pricing package lasts up to 24 hours. After paying just $1, the new VPN users can avail the plan to evaluate the performance of the service in detail.

Likewise, the users can purchase the one-week plan at the cost of $2. Similarly, the monthly plan is available for the users at the price of $5. Moreover, the quarterly plan lasts up to three months. It means you have to pay $ 10 to avail the three months pricing plan.

The pricing of above explained plans suggest that the provider has catered the needs of all kinds of users in an effective way. Likewise, the users can avail yearly pricing plan at the cost of $36. Thus, the pricing of Seed4.Me VPN indicates that users will not have to bother much about the pricing.

Seed4.Me Payment Methods Review

According to our Seed4.Me review, the provider offers a list of impressive online payment methods to its users. The list of online payment methods includes:

  • PayPal
  • BitCoin
  • WebMoney
  • VISA
  • Yandex
  • QIWI
  • WeChat

The subscribers can make their payments through In App purchase through Google or Apple.


Seed4.Me VPN Apps Compatibility Review

We were impressed to know about the recent developments that took place in terms of desktop VPN clients for Windows and Mac. Our Seed4.Me VPN review highlights the agility of the service since the current expansion offers a list of interesting features to the users. Here is the list of compelling features that consists of:

  • The provider has added Kill Switch benefit on both Windows and Mac desktop VPN clients
  • The users may also enjoy shadow mode features on these clients
  • You can also experience features like no ads, no traffic or bandwidth limits on these clients


Likewise, the provider offers dedicated apps for Android and iOS platforms that allow the users to attain desired level of online protection and anonymity. Therefore, the users may opt the service if they want to attain maximum online security on their preferred devices straightaway.

After installing one of the service’s apps or registering through their website, the users may obtain 7 days free VPN access. Moreover, the subscribers can enjoy multi-login and unlimited bandwidth benefits on their different devices straightaway.  Thus, the users may assume the service as Windows VPN, iOS VPN or Android VPN.

Likewise, the VPN clients of Seed4.Me can work without registration. It means the users do not need to provide their personal information. However, the users need to register Seed4.Me account in order to use seven days VPN access on all devices.

Seed4.Me VPN Servers Review

Our Seed4.Me VPN review discloses that the provider is offering its services in twenty countries of the world. The service has to improve its current network of servers drastically. This is because the users of Seed4.Me VPN may experience connectivity issues due to unavailability of their desired servers.

Here is the list of countries in which Seed4.Me VPN offering its services:

  • The United States of America
  • The United Kingdom,
  • Canada
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • India

We expect that the provider will add more VPN servers by our next evaluation of the service.

Seed4.Me VPN P2P / Torrenting Review

Fortunately, you can fulfill all your streaming desires through Seed4.Me VPN. This is because our Seed4.Me VPN review indicated that you could connect to the Sweden and Switzerland servers present in European Union. Furthermore, the users can opt Russia and Ukraine servers to download their preferred torrents.

It means you should not connect to any server other than these two defined locations because the provider follows the notions of DMCA. Therefore, you should contemplate our best VPN for torrenting that allows anonymous torrenting from anywhere.

Seed4.Me VPN Customer Support Review

According to our Seed4.Me VPN review, the provider offers impressive customer support feature to the users. We found the email support function above to our expectations since it provided prompt replies to all our queries.

You can use different sub-sections like Blog, Contacts, Setup to get the answer of your questions related to installation and account activation issues. However, we would like to observe the addition of FAQ section in our next evaluation of the service.

Overall, the service is heading in the right direction in terms of customer support. However, the addition of live chat and FAQ section features will improve the reputation of the brand to the next level.

Seed4.Me VPN Protocols and Encryption Review

Our Seed4.Me VPN review highlights that the service offers 256-bit military grade encryption to the subscribers. It means all the apps provide a custom version of OpenVPN protocol through OpenSSL and special obfuscation technique.

If the users want to install Seed4.Me VPN manually on their devices, they can use PPTP, L2TP and IPsec protocols.

Seed4.Me VPN Privacy Policy Review

The service records the personal information of the users that includes usernames, password, email addresses, credit card numbers and so on. In addition, the provider follows legal laws of the country in which the provider offers its services.

Our Seed4.Me VPN review suggested that the provider has mentioned its privacy policy in detail. Therefore, the users must go through the privacy policy to get the information about the terms and conditions before signing up the service.


Seed4.Me VPN Logging Policy Review

The provider does not log the activities of their users. However, the service records the personal information of the users for account processing and better website performance. During our Seed4.Me VPN evaluation, we contacted the customer support through email.

According to the response of Sedd4.Me VPN representative, the service follows no logging policy. You can get awareness about VPN that does not keep logs detailed guide.


Seed4.Me VPN Free Trial Feature Review

Luckily, the service offers an exclusive seven (7) days free trial feature to its users. During our Seed4.Me VPN review, we explored that the subscribers may use the service for seven days without paying a single penny. Thus, you are able to find the pros and cons of Seed4.Me VPN in detail. You can consider our detailed guide on best free VPN for better understanding.

Seed4.Me VPN Refund Policy/ Money Back Guarantee Review

According to our Seed4.Me VPN review, the provider offers refund policy for the users. Though, you will have to fulfill all the requirements first before claiming a refund. The service reserves the right to cancel any account on breaching any terms of the agreement.

In this scenario, the users cannot claim for the refund. If the users cancel their accounts for any reason, the remaining balance will not be returned to the users. However, the payment points purchased can be refunded but the users should not extend the access period.

Seed4.Me VPN for Kodi

Kodi has turned out to be one stop solution for all streaming lovers. This is because the multi-media server allows you to watch your favorite video content be it movies, TV shows and so on. Luckily, our Seed4.Me VPN review reveals that the users may opt the service to enjoy seamless streaming of their desired content. Furthermore, you should select a VPN for Kodi to tackle legal issues like copyright infringement and DMCA notices.

Seed4.Me VPN Review Reddit

According to our Seed4.Me VPN review, the provider does not have huge presence on Reddit. However, we expect the service will improve its performance by our next analysis. This is the reason the Reddit users are opting Reddit VPN than Seed4.Me VPN.

Here is the response of one Reddit user discussing the impacts of logging policy of the VPN provider on the users.

Seed4.Me VPN Social Media Review

According to our Seed4.Me VPN review, the provider has an impressive presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Thus, you can get the solutions of all your queries from the representatives of Seed4.Me VPN in a timely manner.


Wrapping Up

Our Seed4.Me VPN review establishes that the provider offers some impressive features that are enough to grab the attention of the users. However, the provider needs to improve its grey areas like lack of live chat feature, unavailability of FAQs, and limited number of servers for the users.

The subscribers should not lose all their hopes. This is because they can attain free trial feature that enable them to test the service in detail. Moreover, Seed4.Me VPN has to work extremely hard to get appreciation on platform like Reddit to build its online reputation.

You can read our best VPN reviews to know more about other VPN services in detail.

If you find issues while experiencing Seed4.Me VPN, you can share your feedback in the comments section below.

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