Does CBS Sports Work With ExpressVPN Outside USA?

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CBS Sports is one of the best networks in the United States to follow sports. However, since it’s not accessible outside USA, you might require a reliable VPN to access the service. However, CBS Sports has now applied strong geo-restrictions to prevent it from happening. This is why many viewers have started questioning, “Does CBS Sports Work with ExpressVPN outside USA?

Fortunately, CBS Sports does work outside USA with ExpressVPN. All you need to do is set it up correctly and you will be able to stream the sports network for completely free.

Yes, that’s the brilliant thing about CBS Sports. It is completely free to stream for US Citizens. As long as you have a US IP address, you can access the CBS Sports stream and you don’t even have to sign up or pay anything to purchase a subscription to the stream.

CBS Sports is also not the same as CBS All-Access. In fact, CBS Sports is just a subsidiary of CBS All-Access. With CBS All-Access, you can get access to just about all subsidiaries that come under the CBS banner, but for that, you need a paid subscription. If you only want to watch CBS Sports, you don’t need a subscription and can watch it for free.

So, let’s talk about CBS Sports and how it does work with ExpressVPN, and what you can do to set it up correctly.

Quick Guide: Does CBS Sports Work With ExpressVPN Outside USA

Follow these simple steps to make CBS Sports work with ExpressVPN outside USA:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. Go to their website and pick the best package that is most convenient for you.
  2. Enter your details and sign up completely.
  3. Download the correct app for your device (for ex: download the iOS app for iPhone/iPad or Windows app for Windows 10 device).
  4. Once you have downloaded the relevant app, install it on your device and launch it.
  5. Connect to any US-based server.
  6. Go to the CBS Sports website or application.
  7. No need to log in, simply begin streaming CBS Sports outside USA.

If you followed all these steps correctly, then you should be facing no problems watching CBS Sports outside USA.

ExpressVPN for CBS sports – What makes this VPN provider perfect for CBS sports outside USA?

So, why do we recommend ExpressVPN so staunchly? Because it is the best VPN provider it is perfect for CBS Sports outside USA. Don’t just take our word for it. There are reasons why it’s the best. Find out below:

Unblocking CBS Sports

First and foremost, it is the best VPN for CBS Sports outside USA because it is actually one of the few VPNs in the market that is actually capable of unblocking the streaming service. Most free VPNs are useless in this regard and even many paid VPNs fail because they don’t have the appropriate security measures. Beside CBS Sports you can watch ARD Mediathek With ExpressVPN intent origin=”in” tl=”in” parent=”us”] USA.

But ExpressVPN is the only VPN that unblocked CBS Sports outside USA without fail every time that we put it through testing. It is a robust and efficient VPN that is designed to work with most if not all, streaming services.


We had no trouble accessing CBS Sport outside USA using ExpressVPN.

Several Servers in the United States

It also has a very powerful and expansive server network all over the globe. 3000 servers in 105
countries are nothing to scoff at. And ExpressVPN has the added advantage of hosting over 25 servers in the United States alone. So, you will be spoiled for choice.

Unlimited bandwidth outside USA

Restrictive bandwidth can be a huge pain, especially when it comes from paid VPNs. Many premium VPNs don’t offer unlimited bandwidth outside a certain region or country, such as the US. ExpressVPN has no such issues. No matter where you are in the world. If you are a subscriber, you get access to unlimited bandwidth and therefore, the full potential of ExpressVPN.

Simultaneous Connections outside USA

Similarly, ExpressVPN has multiple simultaneous connections available for all its users. And these connections are not restricted by region either. Whether you are in the US or outside USA, you can easily get access to up to five simultaneous connections. This can make connecting multiple devices or sharing with friends and family much easier.

Smart DNS service outside USA

MediaStreamer is ExpressVPN’s proprietary feature. It is a feature that is based on SmartDNS functionality and it works like a DNS as well. It is designed to be an unblocking feature for devices that can’t support VPNs. Don’t be mistaken, it is not a VPN, but it can work similarly to one when it comes to unblocking streaming services and websites.

Super-fast speed

We also know that speed is the most critical aspect of any VPN. So during our ExpressVPN speed test USA, the VPN’s performance outside USA was rather good: 89.42 Mbps download speed and 84.64 Mbps upload speed on US servers (we chose the New York server to test).

ExpressVPN is compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices. Android, iOS, Linus, Windows, or macOS devices are just some of the devices that ExpressVPN is compatible with, so you won’t need to worry much about getting ExpressVPN set up on your device.

ExpressVPN unblocks nearly all major geo-blocked streaming services, including HBO Max, Disney Plus, ESPN+ Plex with ExpressVPN and UFC Fight Pass with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN also works with Netflix USA quite well, which is geo-blocked rather sophisticatedly.

On an annual basis, ExpressVPN cost in USA just $6.67/mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. You may also use ExpressVPN free trial if you are not interested in paying and just testing it out. Though, you will need to unsubscribe before the trial period is over or you will be charged.

You can even cancel your ExpressVPN membership if you don’t prefer the experience and you will receive a full refund within 30 days. Furthermore, if CBS Sports All Access is not working, you can reach out to their customer service department, which is available 24/7.

Watch is worth watching on CBS?

Here are some of the best and most popular content to view on CBS via connecting to Expressvpn:

  • Saints vs Falcons
  • Giants vs Eagles
  • Titans vs Jaguars
  • Chargers vs Chiefs
  • Packers vs Bears
  • Bengals vs Browns
  • Jaguars vs Panthers
  • Bears vs Falcons
  • Inter Miami CF vs Nashville SC Leagues Cup Final 2023
  • San Diego State vs Boise State
  • Farmers Insurance Open Golf PGA Tour
  • Japan vs Indonesia
  • Kansas vs Iowa State
  • AFC Asian Cup
  • Iran vs UAE
  • Top 10 Craziest Finishes
  • Australia vs Uzbekistan

For more details about ExpressVPN, check out our ExpressVPN review USA.

Why Do You Need ExpressVPN to Watch CBS Sports Access outside USA?

CBS Sports is a streaming service headquartered in the United States, and it is geo-restricted outside USA, which means that you cannot access its content from any country other than the United States. Even if you do try to access the site, you will find this error notice:

“Oops! This video isn’t available in your region.”


You will get this error when accessing CBS.

To get around these geo-restrictions and watch CBS Sports from anywhere in the world, you’ll need a VPN service like ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN for CBS outside USA and provides strong encryption while masking your actual IP address with a US server. This way, you may effortlessly unblock and watch CBS Sports from anywhere in the world.

Is CBS Sports not working with ExpressVPN outside USA? Troubleshooting

If you find CBS Sports Streaming not working or CBS Sports VPN not working with ExpressVPN outside USA, there are a few solutions or troubleshooting methods you can try. They are listed below.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

The first place we’ll start off with is your internet connection. We highly recommend rechecking to see if your internet connection is working correctly. If it isn’t, then there might be your problem, as a faulty internet connection can lead to streaming lag, buffering, or even other issues.

  • Switch to a Different VPN Server

It might be that the VPN server you are connected to is not functioning properly. This could be due to server load or the server being blacklisted. Either way, we recommend disconnecting and connecting to another server from the US region.

It is also recommended to choose one from another city (ex: switch from New York servers to Seattle servers). This could take multiple tries before you find one that works for you.

  • Clear The Cache and Cookies of Your Browser

Your browser cookies and cache may contain information related to your real-time location, this can cause issues if the CBS Sports servers detect your browser carrying these cookies and cache. So, it is common practice to empty your cache and cookie bin and then restart the browser before continuing to see if the solution works.

  • Ensure That Your VPN App is Up-To-Date

If your VPN app is outdated, then this can also cause an issue, as the latest VPN apps are updated with the latest security patches. Outdated apps must therefore be updated as soon as possible or you might encounter unblocking issues.

  • Sign Out of The VPN App and Sign Back In

This is another simple solution and it can work sometimes. Sign out of your VPN app and log back in. What this does is reset your digital presence in the VPN’s servers, which can sometimes smooth things over and fix any glitches or other issues you might be experiencing.

So, with these techniques, you should be able to troubleshoot if CBS streaming isn’t working with a VPN. If you are still experiencing issues, then we recommend reaching out to customer support.

How to Configure ExpressVPN on your router for CBS Sports Outside USA?

Does CBS Sports Work With ExpressVPN? It works quite easily and it is also quite easy to configure ExpressVPN on your router for CBS Sports outside USA. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Download the relevant firmware for your router from the ExpressVPN website. Ensure that your router’s make and model are listed on the ExpressVPN website.
  2. Connect your router to the internet. Turn it on and plug the LAN cable from your device to the router.
  3. Install ExpressVPN firmware on your router. Go to or
  4. Complete the setup by following the instructions shown on the screen.
  5. Now, simply install the firmware.
  6. Once you are done, connect your router to the internet via the WAN port, if you already haven’t.
  7. Then simply go to the router settings of the router running ExpressVPN or go to and click on Get Started.
  8. Once the setup is complete, note down your credentials if needed, and you are done.
  9. Now you can stream CBS Sports with ExpressVPN outside USA directly connected to your router.

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FAQS – Does CBS Sports Work With ExpressVPN

There are many reasons why CBS Sports might not be working with ExpressVPN outside USA. It could be that the server you are connected to is overloaded or blacklisted, or your internet connection might be at fault. You can fix this issue by simply connecting to a different USA server.

Yes, we can say with confidence that all ExpressVPN servers can access and unblock CBS Sports outside USA. ExpressVPN’s servers use obfuscation technology to avoid detection and blacklisting.

No, as far as we know, there are no speed or buffering issues when usingExpressVPN with CBS Sports outside USA. Should you still experience trouble, check out CBS Sports not working with ExpressVPN. Troubleshooting for more information.


CBS Sports is a brilliant platform for streaming sports. From NBA to NFL, Baseball, and even Champions League Football, it streams all. And the best part is that it does all that for free. You don’t even need to log in, as long as you have a US IP address.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to unblock CBS Sports outside USA because it is the best in every department. From speeds to security, privacy, functionality, and more. It has next-level features. So, if you are still wondering “Does CBS Sports Work With ExpressVPN outside USA?” Yes, it does. And it works quite well. Get your ExpressVPN subscription today!

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